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Computer Monitors

How do you download a hi-speed USB host controller?

  • For the most part, the High Speed USB controller will be integrated right onto the motherboard of your system. You will sometimes run into this problem when upgrading to or installing a new version of XP, for sometimes it does not readily have the drivers available.
  • What you have to do is to actually find out the motherboard that you have in your system, and download, or request the CD, that has the motherboard resources on it, in order to get Windows to install that particular controller.
  • If you have a name brand computer, you should be able to contact the manufacturer to get the CD or download. However, if you have built the system, or someone else has built you the system, you will need the CD that came with the motherboard.
  • A controller in a computer system (new or old) is a physical device that controls anything externally attached to it. For example, a hard disk controller (which is internally connected to today's motherboards) controls the hard drive connected to it.
  • I think what you mean is downloading the 2.0 high speed driver for XP and if you do your windows updates it will usually install that driver for you. Unless I am misunderstanding what you are trying to do.
  • If you mean the computer is seeing your USB 2.0 as a USB 1.1 then you go into device manager and tell it to update your driver to get a refresh on the device and a USB 2.0 driver downloaded/applied to the device.
Business and Industry

What is BG?

It can be stands for Business Group or it can have Multiple full form


What are the codes for powerful girls?

i only have 3. 4712 1923 1365

Computer Terminology

What does seeding mean in torrent?

The people sharing & connected to each other using the bit-torrent protocol are split into 2 categories. SEEDS(uppers) & LEECHERS(downloaders) In the begining while downloading a torrent for the first time you are a leecher because the download hasn't completed. When it completes you switch to a seeder and dedicate that stream to simply uploading. The more seeds available the faster the download.

Seeding is the process of connecting to a torrent when you have a complete file.

Yes it is important to seed 1 to 1. The more seeders there are on a torrent the faster the torrent is. You are not downloading the torrent from the actual site you get it from. You are downloading it off another user that has it on their computer.

Let's say someone uploads a torrent to a site and that person seeds at 100kbps. At first every single leecher is trying to get the file from the uploader which if there are 10 leechers then each leecher is approximately getting the file at 10kbps.

Let's say the 10 people finish downloading the torrent from the uploader. Each also is seeding at a speed of 100kbps.

That means the total speed of the torrent after the 10 get done downloading the file is 1100kbps. Because 10 are seeding at 100kbps and the original uploader is seeding at 100kbps. So if there are 11 more leechers getting the file now each of those leechers are approximately getting the file at 100kbps instead of 10kbps because there is a 1 to 1 ratio per seeder & leecher.

If everyone just downloaded the file from the uploader and stopped seeding without seeding the torrent 1:1 then the uploader will always be stuck seeding. Which the speed of the torrent will hardly go up because the leechers will always outnumber the seeder.

So it is important to seed back at least what you take. So if you download a file that is 1GB then seed back 1GB. That is why it is called FILE SHARING. People are considerate enough to share their stuff you can repay them back by seeding back what you take so others can enjoy it as well.

Computer History
History of the Web

Who invented the internet and what year was it?

It sets the standard for it. ARPANET adopted TCP / IP on January 1, 1983, and from there the researchers began collecting “ Network of Network ” which became the modern Internet. The online world took a more recognisable form in 1990 when computer scientist Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web.

Computer Programming
Fan Fiction

How do you post something on the internet?

The first thing you must do is find somewhere to post it. The next thing you need to do is copy and paste it. After that you must save it to documents and then when you go to the website you want to post it on just double click and then it will say paste and then if you click it, it will pop up on the website and ask you if you want to post this image and if the answer yesthen you will click sure if not please click no thanks.

Startpage Viruses
Internet Explorer

How can you prevent your Internet homepage from continuously defaulting to 'about blank'?

You need to run these 5 essential steps to remove all the spyware on your computer.

