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How do you beat Cryptids island on Poptropica?

Cryptids Island is the 16th island in Poptropica, with a release date of January 18, 2011. Early Access was available to paid monthly members beginning December 20, 2010. A preview of one section was available prior to release.

NOTE : This answer contains spoilers. See the related link for a video.

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* Cliff Park / Main Street / Mansion Row

Main street consists of three buildings : Bert's Bed and Breakfast (multiplayer room), the General Store, and Kitty's Kites. To the left is Cliff Park and to the right is a row of mansions, including the home of billionaire recluse Harold Mews. You receive a flyer announcing the Mews million-dollar reward for proof of the existence of cryptids : legendary creatures whose existence is unconfirmed by fact.

  1. At the General Store, everything is too expensive (but have no prices on them). You could get a free kite at Kitty's, but the most interesting, the KiteSurfer X-250, does not have any nylon rope to use. Continue right to the row of mansions. The Mews mansion is gated and locked, but you can find $5 in the tree just before you get there. His gardener is overworked and thirsty.
  2. Use the $5 to buy a sports drink at the General Store and give it to the gardener, who will loan you his shears. Take them left, past Main Street to Cliff Park.
  3. Help the other adventurers on their way. Give the hang glider a push and use the shears to cut loose the hot air balloon. You will get some nylon rope.
  4. Go back to Kitty's Kites and get the KiteSurfer. Take it to Cliff Park and launch it into the waves. You will surf for awhile until evil Gretchen Grimlock shoots a flare into the kite, leaving you to flounder until you are rescued by a helicopter owned by Mews.

* Mews Mansion and Museum, and the Cryptid Hunt

You are recovering after your rescue, and Mews offers to help you in the hunt for evidence of the Cryptids. Drink the last of your medicine and follow him to his Museum and Laboratory. After you familiarize yourself with the creatures, he lets you use his helicopter to travel to locations around the world. Exit the house and go to the Heliport. Your first stop should be Loch Ness, because you will need items from there at other locations.

  1. Loch Ness (Nessie) - The ticket counter for the Rowboat and Submarine is closed, but you can view the loch from the hill above, using the binocular telescope.
  2. Help the man whose truck is stuck under the bridge. Let some air out of the tires to lower it. The driver will give you his Digital Camera. Continue right to the Pub.
  3. In the Pub, pick up the book of matches from the bar.
  4. Play darts against the players there. If you win, you get a Rowboat Ticket. (to throw, aim at the center and "pull back" -- lower your dart -- between 1/2 and 3/4 of the way to the dartboard edge, then release) Eventually you will win and get the ticket.
  5. Go left to the Loch and take the Rowboat ride. While on the loch, you will get a photo of some "humps" in the water. You could return to the Mews Mansion with it. But to save travel, you can continue on to the rest of the four sites, beginning with the Himalayas.

At the Himalayas, there is a base camp set up, and you meet another fortune hunter. But none of the guys is going to help you up the mountain in search of the Yeti. The monastery at the top of the mountain has the alleged scalp of a Yeti. Begin climbing left until you meet a helpful Sherpa guide.

  1. With the Sherpa, climb the mountain using the Rope Anchors. As you go up, you must tie off the rope at each of the round anchors along the way, and wait for the Sherpa to catch up. (Even if you don't slip, the play is extremely glitchy.) Avoid slipping, and don't move until he ties up.
  2. At the mountain-top monastery, go in and talk to the head monk. He will not give you the Yeti scalp, because it is a sacred artifact.
  3. He does give you a lantern, which you can light at any time with your matches.
  4. Leaving, you climb the mountain at left, and meet another monk who will challenge you to a simple game of Hunt The Yeti (fox and hounds), which you must win to go further. To win, move toward the hunters, then back and to one side, and eventually one will make a mistake and let you reach the left side. The monk lets you pass.
  5. Go down the path, climb the temple, and go up and left higher on the mountain. At the upper left, you will find a clearing with flowers blooming. There is a large footprint that might have been made by the Yeti. Take a photo, then go back down across the rope bridge to return to the helicopter. The next stop is Puerto Rico.

In Puerto Rico, the farmers and goat herders are concerned about losing livestock to the Chupacabra (goat sucker). The farmers rescue another of Gretchen's victims from a tree. He offers to let you use his jeep to drive around the countryside. As you drive, you find yourself splashing through streams, knocking down fences, and scattering herds of goats.

  1. In the jeep, drive up the road to the first "star" on the map (middle right). This is the herder's brother, who shows you some fur left on his barbed wire after an attack. It is supposedly from the chupacabra. Collect it from the fence.
  2. The second star (top left) has a resident who says that the Chupacabra prefers spotted goats. You can see them nearby. If you climb the springy poes to the right, there is a Bolt Cutter at the top.
  3. The third star (center) is Snaggletooth rock, where three spotted goats are sure to attract the Chupacabra.
  4. At the fourth star (middle left), the resident says that the Chupacabra only attacks goats when there are three of them. This will figure in your ability to pursue the creature. But for now, you can leave and head for New Jersey.

In New Jersey you are looking for proof of the existence of the Jersey Devil, sort of a small, demonic-looking flying dragon. You land at a gas station in a wooded area near the interstate highway.

  1. Enter the restroom to find claw marks and other evidence of the Jersey Devil. Writing on the wall outside and inside gives you clues.
  2. If you collected the bolt cutters at Puerto Rico, you can open the dumpster at the gas station. Inside is the removed toilet door. When placed next to the other door inside, it gives complete (if roundabout) directions to the house in the forest : right, left, left, right, right, right, left, left.
  3. As it is dark in the woods, use the Matches to light your Lantern.
  4. Hop on the motorcycle parked nearby and drive into the woods. Follow the directions on the list you wrote, or just alternate, right then left turns, to reach a cul-de-sac deep in the woods, where you park.
  5. Walk up the path to the deserted house and go inside. There are noises from above.
  6. Climb the stairs and push the dresser over to reach the attic, where thumping sounds are being made. You see a dark, red-eyed shape emerge from a barrel, but find that it is only a raccoon. Pick up the grappling hook next to the raccoon barrel and head downstairs.
  7. Just when you are leaving, the Jersey Devil appears in the window!
  8. Unfortunately, you can't get a photo. Go outside, where you see the Jersey Devil again. Apparently it has a nest in a tall tree.
  9. Use the grapple to reach the nest and recover pieces of egg shells from the it. You now have evidence on all 4 creatures, so return to Mews.

* Back at Mews Museum Laboratory

You show your collected materials to Mews, and use the DNA Analyzer to test the samples.

  1. Unfortunately, the Nessie photo is only tires in the water, but there is a suspicious shadowy form in the background.
  2. The photo of the Yeti footprint turns out to be from a snowboot, so you can cross off the Himalayas as a source.
  3. Using the DNA analyzer shows that the "Chupacabra fur" is just a coyote's.
  4. But you do confirm one of the four : the Egg Shells are definitive proof of the unknown DNA of the Jersey Devil.

Now you have to return to Loch Ness and to Puerto Rico to see if anything new can be found. At Loch Ness, you confront the rowboat guide about the fake photo. He leaves, and you have the rowboat for your use. Return to the pub for more conversation and more darts. One of the two players claims to have seen Nessie

  1. Play darts against his skeptical friend to win a Submarine ticket.
  2. Go back to the loch and take the Submarine tour. You will descend into the loch and get a photo of a "Nessie" on the bottom. It looks suspiciously like a hoax.
  3. Back at the pub, the players confirm the hoax. The first dart player you beat returns for a rematch. But when you win, he refuses to give you anything.
  4. However, the bartender gives you a Pennywhistle that is rumored to attract Nessie.
  5. Return to the Rowboat and go left, then farther left into a small cove.
  6. Blow the pennywhistle and a huge Nessie will emerge from the water!
  7. Take a photo and return to the helicopter. (You can return later to show up the haughty dart player and display your astounding photo.) You now see what you can find back in Puerto Rico.

In your absence, the goat herder has decided to catch the Chupacabra. Take his jeep to his brother's house again, where he suggests you use the jeep to corral three spotted goats into the rocks (center star on map) as bait for the chupacabra.

  1. Drive over, and steer around the three spotted goats until they are all between the rocks.
  2. Get out and meet the goat herder, who has a plan to trap the creature in a huge wooden box with locks and chains.
  3. After a short wait, his "trap" succeeds, and the Chupacabra is caught!
  4. Unfortunately, as you push it toward the truck, the box bursts open, releasing the savage Chupacabra, who knocks you down and escapes!
  5. Fortunately, he has lost a tooth in the process. Pick it up and head back to the Mews mansion with proof for both Nessie and the Chupacabra.

* Mews Museum Laboratory and the Bigfoot Hunt

  1. The photo confirms that Nessie exists.
  2. The Chupacabra tooth confirms it is a real creature
  3. This leaves only the Yeti / Bigfoot unproven.

But Mews has word of a sighting in the Pacific Northwest, so you fly the helicopter there to investigate. This is a new, 5th location on the helicopter's GPS. You sight Bigfoot travelling on the ground through the trees, and he is occasionally getting out of your sight as he roams. You can spot his footprints for a few seconds before they fade away.

  1. Fly above him and keep him in view for about two or three minutes until he reaches some caves.
  2. You report in to Mews, but Gretchen has bugged the radio, and swoops in using her own copter, and traps Bigfoot in a cage. Fly in close to her to stop her.
  3. Jump from your copter to hers, avoiding the rotor blades. If you fall, you can try again. To stop her, you have to open her copter's gas tank, on the side near the door. This will spill out the fuel and force her to ditch the helicopter.
  4. Quickly jump down to the cage and use the shears to cut the connecting rope. Descend to the ground safely using the cage's parachute.

* Mews Museum (Finale)

  1. The existence of Bigfoot is finally confirmed, and you are the winner of the million-dollar prize! But Mews has had financial trouble, so he hasn't any money to buy the caves as a Bigfoot preserve.
  2. You decide to turn down the money to keep the Bigfoot safe. :-(
  3. But you have confirmed all 4 of the cryptids and win the Island Medallion!


Notes :

1) You can use the shears to trim some of the hedges, much to the dismay of the rich lady. Fortunately, the damage disappears when you leave the mansion.

2) You can fly another kite any time on the island, but not the surfer kite. Like the balloons on Counterfeit Island, they let you jump higher.

3) After you see the cryptids, they do not appear again on the island. You can examine the caves where Bigfoot is staying.

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What is the code to get roof access on Game Show Island?

For the Inventor chase in the club attic:

The code is 2-0-1-4. (In colors when looking at it with heat vision goggles, it is blue-green-yellow-red.)

For Moscow:

It changes every time. Use trial and error.

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How do you beat Shrink Ray Island on Poptropica?

Shrink Ray Island is the 20th island in Poptropica, with a release date of July 28, 2011. Early Access was allowed for paid members beginning June 30, 2011, and all users could play the beginning section of the island as a sneak preview. * A separate game, Shrink Shot, had nothing to do with the actual island, and involved firing the player's miniature avatar from a cannon to score points. This game can now be found in the Poptropica store.

This step-by-step solution includes all spoilers. See the related link for a video walkthrough. To leave the island once you are shrunk, go right and onto the computer desk; climb up to the thermostat, and rotate it to the red zone which will turn on the heater vent in the bedroom; go back to the bed and dump over the wastebasket, and you can climb on the papers to the bed.

On Shrink Ray Island

1) The introductory sequence in River City has only two locations: the school science fair and Avenue A, where the story's main character (student CJ) lives with her family. Go right to the school, P.S. 101, where it is the night of the school Science Fair. Inside you will see the student exhibits, but CJ is missing. Talk to her science teacher, Mr. Silva, and to her parents. Leave the school and go right again, to Avenue A.

2) Enter the apartment, which has an orange cat outside. Follow the cat into the kitchen, and the bathroom, until it vanishes. Look in the microscope in CJ's bedroom. There is a warning from her.

3) A masked stranger will appear and shoot you with a ray gun, and you will shrink, becoming only about 2 or 3 inches tall (5-7 cm).

Layout of the Apartment:

CJ's Room Left Side = CJ's Room Computer = Living Room = Bathroom = Kitchen = Stove-Dining Room

Shrunken in CJ's Bedroom

4) Climb the telescope to the bulletin board, where you will find coordinates for the school (87, 16). You will use these later. The only thing you need right away is the fan. Make your way across the room and climb onto the fan, which will move lower on its post.

5) Push the red button to turn on the fan, which will blow the dust from under the bed, exposing the Thumb Drive for CJ's computer. Pick it up and continue right.

