Digimon is a franchise that started in Japan based on the Tamagotchi concept however it evolved into other areas. This category is to discuss all aspects of the Digimon franchise which includes the Trading Card games, all of their video games, the movies, the animated TV series and anything else about Digimon in general.

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Where can you download digimon for my mobile phone?

Try phonezoo.com, I haven't seen it in a while but they have phone games.


Did the creator of Pokemon also create Digimon?

No, Satoshi Tajiri, the creator of Pokémon did not create Digimon. Digimon's human creators have not been identified by name however the companies behind Digimon's creation is Bandai of Japan since they had created the Tamagotchi concept and Wiz had planned the idea of the Digital Monster virtual pet even though Bandai created it.

Digimon started out as a digital pet called "Digital Monster", which was a spin-off of the Tamagotchi and its concept was mainly for boys.

Every owner would start with a Baby Digimon, train it, evolve it, take care of it and then have battles with other Digimon owners to see who was stronger. The Digimon pet had several evolution capabilities and abilities too so many owners had many different Digimon.

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What is the Action Replay code to get exogrimmon in Digimon dusk?

the code is a22f4a67 de00ff3b

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Where can you find Digimon toys?

you could get digimon toys on the Internet such as eBay, amazon, shopzilla, ecrator, biz rate , and special sales like garage sales and if digimon xros wars come out hopefully you could get them at toys "r" us

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What is dawn and what is dusk?

Dawn is Morning when the sun is up , and Dusk is Twilight or night.
The official definition for the word Dawn is "the first appearance of light in the sky before sunrise."


How do you download Digimon World data squad games PC free?

Sorry mate but isn't possible. I have tried everything to find this out but as far as i can see you cant get it free..


EDIT: I will clarify first persons answer.

It is POSSIBLE, but also illegal I believe. Just find and download a ROM or Emulator of the game. Easy to find on Google.


Who has copyright over Digimon?

Toei Animation has copyright over Digimon for the TV series and movie, Bandai of Japan has copyright for the Japanese Digimon video games, Bandai of America has copyright for the English Digimon video games and Saban Brands has copyright over Digimon for the English dubbed.


Are they going to make a new Digimon?

Most likely, no. Digimon, while still relatively popular, will most likely not have a new series for awhile, although in five to twenty years someone will probably try to recreate this amazing series.


What are the details when you make kimeramon in Digimon dusk?

i recently saw that in digimon dusk i made a kimeramon with uh... i forgot but it does involve the digital devil devimon and tentomon's champion form DNA digivolving with both of them at level 40 with like 100, 1000, 200, or 2000 i forgot that as well

that's it

wait remember skullgreymon being involves something like how you get one without digiconverting


digi almost know-ital Seth Russell

hint look up digi know-ital in the users thing soon because i will make a account on this if you want to

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In Digimon World DS how do you acturly catch a Digimon?

How to catch a Digimon in DigimonWorldDSI believe after you have seen a Digimon around 10 times you will have gathered enough data to create your own 'copy'. When you get a digimon farm and you get this list. Go to the second picture and go down to digiconvert, and if you have enough data you can make one.

It also depends on which rank you are.


How many episodes are in the first season of digimon?


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How do you DNA digivolve in Digimon World Dusk to get new Digimon and not a status-changed one?

Depending on their stats certain Digimon can DNA digivolve to become new ones. There used to be a list somewhere but I don't know where it went...


I use the list from http://forums.supercheats.com/topic.php?topic=74877 which gives a full list of DNA Digivolutions AND an Armor Digivolution list.


Where can you watch Digimon Frontier episodes with English subtitles on-line for free?

Video Search engines - A video search engine is a web-based search engine which crawls the web for video content. Some video search engines parse externally hosted content while others allow content to be uploaded and hosted on their own servers. Some engines also allow users to search by video format type and by length of the clip. Search results are usually accompanied by a thumbnail view of the video.

www.blinkx.com/ - was launched in 2004 and uses speech recognition and visual analysis to process spidered video rather than rely on metadata alone. blinkx claims to have the largest archive of video on the web and puts its collection at around 14,000,000 hours of content.

www.altavista.com/video/default - had one of the first video search engines with easy accessible use. Is found on a direct link called "Video" off the main page above the text block.

www.truveo.com/ - is a Web-wide video search engine that was founded in 2004 and launched in September 2005. Truveo claims to index over 100 million videos from thousands of sources across the Web

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There is also a site called Anime Hylia, where you can download all subbed Digimon Frontier episodes. Hope that helps. :)

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What is Digimon World champion ship's game id?