1. Run Deckard's System Scanner (DSS)

2. Run Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

3. Run the anti spyware removal programs spybot

4. Run Superantispyware

5. Run a complete scan with free curing utility Dr.Web CureIt!

Install threat fire which will enhance your antivirus protection

Preventing an Internet Page Error

Here are opinions and answers from FAQ Farmers:
  • In Internet Explorer go to the Web page that you want your default page to be (I use Google, but it can be any page). Click on 'Tools' and select 'Internet Options'. Select the 'General' tab and under the 'Home' section click on the button marked 'Use Current'. The next time you open IE it should start with the page of your choice.
  • I am going through the same thing. I believe it is the Trojan Horse "StartPage" that is causing it. Check the entries re: StartPage for more info. Good Luck.
  • I've just suffered from this same problem and I found it to be caused by "DSO Exploit". I found it with the help of "Spybot- Search and Destroy". To actually get rid of it, you'll need to search the net for a small DSO protection app called "dsostop2.exe". If this is the problem, the DSO won't let 'Internet Options' revert the home page to your choice so, as far as I can find, this is the only cure. On the download page for dsostop2.exe there are full instructions for applying it. Good luck!!
  • I paid �16.91 for a program that could be seen to be the modern equivalent of a hucksters snake oil for headaches, within minutes about:blank was back.
  • Sounds like you have the horrible about:blank virus that I finally "killed" after a week of torture. The home page continuously changes to an "about:blank" even if you manually set your home page via the internet options. I ran (many, many times) the Avast, McAfee, shredder, etc. to no avail. However, I noticed the McAfee virus scan consistently indicated that all but one virus had been deleted. At wits end, I jotted the file's name and searched for it. Once the file was located, I renamed the file and then deleted it. It worked!! If that's what's happening to you, try the following: 1) Run a virus scan to locate the file(s) that were not deleted during the scan; 2) Write the file name as shown in the scan; it may end with .dll; 3) Go to start, search file or folder, and search for the file name indicated from the scan; 4) Once located, right click and rename it to something like "virus"; 5) Right click the new name and delete the file. If more than one file is shown as undeletable, you must go through this procedure for each file.
  • Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main. Double click a string value that is "Start Page" and enter the Web address that you want to set ..... make sure that your registry is not readonly.
Mac OS X

How do you create 160by2 account?

Hai, I am sunny how are you?

Moshi Monsters

What are the Moshi Monsters MoPod codes?

MoPod Codes can be found with MoPod Cell Phone Charms that contain a Moshi Monster that flashes and spins when a call or text comes in. Each MoPod comes with a unique 'unlock' code that gives you exclusive access to the virtual world where Moshi Monsters live and play.

MoPod codes are unique, meaning they can only be used once.

Subjective Questions

What would you do if the internet was suddenly gone?

Invest in the Pony Express. Seriously, though, I would start writing a lot more letters and subscribe to a lot more magazines. I'd really miss all the pop culture news on the web.
Computer Networking
Windows Server 2003
Web Servers

What is a web server?

  1. A web server is essentially a computer prorgam which is responsible for handiling HTTP requests. A browser request to view a page the server then accepts the request and displays the page.
  2. From a general point of view we consider web servers as the storage area for files which are available on the web. So in order for any page to be viewable on the web it must be loaded on to the web server. A web server is usually a dedicated piece of hardware and software used to allow a website to be displayed on the net.
AnswerWeb server for example gmail . yahoo are the server , having pop http features . Answer--Web servers are computers on the internet that host websites, serving pages to viewers upon request. This service is referred to as web hosting.

Every web server has a unique address so that other computers connected to the internet know where to find it on the vast network. The IP (Internet Protocol) address looks something like this: This address maps to a more human friendly address.

Web hosts rent out space on their web servers to people or businesses to set up their own websites. The web server allocates a unique website address to each website it hosts.

When you connect to the internet, your personal computer also receives a unique IP address assigned by your ISP (internet service provider). This address identifies your computer's location on the network. When you click on a link to visit a website, your browser sends out a request to that IP address. This request includes return information and functions like a postal letter sent across town, but in this case the information is transferred across a network. The communiqué passes through several computers on the way, each routing it closer to its ultimate destination.

When your request reaches its destination, the web server that hosts said website sends the page in HTML code to your IP address. This return communique travels back through the network. Your computer receives the code and your browser interprets the HTML code then displays the page for you in graphic form.

The more powerful the server, the faster it can serve up website pages. Slower, smaller servers may result in frustrating lag time for viewers. High traffic can also slow servers that are not powerful enough to handle high volumes of data exchange. This lag time should be a concern if you are shopping for a web host. Most web hosts have a page dedicated to sharing technical information about their web server, including speed, capacity, network configuration and other details.

In theory, web servers stay connected to the Internet 24/7, 365 days a year. In truth they experience occasional downtime due to maintenance and technical problems. Web servers with consistent records of an uptime of 99.5% or better are considered reliable.

A computer that manages Web site services, such as supplying a Web page to multiple users on demand. ^^mukx


How do you find the history of any given website?

In my opinion, TheWayBack Machine is good way to find history of a website. TheWayBack Machine gives you complete history like activities form day of creation till today.
Social Network Websites
Adolf Hitler

How many sites are answertips enabled?

247 sites are answertips enabled by the survey of 2011-2012

Domain Names
Web Hosting

Is there any website like www elfyourself com and www scroogeyourself com?

