Engineering is an art and profession devoted to designing, constructing, and operating the structures, machines, and other devices of industry and everyday life.

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Types of Counseling?

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Face-to-face counselling sessions take place in the counselor’s chamber where you meet them in person after scheduling an appointment to discuss your problems. It is one of the most popular counselling formats. Group Counselling: Professionals provide group counselling sessions where you can join to address the issues,Career counseling in bangalore.

What are the names of the parts of a chainsaw chain?

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A chainsaw chain is comprised of several parts, each with a specific function in the cutting process. Here are the main parts of a chainsaw chain:

Cutter Teeth:

The cutter teeth are the sharp, cutting edges that remove material from the wood. These teeth come in various designs, including full chisel, semi-chisel, and skip-tooth, each suited for different cutting applications.

Drive Links:

Drive links are the part of the chain that engages with the chainsaw's drive sprocket. The number of drive links determines the chain's length and compatibility with the chainsaw.

Tie Straps:

Tie straps are the components that connect the cutter teeth to the drive links. They help maintain the proper spacing between the cutting teeth.


Rivets secure the tie straps to the cutter teeth and play a crucial role in the overall strength and durability of the chain.

Depth Gauges:

Depth gauges, also known as rakers, are the protruding elements in front of each cutter tooth. They control the depth to which the cutter teeth penetrate the wood, affecting the aggressiveness of the cut.


The gullet is the curved recess between the cutter teeth and the depth gauges. It provides space for wood chips to accumulate during the cutting process.

Cutter Heel:

The cutter heel is the part of the cutter tooth closest to the chainsaw bar. It helps guide the chain along the bar and influences the cutting angle.

Tie Band:

The tie band is a reinforcement strip that runs along the top of the chain, helping to maintain the chain's structure and integrity.

Chisel Edge:

On a full chisel chain, the chisel edge is the square, sharp point on the cutter tooth that delivers aggressive cutting performance.

Cutter Face:

The cutter face is the flat surface on the cutter tooth that makes contact with the wood. It determines the smoothness of the cut.

Top Plate:

The top plate is the upper part of the cutter tooth, above the cutter face. It provides support and rigidity to the tooth.

Side Plate:

The side plate is the flat side of the cutter tooth, opposite the cutter face. It contributes to the overall strength of the tooth.

Understanding the anatomy of a chainsaw chain is essential for proper maintenance, sharpening, and replacement. Regular inspection and maintenance of these components contribute to the chainsaw's overall performance and longevity. Always refer to the chainsaw's manual for specific information about the chain used with your particular model.

Importance of Engineering geology and civil engineering?

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Civil engineering relies on engineering geology, and engineer geology is man's role in civil engineering. He provides information for civil engineering and his works, such as building roads, and so on, and provides information on the earth's bearing capacity.

Why has engineering has been called stealth profession?

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Engineering has been called a stealth profession because most people understand exactly what an engineer does. Sometimes it is referred to as the invisible profession.

Engineering process steps?

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Gandhi engineering college is offering many type of engineering and management courses. Gandhi engineering college is providing placement opportunities also every year GEC achieved by 95% placement results. Gandhi engineering college is best education providing compare than top 10 government engineering colleges in odisha. Gandhi engineering college is one of the top 10 engineering colleges in orissa. GEC, holds the title of "Best T School" status in Odisha. It has secured the first position in NPTEL Local Chapter among all private Engineering colleges in Odisha

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Civil Engineering

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Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering Automobile

Electrical & Mechanical Engineering


BBA / BCA / BSc (CS / ITM)

What is the best engineering course?

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Civil Engineering

How can you tell if your motor centrifugal switch is bad?

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I cannot be 100% certain that the centrifugal switch on my table-saw motor is bad, but here are some symptoms that I recently experienced: 1) The motor starts fine, but the motor-start capacitor begins smoking (bad sign) while the motor is running. I think this means the switch is sticking closed in this case. 2) Other times, the motor does not want to start at all. If I slacken the drive belt, the motor starts spinning. When it gets up to speed, I can tighten the belt and go ahead and use the saw. In this case, I think the switch is sticking open. I first experienced symptom #1, which led me to believe I had a bad capacitor. I replaced it, but after a few uses, the new capacitor also smoked. Then I noticed symptom #2. After doing a little web snooping, I have nearly concluded that the problem is the centrifugal switch. Just not sure yet how to get to it or find a replacement. . . Bucky K in Ohio

Explain why 3 phase induction motor at no load operates at a very low power factor?

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An induction motor electrically appears much like an inductor with a resistive component. The resistive component is reflective of the mechanical power which the motor delivers. There are also some true resistive losses in the motor widings, but these are relatively smalll. At no load both these contribute to the total electrical resistive component of the IM. The resistive component at no load however will be small compared to the IM's inductance, resulting in a very low power factor. As the mechanical load on the motor is increased its effective electrical resistive component increases and so does its power factor.

