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Owned by News Corporation, MySpace is a social networking website. In 2006, it was the most popular social networking site in the world but since 2008, Facebook has taken over that title.

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How do you make a clear heart?

To do this, you need to press: Alt and 366 MAKE SURE TO HOLD THEM BOTH DOWN AT THE SAME TIME FOR THE HEART TO APPEAR. ...
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When writing a bibliography do you skip lines?

No you dont skip a line. The sources should be double spaced but with no spaces. ...
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Can you make a fake verification code?

No, verification codes are unique to each game and cannot be created.
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What does out skilled means on Mafia Wars?

Outskilled means they had more defense skill points than you did in attack skill points. You possibly beat them in mafia attack to defense power, but lacked in personal points. ...
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How do you make a heart symbol on a desktop?

< 3 That, without the space.
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Where can you find casino dealers mafia wars?

Obtained from the Recruit A Table Game Dealer job.
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How do you get a Lorry in Mafia Wars?

This can be found in the Bangkok store under vehicles
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Is there cheats for tentacle wars?

There are no cheats for tentacle wars.
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What year did the game mafia 2 start?

1944. 1945 if you whant to know when u get to "New York" 2011
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Dog wars skill points?

You can get skill points in two ways: 1. Buy them with biscuits. 2. Level up quick to gain 2 per level. ...
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Why has your ex boyfriend blocked you on facebook?

no offence but you are probaly stalking him or doing something to make him feel uncomfortable having contact with you. maybe try to back off a little bit and leave him alone. ...
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What jobs get you the Royal Cigar on Mafia Wars?

you can get it @ enforcer job tiers.... on the highest xp rewards jobs
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How do you encode the heart symbol on a cellphone?

to show that u care abt tha person u sending tha msg to <3 lol
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What is Jake T. Austin's official fan mail address?

Jake T. Austin CESD Talent Agency 10635 Santa Monica Blvd. Suite 130/135 Los Angeles, CA 90025 USA If you live in the US, send a stamped and self-addressed envelope (8.5" x 4") with your request letter and a photo. You could also include a piece of cardboard to keep the photo from bending during shipping. There is a 3+ month wait for a response on average. If you live outside the US, add several International Reply Coupons (IRC) inside the envelope (not on it). The coupons will...
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Is mafia 2 open world?

Yes it is, you can go around robbing stores stealing cloths or collecting things. ...
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How do you unblock previously blocked friends?

Yes. Go to Settings > Privacy Settings and find their name under "Block List" and click on "Remove" next to his/her name. If you have trouble finding the privacy page to unblock friends, check the related links. Once you're logged in your Facebook account, Click on Account at the very right corner of your screen. Now click on Privacy. Now select Edit List from the very bottom of the page where it says Block Lists. Now the page you've navigated through will show you...
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Where are assault rifles legal?

Are you referring to a true assault rifle, with select fire capability, or the BATFE defined "civilian assault weapons" - semi automatic rifles determined to be scary because of cosmetic features? Currently, the semi-automatic BATFE-defined "civilian assault rifles" are banned in California, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Cook County, Illinois. However, to be considered a "civilian assault rifle" in these states (except for California), they must be detachable magazine semi automatic rifles, with two or more of the following features: Collapsable buttstock Pronounced pistol...
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What infractions on a driving record hinder your chances of getting a job with a company that requires you to visit clients everyday?

Unfortunately, there is no true rule of thumb - every company has different driving record restrictions. Many companies, seeking to keep their liability insurance premiums as low as possible, are trending toward a zero-tolerance-5-year rule. This means that any infractions other than a parking ticket in the most recent five years will prevent you from getting the job. I've seen that rule as short as 2 years, but that's rare. My advise? Be completely honest with the employer. If it doesn't work,...
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How can you erase single song from zune?

The same way you erase any songs on it. You go into the zune software find the song you want to remove right click and press the delete thing ...
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What are the 9 reindeers names?

Santa's 9 Reindeer are: Dasher Dancer Prancer Vixen Comet Cupid Donner Blitzen and the last but not least Rudolph!!!! ...