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Computer Aided Design

Computer Aided Design (CAD) is the act of using computers to design an object. CAD techniques follow standard engineering design and drafting procedures, but use a computer to help speed up the process.

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Where does most of the calculations done in the computer take place?

A part of the CPU dedicated to arithmetic funcions ALU (Arithmatic and Logical Unit). Some CPUs have inbuit. ...
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Advantages of vector data models over raster model?

• Data can be represented at its original resolution and form without generalization. • Graphic output is usually more aesthetically pleasing (traditional cartographic representation); • Since most data, e.g. hard copy maps, is in vector form no data conversion is required. • Accurate geographic location of data is maintained. • Allows for efficient encoding of topology, and as a result more efficient operations that require topological information, e.g. proximity, network analysis. • Compact data structure; requires less space to store data ...
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What is the scope of electronics and communication engineering?

The major driving force for the present day Information Technology revolution is the development in Electronics Engineering. The advancements in microelectronics, satellite and optical fibre technology, analog and digital in communication techniques have resulted in developing complex electronics devices, circuits and equipments capable of implementing fast and efficient telecommunication systems. Real time transfer of audio and video signals is now possible with recent trends in broad band technologies. Penetration of electronics has now revolutionalised other areas like health care, instrumentation, automation, remote sensing, signal processing...
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What do mean by low resistance?

It means it allow easy passage to current
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What happens when you amplify an analog signal?

Well analog is usually used to carry sound so amplifying the analog signal would make it louder. ...
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What is corona power loss in transmission line hvdc?

A: Transmission lines while there is ceramic insulators providing separation to the phases will have a corona if the insulators are dirty providing small current leakage ionizing the air around it therefore corona effect. ...
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What is the purpose of the automatic voltage regulator?

The AVR corrects the generator's terminal voltage so it stays at a preset value, or the generator stays exporting a preset amount of power. It senses changes in terminal voltage and changes the voltage applied to the field winding of the generator (making the electromagnet stonger or weaker). ...
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What do you mean by Binding time?

It means you are waiting...typically in a relaxed manner and typically one who is binding their time is waiting for something "evident" to transpire, or waiting to see what may happen concerning a specific event or issue. ...
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What is the scope of mechanical engineer after BE?

after B.E or B.Tech u may may go for M.TECH in any of prestigious institute ..and may opt for automation engg. which will surely help u out to get in AUTOMOBILE SECTOR............. ...
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What is Computer-aided design software used for?

Computer aided design software is used to design new products, draw plans for construction new buildings or remodeling old ones, make specifications for machined parts and components, make schematics for printed circuit boards, and construct maps from geographic surveys, among other things. ...
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What a weak pull up resistor?

A: That refers to a resistor pull up that is not sufficient to do the job that is to pull up. It also means is greater in value that it should be ...
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What is Visual Cadd?

Visual Cadd is a super-productive 2D design and drafting software for a very reasonable price. You can try out Visual CADD 5 by downloading the 30 day trial. This is a fully functional version, and includes all features including the ability to save and print Visual CADD files as well as import/export Generic CADD and AutoCAD files. ...
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What is BIMS in AutoCad?

BIM stands for "Building Information Modeling". The term "BIM" originated in the Architectural world and, generally, defines the process of inputting information to and extracting information from a 3D model of a building/facility. ...
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What is fullform of SNOBOL?

String Oriented Symbolic Language
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How much does autodesk inventor cost?

Autodesk inventor is available in suites that will cost about $6,500 depending on which suite you buy. However, if you are a student, and you sign up for the autodesk website with a student account, then you can get most, if not all, of their software for free. ...
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What is offset in autocad?

it allows you to create parallel copies of your lines. It allows you to find your points with more ease. ...
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What is civil draftsman?

The person who draws (drafts) a drawing for a civil engineering project. This might be with pen or on a computer. ...
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How do scientists classify new species?

By applying the science of classification which is called Taxonomy. The person would gather data pertaining to the characteristics of the species, both quantitative and qualitative. The data can then be applied to a dichotomous key or interpreted by a method called cladistic analysis. Also DNA comparisons can now be made, even in plants. ...
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Is the word cad a real word?

Besides the acronym CAD (Computer Aided Design), there is a real word 'cad', which is a noun meaning scoundrel, scamp, or boorish person. Example sentence: Her ex-husband was such a cad, he had women come to their house while she was at work. ...
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What kind of software you used for carton box design?

I run small print business, I have clients need we design carton box for them, I usually choose Packmage carton box design software, it has many box templates for me to choose, all I need to do is to change the size and check the 3d box modeling process, then I can step and repeat them with optimized solution after the box confirmed with clients. It helps a lot for my business. kasemake also a good software. ...
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Construct a 16-to-1-line multiplexer with two 8-to-1-line multiplexers and one 2-t0-1-line multiplexer?

Type your answer here... D0-D7 on 1st 8to1, D8-D15 on 2nd 8to1, S0,S1,S2 to both. The output from 1st 8to1 is D0 on the 2to1, the output from the 2nd 8to1 is D1 on the 2to1 and S3 to the 2to1. The 2to1 provides the final 16to 1 mutiplexed output, OK? ...
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How can you make your own theme in .nth format?

Carbide Ui is the greatest software to make theme designs. The .nth theme extension refers to Series 40 Theme Edition. ...