Both of those websites are the same, they both link to a website that you can put your picture on an elf's body.

Television and Video
Criminal Law

What is the video '3 Guys 1 Hammer'?

You should delete and burn that video.

Travel & Places

What is an online travel mart?

Online travel mart providers aim to ease travel planning and bookings for travelers.
Electronics Engineering

Advantages and disadvantages of analog communication?


  1. more easy to generate.
  2. easy way of communication.


  1. very difficult to transmit as it is.
  2. devices used are expensive.
  3. lots and lots of noise interruptions.
  4. accuracy is less.
  5. transmission and reception is not very easy.
Microsoft Excel

What is extension added to Excel files?

Excel 2003:

.xls = Workbook

.xla = VBA Add-in

.xlb = Toolbar (where custom toolbar settings are stored)

.xlc = Chart

.xld = Dialog (from older versions of Excel)

.xlk = Archive (Excel spreadsheet backup)

.xll = DLL Add-in

.xlm = Macro

.xlt = Template

.xlv = VBA Module

.xlw = Workspace (collection of multiple Workbooks)

Excel 2007:

.xlsx = Workbook (XML format)

.xlsm = Macro-enabled Workbook

.xlsb = Excel Binary Workbook (instead of XML format)

.xltm = Macre-enabled Template

.xlam = Add-in (XML format)

Tik Tok

How much money do professional TikTokers make?

As with any influencer platform, it can be hard to tell, and it varies a lot by creator and even by piece of content. It’s also difficult to parse out how much of their income is from TikTok itself and how much is from directing their massive TikTok followings to other sites, like using TikTok as a complement to their YouTube channels. As such, there’s no definitive answer, but here’s an example: Influencer Marketing Hub estimates that Loren Gray, the most-followed TikToker with around 39 million followers, makes upwards of $23,000 per post.

If you’re interested in how TikTokers can make money at all, much less get rich off of doing silly dances and lip syncing, there are a few different ways. Like other influencers, one lucrative option is by doing brand deals (being paid to promote certain products) or by promoting and selling your own merchandise (“merch,” as the kids say).

Another option is getting tipped for live streams. Users purchase “coins” in the app with real money, and they can use those coins to buy “virtual gifts” to send to creators while they’re watching their live streams. The gifts then get converted into “diamonds” (I know, I know, stay with me) and creators, in turn, can redeem the “diamonds” for real money.

One source of income that’s not available to TikTokers, though, is ads on their videos. On YouTube, creators get a cut of the revenue generated by ads placed on their videos. TikTok has no such system.

History of the Web

What is some information about the invention of the internet?

Invention of the InternetMany people think that the Internet is a recent innovation, when in fact the fundamental ideas behind the Internet have been around for over a quarter century.

The development of what we now call the Internet started in 1957 when the Soviet Union launched Sputnik 1, the first satellite, beating the United States into space. The powers behind the American military at the time became highly alarmed as this meant that the USSR could theoretically launch bombs into space, and then drop them anywhere on earth. In 1958 the concerns of people in the US military triggered the creation of the Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).

DARPA's initial role was to jump start American research in technology, find safeguards against a space-based missile attack and to reclaim the technological lead from the USSR. After only 18 months after the creation of DARPA, the Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency had developed and deployed the first US satellite. DARPA went on to have a direct contribution to the development of the Internet by appointing Joseph Licklider to head the new Information Processing Techniques Office (IPTO).

It was the job of the IPTO to further the work previously done by members of the "SAGE" (Semi-Automatic Ground Environment) program and develop technologies to protect the US against a space-based nuclear attack.

Licklider envisaged the potential benefits of a countrywide communications network, influencing his successors to implement his vision and to hire Lawrence Roberts who at that time was carrying out research with networks which was also being funded by DARPA.

Roberts led development of the ARPANet network architecture, and based it on the new idea of packet switching. A special computer called an Interface Message Processor was developed to realise the design. The ARPANet first went live in October 1969, with communications between the University of California in Los Angeles and the Stanford Research Institute.

The first networking protocol used on the ARPANet was the Network Control Program. In 1983, it was replaced with the TCP/IP protocol, which is still the standard used today.

In 1990, the National Science Foundation took over management of what was then called the NSFNet, and significantly expanded its reach by connecting it to the CSNET in Universities throughout North America, and later to the EUnet throughout research facilities in Europe.

