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Teen Titans is a cartoon which feature five young heroes fighting crime: Robin, Starfire, Cyborg, Beast Boy, and Raven.

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Which episode of Teen Titans raven's mirror?

I think you're talking about the episode Nevermore.

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How old is cyborg?

Cyborg's age is never specified, but he mentions in "Deception" that he never had a chance to finish high school due to circumstances that made him what he is. The only time Cyborg's personal history has been discussed is in "Deception," in which he discusses his involuntary cyborg status with Starfire, and in the 4th season episode "The End: Part 2." In this episode, Trigon creates duplicates of Cyborg, Starfire, and Beast Boy. These duplicates reflect the dark side of each character. During the fight between Cyborg and his duplicate, the dark duplicate says, "Go ahead! Run cryin' home to Mommy! Oh that's right. You don't HAVE a Mommy." In the episode "Go!", in which it is revealed how the Teen Titans met, and the spin-off comic book series Teen Titans Go! it is revealed that his mother died, and he himself was injured to the extent he required his cybernetic implants, in a car accident.

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How did Terra die in Teen Titans?

The answers simple-she didn't. A lot of people think she did,but that's not true,they also think she came back to life with insomnia, again,not true.she refused to think about her past,she wanted to be a normal girl.

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Where is Aqualad from Teen Titans from?

Atlantis. There seems to be a division between the two sides of Atlantis- That of Aquaman"s people who are humanoid- and those of the tribe of Lori Lemaris- who has a fishtail like a traditional Mermaid. they occupy different parts of the sunken continent- for the most part, they get along.

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What are secrets attacks in tag teams titans?

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Was beast boy form Teen Titans ever human?

when he was very small like 2 or 3 but then he got a virus and that made him green.

Yes. Garfield Logan was fully human for a few years before he became Beast Boy.

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What is starfire glass?

Regular glass has a color that is evident in the edges when it is cut. Starfire glass is extremely clear, with no color distortion. It is used in luxury products, jewelry displays, and aquariums.

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What is Raven from Teen Titan's belt made out of?

leather from her own planet

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How old is Jericho in Teen Titans?

In the cartoon, I'd say fifteen. Youngest he could be is fourteen, oldest, sixteen. I'm not quite as familiar with the comics, but for them I'd say early twenties, most likely.

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Who is the person who voices Starfire?

Hynden Walch voices Starfire in Teen Titans.

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Did Terra and beast boy kiss in Teen Titans?

No sorry

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Does robin and starfire have kids?

Nightstar is the daughter of Nightwing (formerly Robin) and Starfire. Nightstar's name is a play of her parent's names and she inherited both her father's leadership skills as well as her mother's power. Nightstar appears in the Kingdom Come alternate universe series from DC comics (although it is debatable whether this is truly an alternate universe or simply a look into the future). She also appears to a younger version of her parents in a Titan issue, surprising and startling her father when he realises why she calls him "dad". Nightstar's grandfather is Bruce Wayne, by adoptive right, and she has no known siblings. She is also the technical heir to the Tamaranean throne.

At two points in time it was thought that Starfire was carrying a child within her (perhaps Robins, perhaps not). The first was discovered by Raven, who remarked she could sense Starfire was pregnant. This ended rather randomly though, with Raven's discovery forgotten and the baby Starfire was supposedly carrying never being mentioned again.

The second time was when her body was being studied. Senses picked up that Starfire had two souls within her, although this was later revelled to be Raven's good soul which had taken refuge within her teammate's body.

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Is slade robins long lost father?

No Slade is just.... Slade. Robin's dad is John Grayson.

Yep. Slade is in no way blood related to Robin what-so-ever.

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What happened to A-Teens?

They split up in 2004 after releasing their Greatest Hits album... both the girls went off and tried to do it solo... needless to say it didn't go so well... finally, both the guys ended up falling in love and getting married... to each other...

take care,

I love you...


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Who dies in Teen Titans?

Well Slade dies but he is later brought back to life....and Terra was turned to solid rock they said something about trying to "reverse the condition" ??? so Im not sure if she was actually dead for any of that and also Brushogun disapears in Robins hands in trouble in Tokyo....they made it appear as if he had died (happily though) and also when star fire was becoming a crysilous the crysilous eater was later eaten in that episode by a large alien creature...but aside from that no one that I am aware of with exception for criminals like the ink creatures that Brushogun made there were tons of those and they seemed to really be alive but the teen titans took out a lot of them.

