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Kingdom Hearts is an action RPG game, made for multiple platforms. It contains a blend of Disney, Final Fantasy, and original characters. The hero of the story, Sora, fights against the heartless and other villains.

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Kingdom Hearts
Mickey Mouse

Why does Kingdom Hearts have Mickey Mouse and other Disney characters?

The Kingdom Hearts series is a collaboration between Square Enix (creator of the Final Fantasy series) and Disney Interactive Studios.

In Kingdom Hearts, King Mickey sent Donald and Goofy to find the Sora's Keyblade. It's later revealed that Sora was destined to be the "Key that connects everything," and only Sora can destroy the Heartless.

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Kingdom Hearts

Who is the most Famous Kingdom Hearts character?

Well, in terms of the Kingdom Hearts universe, the main protagonist, Sora, would most likely take that title. However, there are many characters found throughout the game that are much more "famous" to a broader audience, such as Mickey Mouse, Donald, and Goofy.

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Kingdom Hearts 2

What worlds do you visit in Kingdom Hearts 2?

Twilight Town

[Original] Features Characters From: FFVI, FFVIII, FFIX, Fantasia, and Sleeping Beauty

Radiant Garden / Hollow Bastion

[Original] Features Characters From: FFVII, FFVIII, FFX-2, Sword in the Stone, Ducktales

Beast's Castle

[Disney] Features Characters From: Beauty and the Beast

Olympus Coliseum

[Disney] Features Characters From: Hercules, FFX, Steamboat Willie


[Disney] Features Characters From: Aladdin

The Land of Dragons

[Disney] Features Characters From: Mulan

The Hundred Acre Wood

[Disney] Features Characters From: Winnie the Pooh

Pride Lands

[Disney] Features Characters From: The Lion King


[Disney] Features Characters From: The Little Mermaid

*Not a fully featured playable world.

Disney Castle

[Disney] Features Characters From: Fantasia, Chip and Dale: Rescue Rangers, various Mickey Mouse franchise characters

Timeless River

[Disney] Features Characters From: Steamboat Willie, various early black and white Mickey Mouse franchise characters

Port Royal

[Disney] Features Characters From: Pirates of the Caribbean

Halloween Town

[Disney] Features Characters From: Nightmare Before Christmas

Space Paranoids

[Disney] Features Characters From: Tron

The World That Never Was

[Original] Features Mickey Mouse, and Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty, everyone else is an original character.

Kingdom Hearts

How do you make Kairi's necklace from Kingdom Hearts?

well you can go to Michaels craft store or like a bead store and look for a teardrop shaped white bead or pearl colored and you could paint it with thin yellow nail polish or food coloring.
or you could make it with some stuff called "model magic" crayola makes it i think. its like ten bucks they should have the white kind at Michaels and just yellow food color it. i think you can bake it

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Where is the 'White Room' in Kingdom Hearts 2?

In the Haunted Mansion in Twilight Town

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How do you unlock the secret ending in Kingdom Hearts recoded?

You must earn 20 or more trophies and then beat the game. It will then be available on the main menu.

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Is Kingdom Hearts Coded only for cell phones?

The short answer is yes, but not exactly.

Kingdom Hearts Coded WAS for cell phones only and was released only in Japan. Since then, however, the game was redone in the U.S. as Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded and released for the Nintendo DS (similar to how Chain of Memories for GBA was released for PS2 as Re:Chain of Memories).

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Who is Sora's friend and implied love interest?


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What worlds do you visit in Kingdom Hearts 1?

1. Destiny Islands

2. Traverse Town

3. Wonderland

4. Coliseum

5. Deep Jungle

6. Agrabah

7. Monstro

8. Atlantica

9. Halloween Town

10. Neverland

11. Hollow Bastion

12. End of the World

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Kingdom Hearts
Video Game Companies

What does Square Enix make?

Square Enix makes popular games, such as Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, Hitman, and many more. They also make manga (Japanese-version comic books) and anime (Japanese-version cartoons).

Square Enix's game division also owns Eidos Interactive, which retains partial autonomy, which was responsible for the Hitman, Deus Ex, Just Cause, and Tomb Raider series among others.

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Kingdom Hearts 2

When is birthday for Riku from Kingdom Hearts?

Riku's Birthday is not confirmed. However, his age is. In Kingdom hearts I(1) he is 15 years old. Though in Kingdom Hearts II(2), his age is technically not confirmed. But, since it IS confirmed that it's been a year since the end of Kingdom Hearts I(In Game time), so he's probably around 16.

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How did kairi get to destiny islands?

Ansem Report 11

In opening the door that stores a world's hearts, the wall around that world is broken down. We see this as a shooting star. Through this, I have been able to understand the reason why the material known as Gummi Blocks has the ability to allow travel to other worlds.

The cause of a world's wall collapsing is the appearance of the Heartless, but finding a world's door takes time. And robbing a world of its heart is a similar case.

If the door has been closed by the key known as the Keyblade, you probably cannot reach that world's heart again. Before the one with the Keyblade appears in this world, I must take measures to do something.