Another way of thinking about this is that a circuit's power factor is indicative of its electrical resistance, which dissipates watts. At no load very little actual electrical power (watts) is required to rotate the IM, so its power factor is low. If the IM is driving a large mechanical load more actual power must be delivered to the IM and this is indicated by a much larger power factor.


Under no load slip is almost zero, i.e.. there is almost no induced current in the inner coil. So power factor which is induced power to input power ratio is small.

As load increases, slip increases for a given motor and so does the induced current and the torque generated in turn to run the load.

What are the pros and cons of a steam engine?

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Locomotives transport food, coal, oil, and freight. This would be otherwise too heavy to fly with. It helps facilitate the world of commerce. However, they are very slow, loud and polluting to the environment.

What are the mechanical properties of WT-41 grade of mild steel?

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See the related link for mechanical properties of various grades of steel.

What is the Montreal protocal?

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In 1987 over 160 countries signed this agreement, phasing out their uses of CFC's and other ozone depleting substances.

How many ping pong balls would you need to place end to end to reach the sun?

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100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 !!!!

What is a nickname for Engineers?

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Engineers have been called 'sappers' ever since they would 'sap' underground during the siege and toward the foundation of a fortification. The French word 'sapeur' is difficult to date but the consensus seems to surround the 15th century.

How much does a automotive engineer earn in a year?

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At LPU the focus of the BTech Automotive Design Engineering is to train the students on a range of topics including designing, manufacturing, and maintenance of automobiles.This course equips the students to meet the challenge of creating new and improved vehicle systems along with a good grasp of mechanical engineering principles and an understanding of the new materials being used. It deals with technical designing for fuel and performance efficiency and the second aspect primarily focuses on designing the aesthetics of the vehicle.

The eligibility for the programme is Pass with 60% aggregate marks in 10+2 (with Physics, Mathematics, and English) or equivalent. One has to qualify LPUNEST as well.

LPU has designed the with the most advanced & upgraded curriculum to meet the corporate Industry requirement. At the end of the course, LPU students become competent enough to get their dream jobs/careers.

The program focuses at :

Developing the ability to comprehend the systems in the field of IC Engines, Automobile, Vehicle dynamics, vehicle testing, and Chassis Design.

Propose solution built on an understanding of Thermodynamics, Automotive suspension systems, Homologation and Pollution Control, Automotive component Design, Computer-aided vehicle design, and computer-aided manufacturing for the solutions to real-world problems.

Demonstrate the ability to propose cost-effective optimised solutions for the automobile sector using simulated environments of Computer-aided Vehicle design, computer-aided manufacturing, and computer-aided engineering.

Effectively build and communicate the solutions crafted using learnings from basic automobile engineering, basic sciences, mathematics, and computational skills and tools.

Industry certifications, MOOCs, Hackathons / Co-curricular Competitive events, Workshops, Guest lectures, Educational Trips, Live projects, Incubation projects, Community projects, projects with NGOs, etc. are an integral part of the curriculum. The Content delivery is done by industry experts. There are Projects to be made in collaboration with the industry.

Apart from the regular curriculum, Engineering Minors are offered to students by LPU which are - HVAC, Materials Treatments & Testing, Robotics & Mechatronics, and Six Sigma

The highest salary was 20 lpa and the average was 5.75 LPA. THe companies in which the LPU students got recruited are Chemical Brothers, Infollion Research, Nestle, Transport Corporation of India, Tata Technologies, Jubilant Biosys, Indegene Lifesystems, Eclerx, Focus Energy Ltd, Revy Environmental Solutions Pvt Ltd, Combustion Research Associates, S K Minerals, Wabag, Cognizant, Capgemini, Accenture, Aakash Educational Services, Cactus Communications, Pulsus Healthtech, etc

How much money does an engineer earn in Ireland?

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Placements at LPU have always been jaw dropping. LPU has set the bar very high due to its record breaking placements. Students of LPU get one of the best pay packages, in all the disciplines. LPU has become a go to destination for companies to hire quality students.

LPU has one of the largest placement networks. Fortune 500 Companies have hired around 4500 students from Lovely Professional University. The wide array of employers that hire LPU students is remarkable, representing our students' potential and ingenuity in shaping the students.

Recently, an LPU student of BTech CSE got placed for a whopping 64 lpa this year. The average salary was 7 lpa. . Our Vertos from B.Tech. CSE (Hons.), Batch of 2021, S Vishnu Vardhan Reddy, and Aalap Singh Rawat kickstarted their professional lives at WorkIndia, one of India's leading companies for working professionals with a CTC of Rs 35 LPA. Both of our LPU students shall be carving out promising futures by leveraging our unmatchable placement support and hands-on training.

Few Placement Highlights for the class of 2022:

1000+ National and Multinational companies hired LPU students

8900+ recruitment offers generated

CTC Rs. 64 Lacs as the Highest Salary Package

500+ companies offered CTC Rs. 5 Lacs p.a. or above

Rs 1.6 Lacs per month as the highest internship stipend

Provide examples of two or three products and at least one system in which software not hardware is the differentiating element?

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Q: Provide examples of two or three products and at least one system in which software not hardware is the differentiating element?