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Was Cyborg from Teen Titans in an accident?

yes If you watch the episode " go" you will see how they meet. And starfire in the episode where cyborg goes undercover to the hive she saids how she thinks he looks normal because she didn't know him befor the accedent

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What episode is Argent in in the show Teen Titans?

Argent was seen in the episode called calling all titans.

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What is robin from Teen Titans real name?

Dick Grayson


It is never actually mentioned throughout the series, but there are many clues!!

In the episode "Go!", which is supposed to take place at the very beginning of the series, Robin stops a bank robber and:

Bank Robber (To Robin), "Hey, this isn't your town. Aren't you supposed to be with...?"

Robin. "Just moved here. And from now on, I work alone."

According to the comics (there's a few different versions), the original Robin(Dick Grayson) is morally against something that Batman does-- usually he's too violent for Robin-- and so, Robin leaves Batman and ends his sidekickship. This is quite ironic, considering that Robin was the FIRST sidekick ever created, first appearing in DETECTIVE COMICS #38 in 1940, and now, some 69 years later, Robin is no longer sidekick, but a fully graduated hero.

Continuing with the comics, Robin moves to Bludhaven and adopts a new super-hero identity, known as Nightwing. In episode 14 of Teen Titans, "How Long Is Forever?", Warp sends Starfire into the future, in which she meets an older version of the Robin she once knew-- he is now called Nightwing. Considering that Dick Grayson is the ONLY Robin who develops into Nightwing, this is a pretty big hint of Robin's secret id.

More proof: The comic version of Grayson had a long term romance with Starfire. So does the animated Teen Titans' Robin.

Comics' Grayson often became obsessed with cases and shut out his teammates in the process until he found a way to win. So does the animated Teen Titans' Robin.

Comics' Grayson is extremely competitive, in everything from video games to battling. So is the animated Teen Titans' Robin.

In the episode where Robin fractures his arm, Larry comes (his"DNA buddy"=his double from the other side of the universe) he says his name is Nosyarg Kcid which is Acually Dick Grayson back-words so;

In the Teen Titans Robin's secret identity is Dick Grayson

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What is raven's favorite color from Teen Titans?


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Do Starfire and Robin get married?

i think that if and when they make more teen titans episodes they will begin to show everyone growing up into adults, therefore making robin and starfire of legal age to marry. STARFIRE AND ROBIN FOREVER!!!!

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Does Slade kill robin?



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What is Robin's most prized possession?

An interview with someone on the cast of Teen Titansthat was willing to tell us what they had planned to put in the case shows that the case contained Batman's Cape and Mask and A Picture of Robin's Parents."

Well if you asked this question then you must have watched "Teen Titans Season 5 Episode 9 Revved Up!" Which is about Ding Dong Daddy stealing

Robin's most prized possession. At the end Robin chooses to show his friends what was inside the suite case ( showing what his most prized possession is) but right when the suite case was opened the show had ended leaving it a mystery to the audience what was in the case. A mystery I wanted to solve.

See there was a reason why they didn't want the audience to see the item. The directors of the show just don't want everyone to know about Batman teaching Robin everything he knows! An interview with someone on the cast of Teen Titans that was willing to tell us what they had planned to put in the case shows that the case contained Batman's Cape and Mask!!! Of course Batman would have spare cape and masks' but for some reason Robin ended up with one and kept it locked away. Another person on the cast said that not just a cape and mask but there was also a picture of Robins parents who were known as the "Flying Graysons" because they were in a circus and were very talented until they were killed by Tony Zuco (z-uo-cko). Since Robins friends were living in the same place as him to conceal his identity he locked away the picture.

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What spells does raven from Teen Titans say?

Azarath metrion zinthos. That is the primary spell she uses in most episodes. In the episode "Spellbound", she uses 3 spells that only appear in that episode: Necronon Hesberek mortix: this is the spell she uses on Cardiak the second time, this was also used by Rorek (the real wizard) against Malchior (the real dragon) Hesberek admorinay gostwenthin verbus nex, indobrium bispendruay haransicortis rex: this is the countercurse to the spell that locked Malchior in the book. Aldruon en lenthranall losolomirus nor: this is the spell that locked Malchior away in the book. In the episode "The Prophecy" she uses a spell to take her to Azarath: Azarath metrion zinthos carazon rathashash endereth vaserix sendrian azarath azarath azarath because she goes to Azarath as a result of the spell and the last 3 words are azarath, it might be that by saying a place 3 times at the end could take you wherever you wanted to go.

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What is Robin's cape made of?

In the episode 'sisters' robin says it's made out of high density polarized titanium, ten times stronger than steel.

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What is starfire real name from the Teen Titans?

Starfire's real name is Koriand'r.


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