6) Go past the book shelf and computer desk. Above you is a desk lamp, a wall thermostat, a microscope, a diary on a shelf, and a computer. You can put the Thumb Drive into the computer, but the password "Marie Curie" doesn't work. So continue right into the apartment entrance and Living Room.

In the Apartment

7) Jump over the cat's paw at the apartment door. There is an aquarium, a TV, and a remote control toy truck. There is a door leading to the bathroom, which has a sink, tub, and toilet. Continue right to the Kitchen, which has a refrigerator, a countertop, cabinets, and a trash can. Farther right is the stove and the Dining Room table. You cannot immediately get to the truck's remote control, which is atop the refrigerator.

In the Kitchen

8) Climb the drawers to get the Screwdriver. Continue up to the counter, and go right to the stove.

9) Push the Rolling Pin in its holder to the right, which will shove the Tea Kettle to the right on the stove. You can ride the steam from the kettle to reach the shelf, where you will knock over a bottle of oil.

10) Jump down and slide the cat's food dish left across the puddle of oil. It should go just to the right side of the counter. Climb back up and jump onto the bag of cat food (4 or 5 times), which will spill down into the dish, filling it and forming a large clump.

11) Climb down and push the cat dish right so that you can climb onto the table.

12) Pick up a grape and grab the piece of paper. It appears blank but smells like lemon.

13) Head left and climb back onto the counter, where you will use the toaster. Click on the plug to plug it into the socket. With the grape you picked up, you are now heavy enough to push the lever down. When it pops up, you drop the grape and are thrown up to the top of the cabinet.

14) Push the salt shaker left, onto the left side of the spatula. When you jump on the right side of the spatula, you toss the salt into the air. When it comes down, you are thrown left onto the top of the refrigerator, where you can retrieve the remote control for the toy truck.

15) Climb back down to the Trash Can. Push the sponge over, and jump to the top of the spray bottle, then into the trash can.

Inside the Kitchen Trash Can

16) Your object is to move the garbage around so that you can go right to where a torn page is visible. This is from CJ's diary. Slide the cans, or cheese, in the stacks so that you can move right and climb up to it. Pressing "restart" will let you try again. Do not push where a stack might fall on you.

17) Once you have it, go left and climb out. (You can choose Restart to get back to the left.) Leave the kitchen and go left to the Living Room.

In the Living Room

18) Find the toy truck and back it up. Use the screwdriver to remove its battery.

19) Put the battery in the TV's remote control and press the green button.

20) The TV will turn on. Climb to the top, where the "rabbit ears" antenna is getting a static charge. Stand on it and you start to sparkle from the charge.

21) Jump to the TV , then left onto the green balloon. The static charge will make you stick to it, and you will land on one of the picture frames. Jump down to the shelf above the aquarium.

22) Knock over the fish food into the tank. The fish will start to eat. Jump down, turn off the filter (aerator) and swim to the bottom of the tank, where you will find the hidden key to CJ's diary. Go back to her room and to her computer.

CJ's Room (Computer and Telescope)

23) Climb onto the desk and up onto the diary shelf. Use the key to open the diary and match up the torn page. The diary gives you a clue about the piece of lemon-covered paper from the table. You can bring out "secret writing" done in lemon juice by heating the paper over a warm incandescent light bulb.

24) Jump left and onto the lamp, and turn it on. Place the lemon paper on the desk and lower the lamp close to it, so that the writing appears. It says to look for her in the telescope.

25) Climb up to the thermostat, and rotate it to the red zone which will turn on the heater in the room. You need this to get back past the fan. Go left to the bed.

26) Push over the trash can, so that pieces of paper get caught in the updraft from the heater. These allow you to climb to the bed. Pick up the book on Morse Code as you cross the bed, and jump over the fan to the telescope.

27) Turn the dials on the telescope by running on them. The left should be 87 and the right 16. Looking through the telescope, you see a tiny CJ in the Science Room window at the school. She is sending messages in Morse Code.

28) Decipher the dots and dashes to read "FLUSH THE THUMB DRIVE," which you will go to the bathroom to do. Go there through the living room.

(*See step 32 if you want to take a shortcut by using the computer now.)

In the Bathroom

29) You have to cross past the tub to the toilet, and almost everything in the bathroom is just a distraction. Climb onto the sink, and then onto the Hair Dryer that is hanging on the left.

30) Push both buttons on the dryer to turn it on, them tip it back so it aims up. The air flow will push you over the curtain into the tub.

31) Shove the soap off into the tub, then climb to the faucets and turn on the water. The soap will float, and as the tub fills, you can jump from the soap to the Rubber Ducky, and then over to the toilet. However, you will realize that the Thumb Drive has not been backed up. There is a clue in the magazines that will let you figure out CJ's password to use the computer. Leave the bathroom and go back to the computer.

At the Computer and Back to the Bathroom

32) The password "Marie Curie" doesn't work because CJ is being tricky. Replace some of the letters with numbers, making it "M4R13 CUR13" and you can back up the Thumb Drive.

*There is a trick to knowing which letters to change: in the bathroom, if you turn off the ventilation fan (the second switch right of the counter), you can turn on the hot water in the sink and the steam will show the letters written in the mirror (a=4, i=1, c=3).

Now you can return to the bathroom and flush the drive. Not a moment too soon because someone (the bad guy) is still looking for it. Go back to the telescope.

CJ's Room

33) CJ sends another message, telling you the thief is Mr. Silva, the science teacher. You need to get to her at the school. You will need to use the toy truck. As you leave the room, climb to the top of the bookcase next to her desk and shove the book "Tess's Tree" down onto the floor, creating a jump ramp!

In the Living Room

34) Take the battery back out of the TV remote and put it in the truck. Drive full speed across the living room, into CJ's room, up the book ramp, and out the window!

On the Street

35) Drive the toy truck past the various obstacles, through the culverts, and across the streets to the school. The only danger is two open drains.

In the Science Room

36) Enter the school and find CJ in the Science Room. Unfortunately, Mr. Silva is trying to eliminate her, and you, in his plan to claim the Shrink Ray as his invention. Run away.

37) In the final chase scene, you must avoid being hit by the Shrink Ray again, which will make you too tiny to do anything. Make your way across the room as he regularly shoots at you. Hide behind any object before he shoots you. You should quickly cross the room to the left. After he shoots near the far left, you can jump onto the yearbook and then to the lab desk. Hide behind the world globe at the right side and he will shrink it, sending the globe onto the floor.

Using leftover objects for cover, push the globe slightly right so that you can climb onto the chair, and then up to the right to the lab shelf, where there are more items to hide behind (including an apple). Farther right, you will find a round mirror. Hide behind it. When Silva shoots at you, the beam will be reflected back and shrink him instead! He falls into an ant farm jar.

38) Climb down to the Shrink Ray with CJ and turn the switch to "Grow" which will restore both of you to normal size again.

At the Science Fair

39) You will find yourself at the Science Fair, where CJ's entry wins first place, featuring the still-tiny Mr. Silva as "The Incredible Shrunken Man."

40) You receive the Island Medallion, and you can check out any exhibits that you hadn't looked at on your first visit.

41) Unlike most other islands, the quest is essentially closed once completed. Only the Science Fair and multiplayer room will remain functional for users who finish the island.


*The shortcut at #28 is included. Besides the magazine, there is no other clue that would tell you what CJ's password was, so that you can back up the drive before you go to the bathroom to flush it. But if you want to do #32 before #28, you save yourself a long trip that earlier players had to take.

* Caution! Once you have the grape at step 12, go to the toaster. If you leave the kitchen, you may lose the grape and have to begin the island over using "restart" on the small map.


What is the advice you'd give to a frog on Game Show Island?

The answer to the puzzle on "Spin for Riches" is "Look before you leap."


How do you beat SOS island on Poptropica?

SOS Island is the 24th island of Poptropica, released on February 16, 2012. The members full version and demo version was released on January 26, 2012. The aim is to save survivors from a sinking cruise ship. There is an additional short quest for Poptropica's paid monthly members only, but it is mainly a new costume and effects.


The cruise ship is the Pequod, sailing in Arctic waters. It has suffered a collision and is sinking. Most of the crew and passengers have safely abandoned ship, but some are still aboard.

The areas of the ship include a hallway that connects the cabins, the ballroom, the galley, and the bridge. As the ship sinks, some areas will go under water. When underwater you can get extra oxygen from areas that are leaking bubbles, or from large bubbles that occasionally appear. If you run out of oxygen, you will continue in the same general area.

Arriving on the scene

1. One of the officers will tell you that there are people left on the ship. You will have 5 to save:

- a young Whale Fan (his cabin)

- the ship's Tour Director (the ballroom)

- an Engineer (boiler room)

- the Chef (the galley)

- the Captain, Captain Boomer (still on the bridge)

You will save them one at a time and take them out of the ship.

First rescue

2. Enter the ship by breaking the ice block at the forward door. To do this, swim over and climb up the lifeboats at the left side, cross the top deck, and shove the round ice chunk down to break the block.

3. Enter the hallway, then go up to the next deck, the bridge, where the Captain will tell you how to unlock the automatic doors. Turn the lever he indicates.

4. Go back down to the hallway, and to cabin 6, which is now unlocked. Go inside and pull the debris off the Whale Fan kid. Taking him out brings you both to the rescue Camp on the ice nearby (right of the ship). He gives you his Whale Song device, which creates sounds to call various types of whales.

(*end of temporary demo version for non-members)

Second Rescue

5. Leave the rescue camp and go left, and swim to enter the ship again. Go down the hallway, push the floating crate aside and enter the Ballroom. The Tour Director is dangling from a chandelier above the water.

6. Swim right and pick up the floating champagne bottle. By clicking the bottle icon (lower left) you can fire the cork with great velocity.

7. Climb onto a floating chair at the right side, and look for the weak point in the large glass pane. Fire the champagne cork by clicking the bottle then clicking again to aim, holding your mouse button down until the maximum power is reached, then releasing it. Water will enter through the broken window and raise the water level.

8. Repeat this process on the glass pane on the left side. This will float the liferaft up to the director.

9. Swim behind the raft to push it left, all the way to the exit door.

Third Rescue

10. The ship is sinking deeper, and you cannot enter the previous door.

11. Rather than the lifeboats, jump onto the ice to the right of the ship, then up onto the ship's antenna, and use the ropes, porthole covers, and umbrellas to climb up to the top of the ship (which was the stern or rear of the boat). There is a large hole there that you will use to enter from this point.

12. In the hallway, fall into the water at the bottom (this used to be the right side of the hall). Just under the water at the right is a valve that can let more water enter.

13. When the crate floats up at left, it reveals an open vent to the Ballroom.

14. In the ballroom, swim up to the surface for air, avoiding the stinging jellyfish. Climb the columns, rails, and bar to reach the collection of pipes at upper left. The bulkhead has partly broken between the Ballroom and the Boiler Room.

15. Beginning from the first pipe that is open and venting steam, turn each swivel valve to direct the steam through the pipes that are still closed. When the steam reaches the expansion joint at the upper left, it will explode and blast a hole in the wall.

16. Enter the Boiler Room through the hole.

17. Climb up through the center section (floor) to the upper right, and avoid the steam there.

18. The Engineer is trapped there. She will show you how to stop the steam by turning the wheels at both ends of the steam lines. She turns the Green valve, which is connected by a green pipe to another green valve at the far left. Go there and turn the green valve.

19. You will repeat this process, turning the colored wheels at each end for each of the 3 remaining steam lines.

Blue : turn the blue wheel at middle right and then the blue wheel at lower left

Orange : the wheel at bottom right and then at middle left

Red : the wheel at bottom left and then at middle left

20. Climb up and convince the Engineer to leave the ship.

21. At the rescue camp, she gives you her Pipe Wrench. (It can only be used with the Whale Song Device, and clicking either card will show both.)

Fourth Rescue

22. The ship is sinking farther, going down by the bow. Climb to the hole at the top as before.

23. In the Boiler Room, avoid the steam as you move right, and up to the platform, where you will push the large pile of broken machinery off the end. Push it again from the lower platform and it plummets down into the water. Follow it down.

24. Now one of the propellers from the hole will fall into the water at the lower left. Swim left and shove the propeller through the hole into the ballroom.

25. In the ballroom, cross to the door on the right and exit into the hallway.

26. Use the hallway lights to climb to the top of the hallway (which used to be the left end) and climb into the open vent there. You will be in the galley (ship's kitchen).

27. Enter the freezer and break open the boxes of frozen food. You will find the Chef frozen in a large block of ice! Push the big block out into the passageway.