Supposing that there is a close relationship between the Princesses and the Keyblade, it seems likely that they will resonate with each other...

I have chosen one special girl. I do not know if she possesses a power like that of the Princesses. But, there is a chance, and this is an experiment. She may lead me to the place where the one holding the key is...

I shall send her off to the ocean of other worlds.

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Gulls (Seagulls)

How do you get a seagull egg in Kingdom Hearts?

When you need to get the seagull egg, you can find it on top of one of the trees. You go to where you normally would verse riku for a fight (sword fight not the race) where Tidus should be now.( I'm pretty sure) Go across the bride and you will see 3 or 2 trees. There should be a tall slim one and a fat one a little shorter than the tall one. climb up the tall one and jump onto the short one. there should be a egg there.

Kingdom Hearts

What towns are included in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont?

I believe the Northeast Kingdom is made up of the Caledonia County which includes the towns of Barnet, Burke, Danville, East Burke,East Hardwick, East Lyndon, Groton, Hardwick, Kirby, Lyndon, Lyndonville, Newark, Peacham, ryegate, Sheffield, St Johnsbury, Stannard (Goshen Gore, Sutton, Walden, Waterford, West Burke, West Danville and Wheelock. Essex County is also part of the Northeast Kingdom and includes the towns of Averill, Averys Gore, Bloomfield, Brighton, Brunswick, Canaan, Concord, East Brighton, East Concord, East Haven, Ferinand, Gilman, Granby, Guildhall, Island Pond, Lemington, Lewis, Lunenburg, Maidstone, Norton, Victory and some small gores. The third county that I believe makes up the Northeast Kingdom is Orleans County that includes Albany, Barton, Beebe Plain, Brownington, Coventry, Craftsbury, Derby and Derby Line, Glover, Greensboro, Irasburg, Jay, Lowell, MOrgan, Newport, North Troy, Orleans Westmore and Willoughby plus smaller villages in that general area. Hope this is helpful. It is my opinion, as a native Vermonter, that the Northeast Kingdom is the most fascination area of the State to get to know. This area truly respresents the Vermont way of life.

To summarize all of that above, the Northeast Kingdom is composed of Caledonia, Essex, and Orleans Counties and all of their respective towns. The three largest towns in order of population are St. Johnsbury, Lyndon (more commonly known by its village "Lyndonville"), and Newport City. Isalnd Pond, which is a village in Barton, also has a significant population center.

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US Air Force

Did the Blue Angels carry weapons back then?

Yes. The United States Navy Blue Angels used to carry weapons but now they are used as sport planes and they are also F-18 super hornets too.

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What is Saix's real name?

Saix's real name is Isa, as revealed in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep.

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What is the meaning of full heart?

it means doing thing with passion and all the best we can do.

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Why does xion have a keyblade in 358 2 days?

Because,she is a puppit made to copy roxas

She's not really a nobody, she is a puppet who was created by the Organization XIII to steal the memories of Roxas in order to become the new keyblade wielder. It was a plan as a safe guard in case Roxas proved to be a failure or decided to go rogue. Roxas is not entirely a nobody, he is a nobody with a heart, and that heart is Ventus'. Ventus and Roxas are the same person, except with Sora's memories.

People wonder why did Sora lost his memories in the first place, this question hasn't been answered. To my theory, Naminee was the one who scattered Sora's memories when she became a nobody while the Organization forced her to. She was later rescued by Ansem the Wise and decided to collect Sora's memories back.

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What is axel from Kingdom Hearts' height?

about 6'5"

Kingdom Hearts

Why did Braig Dilan Even Aeleus and Ienzo become Heartless?

Xehanort determined that in order to become more powerful, he had to turn himself into a Heartless. Braig and the others were either researching with Xehanort or were guarding the labs that the others were working in. Therefore, when they heard what Xehanort had discovered, they wanted to be a part of it. They, in turn, became Heartless, and their Nobody incarnations came into existence.

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Who invented Kingdom Hearts?

Nobody specifically made it, but the idea came when a producer called Shinji Hashimoto met with a Disney executive. Square Enix and Disney worked together to make the game, focusing on gameplay. So, director Tetsuya Nomura developed the story further.

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Who invented square enix?

Square Co., Ltd. was a Japanese Video Game company founded by Masafumi Miyamoto in September of 1983. Square Co., Ltd. later merged with Enix in 2003 and became part of Square Enix.

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Kingdom Hearts 2

How do you get back to the treehouse in deep jungle on kingdom hearts?

Once you see the cutscene where tarzan talks to kerchak, climb the ivy beside you. Once you enter the climbing trees, you should see two exits. one of the exits should lead right to the tree house.

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How do you use your own teeny ships in kingdom hearts 2?

u can just see that in the boklet thing in the game

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How do you use reflect in kingdom hearts 2?

In your magic list, there should be "Reflect" (unless you haven't got it yet) and you just press X and bam! Reflect.


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