The Game ID is YDIE-bf761443 I had lot of trouble finding it myself.


What channel and what time and on what day is Digimon Frontier come on?

It is now off the air.


Ds digimon mimi Sora ruki kari juri or Zoe get tied up or gagged or tickled or be beer feet on the show or chair tied or hand gagged?

No but that would kick ass.

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Digimon World 4 action replay max?

Super Quick Level Up




Max Bits



Max HP



Max MP


5Y9C-VQH7-PPNZN Max Bits


QQDE-QNOG-D11UX Max Strength






Max Defense







How do you enter the championship Digimon World Championship?

You need to win the preliminaries which are held on the fifth of autumn if I recall correctly, by selecting championship on that day. You can know exactly when by checking on the schedule, but after you win all three preliminary battles in a row, no breaks, then you can enter the championships when they come around sometime in spring I believe, but again there will be a day countdown on the day passing screen, and it should be on the schedule once you beat the preliminaries.


How do you get Imperialdramon Paladin Mode in Digimon World Dusk?

You will need pAILDRAMON to digivolve ImperiadramonFM. To get Paildramon you will need Exveemon and stingmon at, at least 35 i think. then combine it wit a high level omnimon


You have to breed over Wi-Fi, and get a Red Digi-Egg, which can give 1 of 3 In-Training Dragon, or 1 Rookie Dragon. It can give you Koromon, Gigimon, Chibomon, and Agumon.

You get a Red Digi-Egg by breeding a Dragon with any other type of Digimon. I recommend using a Digimon under level 15 to breed. If both people use above level 15 Digimon, you get a different Digi-Egg, which you don't want really.

SAVE before you hatch the Digi-Egg (needs 100 Dragon EXP, put it in the Farm), then hatch it, cause you need a Chibomon.

You need a Chibomon to Digivolve Paildramon to ImperialdramonDM, then Degenerate it back to Paildramon, then Digivolve that one to ImperialdramonFM. I tell you to get ImperialdramonDM first because you need to friend one in order to get I-dramonFM.

Then, when you have I-dramonFM, DNA it with an Omnimon, with the base Digimon being Level 68 with 50000 Holy EXP, and you get I-dramonPM

You can also hatch a I-dramonDM from a DB-Half Digi-Egg, which takes a Dragon Level 45 paired with a Bird Level 45. It can hatch into ImperialdramonDM, Valkyriemon, or one more that I forget.

A Gold Digi-Egg takes two Dragon Digimon level 60 to breed. It can give WarGreymon, BlackWarGreymon, I-dramonFM, or I-dramonPM.

If you just hatch them, they will be pretty weak, compared to those that people DNA to get. Just remember that.


How do you create a Digimon?

use computer animation with a fusion of a imagination its easy just take graphics your own style and change them into a nice way to create your animation


What is the secret password on Digimon World Dawn?

02619020Obtain Legend Sword, Legend Robe, and Legend Ring70307991Obtain 100% Scan Data for DotShineGreymon19970628Obtain 100% Scan Data for DotAgumon82607991Obtain 100% Scan Data for Numemon

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What is the difference between Yu-Gi-Oh and Digimon?

Yugioh is more complicated and boringly digimon is exciting but, i still don't know why they still show Yugioh TV and not Digimon?


How do you good friend with tamer in Digimon World data squad?

you just go to chuumon shop and buy friend drink and then use it on anybody and then you become good friends with tamer chuumon shop is located in the ice labyrinth go to the upper left door and then follow the trial on these videos first http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w0S7bQOl2aE second http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GgCPFDf156w third http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gLIUtn_6myg


Can you digivolve in Digimon next adoptable?


Is there a Digimon battle online private server?

No there is no private sever for digimon battle


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