28. At the bottom of the galley is a heater. The object is to push the chef's ice block down to it. But you have to make sure you fall level with the passageways. If you don't, or get stuck, click restart to try again. You can climb up and down using the pipes at either side.

-- When you reach the first crate, shove it left ahead of you, so that when the ice block falls, you can push it right again.

-- On the way to the second large drop, there are 2 crates. Only one can go into the gap, so you will need to either pass by one crate or go down and shove it all the way down, out of your way. On top of the one crate you push a single Lettuce box, to make your landing even with the floor to the right.

29. When the block reaches the heater at the bottom, it thaws the chef and you both exit.

Fifth Rescue

30. As you make your final trip, the ship capsizes and is upside down. This makes it very easy to get aboard this time! But the interior is almost all underwater.

31. The Boiler Room has some big fish in it, so avoid them. Go down and right, then left across the bottom, then up again.

32. In the Ballroom, swim across the middle of the ballroom to reach the vent at the upper left. You must avoid the streams of steam bubbles and the stinging jellyfish. The path across is easier if you go along the top (floor) part of the way, getting behind the bubble-spewing steam pipes.

33. In the Hallway, just swim to the right to the other vent.

34. There is a new, twisted passageway to get to the bridge. As you go left, hermit crabs will pop out and hit you (they have crawled into pots with utensils sticking out). The easiest path is to stay at the top twice, then go down and back up to the exit at upper left. There are air bubbles available along the way.

35. On the bridge, you have to reach the Captain without hitting any sparks or either of the two giant crabs. The proper way is to wait and slip past the first crab directly below you -- the other path at far left is blocked by sparks.

36. The Captain admits that it was not the white whale that hit the ship -- he ran into an iceberg while chasing it. Use the Wrench to turn the Whale Song device 1/4 turn to the right, to the White Whale setting.

37. The song plays and the White Whale appears. It breaks the window into the bridge and swallows you and the Captain. (!)

38. No, its not the end. The whale swims to the surface and pops you both out through his blowhole. At the camp. the Captain awards you the Island Medallion.


The Special Quest for Paid Members Only (which is not extremely special)

(39.) Using the HazMat Diving Suit, enter the sunken ship and vacuum up the leaking oil. There are 11 leaks, 2 in four of the spaces and 3 in the long one (no hermit crabs). The difficult leaks are in the Ballroom, where there is no place to stand while clicking to extract the oil.


What is the computer password on Shrink Ray Island?

M4r13 Cur13 is the password on C.J.'s computer (no capitalization is used).

To find this out, you need to know that her hero is Marie Curie (a big poster) and that she read a magazine on replacing password letters with numbers (the magazine is next to the toilet in the bathroom).

Also, you could guess, but there is a trick to knowing which letters to change: in the bathroom, if you turn off the ventilation fan (the second switch right of the counter), you can turn on the hot water in the sink and the steam will show the letters written in the mirror (a=4, i=1, c=3).


How do you beat Skullduggery Island on Poptropica?

Skullduggery island is the 13th Island in Poptropica and opened June 17, 2010.

*This solution contains spoilers*

Enter the island from the Island Map (members had Early Access May 20, 2010) and climb down to Fort Ridley, one of a few small islands scattered about in the sea. For the first part of the island, you will collect items that lead to other items and clues.

  1. Travel down Main Street to the right and cross the covered bridge. On the far side, climb down into the stream and go left to get the Doubloon from the sand.
  2. Return left to Stinky Tim's store, and use the doubloon to buy a bag of chicken feed. Also go to the upper right shelf to get the Broken Mirror.
  3. Give the feed to the boy with the chickens. He will give you a chicken.
  4. Head right again, across the bridge to the corn farm. Use the chicken to eat some of the bugs, and the farmer gives you a Blue Candle.
  5. Go far right. past the Governor's house, to the sea edge and talk to the woman there whose husband is lost at sea.
  6. Enter the Governor's house and use the Blue Candle to reveal the missing writing on the Parchment. The Governor will tell you about the Treasure Map and the need to defeat Captain Crawfish the pirate.
  7. Go back to the Fort and use the telescope at the top, where you will see a small raft. Signal the raft using the Broken Mirror, and it will dock.
  8. The beach woman's husband is aboard the raft, and is grateful to be home. He gives you his ship, which is now crewed by a cabin boy and the old sailor from the fort.

THE LONG SAILING AND TRADING PART OF THE GAME now begins, in the seas between the 5 outlying islands : Dragon Cove at the upper left, Bouffant Bay, Parrot Port, Golden Harbor, and Pirate Outpost. These are all indicated on the sailing map. Sail by lifting anchor (spacebar) and using the cursor to indicate direction and speed. Dock by dropping anchor and clicking the island dock. Each movement to an island is counted as a "day" in the quest, but there is no set speed of play. As the game progresses, you buy larger ships to hold more cargo, but the hazards increase somewhat as well.

Find the Map Pieces : there is one on each of the five trading islands.

(*see the related question below)

Earning doubloons and cargo items : initially you "salvage" these from the water, and later you buy and sell them for a profit at any of the five ports. The prices for the cargo items vary from port to port, often allowing you to "buy low and sell high".

Hazards that can cost you cargo or damage the ship : Giant pink sea creatures such as a crab, octopus, or puffer fish. Whirlpools, thunderstorms, and rock shoals can cause damage. Pirate ships can attack, and you can duel them by firing any cannon you have. If you are damaged or sunk you lose some doubloons or cargo items.

New Ships and Skilled Crewmen can improve your durability, speed, cargo capacity, and armament use. Buy new ships at Dragon Cove, and hire crew (relatively expensive) at each of the four ports except Parrot Port. Ships are expensive but have a small resale value.

You can borrow more cash, equal to your current wealth, at the bank in Golden Harbor, and this must be repaid. The interest is only 5% per day, but compounded, so large balances should be paid off as quickly as possible without losing your working capital. If you have an overdue loan, you cannot buy a new ship.

Sailing Hint -- When sailing around rocks and salvage, drop anchor to pivot the ship.


  1. Dragon Cove -- go to the water's edge with the old fisherman. Sink the floating statue to uncover a Mallet. Slide the fisherman right, past the giant Bell Gong to the first barrel. When you use the Mallet on the Gong, fish will jump from the water, allowing the old man to catch one, and he will give you the map piece.
  2. Bouffant Bay -- You can help the worker at the dock and get a clue from his wife at the residence (far right). A pirate also tells you the map piece is at "312 Hanging Fern Way", a reference to three hanging plants. At the plants, jump into the 3rd, then the 1st, then the 2nd plant to get the map piece.
  3. Parrot Port -- There is a parrot flying around who leads you on a chase. First go to Petey's Pirate Pub and get the Cracker from the upper left. Now the parrot will have you dive into the sea (he moves to another window) then block the smoking chimney* (he's in a palm tree at the far right). He tells you to contact his owner, a pirate atop the tower at far left. Once you have, you can use the Cracker to lure the parrot back to the tower, where you receive the map piece. (You may have to dunk yourself and block the chimney again to find the parrot.)
  4. Golden Harbor -- There are 5 hanging street lights, and after lighting any of them , lighting another will turn others off. Counting from the left, you need the 1st, 2nd, and 4th lights on. The way to accomplish this is to light them from right to left : the 4th, then the 2nd, then the 1st in that order. Leaving the dock and returning will reset the lights. The piece appears in a draped archway.
  5. Pirate Outpost -- Climb the giant skull cliff, jumping over the pirates to avoid being knocked back. At the top of the tall mast is a Cannon Starter kit to use on any of the 4 cannons, but only the one at lower left is important. On the way back down. push the small barrel of explosives from the mast into the water below. Position the barrel under the giant Golden Tooth of the stone skull. If you fire the cannon and hit the barrel, the blast shakes loose the Golden Tooth and reveals the map piece. Assembling all 5 pieces reveals a hidden island, called Skullduggery, at the lower center of the map. Near the game's end, you will go there to find the Buried Treasure.

DEALING AND TRADING -- The best profits are made by sailing a clockwise course around the islands. Sell any salvage, and you may want to leave room for more you might pick up.

  1. Silk is bought cheaply at Dragon Cove (upper left), and sold at nearly double your cost at Bouffant Bay to the right.
  2. Medicine is bought cheaply at Bouffant Bay (upper middle) and sold at Parrot Port to the south. There is nothing cheap at Parrot Port.
  3. Grain is bought cheaply at Golden Harbor (lower right) and sold at Pirate Outpost to the left.
  4. Spices are bought cheaply at Pirate Outpost (lower left) and sold at Dragon Cove to the far north.

NEW SHIPS AND CREW -- Ships are bought from the dealer at Dragon Cove, each more expensive than the previous, requiring two or more trading runs to afford the next larger model. Take out a loan at Golden Harbor to help buy more cargo. Do NOT spend so much on a ship that you haven't enough doubloons for a FULL cargo or two for your new ship size. That would make your trades much less profitable.

  1. Your raft -- free but holds only 20 total cargo items, speed 6
  2. Jimmy Rigger -- 3000 doubloons, holds 60 cargo, speed 7, has 1 cannon
  3. Carabelle -- 9000 doubloons, holds 200 cargo, speed 8, 1 cannon
  4. Sea Sultan -- 30,000 doubloons, holds 600 cargo, speed 9, 2 cannon
  5. The Koi -- 90,000 doubloons, holds 1800 cargo, speed 12, 3 cannon
  6. Steaming Fury -- 300,000 doubloons, holds 5000 cargo, speed 12, 4 cannon
  7. Phoenix Warbird -- 1,000,000 doubloons, holds 6000 cargo, speed 13, 5 cannon

Crew positions :

  1. Shipwright (Dragon Cove) : 20,000 doubloons to hire, slowly fixes damage without docking
  2. Cargo Master (Bouffant Bay) : 15,000 doubloons, increases cargo space of any ship by 50%
  3. Navigator (Parrot Port) : 12,000 doubloons, increases ship speed
  4. Cannoneer (Pirate Outpost) : 20,000 doubloons, increases firing rate of your cannon

BATTLING PIRATES (and eventually Captain Crawfish)

Anytime you face damage from a hazard or attack, the green "health bar" appears on the travel view. One will also appear for enemy ships or creatures. Aiming and hitting enemy ships, especially those with more cannon, can be fun but a losing proposition. They are hard to hit because shots take awhile to arrive at the target. Oddly enough, this also lets you "outrun" or swerve to avoid cannon balls. Only when you have a larger ship than your opponent can you regularly succeed. Smaller ships will tend to "gang up" on you, as well. You can salvage items from any destroyed ships or sea creatures. If you are sunk, you lose part of your doubloons (10%) and cargo (10% to 13%) and start sailing again from your previous dock.

WIN THE GAME -- After from 25 to 100 days of trading, you will have acquired the most expensive ship, the Phoenix Warbird. This ship is a match for the dread Captain Crawfish. Sail to the Skullduggery sea to confront him. When he is apparently sunk, return to the Governor at Fort Ridley. You will receive a special card with the location of the Buried Treasure on Skullduggery Island, and a Bone Shovel to dig it up. When you finish, you are surprised by Captain Crawfish and his crew, who apparently survived the battle and are going to take the treasure from you. Fortunately, your valiant crew sails to your rescue, sinking the pirate ship and marooning Captain Crawfish. (He will never be seen again. Or will he??) Return the treasure to Fort Ridley and receive the Island Medallion!

* Save Your Game Often! *

Some users have lost a character and ship temporarily until rebooting the browser. Users have reported losing up to 45 days of playing time even with the browser open!

Notes :

1) Having an overdue loan will prevent you from buying a new ship.

2) After initial release, a moving ash cover was added to the chimney of Petey's Parrot Pub, so that you only need stand on it to block the smoke. This was likely a child safety concern.


How do you beat Vampire's Curse Island on Poptropica?

Vampire's Curse Island is the 25th island in Poptropica. It was released for paid monthly members (and as a partial demo) on March 1, 2012, and for free general use on March 22, 2012. It is loosely based on the legend of Dracula. You are on a quest to rescue a kidnapped girl from the castle of Count Bram, and to free the count from his curse of vampirism.

*This is a list of steps for completing the island. There is a shorter solution at the related question below, and there is a video walkthrough at the related link. This solution contains all spoilers.

*To leave the island, you have to exit at the rocks leading to the forest. To leave the forest, you should jump hard to the left from the top of the rope bridge. If you fall short, there is no way out of the thorn patch except back to the top again.