The disclosure includes a system and method in which one or more virtual resources are presented to a secure element; and the one or more virtual resources are mapped to available resources based on a model architecture for the secure element in order to provide hardware

How does modeling and simulation enhance the Systems Engineering process?

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The following are some of the ways that modelling and simulation are essential to improving the Systems Engineering process:

Better Design and Analysis: Before a system is actually constructed, engineers can create virtual representations of it using modelling and simulation. This makes it possible to do early design validation and analysis, which aids in spotting and fixing possible problems and inefficiencies while adjustments are still financially feasible. It offers a more thorough comprehension of the behaviour and functionality of the system, resulting in improved design choices.

Risk Mitigation: Engineers can evaluate a system's behaviour under various scenarios and conditions by simulating the system. This aids in identifying and reducing operational risks related to the system. Potential issues can be resolved before they become costly or serious ones by testing and improving the model.

Cost Reduction: Significant cost savings can be achieved through modelling and simulation. It does this by enabling engineers to virtually test and evaluate various design options, thereby eliminating the need for costly and time-consuming physical prototypes and testing.

Time Efficiency: Several design and testing iterations are commonly included in the Systems Engineering process. These iterations can be completed more quickly and effectively with simulation. This quickens the development process and may help complex systems reach the market sooner.

Collaboration Across Disciplines: Systems engineering frequently draws on a variety of fields and specialties. Multidisciplinary teams can work together and communicate more effectively when they have a common platform like modelling and simulation. This system integration ensures that all of the parts function as a whole and helps to achieve a holistic view.

Data Gathering and Analysis: Large volumes of data are produced by simulated systems, which may be examined to learn more about the functionality and behaviour of the system. Engineers can make well-informed decisions and further optimise the system with the help of this data-driven approach.

Training and Testing: You can use simulations to help with training and testing. In complex and safety-critical systems, where real-world testing may be dangerous or impractical, this is especially helpful. It gives operators a secure, regulated setting in which to practise and learn.

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What kind of questions should you ask when being interviewed for a call center position?

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It really depends highly on the type of position (whether it is in-bound calls or out-bound calls) but aside from the common interview questions (previous work experience, how you interact with others, etc) you can expect to receive questions in pertains to: -how do you handle upset/beligerent callers? -are you able to multitask? -are you able/willing to converse on the phone for 8+ straight hours (depending on how busy the call center is)? -are you able/willing to make calls in order to sell products (if it is an out-bound call center) -how do you get along with others in general (are you kind hearted or do you get upset easily)? That's just a sampling, but most of the questions will pertain directly to your job duties so study the position well and find out what they are looking for. The best preparation comes from knowing the company and knowing what the position entails. Like I said, it depends a lot on the call center itself, but the important thing is knowing what kind of call center it is and what the future employer is looking for (and of course if you are a match for the job). They normally ask some thing about us.Where we have to describe about us our privious job profile(if experienced),our name and location,qualification,professional qualification,hobbies etc.The intention behind asking this type is question is not that they want to know the truth about u, but your way of conversation,quality of your accent,the way you describe yourself.They want to check with your grammer.So its better that u prepare well for grammer.Even a single grammatical mistake can disqualify u.

What subjects are required for IT engineering?

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If you are planning to major in computer engineering in college, your high school course load should include math, sciences, and computers. Those who excel in computer engineering have strong math and statistics backgrounds.

What do aerospace engineers do?

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Aerospace engineers do many things. The design, examine, analyze, and produce many objects like military fighter planes, vehicles, aircraft, spacecraft, missles, and more. There are 2 types of aerospace engineers: the aeronautical and the astronautical engineers.

What are the practical applications for circular motion?

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a washing machine, electrons orbiting in an atom, and the most important is satellites revolving around earth.

Best education engineering colleges in Hyderabad?

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EAMCET Top collegesTOP 20 COLLGESthese are the top colleges according to 2009& 2010

* Chaitanya Bharathi Institute Of Technology

* JNTU College Of Engineering, Hyderabad

* Osmania University College Of Engineering

* Vasavi College of Engineering

* MVSR Engineering College

* VNR Vignana Jyoti Institute of Engineering & Technology

* Muffakham Jah College of Engineering & Technology

* Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Technology

* Sreenidhi Institute Of Science & Technology

* Gokaraju Rangaraju Institute of Engineering and Technology

* G. Narayanamma Institute of Technology and Science (For Women)

* Padmasri Dr. B.V Raju Institute of Technology

* CVR College Of Engineering

* Shadan Women's College Of Engineering & Technolog

* JB Institute of Engineering & Technology

* Teegala Krishna Reddy College of Engineering and Technology

* ICFAI Institute of Science and Technology

* MVGR College of Engineering

* Vignan Institute of Technology & Science

* D.V.R.College of Engineering and Technology



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What sea animal looks like a pincushion?

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The echidna of Australia and New Guinea, the hedgehog of Britain, the porcupine.

What do you plan to achieve your careere goals?

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When you learn how to write and spell proper English.