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What device or instrument is used to measure air pressure?

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There are several options depending on the type of air pressure being measured: In the 1800's ships used a weather glass - a simple barometer - to measure changes in air pressure. To measure atmospheric (ambient air) pressure, a barometer is used. (It may be either an aneroid or a mercury type of barometer.) For tires, it's a tire pressure gauge. In industrial processes and boilers the gauge is frequently called a manometer. For pressure vessels it is a Bourdon gauge.
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What do you call a space between two mountains?

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The space is called a vally ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Actually it depends on what you mean by "between" . the actually space that lies between two mountain tops is called a saddle. Thinking of a valley as the intersection where the two sides of two mountains merge is a bit of stretch but could be true. In that case, the valley originates at the saddle which often forms a valley on opposite sides.
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What causes the popping or tinkling sounds as hot metal pipes cool off?

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The sound actually emanates from breaking atomic bonds, and the subsequent rearrangement of the crystalline matrix within grains. This change occurs so quickly, that the material produces a pressure wave (sound wave) that you can hear as a popping sound. Pretty cool, huh!? Source: B.S. in Material Science and Engineering from The Georgia Institute of Technology
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What is the Colour code for diesel pipe line?

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As per Indian standard its Brown colour. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- There is no specific code for coding pipelines in the US, different industrial plants use different color schemes. Gray pipe with a dashed red stripe painted every 6 feet, yellow pipe with a solid red stripe every 6 feet, solid orange pipe (solid red pipe is always fire protection systems according to NFPA rules), brown pipe with red or black stripes every 6 feet....and so on.
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What ITP means in engineering terms?

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ITP en términos de ingeniería significa '' Plan de Inspección y Prueba "
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What kind of questions should you ask when being interviewed for a call center position?

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1.I would like to know the company's standard norms. (when asked how much salary do you expect?). 2. Is it take-home salary or are there any deductions in it?( when they tell the amount). 3. what are the benefits I get along with the salary? 4. Is transportation charges, break fast and lunch coupons too deducted in the salary? Further. Hours of work, days of work, break and lunch times, paid how often, and by what method, cheque to you, or direct bank deposit. Who do I report to, and how often do I report, and in what manner, verbally, or in written form.
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What is acusol?

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Acusol is a key ingredient in institutional and industrial cleaners and laundry detergents.
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Examples of solidification?

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The entire solid substances in this universe are formed by solidification, hance one can point out any solid substance as an example of solidification.
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What is steam turbine Turbine Stress Evaluator?

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The Turbine Stress Evaluator (TSE) calculates and monitors the operational heat stresses of the turbine during every operational phase. The goal is to achieve continuous optimization between material stresses on the turbine and flexibility in reacting to operational changes.
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What is syllabus for section engineer electrical?

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net work theory, electric machines power electronics utilization of electrical machines power system electromagnetic theory measurement
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What is emitter follower?

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A: When a signal is not amplified but simply taken from an emitter the reason is that the emitter will provide better current capabilities
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Why FM is less prone to noise?

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FM radios suppress short term changes in amplitude and are therefore much less prone to noise.
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What does design template mean?

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A design template is nothing but just like an outline on a paper . Inside a design template we can add our things.Design template is like a structures that guides you to do whatever you are planning to do but in an efficient manner .
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How do you convert bar to kw?

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You can't. Bar = pressure, KW = energy.
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What is the importance of sieve analysis?

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Sieve analysis allows the determination of the distribution of particles sizes in granular materials. Since many separation processes and reactions depend on the amount of surface area relative to mass and that ratio increases as particle size decreases, knowing the distribution of sizes can be very important. Particle size distribution can also be important when using slurries to move particulates from one place to another.
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What is IP30 Conformity?

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An IP rating determines the level of ingress protection that the device is rated for. Ingress protection ratings determine how dust-resistant and water-resistant a given device is. An equivalent rating but is not likely to be common is a IK rating (which determines shock resistance) For every IP rating there are two digits - the first one being dust resistance and the second for water resistance. If there's a X on either digit, this means that the tests for this particular characteristic haven't been performed, rated, or there's no resistance. Most of the time you will see ratings like IP67 or IP68 - this means that (6) is dustproof and (7) or (8) is waterproof at somewhere around 3 to 5 feet underwater for up to about 30 minutes.
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What does a mixture of separate atoms look like?

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The only way I can think of to get a mixture of separate atoms is to mix two noble gases--helium and argon, maybe. Any atom that doesn't have a full outer shell is going to create bonds with other atoms, and then you won't have "separate" atoms.
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How to conduct holiday test of piping?

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Holiday test or a Continuity test is one of the non destructive test method applied on protective coatings to detect unacceptable discontinuities such as pinholes and voids. The test involves checking of an electric circuit to see if current flows to complete the electrical circuit. A Holiday test or Continuity test is performed by applying low voltage (connected in series with an LED or noise-producing component such as a piezoelectric speaker) across the chosen path. If the electrical flow is detected then the test area is termed as conductive indicating presence of discontinuities such as pinholes and voids. This test is commonly used in the offshore industries where piping and structures are coated with nonconductor coatings. Source taken from related link.
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The Stepped Reckoner was unreliable because?

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The device tended to jam and malfunction because the parts of the machine were unreliable.
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What major engineering blunders were results of faulty measurement?

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The Great Kersten Blunder. (Kersten was the programer that made the error). The Vigor space probe was sent towards Venus, but because of a computer programing error installed on it, a convertion from millimeters to inches was incorrect. It divided by 24.5 instead of 25.4. This error caused it to miss Venus completely and was sent hurling into space. Over 2 billion dollars of technology was lost because of one simple error. The Mars Climate Orbiter had a problem when trajectory programming teams from Europe and USA were working in two different measurement systems, imperial and metric. It missed the planet completely and was lost. Not exactly engineering but it was an aviation blunder. An Air Canada flight was fuelled in Toronto using pounds instead of liters of fuel. The pilot calculated how much he needed thinking he was getting his fuel in liters and eventually ran out of fuel near Winnipeg. He successfully landed the plane safely at a semi-abandoned WW2 airstrip at Gimli Manitoba. The Hubble Space Telescope or HST originally had an incorredtly ground mirror (Link below.)
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Why is there a twist in a propeller blade?

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to keep the angle under which propeller section sees the relative velocity. Because, a propeller essentially is a wing which rotates around an axis parallel to the flight velocity. wings operate best at a certain angle of attack, which is an angle at which wing 'sees' the flow. now, propellers rotate and tangential velocity increases from root to tip. airflow velocity is obviously constant. tangent of angle between relative velocity and prop section is air velocity / tangential velocity. we want angle between propeller section and relative velocity to constant, since tangent changes from root to tip , we need to change angle of propeller section itself.
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What is CNC engineering?

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it is a specialisaton in mechanical engineering. CNC refers to computer numerical control. so, using the computer codes (G codes and M codes), a program is written for machining operation. these codes describe the movement of tool while machining.
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Can a engineer afford a lamborghini?

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Yes, I've seen a few engineers who could afford more expensive cars.
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What is the half split fault location technique?

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Split half technique is used when fault finding on an electrical circuit. If you have a supply and an earth, you would then check for voltage about half way along the circuit. If you had voltage, you would then pick a point about half way between your present position and earth. You would then repeat with half way of every subsequent haalf until you had located the break
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What is a curve in highway engineering?

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curves are provided in the change of direction of the alignment. It provides in smooth movement of traffic.