The Village, and the Wolf on the Path

1) Enter the village, where family and friends believe that the young couple Christopher and Katya have foolishly gone to see the castle of Count Bram, a known vampire. They seem to have been inspired by the Teen Vampire movie showing at the theater.

2) Exit right and you will find Christopher on the path. He says Count Bram took Katya, but he seems unwilling to help you rescue her. Follow the empty snack wrappers and lighted green torches to the right and up.

3) As you pass a cave, a red-eyed wolf charges from the cave. You can jump it or it knocks you down. Continue over the hill to the right. Drop down between the patches of thorns where the wolf will attack again.

4) To defend yourself, click on the loose branch to the left of the hollow tree-- it will whack the wolf and he goes away. Jump the thorns, continue up the stone steps that go up and right and then over to the left.

5) As you reach a large branch, the wolf jumps you for a third time and the branch breaks, dropping you both back onto the path below. But you can save the branch as a "log" to use later. Repeat your climb up the steps.

6) Climb on the vines to continue left, then climb up, and head back right to the rope bridge, where the wolf is waiting (again?). There is a way to slip past him, but an easier way is available.

7) Click on the support to hit the bridge rope. The rope will break, collapsing the bridge, and that is the last you will see of the wolf. Jump across to the right and climb up the bridge, past a boarded door that you can't enter, and go right.

(*You say "I would have to be tiny to get through there" -- this is part of a members-only bonus quest)

The Castle Cemetery, Moat, and Wall

8) Walk up the angled hill and enter the open crypt there. Inside you can pick up the Teen Vampire Novel and the Crowbar.

9) Continue right to the second crypt.

(*It has one of those "you'd have to be tiny" holes, and some nearby blue vampire bats.) This crypt has a gutter and downspout attached to it.

10) Farther right is a dried-up castle moat, and you can't climb out of it on the far side. So you will have to flood it using the Well Pump with its large handle.

11) Go to the second crypt and break loose the downspout from its right side. Place it on the ground a little to the right, between the crypt and the pump handle. You can now use the pump to fill up the dry moat.

12) Jump up on the pump handle, and the stream of water should enter the downspout and then flow into the moat. Repeat this process twice and you can swim across the moat.

13) Enter the castle grounds. (You will come back to the tall wall at the right.)

14) At the front of the castle on the right, the large entrance door is locked, but there is an open window higher up. You will need to use the flowing water geysers to reach it. You can do this by blocking some of the geysers with boulders, so that more water flows through the others.

15) Go left and get the first rock, and roll it right to the geysers. Go back for the one at the far left, and use the crowbar to pry it out. Roll it onto the second geyser.

16) Climb the stone steps at the right side to find a third big rock. Push it down to finish blocking the water flow. The third geyser will now lift you to the broken window, and you can enter the castle. (This was the end of the island demo.)

The Castle Library (Great Hall)

14) The dark room you are in is the Library or Great Hall, and coals are smoldering in the fireplace. There is a bellows at left that you might use to fan a fire. But first you will need to have something to burn. Place the Log on the fireplace, then some pages from the Teen Vampire Novel (strangely, the game makes you put the log first). Jump onto the bellows three times to fan the flames, partially lighting the room. You will see some candles on the right.

15) There are four large candle chandeliers near the ceiling, out of your view. The only way to reach them is to roll the ladder over to climb the bookcase at the left side, then jump up to the ledge. Take one of the Candles at the right side of the fireplace and light it. If you can climb up quickly enough, you can light the first chandelier.

16) To light the remaining chandeliers, carry a candle (unlit) to the first chandelier, and click to light the candle there. Jump hard to the right to reach the second chandelier, and light it. Repeat this process by going back for two more candles, until all 4 chandeliers are lit.

17) Jump down at the right side, where you can use the crowbar to break the chains on the door. This is the entrance that you see from outside the castle.

18) Cross the Library to the left and you should find a Glass Eye on the floor near the left bookcase. Climb up the bookcase and place it in the stuffed tiger head. This will reveal the key to the locked Armory door at the left side of the Library.

The Castle Armory

19) Use the key to open the Armory door. Inside, you will find the Crossbow and a large supply of arrows. At the far left of the room is a large cannon and three cannonballs. You can use them to blast a way out of the room.

20) Click on one cannonball and it will be loaded into the cannon.

21) To light the fuse, go back to the library and get yet *another* candle, and rush it to the cannon before it goes out. The cannon will fire out the window. More importantly, it will flip over and point to the right, into the room.

22) Click another cannonball to reload, and again get a candle to set off the fuse. This time the ball rolls into the Library (don't lose track of it), and the cannon is now pointing straight up.

23) Click the last cannonball and again set it off with a candle from the fireplace. It will blast a hole into the Armory attic, which has a boarded up window and some odd plants.

24) Climb up the cannon and pick up the Water Bucket at the right side. Take it back through the Library, and outside to the water geysers where you can fill the bucket up. Bring it back to the attic room.

25) Select the crossbow from your items. Point it at the wall on the left side and press the spacebar to fire several arrows into the wall. They may fall out, but you can climb on them if you hurry. Use them to reach the small plant next to the boarded window.

26) Put away the crossbow and use the crowbar to pry away the boards on the window.

27) Use the water bucket to water the plant, which is some sort of a giant beanstalk. It grows out of the window and all the way to the castle tower above.

28) Exit through the window and climb the stalk to the tower above. Enter the window of the Laboratory.

The Laboratory and the Cage Room

29) In the lab, there are several ingredients being used by the Count, apparently in an attempt to cure the his vampirism (which seems to be based on tomato juice, not blood).

30) Jump up to the shelf to get the container of Garlic, then go to the desk with the microscope. The Count's notebook is on the desk, which describes his experiments, and the three ingredients: garlic, wolfsbane, and mandrake root.

31) Look through the microscope. You can use the dropper to measure out garlic extract to use on the vampire cells. (Each click picks up more garlic.)

Adding garlic to vampire cells reverts them only temporarily to human cells, and adding too much destroys the cells (can't do that).

32) In a flask at the right is some untreated wolfsbane. According to the notebook, you will need to find some mandrake root, and a way to wilt the wolfsbane, and add both of these to the garlic to make an effective mixture.

*NOTE* If you let the Vampire Tomato juice drip on you, you will temporarily become a flying Tomato Vampire. This is harmless.

33) Exit through the middle door and go right into the second tower, where Katya is being held in a high cage. Apparently she resembles the Count's long-deceased wife Annabelle, which is why the delusional Count is keeping her prisoner. You cannot reach the key to free her (it is in the barred pigeonhole at right).

34). Katya tells you about a book in the library. Go back there to find it.

The Library and The Mandrake Root

35) In the library, on the bookshelf to the right, there is now a book called "Root Causes" that provides a clue to finding the mandrake, which is shown growing outside the castle.

36) Leave the castle and exit through the portal at the left.

37) Outside the castle, there is a tall wall to the right, like the one in the Armory. Shoot arrows into it with the crossbow, and then climb up them before they fall out, to reach the mandrake plant. (If you can jump into the tree, you only need one or two arrows to reach the top of the wall.) Put away the crossbow. Now you only need to heat the wolfsbane in the lab to wilt it.

38) Go back to the Library and find the second cannonball that you fired, which rolled into the room. Roll it next to the fireplace, where it will become red-hot.

39) Pick up the fireplace poker (stoking rod) next to the fireplace to push the ball left into the small "dumbwaiter" -- it is controlled by the red wall switch that you can throw, and connects directly to the laboratory. (You can put the poker back or it will go back by itself.)

The Cure and the Count

40) Go to the laboratory and pull the red switch to release the red-hot cannonball and it will wilt the wolfsbane.

41) Go to the microscope and mix the ingredients to test. There does not seem to be any clue to the proper mixture. As it turns out, it is three parts garlic (click bulb three times), three parts wolfsbane (three clicks), and one part mandrake (fill dropper). This makes the anti-vampirism serum.

42) Take the syringe into the cage room next door and free Katya. (There is now a silver cane in the cane stand that you can use to hook the loop of the key in the closet.)

43) When the delusional Count Bram arrives, you will jump through the rear window to the wall outside.

44) Follow Katya as she jumps from stone to stone. Use the Garlic to give yourself garlic breath, and stay close to Katya to repel the Count.

45) When you reach the top, he takes the form of a bat. Use the crossbow to shoot serum darts at him. When you hit him, he jumps you and you both plunge through the roof into the Library.

46) His vampirism cured, the Count crumbles away, happy to finally be reunited with his lost Annabelle. In his cape you will find the Island Medallion.

47) Belatedly, Christopher has gained the courage to come to Katya's aid.


Bonus Quest for Members Only

Unbeknownst to you, Christopher is now a vampire, and his bite changes you into a small blue bat. You are being pursued by the vampire hunter Cactus Von Garlic. You need to find the three ingredients to make more Anti-Vampirism serum.

1) The ingredients are located in three areas where you were previously too large to enter: the boarded door by the rope bridge (mandrake), the small hole in the second crypt (wolfsbane), and the hole in the wall between the middle chandeliers in the library (garlic).

2) When Katya distracts Von Garlic, fly up to the hole between the chandeliers and get the garlic (avoid the red spiders more easily by going right, up, and across).

3) Fly back to the rope bridge and enter through the boarded door, where you can get the mandrake at lower right. Dodge the shots by Von Garlic.

4) Enter the second crypt in the cemetery and work your way between the thorns to reach the wolfsbane.

5) Return to the laboratory, and fly to the microscope table, where you are cured. The quest will end and Von Garlic decides to try saving the vampires instead of shooting them.


NOTES on the island:

1) The wolf will not permanently harm you no matter how many times he hits you. The same seems to be true of Von Garlic's shots on the bonus quest.

you go to the treasure chest and eat the cheerios

Thomas Jefferson
George Washington

What were George Washington and Thomas Jefferson that John Adams was not?

They were Virginians.

They were also two term presidents whereas John Adams lost his re-election bid.
sign the declaration of independence

Neil Armstrong

How do you defeat Betty Jetty on Super Power Island?

Betty Jetty is not difficult to defeat, but she is last because to chase her, you must be able to fly. To get your flying power, defeat the other 5 villains. The telephone on Main Street will ring. Answer it to get your flying power. (It toggles on and off with the small icon at lower left.)

At the roped-off skyscraper, fly to the top and go up to the roof. Betty Jetty says "You can't catch me!" - use the flying power to chase her.

TRY TO DODGE THE GREEN BALLS she throws for about two minutes. (if you get hit over 4 times, you will have to start over). You should stay well away from her. She may send 4 spheres or only 1 in each set. After 7 or 8 sets (less than two minutes), you can get close enough to knock her down. When you land, Ned Noodlehead will come and take credit for arresting her. Afterward, in the comic shop, trade Ned a hotdog for the Medallion.

Manners and Etiquette

Why do people take their hats off when they go inside?

Because for a long time at has been the polite thing to do. i also think they take their hats off for bad luck

Star Wars Movies

What is the answer to the Spin for Riches clue 'Maybe this song was dedicated to Darth Vader' on Game Show Island?

The answer is "Every Breath You Take" (Police, 1983) because of the mechanical ventilation device that lets us hear Vader's breathing.

Time Tangled Island

Where is Leonardo Da Vinci's notebook on Time Tangled Island?

To get Leonardi Da Vinci's notebook for him

Da Vinci's notebook is at the Statue of Liberty (10 o'clock, 1882 AD). Climb up the scaffold to the top left and jump hard left. It is on the ledge. Bring it back and you also receive the Glider Wings.


How do you beat Mystery Train Island on Poptropica?

Mystery Train (aka Mystery Train Island) is the 21st Poptropica island, with a general release date of October 7, 2011. Early Access began on September 9, 2011, and all users could play a demo of the island, up to the point that the mystery is established (Thomas Edison's missing Kinetoscope camera).

This solution contains all spoilers. To leave the Mystery Train, ask the conductor and you can get off at the next stop, then return to the train later.


Boarding the Train

The train is the John Bull, a coal-fired steam locomotive making the trip from Washington DC to Chicago for the 1893 World Columbian Exposition. Several dignitaries are taking this train, and by helping Thomas Edison, the player gets to go along.

1) At the loading area, move the luggage to form a ramp for the heavy crate. The proper order is short box, parcel, trunk, golf clubs, and angle-top case. Click on the board to load the crate. Edison gives you a ticket to travel on the train to Chicago.

2) Go to the front of the train (right) to board, and it gets underway.