Thanks in large part to the NSF's free-thinking management, and the growing popularity of the web, the nature of the Internet changed quickly in 1992, when the U.S. government began pulling out of network management and commercial entities offered Internet access to the general public for the first time. This change marked the beginning of the Internet's astonishing expansion. According to a survey conducted by CommerceNet and Nielsen Media Research in 1997, the number of users worldwide was believed to be well into the tens of millions. The so called Internet explosion coincided with the advent of increasingly powerful yet reasonably priced personal computers with easy-to-use GUI's (Graphical User Interfaces). The result was an attraction of recent computer converts to the Internet, and new multimedia capabilities, the size, scope and design of which allows users to:

  • connect easily through ordinary personal computers
  • exchange electronic mail with friends and colleagues
  • post and update frequently, information for others to access
  • access multimedia information that includes sound, photographic images and video
  • access diverse attitudes and perspectives from around the world
  • to directly and transparently communicate between computers

Today, the Internet is not owned or funded by any one institution, organisation, or government, it is a self-sustaining widespread information infrastructure accessible to hundreds of millions of people world-wide. The Internet is, however, directed by the Internet Society (ISOC), which is composed of volunteers. ISOC appoints the IAB (Internet Architecture Board) sub-council, the appointed members of which decide on standards, network resources, and network addresses. The day-to-day issues of Internet operation is taken care by of curtsy of a volunteer group called the IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force).

In brief a small number of governing boards work to establish common standards, few rules or single organisation bind the Internet, essentially the Internet is in the most part an ungoverned global network of networks.

Other s
  • The Internet was invented by the US Department of Defence as a means of communication if we were attacked by Russia. That was in 1969. The WWW on the other hand was invented by an Englishman called Tim Berners-Lee in Switzerland in 1989. The Internet dates back to the 1950s and 60s, although few of us knew of it then as it was part of the American defence system.
  • Some say development started in 1957 when the Soviet Union launched Sputnik 1, the first satellite.
  • I think it's the difference between pop culture and invention that confuses people. The origins of the Internet stretch back to the 1950s and the invention of the World Wide Web to 1989, but the Internet IS a newish innovation as far as pop culture is concerned as it only really kicked into the lives of the vast majority of us after the 1989 invention of WWW.
  • DARPA was created in 1958. But this only started the research that led to create the Internet. The Network Control Protocol (NCP) was finalized and deployed in December 1970 by the Network Working Group (NWG), led by Steve Crocker. But it was not until RFC 768 "User Datagram Protocol", RFC 791 "Internet Protocol", RFC 792 "Internet Control Message Protocol, RFC 793 "Transmission Control Protocol" were ratified in 1980 and 1981 that the Internet took shape. Modern protocols like e-mail, ftp, telnet, http ... all depend on these underlying protocols. The ARPANET host protocol was switched from NCP to TCP/IP as of January 1, 1983. The underlying protocols that run the Internet have fundamentally changed since this date. Much later on Mar. 11, 1999 Al Gore claims to have invented the Internet: "During my service in the United States Congress, I took the initiative in creating the Internet." References:
  • The seed of what would become the internet was created by ARPANET in 1969. It was basically a group of researchers working for the Department of Defense.
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How do you get around kosher net?

If you are a child and your parents signed up for their service, you're out of luck. If you're the person who signed up for the service, contact their technical support for assistance.

Electrical Engineering

How tall are power lines?

It depends on the voltage, the sag of the line, and the distance between towers. Generally there is a minimum height that the power line must be above the ground, defined by voltage level. If the geography requires there to be a great distance between structures (such as a river crossing), the towers will be made tall enough to accomodate this.

In general, the lower voltage lines may be as short as 25 feet, while taller ones can be over 200 feet.


List requirements needed to access the internet?

NIC Network Interface Card
Internet Service Provider plan
A computer
An Operating System

The above answer is for accessing the internet on your home computer.

On your iPod Touch, you need to be in a WiFi hotspot. If your home setup includes a WiFi modem or router, you can use that anytime you are at home. When you are away from home you will need to go to a WiFi hotspot (like McDonalds or Starbucks) in order to get on the internet. Use the built-in Safari browser, and you may need to log in (accept the restaurant's terms and conditions) before the browser will work.

Fruits and Vegetables
Grocery Shopping

What is the best selling produce item?

Potatoes, tomatoes, and the various forms of lettuce are the top three vegetables in the United States in terms of popularity.

Bananas, usually imported, are the most popular fruit among the public. Apples, strawberries, grapes, oranges and peaches make up 69 percent of the value of US fresh market production.


Did VoIP always use traditional telephone lines?

Communication over IP network significantly lowers rates of phone calls and is far cheaper as compared with landline calls. Voice over IP technology allows you to make calls through Internet connection and hence it is also a cheaper alternative to traditional phone services for international and long-distance calling. If not want to use VoIP equipment, you can sell out at Telecom Recycle.

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