Aboard the Train

3) There are at least 9 cars in the train, not including the locomotive and coal car. You must meet all of the passengers before Edison will show you his invention in his cabin. (See passengers and crew in boldface below)

After seeing the Conductor and Coal man, go left to each car. The first car is the sitting car. Meet the builder of the Chicago Fair's giant ferris wheel, George Ferris, Jr., who has received word that the wheel does not have sufficient power to work. The second car has compartments for Nikola Tesla , suffragette Susan B. Anthony, and a young man named Erik Weisz (some may recognize the name). You cannot enter Tesla's room at first. Ms. Anthony gives you a PAMPHLET on voting rights for women. You meet Gustav Eiffel, builder of the Eiffel Tower four years earlier. You meet Weisz, then pass the Water Closet (toilet). The third car has the Porter closet and baggage for the riders. The fourth car has an unlabeled compartment, probably for the New York Times reporter standing outside. It also has those of Mark Twain, Thomas Edison, and a French woman reporter named Moreau. First you talk to the Times reporter, who is critical of Chicago. In his cabin, Twain is a bit ill from the train fumes. You pick up a PENCIL from a table enroute to Edison's cabin, and he asks you to come back later. In Moreau's room, you collect an issue of her Paris NEWSPAPER LeMonde which shows the 1889 Paris Exposition and the Eiffel Tower. The fifth car is the Dining Car, where you meet the Porter (if your avatar is female, so is the porter). The sixth car is an open flatcar with some hay bales. The seventh car is the reverie lounge, the multiplayer room for the island. The eighth is baggage and freight, including odd items from other Poptropica islands. The ninth (last regular) car is occupied by a Pinkerton Detective and you are brusquely turned away.

Train cars left to right :

10 -?

9 -Pinkerton

8 -Freight

7 -Multiplayer Lounge

6 -Hay Bales

5 -Dining Car / Porter

4 -Moreau / Edison / Twain / Reporter

3 -Porter closet and Baggage

2 -WC (toilet) / Weitz / Eiffel / Anthony / Tesla

1 -Sitting Car / Ferris

Coal Car (coal man)


4) After meeting all of the train occupants (you may skip the detective), you return to Edison's compartment where he displays his motion picture camera, the Kinetoscope (in real life this was built in 1889 by Edison's employees William Dickson and Charles Brown).

5) Your avatar is left alone when Edison goes to escort the New York reporter to his cabin. The train makes a sharp curve and enters a dark tunnel, and the Kinetoscope vanishes, leaving you to solve its disappearance and clear your name.

6) Each of the passengers will display the list of clues when clicked, and you can gain information from each by clicking on each clue. There are 11 suspects:

the 7 passengers, the two reporters, the coal man, and the porter. You may also see a small magnifying glass appear where a clue is hidden.

Clues - The Missing Device and Mark Twain

7) The NY Times reporter says he saw Mark Twain hiding something. Edison agrees it is worth checking. Reporter Moreau says that it is obvious that the thief is still aboard the train. When you confront Twain, he denies hiding anything, but you locate his hidden compartment. Unfortunately, he is only hiding his manuscript to Huckleberry Finn. He mentions the security at the rear of the train.

Clues - Prune Juice and Nikola Tesla

8) When the train makes an unscheduled stop, the coal man goes missing. The NY reporter now says he remembers hearing someone running past Edison's cabin. The coal man claims he was in the engine room. You find prune juice spilled on the carpet that was not there before.

9) Talk to Susan B. Anthony and the Porter in the Dining Car. Anthony says that Tesla is acting suspiciously. The porter is unhelpful about the prune juice or helping you see Tesla.

10) Click "Continue" and the Porter discards her order sheet. Pick up the NOTEPAD and use your pencil to reveal the imprint, which says Mark Twain ordered bicarbonate of soda, Weisz ordered water, and Tesla was the one who ordered prune juice.

11) Head for the baggage car to examine Tesla's luggage. All of the passengers suggest that the prune juice should have gotten Tesla to the bathroom by now, but he hasn't left his cabin.

Clues - (Coal marks on Luggage) Coal man Snack

12) In the baggage car, you find coal stains on Tesla's luggage, and someone throws a pair of scissors at you! In the coal car, the coal man denies he touched the luggage, but now admits he was getting a snack when the train stopped. The Porter says this is true, and the clue disappears from your list.

13) Go back to the baggage car, where the LeMonde reporter suggests posing as the Porter to get to Tesla. Go to the Porter Closet and get the extra hat and coat that is there (you don't need to actually wear the whole uniform).

Tesla's Compartment and his luggage key

14) Go right to Tesla's room. He will let you in and ask you to pour him some more prune juice from the pitcher. After three glasses, he excuses himself to use the toilet. While he is away, quickly find the hidden key to his locked luggage case in the baggage car. You will invariably find it (at the last second) after searching through most of the room.

15) Take the key and rejoin Moreau in the baggage car. The key unlocks the luggage, and inside is the motion capture device. Moreau summons a guard to put Tesla into custody, and he is locked in the "brig" -- the coal car.

16) Return the Kinetoscope to Edison, who realizes it may have captured a picture of the thief. But when you run it, it shows the scene *outside* the train window as it made the curve. The image shows Tesla in his own forward car, looking out the window at Edison's car farther back. This proves that Tesla is innocent, and has been framed.

Clues - Nikola Tesla Image and the Pinkerton Guard

17) Go forward and attempt to talk to Tesla. If you go back to his cabin, you see that something has been taken from his locked suitcase. Unfortunately, the guard won't let you enter the coal car to speak to Tesla.

18) As you return to the other passengers, Eiffel and Twain give you hints as to how to reach Tesla. In the luggage car, a hatch to the roof of the train is now open. Climb up onto the roof.

19) You need to go forward to the coal car. As you go, you have to duck down inside tunnels and jump hanging mail sacks. Enter the hatch in the coal car.

20) Tesla says he is innocent, and warns that something important was left in his cabin. Give him the pencil so he can draw a sketch. You would ordinarily have to return to his cabin, then use the pencil to mark what has changed. Since you already know the suitcase was open, circle that. Tesla insists that you find out how it might have been opened.

Clues - Unlocked Suitcase and Erik Weisz is Houdini

21) As you show the suitcase clue to Erik Weisz, he says that the lock was probably picked, but admits nothing. When you go to the NY reporter, he says the picking of a lock might be the work of a magician, and gives you a newspaper that shows that "Erik Weisz" is actually the famous magician Harry Houdini. The other passengers suggest you check Weisz's cabin again.

22) Returning to the cabin, Weisz isn't there, but you discover a set of lockpicks on the floor. Weisz returns, then leads you on a chase through the roof door in his cabin, back on top of the train.

23) Somehow he skips three cars including the empty flatcar, and when he reaches the freight car, he falls in. You follow him, although now the occasional obstacles are pushing you in the right direction.

24) In the freight car, use the scissors to cut the rope on the large object. It is a water tank with Weisz/Houdini trapped inside. Use the 5 symbol-coded lock picks to open all four locks to free him (there is a timer on the left, but you should have plenty of time). Each pick will only slide the pin with the same symbol (circle, square, triangle, diamond, X), and all have to be centered on the red line for each lock.

25) Freed, Houdini says that he isn't the thief, but has been trying to solve the case himself. He says that someone stole one of his picks, and you need to discover what Tesla was hiding. He then disappears.

Clue - The Tesla Transformer Sketch

26) Go back to the coal car via the train roof (you can use the baggage car or Houdini's room hatch). Tesla reveals the suitcase's contents: a 200-volt transformer that could power the giant Ferris Wheel. He gives you a sketch of the device, but no one knows anything about it. Finally Mark Twain has some information that is of help: he suggests you slip past the Pinkerton man in the 9th car, because there is someone secretly in a 10th car behind it.

27) Go to the rear of the train, where the vigilant Pinkerton man is napping next to his pet dog, Coco. He has set a Rube-Goldberg alarm device to alert him of intruders. Climb over the top of it and jump past him to the next car.

President Cleveland Explains It All For You

28) The security is for President Grover Cleveland, who is likewise travelling to the Chicago Fair. He, like Houdini, has been keeping track of the investigation. The Edison theft was a distraction to get Tesla's transformer. Click on the proper clues when prompted during his explanation.

29) Head back to the baggage car to find out who switched tags with Tesla.

Clue - Things From France

30) Using the key (which would not work again until now), you find items in the "Tesla" luggage that are from France, suggesting they belonged to the thief. The only two persons aboard who are definitely French are Gustave Eiffel and Mademoiselle Moreau.

31) When you ask Eiffel, he says that the handkerchief is a woman's, so it must be the proud Parisienne reporter, Moreau, who is out to sabotage the Fair. The train slows as it arrives in Chicago. Follow Moreau left as she runs from the train.

The Fair Chase Scene

32) Entering the Fair, where some attractions are already underway, Moreau pretends that you are trying to attack her, and the Fair guards try to apprehend you.

33) At the Persian exhibit, climb the ladder and jump to the lion who has just been fed, then across to the awnings, which will bounce you over the knives, torches, and other juggled items. Go left past the dancing girls to reach the Eskimo Village.

34) Jump from the totem poles to the street lights as you head left, until the guards topple the totems.

35) Climb the Ferris Wheel in the rain and lightning to pursue Moreau. As you reach the top of the left side, she will drop a crate on you. Jump to the red-labeled rope to swing to the right side, and climb again. As she throws the transformer, swing with the rope from the right side to catch it. When you go to confront her, she slips and falls from the top, fortuitously into Houdini's escape-artist water tank.

36) Give the transformer to Ferris and President Cleveland gives you the Presidential Medal of Honor (the Island Medallion).

37) You get a scenic silhouette view of the Fair, then you are back in Washington, DC where you started, with the suggestion that you replay the mystery. The only accessible location remaining on the Island is the multiplayer Lounge.



- The "graphics overload" makes a brief appearance when the Motion Device is played. Some users may have to struggle to click the "close" button as it displays the image of Tesla.

- The number of cars on the train is off, as noted, on the Houdini chase, and the rooftop travel only works one-way. You cannot access the roof from the coal car or freight car, only from Houdini's cabin or from the baggage car.

- If you don't look for the suitcase in Tesla's room, he doesn't make you actually go there until after the Houdini chase!

Diary of a Wimpy Kid

How do you beat Wimpy Wonderland on Poptropica?

Wimpy Wonderland is the 18th island in Poptropica. It was opened to general use on March 17, 2011. Early Access was for paid monthly members was on March 14, 2011, but was extended to all players shortly thereafter. The island is based on the "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" book series by Jeff Kinney (a creator of Poptropica). The characters are all drawn as in the book, so their appearances cannot be copied for Poptropica avatars. Almost all of the island is done as black-and-white drawings, with some notable color effects.

This solution contains spoilers. See the related question for less detail.

The layout of the island is as follows

North Main / Surrey St / Main Street / School / Leisure Towers / Whirley Street

Main Street and Surrey Street

1) Arrive on the island. Talk to Greg Heffley, to find that school is canceled but that his parents are away and his little brother Manny has run off. Follow him left, back to his house (Surrey St.)

2) Investigate the house and get the Address Book and the page from Greg's Journal. You cannot enter the garage where older brother Rodrick is practicing. Greg is again preoccupied with a video game (Twisted Wizard).

3) Enter Manny's room and exit through the window. Follow his footprints to the left, across the rooftops, to Rowley Jefferson's house, where Rowley says that Manny took his rumble bike. The bike tracks lead to the right again.

4) Catch up to Manny, and he leaves the bike for you to pick up, and climbs a tree. Follow him up the branches until he reaches the top and jumps right, landing on top of the kid's snowman. Pick up the snowman's carrot nose.

5) Chase Manny right to the school scene.


6) In the top of the tree to the right of the school, you will find a paper with Greg's locker combination (Manny may have dropped it.)

7) To follow Manny into the school, you have to use the round garbage can and the seesaw (teeter-totter). Push the can onto the left side of the seesaw, then carefully climb to the right side. If you jump up and land again on the seesaw, the can is thrown to the school building ledge, and you can slide it farther left to jump from, to enter. Chase Manny to the first floor. (You can also jump from the tree after getting the combination, if you already moved the can.)

8) As you read on his journal page, Greg's locker is supposed to be 5 lockers from Holly Hill's, while Chirag Gupta's locker, with a cut lock, is only 2 away. This is an error by the artists. Greg's locker is 5 from Chirag Gupta's and 7 from Holly Hill's, making it the 8th locker overall from the left. At any rate, it is the only one you can open.

9) Go to the locker and turn the dial. As you reach each number, it automatically turns back the other way. Get the Twisted Wizard guide and leave the school.

Leisure Towers (South Street)

10) Go right from the school and you are on South Street , where Grammie Heffley and Grandpa Heffley have separate condos. Neither will answer their door (Grandpa is asleep). Climb the outside of the building and up to the window at Grandpa's, which is 33-C (* if you stay on the far right of each of the ledges for the C windows, you can climb without being hit at all).

11) Talk to Grandpa Heffley, and he has you share his watercress salad for lunch. You must rapidly click on your avatar to keep from throwing up the salad. (see glitch below)

12) You will see Manny on the security monitor feed. He has swiped a motorized chair from a resident.

13) Exit at right and take the elevator to the lobby (L). Go out and right to Whirley Street.

Whirley Street

14) The four teenage hoodlums are pelting you with snowballs. Dodge them and get the snow shovel (* if you jump up while being hit, the snowballs can knock you up onto the building, and you can jump across to the house).

15) Head back to the left, all the way to Greg's house.

Greg's House and Surrey Street

16) Go to where Greg is playing the video game. Click "examine" on the game guide to show him how to win. Then click on the TV monitor he's using and you will play the game.

**Beating Twisted Wizard - on the game Start screen, click the Wizard to enter easy Mode. Use the blocks to surround your Wizard, which can be roated with the spacebar. Then click once on the mouse to zap each attacking Ogre before it reaches you. Repair the wall and beat the next two waves of ogres. (see related question)

Exit and go left to Rowley's house to return the CD.

17) Near Rowley's house, use the carrot nose on the snowman. It makes noises, and you discover that someone is trapped in it. (You later find it's Fregley.)

18) At Rowley's house, his dad won't let him out or you in. You have to jump on the dad's car, then quickly hide by the bush to the left of the door. You can sneak in when he passes to see why his car alarm is going off.

(* major glitch here in trying to hide before the dad comes out)

19) Give Rowley the CD and rumble bike, but get his Joshie membership card.

20) Back at Greg's house, use the card to open the locked door, and shut off the power to Rodrick's room. When he leaves in the diaper van, enter his room and get the bowl for Sweaty the dog.

21) Go outside, and get the leaf blower from the garage. Go left and use it to blow the snow off the snowman, who turns out to be Fregley. He will give you his bingo troll doll (Fredrick). Continue left to North Main Street.

Gramma's House (North Main Street)

22) Talk to Gramma, who asks you to help clean her driveway of snow. Use the snow shovel to remove it all (work quickly, and use long sweeping motions before lifting and dumping the snow).

23) Gramma leaves to go to her Bingo Game at Leisure Towers. Go there.

Leisure Towers

24) Enter the lobby and go to where Gramma is playing bingo. Use Fregley's troll doll as a card marker. As the numbers roll out, quickly mark the numbers on all three of your cards. When you win the game, you get a Classical Music CD.

Main Street - Fast Mart

25) Go to the Fast Mart, where the owner is complaining about the teenage kids hanging around. Play the music CD in the player by the door (you may have to turn the volume up). The teens will all leave and the owner lets you have some "No Freeze" windshield wiper antifreeze. Go back to the right of the School scene where the snowplow is parked.

School - Snowplow Truck

26) The driver needs his wipers de-iced. You need to measure exactly 4 liters, using the 10 liter bottle, the 5 liter cup, and the 3 liter dog dish. (Fill the dog dish, then pour into the cup; fill the dog dish again, leaving 4 liters in the bottle). Go back to Greg's house.

Greg's House and Laundromat

27) Open the blinds to get Greg to stop playing the game. He suspects that Manny is looking for his blanket ("Tingy"). Exit Greg's house.

28) Follow Manny, who is driving the snowplow truck down the street. Go to the Quick-Spin Laundromat. There you should find Manny on the floor with his blanket.

29) Go with Greg to push the giant snowball to knock out the Whirley Street Kids, and then sled home (point the cursor and click to jump the bullies). You arruve just in time as Greg's mom comes home. Greg gives you the Island Medallion for all your help.


* Some players may experience trouble with the Rowley's scene, #18 above. The good news is that the graphics load was reduced after complaints, so most people will be able to hide behind the bush before Mr. Jefferson comes out the door.

* Once you start climbing Leisure Towers, there is no way down except thru Grandpa's room 33-C. Once inside, you cannot go back out the window.

* A glitch, or perhaps a fix, is that if you minimize your browser window while eating Grandpa's icky salad, you do not have to click to keep from throwing up. Not looking at the lunch for about a minute seems to work.

* At Greg's House, you have to beat Twisted Wizard. This was not originally part of the island. You can play the game from the Games menu of your item bag.


How do you beat Game Show Island on Poptropica?

Game Show Island is the 22nd island in Poptropica, with a release date of November 22, 2011. Early Access and a demo version (up to the jet controller) was available beginning October 27, 2011.

This written solution contains all spoilers. See the related link to a video walkthrough. There is a minimal walkthrough at the related question.To leave the island, you must use the jet to return to Main Street.

Arriving on Main Street - Layout: Factory/ Boutique/ Museum/ Club

1) Land on the island. Humans are apparently servants of the robots here. You will see reward signs for "the Inventor." Go left to enter the Museum. Go left inside and play the video to get more info on the island. The museum guide tells you of a toolbox hidden on the rooftops. Exit the museum.

2) Go left, and climb to the top of the Robo-Bling Boutique (multiplayer room) where you will find the toolkit.

3) Go right to the Club Noveau Riche, where the robot bouncer will think you are the A/C repairman and let you in. The pool game inside is not part of the quest. The robot owner offers you a reward if you can cool him off.

Back and Forth between the Club and the Factory

4) Exit and go left all the way to the Factory. Go inside and talk to the workers. They have a conveyor belt that is not working.

5) Climb up and use the crane. Jump off to the left halfway up, and use the computer control to lift the wall at the upper right.

6) Finish going up, and go right to the breaker box. Use the screwdriver to remove the screws (place on each of the four screws and turn counterclockwise). Reset the breaker for the factory and you will automatically return to the workmen below. The foreman will give you a small but very powerful fan. Pointed downward, it will fly you through the air! (Click bottom left to turn it off.)

7) There is a homeless guy to the left of the Factory who is completely broke.

8) Go all the way back right to the Club and use the fan to cool off the owner, and the owner gives you a nickel (cheapskate).

9) Go all the way back left to the homeless guy near the Factory, and give him the nickel. He will give you a pair of thermal goggles that sees only human body heat.

10) Go all the way back right to the Club again and go upstairs to the bar at the upper left inside. When you use the goggles, you will see something move in the air vent.

11) Go outside and use the fan to reach the small platform and doorway at the upper right of the Club. Use the toolkit to open the door panel (unscrew the cover as before).

12) Go inside to find the Inventor, who blocks your path and runs. Roll the Victrola phonograph into the elevator to crash it and get past, then climb up.

13) The Inventor will drop a ball that wrecks the floor. Climb back up the right side to reach the locked door as the Inventor escapes.

14) Use the thermal goggles on the keypad. The numbers the Inventor pressed will appear warmer : blue is the first number, green the second, yellow the third, and red the fourth and latest. Press the numbers (2014 and enter) and follow the Inventor up to the roof.

15) He will show you his side of the history that brought the robots to power, led by Holmes (his invention). You do not have to watch the whole video. He gives you the remote control for his VTOL jet airplane. You use this to call the jet to travel between the cities that host the 5 quiz shows you will play. You can play them in any order, but you must get the most points and win ALL FIVE GAMES. You can try as many times as you need.First Game Show - Istanbul

16) Go far right and climb up to where the workman is working on the Hagia Sophia towers. Relocate the minaret from the second to the fourth pedestal. The process: consider the tower pieces A, B, C, D (smallest to largest) and the three open pedestals as locations 2, 3, and 4. The fastest relocation is fifteen moves - A3, B4, A4, C3, A2, B3, A3, D4, A4, B2, A2, C4, A3, B4, A4. You get the ticket to compete on Scaredy Pants. Use the ticket to start the show. There are three challenges against the robots Ironhead V-2 and Dan-E Dictionot.

- Darkness Dive - swim down, right, down, left, down, and then right to reach the glow stick. The secret here is to *wait* for the octopus creatures to move away. Trying to rush through will get you shocked.

- Creeper Keepers - Grab the rats, spiders, and snakes as fast as you can. You only have to raise them a tiny bit above the bin openings to get them in. If you can't pick the last one up, move a little to the side of it.

- Tightrope Terror - tilt to the right to roll across, but don't let the color bar go all the way to the right or you will fall.

17) If you win the game, call the jet and continue on to the second city.

Second Game Show - Miami

18) Go right to the Seashell Motel where the robot hosts of Spin For Riches are squabbling. Ventana will be throwing each of the three prize disks off a balcony. Tilt the awnings to provide short drops for the three, all the way to the ground. You will win the ticket to compete on the show.

19) The show is similar to "Wheel of Fortune" in that you try to solve the puzzle by revealing some of the letters. However, you may land on the Lose A Turn (Rad symbol) or on a single-letter section where you have no choice what to play. When you land on a Question Mark space, you can choose any letters, even vowels. You can keep playing as long as you continue to add correct letters. But the key is to solve the puzzles as soon as you know them! It is difficult to win otherwise, even if you get a lot of 100 point letters. Play all three puzzles and get a higher score than Albertron and Punkbot.

20) If you win, call the jet and continue on to the third city.

Third Game Show - Buenos Aires

21) The clock tower of the Torre Monumental, at far left, is not working because the wires are not connected properly. Have the strong robot rotate the rings to line up the wires.

22) To fix the clock : turn the outer ring, inner ring, then the middle ring and the wires should line up across the center. Get the ticket to Kerplunk.

23) The game is essentially a "Wipeout" clone, where you compete against robot players Super Sweet and Skippy. On the first stage, you must dodge the boots and go right. As you go to the upper left, you must jump from the spring keys before they toss you.

24) On the second stage, control your motion when you are tossed right by the bag, and use the columns of light that show you where the floating platforms are.

25) On the third stage, jump to the closed platforms - these will be the ones that were just opened. Stay behind the rolling balls. Get the fastest time to win all three rounds. The highest point total wins.

26) When you win, call the jet and continue to the fourth city.

Fourth Game Show - Moscow

27) Go right to where the Air Traffic robot has forgotten the landing code.

28) The object is to get each of the four colored window lights to their proper color (one of the four colors - blue, yellow, purple, or orange), and all four must be correct on any row. (You only play each row once, then move up to try again.) When you try a combination, and then turn the dial at right, the correct guesses are shown by green lights. Climb up and change the windows on the new row to match the green (correct) ones below, and try a different color on the windows that showed red (wrong).

29) When you get the four colors right, climb up as the helicopter lands and you get the ticket for Brainiacs (a Jeopardy clone).

30) The game uses some of the questions from the Money Ladder demo game, so playing it first will improve your chances. Beat the other two players, Tyr-1 and H8r-Bot.

31) Call the jet and continue to the final city.

Fifth Game Show - Tokyo

32) Go far right and enter the Service Entrance. You have to restore the power by creating a continuous circuit path.

33) This is the recycled "steam maze" game from Steamworks Island. Quickly click on the pipes to flip them so that an open end fits the one that leads into it, making a continuous path before the current reaches it. You win the ticket to Mr. Yoshi's Super Terrific Challenge. There are 3 extremely silly challenges that you have to complete.

- Task One (Spelling Blocks) - The trick here is that the H is on the side of the first Y block at the left side, so you should change that one and get the Y that you need by turning the third block, the A.

- Task Two (Hatch Yourself) - Click the egg as rapidly as you can until you emerge.

- Task Three (Bowl Them Over) - Chase the 10 pins and collide with them to knock them out.

34) Complete each of the three before time runs out and Yoshi is amused.

35) Fly back to Main Street when you have beaten all five game shows.

Main Street - Beating Holmes

36) Back on Main Street, quickly jump down and into the manhole before the robot cops can catch you.

37) The Inventor gives you a thumb drive to use against Holmes, but you first have to get by his "security system." There are 4 "slider" puzzles, two on the first level and two on lower levels. For each puzzle, move the squares around so that there is a continuous line from the entry point to the exit point. The position of the circuit path on each successive slider must match exactly with the previous one. You can tell which squares go next to each other because they will have matching colors on the sides where they meet (red, blue, green, or purple, and either vertical or horizontal.

38) Go down into the final chamber and plug the Thumb Drive into Holmes. This restores him to a friendly state and the Inventor gives you the Island Medallion. Climb back out of the underground to reach Main Street again.


A- There is a minor glitch on Spin For Riches, as the blank tiles that mark the solution may not appear. You should leave the Spin game and re-enter it to fix this.


How do you beat Ghost Story Island on Poptropica?

Ghost Story Island is the 23rd island in Poptropica. It was scheduled for release as the first new island of 2012, on January 12, 2012. The quest involves discovering the secrets of Hemlock Harbor and its 5 historic ghosts.


This solution contains all spoilers. See the related link below for a video walkthrough.


Hemlock Harbor

Cemetery / Main Street / Inn and Haunted House

(Main street includes the Gingerbread House Bakery, the Bank, and the Hemlock Herald paper)

1. If you go right, you will find that there are no rooms available at the Inn.

2. Go left past the Visitor Center (multi-player room). If you stop at the newspaper, the Hemlock Herald, you find that the editor is offering a reward for ghost sightings (there are some spooky things going on at the paper itself). In the Bank, they are closing up, and the Vault is closed except for deposits. At the Gingerbread House, a man with salt will give you some "to chase away spirits." Go left to the Cemetery.

Cemetery and Herald and back

3. Meet a tour guide offering tours of the "Celebrity Spirits." The Magistrate has prohibited ghost hunting in the town, and when he appears, the tour guide leaves. She drops a pamphlet that lists information on the 5 historic ghosts in the town.

-- The Tireless Thief (the bank)

-- The Cemetery Specter (the cemetery)

-- The Woman in the Window (haunted house)

-- The Restless Lighthouse Keeper (lighthouse)

-- The Warden's Sweet Tooth (island prison)

(You cannot pursue any of them until you have the proper equipment.)

4. Near the cemetery gate is a young man trying to find his uncle's burial plot. He asks you to research the archives at the newspaper. Go there and go down into the basement to open the Archives. The uncle, Silas Moon, is on page 4 and is listed as Lot C, plot 84. Take this information back to the man at the Cemetery and he gives you his room key at the Inn.

Discomfort Inn - *The Woman in the Window

5. Go right to the Haunted (Discomfort) Inn and check in at the desk. Go up to room 2-B. You will lie down and fall asleep. But you will soon wake up to discover that things in the room are moving!

6. Go to the cabinet and open it, to reveal that the two Inn owners are playing a trick on you. But they insist that the Woman in the Window is real, and that she will appear if music is played.

7. Go downstairs and now you can pick up the Violin next to the piano.

8. Go out and right to where a ghost hunter has set up his tent. Use it to bounce up to the Haunted House and use the violin. Slide the bow back and forth until the entire song is played. You will see some faint activity at the upper window.

9. Climb down to see the ghost hunter. The Magistrate will arrive and take him away. Use his binoculars to look up at the house. You will see a figure in the attic window.

10. Bounce up again and enter the house through the metal basement door.

11. Go left, but the stairs collapse. Push one or both of the wooden crates under the stairs so you can jump up.

12. Cross the room, go up the interior stairs, and enter the door to the second floor.

13. Use the telescope to see the bay (turn the ring on the outside to focus). You can see the island prison and the lighthouse. Suddenly a voice behind you says "Looking for Someone?" (This is spoken dialogue, not a speech balloon, so it may spook you! Sound is rare on Poptropica.)

14. It isn't a ghost, just an old woman who offers you information. She says to tell the bakery owner, Jane, that "Fiona sent you." Exit the house and go there.

Gingerbread House Bakery

15. The baker, Jane, is actually a secret ghost hunter. She will provide you with a thermal scanner, an EMF detector, a thermometer, and a camera. Each piece of the equipment will flash at the lower left of your screen when it is time to use it.

16. Look on the table to the right and click on the plate to get some Hot Cross Buns. Exit the Gingerbread House and go left, all the way to the Cemetery again.

Cemetery - *The Cemetery Specter

17. Click on the gates to enter the cemetery. This entrance is marked with the letter H on the "maze view." You will have to navigate through the maze by clicking the "ahead" arrow or the "turn" arrows to change direction.

18. Make your way to the upper right of the map and you will find a gate labeled "B" and then to the upper left where there is gate marked "A" (from this point on, you can go there just by clicking the letters A, B, or H on the map).

19. Go through gate A and go to the right. Jump on top of the large grave and get up on the hill. A woman ghost hunter will appear and tell you to hide, and soon a robed figure will appear carrying a rose. Use your camera to get his picture.

20. Leave Lot A and go across to Lot B. There is a weird ghost hunter who is trying to detect the sounds of ghosts. Leave him and enter the Engraver's shed. He has little to say at this point.

21. Exit the gate and click on the H to leave the cemetery, and go back to the Herald.

The Herald and the Bank - *The Tireless Thief

22. Talk to the editor at the herald and she will give you 50 dollars for the photo of the Specter. Take it to the bank to deposit it.

23. As the bank is closed, go down to the vault and see the guard and his dog Rusty.

24. When the guard enters the vault, Rusty begins to bark. Use the thermal imager to examine the vault and you will see a glowing form beneath the vault floor.

25. Exit the bank and go to the Herald, where a special edition of the paper features your photograph. Click on the stack of papers to see the headline. A group of the ghost hunters has gathered. The Magistrate arrives and disperses them.

26. At the same time, near the Haunted House, a small boat, the Kestrel, has come ashore. Go right to the beach to meet the boat pilot.

27. Give him the key to your inn room, and he will let you use his boat to travel into the bay. Click on "enter" to begin the boat view.

The Prison Island - *The Warden's Sweet Tooth (the Tireless Thief, part 2)

(the game seems designed to seek the ghosts in order, with the Prison discovered after the Lighthouse, and then a return to the Lighthouse when you try to go back to town)

28. Steer the boat across the bay (up and right) to the deserted prison. Climb up and enter through the doorway marked "repent."

29. Equip your EMF meter and search the prison using the elevator. As you go higher, the readings seem stronger, and you will reach level H, where the Warden's office is located.

30. Enter the office and you will see the desk chair rocking back and forth. Use the hot cross buns at the table and the warden's ghost will appear.

31. After eating the buns, the warden explains that he wants you to locate a prisoner who escaped long ago, leading to his disgrace. The prisoner was a forger sentenced to life in prison. His number was 24601 and his cell was on level D.

32. Go to level D, cell 8, and enter the cell. You will find a book that had a tool hidden in it, allowing the prisoner to dig his way out. When the warden locks you in, slide the bed to the right to reveal an escape tunnel.

33. Follow the tunnel. If you use the thermal imager, there is some sort of energy at the top right. Pick up the can of sardines, the pickaxe, and the note. The ghost of the prisoner will explain some of how he came to be there. For some reason, he was asked by a man named Henry Flatbottom to forge a note to a man named Valiant, who sailed from Hemlock Harbor and was lost in a shipwreck. When he escaped his cell, the tunneler could not dig through the metal vault floor and was trapped there.

34. Go back out of the tunnel, and use the pickaxe to escape from the cell.

35. Use the elevator to go back to section A, and leave the prison. Travel in the boat, across to the lighthouse (middle left side).

The Lighthouse - *The Restless Lighthouse Keeper

(the game seems designed to seek the ghosts in order, with the Prison discovered after the Lighthouse, but you can go to either, with only a little confusion, since the Lighthouse seems to send you back to the mainland)

36. Sail slightly up and left to reach the Lighthouse and dock there at the right side. As you enter, you acquire a torch to see through the darkness inside.

37. Light your torch at the burning one at the foot of the staircase.

38. (The Windy Staircase) You will have some difficulty going up because a strong wind blows down the stairs at regular intervals. You can see it blowing leaves as you go up. You have to duck down for the entire time that the leaves are moving. If you stand in the wind, the torch is blown out and you are tossed to the bottom of the stairs. The easiest way is to move one bit at a time, no more than a dozen steps, then quickly duck (crouch down) until all of the leaves have passed. Then quickly make your next move and duck again.

39. At the top, jump to the rope and climb to the room below the searchlight.

40. To detect any ghosts, use the thermometer sensor by placing it on the wall. Now if any ghosts come, it will alert you to the colder temperature.

41. Climb the broken ladder at right to reach the outside of the tower.

42. Turn on the searchlight and examine the bay. There are reefs at the upper left, and a large building (the prison) at the far right. You can now leave the lighthouse, and the fastest way is to jump down to the water or onto your boat. Sail the boat up back to the beach at right and dock there.

43. As you land, the thermometer goes off, and you return to the lighthouse.

44. As you enter, an invisible ghost carries a torch up the stairs. You can follow because there is no wind.

45. In the room, you meet the ghost of the Lighthouse Keeper, who fell asleep and allowed a ship to crash into the reefs. Exit the lighthouse and travel in the boat to the reef.

46. You will find a locket bearing a note supposedly from Fiona, who was the woman you met in the Haunted House. Travel back to the island and go to the House.

The Haunted House

47. Enter the house and find Fiona on the 2nd floor. Give her the locket and she tells how the man she loved, Valiant, was tricked by the forged note and died in the shipwreck. She says she threw a ring into the town fountain.

48. Pick up the scrapbook she drops to examine the old photos in it. Leave and go to the fountain on Main Street to look for the ring.

Main Street and the Cemetery

49. At the fountain, a seagull guards its nest on the fountain. Use the can of sardines to lure it away, and find the shiny ring in the top of the fountain. The engraving suggests a visit to the Engraver in the cemetery.

50. Go to the cemetery, and click the B to reach the B gate and talk to the Engraver. He suggests you look up the date August 18, 1929 in the newspaper archives.

51. Exit the cemetery (click on the H gate) and go to the Herald.

52. Downstairs, you can now use the microfiche viewer to look at old stories in the archives. Turn the right handle clockwise until it reaches 1929, then zoom in to read. Henry Flatbottom is the town magistrate, dedicating a memorial to his "friend" Valiant Lovejoy, who died with the sailors aboard the ship Mermaid when it hit the reef. You go back to investigate Lot A of the cemetery.

53. At lot A, go left to find a tomb unsealed. Push the lid off and climb down into the chamber below.

54. There is a complex maze of tunnels, which you can go through by watching for the pink flower petals that blow in from the correct door. Go up, up, right, up, left, left, down, left, down, down, left, up, left, up, and right to reach the ladder in the left side of the maze.

55. The tunnel exits through the stump outside the cemetery gate, which is hollow. Hide at the left until the Cemetery Specter approaches, and sneezes (?). Chase the Specter down through the stump, and to the right across lot A.

56. When you reach the gravestone at the upper right, the Specter is revealed to be the Magistrate, who has been bringing roses to the grave of...Fiona. (Yes, you were talking to a ghost in the Haunted House.) Rather than marrying the Magistrate, she remained faithful to her lost love, Valiant. The 4 ghosts (Fiona, the Thief, the Warden, and the Keeper) arrive to forgive the Magistrate for his crimes. The ghost of Valiant Lovejoy appears and he and Fiona are together at last. All of the ghosts disappear and the Magistrate gives you the Island Medallion.



1) The one disparity of the island (playing the prison before the lighthouse) should have been avoided. Apparently you play the lighthouse first, then the prison, and then when you finish the prison and go to shore, you are summoned back to the lighthouse and meet the Keeper. This eliminates the "go right back" shown above for the Lighthouse.

2) An odd glitch can occur at the Inn. Instead of explaining about the old woman ghost, the Inn owners will sometimes act as multiplayer avatars (Chat/ Battle).

Entertainment & Arts

How do you get Poptropica to load faster?

The speed of loading a game online would all depend on the browser that you are using, so it will only speed up or slow down if the browser is different. Also, it depends on the temperature of the computer. PCs don't tend to heat up as much as laptops, so a laptop could be slow, because it is overly heated.

Another tip to speed up Poptropica is to close all other open browser windows, especially ones that are running the Flash player. Sometimes running several instances of the Flash player at once will cause all of them to slow down. Remember that any open browser window can have Flash running in it because many web sites use Flash for advertisements. So to get Poptropica running as fast as possible, close everything else!


When did Ghost Story Island come out on Poptropica?

The island was opened to paid monthly members on December 15, 2011, and open to all on January 12, 2012.

*Non-members could play the demo beginning December 15, but could only play as far as acquiring the ghost hunting equipment.


What are some promo codes for Poptropica?

You can find the current active and "free" promo codes at the related question below (they are listed for the current year and removed when expired).


What is a windmill roof called?

A tower mill is a type of vertical windmill consisting of a brick or stone tower, on which sits a wooden 'cap' or roof, which can rotate to bring the sails into the wind.


What is self healing robots?

Self healing robots are robots that can find replacement parts to help themselves repair. This could be as simple as finding something to shield sensitive components or as complex as creating new parts.


How do you beat moscow on game show island?

The straightforward method (4 tries) is just to try all blue on the bottom row, then change the wrong windows to yellow on the second row. On the third row, change any that you don't know are blue or yellow to purple. Any that you still don't know by the fourth row must be orange.

Then there is the "out of the box" solution:

turn all the windows blue on the first level,

all the windows yellow on the second level,

all the windows purple on the third level,

and all the windows orange on the fourth level.

Now you know the exact color for each of the 4 windows by looking at the (green) indicators on those four levels. Turn them the right color on the fifth try.


To win the game of Brainiacs, pick some of the higher-value questions and try to win by answering them. If you lose, play again and pick the same categories. There are a very limited number of questions and you will probably see them all again.


How do you beat Steamworks Island on Poptropica?

Steamworks Island is the 14th island in Poptropica. It was scheduled to open to general use on September 9, 2010. Paid monthly Poptropica members were granted Early Access on August 12, 2010. This solution contains spoilers.

Entering the Island :

  1. There are four main sections to the island. 1) Main Street has the Clockwork Cantina, the trash bin, the Center and Museum and the Gear Shop. 2) To the left are scenes for Sully's Paraphernalia and the Living Quarters building. 3) To the right are scenes for the Hub of the Universe and the drawbridge to 4) the Botanical Research Laboratory (Production Zone).
  2. Play the game at the Cantina to get the Multi-tool(place the larger gears on the hubs at top and bottom, with the smaller three in between, running down the right middle).
  3. Get the Steam Battery from the trash bin.
  4. Climb the Cantina and pull the lever to extend the crossing arm. Walk across, then use the wind-blowers to reach the upper right on the Center's roof. Enter by using the multi-tool to remove the bolts.

In Mayor Crumb's office :

  1. There is a large portrait of Mayor Crumb and Captain Ziggs. The only important item is the message in the typewriter ("remember the number 516").

In the Museum (lower entrance) :

  1. Go to the right. Throw the lever to raise the machine's arm, then climb up the vines at the left, then to the right (avoid the weak steps) and get the Dirty Beaker. Leave and head left to the other scene : Sully's Paraphernalia and the Living Quarters.

The Living Quarters and Sully's shop :

  1. Jump on the lever arm to raise the left side, so that you can reach the doorway. (You won't have the key until later.) Jump on top of the Robot Crab, who will flip over revealing Sully's Key. Pick up both.
  2. Return right to Sully's and open the right side door using the Steam Battery : to set the proper pressure, the connectors have to equal negative 5 (-5) between the starting pressure (10) and the output (5). The connectors change positions after each try.
  3. In Sully's, find the robot Sprocket at the far right and ring the bell to wake him up. He will now follow you. In the junk pile to the left, collect the Rubber Mallet.
  4. Enter the garage to the left, and you will see the incomplete Mech walker being built by Sprocket's owner, Zack.
  5. Go to the final building on the left, and ride the wind-blower to the roof, where you will pick up a short length of Vine. Head back to the Hub of the Universe scene to the right of Main Street.

The Hub of the Universe (Quarters of Captain Ziggs) :

  1. Use Sprocket to pick up the robot crab and drop it on the hot hatch cover. The water inside will cool the hatch so you can go down inside.
  2. Something is moving through the pipes, and it turns out to be a monster plant. Use the Vine to pull down a steam pipe onto it.
  3. At the bottom, there are a series of three "tilt mazes" to solve, which restore power to the Hub elevator. Leave the underground steam room.
  4. Climb up and throw the lever on the right side of the Hub to start it turning, so that you can reach the elevator to the Captain's Quarters. Go up.
  5. Sprocket is attacked by giant plant tendrils! Save him by slamming the hatch covers shut on them. He will speak to you now, and has some information on the people of the island.
  6. Enter the Captain's quarters and ride the mini-vators to the bedroom level. There is a rotary dial below the portrait (identical to the one in the Mayor's office). When each concentric wheel is pressed, it rotates, changing the numbers at the right. Stop and start them until the numbers read "0516" from top to bottom (outer to inner circles)
  7. Enter the secret passage. You will find the skeleton of Captain Ziggs, long dead, on the floor. To the left is the Bridge Key, and the Mech Weed Whacker is on the ceiling above it. Exit the Hub and go right to the Drawbridge.

Crossing the Drawbridge :

  1. Use the Steam Battery again. You must raise the pressure by +6, from the input of 10 to the output of 16 (look for a path that includes four +2's).
  2. Cross to the Botanical Research Laboratory.

In the Research Facility :

  1. Bounce up the spring to reach the Wrecking Ball control. Push all three levers down and press the green button. It will smash a hole in the weakened conduit below. Go down inside.
  2. Head to the right and enter the engine room. There are three red pressure pads on each side that will power the two "toaster switches". Click on all three on each side. Have Sprocket "stand" on one switch while you stand on the other. This will power the circling step plates above.
  3. Climb up to the right. As the step plate comes around, you can jump up on it. Jump off to the right and cross the upper platform to the left. (You can cross by jumping to the two sides of each plate, but this is more difficult.) Jump down on the left plate as it goes down to the left, then over to the non-moving ones.
  4. Pressing the lever will start the final plate moving upward, to the next level.

The Mixing Room, Giant Plants, and Maintenance Area :

  1. Cross to far right and climb the vine to the conveyor belt. You will have to cross under the falling blobs.
  2. Use the vines to reach the left side belt and get the Mech Steam Motor. Go up the vine.
  3. Cross to the lab room on the left side (a chemical storage room). Use the empty Dirty Beaker to mix a Herbicide. Use the markings on the beaker to add the right amounts : 4 parts red, 2 green, 3 blue. (Fill it to the 4th line with red, then to the 6th line with green, and finally the 9th line with blue.) These are indicated on the wall chart. You should be as precise as possible, or you may need to mix again.
  4. The carnivorous plant is on the level above. Go up the vine, stand close to it, and use the herbicide. The plant is destroyed and you can enter the Maintenance Closet behind it.
  5. Take the Steam Key (for the Living Quarters), and leave after the robot guard starts the alarm.
  6. Climb to the upper left and use the Rubber Mallet to break the dome glass to escape. Leave the research area and return to the far left scene (Living Quarters door)

Back at the Living Quarters

  1. Use the Steam Battery (you need to make a -3 path).
  2. Use the lever-activated elevator and timed-action ladder to reach Zack's room, avoiding the cracked platforms.
  3. At the upper left is the Steam Vent Game : steam is entering from the upper left and has to be connected to the lower right by a path of pipes. Uncover each of the hidden pipe shapes by clicking on them. Then click on a pipe to move it to any other pipe location (except the Dead End squares). You can keep ahead of the moving steam by adding sections as you uncover and build the pathway. If you complete the path before the steam, press the finish lever to move to the next pipe set. There are 4x4, 6x6, and 8x8 pipe sets, and you only need to complete each one once. It will automatically reset for the current level if you fail.
  4. Go up the ladder, to the left, out the exit, and down the tightrope vine to get the Mech Crank at the far left. Drop down and go to Zack's Mech machine at Sully's.

Finishing the Mech Walker and Whacking Weeds :

  1. At the garage, install the two parts in the Mech (Motor and Crank). You can now enter the machine and use it to walk around. The teleporter on the seat will bring you back to the Mech if you get lost. Get in and attach the Weed Whacker from your items.
  2. Exit riding the Mech and walk to the far left, the annex entrance.
  3. Use the spacebar to activate the Weed Whacker and whack away the blocking weeds (you should need at least two whacks, down and across). Enter the door.

The Plant Monsters of the Annex :

  1. Jump down to the left with the Mech. You will squash a small attacker by aiming at him and using the Weed Whacker. Jump up on giant squishy plant to toss you and the Mech up a level. Falling in the Mech causes no damage to it or you.
  2. Exit the Mech briefly to turn the small power wheel that runs the elevators. Stepping onto an elevator with the Mech will cause it to automatically rise.
  3. Take the elevator and head right, splattering three more little enemies with the Whacker.
  4. Take the next elevator and you will face the Whirlygig Plant. It is throwing off red fruit bombs that can knock you backward. DUCK them, or use the Whacker to splat a missile as you move to the left. Crunch the Whirlygig when you get close enough.
  5. Go up a level, and cross right on the slow-crawling tractor platform. Go up again.
  6. Heading left, you face the Smiley-Tongue Monster, not a formidable foe. It is easy to knock out its tongue then its body. Exit the annex through the door.

The Fan Blades and the Hibernation Room :

  1. Walk left to the fan blades, and smash your way through with the Whacker. But the fan blades will begin to turn, preventing you from entering the locked doorway.
  2. Exit the Mech, and climb on the moving blades, which will carry you to the Fan Gear control. Use the multi-tool to lock the gear and stop the blades. Re-enter the Mech and go through the doorway that Sprocket has unlocked.
  3. You are in the Hibernation Chamber, where all of the residents of Steamworks Island are in suspended animation. Walk left to the revival machine and use the Multi-tool to spin it up.
  4. The Steamworks people awake from their long slumber. Talk to Zack and Mayor Crumb, and they will explain how a mutation experiment created monstrous plant creatures. (They have been sleeping for 200 years in the stasis pods.)
  5. Unfortunately, the monsters have not gone away. You will have to go into the depths to battle their "brain plants" with the Toxic Blaster Attachment.
  6. Hop out of the Mech and climb up to the weapons locker at upper right, and then attach the Toxic Blaster when you reboard the Mech. Go down the elevator to face the monsters.

The Monsters (Underground Level 1) :

  1. These few monsters can only slightly delay you by attacking. Shoot them with the rapid-fire blaster (spacebar). You can work your way past them to reach the final battle room below.
  2. The exit door is on the second lowest floor. If you fall down the elevator, there is a screw-thread riser in the shaft. Like the ones you saw previously on the Hub, you can stand on it and walk to the left, and it will raise you to the next floor.
  3. Take the slow-crawling pad across, and exit though the door on the right.

The Final Battle :

  1. You battle three nearly identical monsters. There is a pool of acid rising from the depths, which limits your time.
  2. The monsters resemble the Hydra, and attack the same way, with their heads. You must get close enough to provoke an attack, then DUCK or jump away to avoid getting hit. For a few seconds afterward, the monster can be shot (splat). Hit the first one three times, then climb to the next level. (Jumping and turning is more difficult in the Mech Walker, and takes some practice. Be sure to stay ducked until it completes its lunge.)
  3. The second monster also shoots discus-like bombs at you, which you have to shoot out of the air before they strike you. If they do, they can knock you backward. Avoid falling into the elevator shaft, as this wastes a lot of time. Get close to the monster, shooting each projectile as it fires, then duck and shoot the creature as before, three times.
  4. Cross left on the slow tractor platform. (With the acid rising, this is a final delay.)
  5. The third monster has caterpillar-like bombs dropping from the ceiling onto you, as well as the missiles and the head-butting attack. Hit the third one three times and you have won.
  6. You will automatically return to the Hibernation Chamber, where Mayor Crumb gives you the Island Medallion.

You can leave the Mech suit where it ends up (in the Hibernation Chamber), or walk it back through the Annex. Sprocket stays there with Zack. If you leave it there, you can return to see them again using the teleporter.

If you are impatient to leave the island, you can skip the tedious path back out to main Street by using the Haunted House game from the Poptropica Store (previously free but now 350 credits). Entering the Haunted House game, and then leaving it, brings you to the Island Map.

Notes :

1) The game puts a premium on acquiring items (vine, beaker) long before you know you will need them, with no hints to tell you what or where they are. Some players may find themselves searching the game for each next step.

2) The importance of not overlooking certain items such as the dirty beaker in the Center (or the Multi-tool as below) is that the game gives you no clues if you miss them. If you don't have the mallet, or don't know how to use it, you must return the Living Quarters key to the closet if you ever want to leave! (You can can also return the key at the end of the game and turn off the alarm.)

3) Why is there a teleporter? If someone were to guess or otherwise get the code "516", they would not need the Multi-tool until they reached the giant fan in the annex. It is a long walk back to the Cantina, but even longer there and back.

4) The biggest difference in Steamworks Island is the lack of Poptropica citizens. Part of the story is a mystery that you'll have to figure out, about where everyone has gone. Instead of seeing people walking around, you'll find only machines and robots.

Glitches :

1) If you fail on your first try at the third set of steampipes in Zach's room, you may not be able to complete the set. The steam pipes can go dead. Exit the room and re-enter to play all three levels again.

2) People are getting lost when leaving, because you drop all the way to the bottom of the storage annex, and the exit is on the second level, where you came in. When you reach the "elevator plant", the exit is due right, not down and right.


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