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A cable television is a system that distributes television signals by means of fiber-optic or coaxial cables. Cable television systems started in the United States in the late 1940s to enhance reception in hilly and remote areas, where broadcast signals were weak.

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How do you get a TV manual for your sterling TV?

Sterling Tv's are the exactly same as Technika and they are dotted about all over the web. hope this helps someone out :)

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Cable Television

What is full form of CTI?

computer telephony integration

Cable Television

Are there cctv in cash machines?

Yes. Almost all ATM machine rooms are monitored by CCTV's to detect and prevent unauthorized and criminal activities. Because of frequent fraudulent activities in ATMs by illegal elements, the CCTVs are installed to monitor such activities and also to catch such people

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What channel is FSC on Time Warner?

183. In my area anyway (Dallas).

it all depends on who you have with your cable company

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How do you turn off closed caption on a DVD?

Go to menu and you should find a item for settings or starting up. It should be in one of those.

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What is the correct frequency for a 1080p blu ray player?

The television frame or field frequency will vary according to the content. It is the content that defines the frequency and not the hardware it plays on.

In Europe, the field rate for 1080i signals is 50Hz with the frame rate at 25Hz. For 1080p, the frame and field rate are normally both 50Hz

In North America, the rates are 30Hz and 60Hz respectively.

There are some other rates that might rarely be seen. Commercial film production uses a frame rate of 24Hz and sometimes video conversions will capture at a 24Hz frame rate. For an HD capture, the full description will be 1080p, 24. Similarly, in Europe, film is often converted to video at 25 frames per second by increasing the playback speed of the film. The resulting video can then be 1080p, 25.

Many Bluray and DVD players will simply output the video at the frame rate that is stored on disc rather than converting it to different rates.

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How do you set your Philips Universal Remote?

See this link for instructions on how to set a Philips Universal remote, along with valid codes:

Cable Television
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Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

What is full form RMP?

Resource money Power

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Type of Analog Modulation used for Sound in TV?

In standard analog NTSC (North American) TV, the aural carrier is placed 4.5 MHz above the

vestigial visual carrier ... which I think corresponds to 0.75 MHz from the top edge of the RF

channel but I'm not sure now.

The aural carrier is plain old FM modulated, exactly like the familiar FM radio at 88 - 108 MHz,

except that its peak deviation is 25 KHz instead of 75 KHz ... or about 9.5 dB less audio out of

an identical detector.

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Why do I still get analog tv?

A few LOW POWER stations were allowed to stay analog for a while based on their power and economic condition.

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What channel is CBS on Bright House network in farmington hills?

214 for HD 14 for non HD

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How far can RG-6 cable be laid without losing signal strength?

RG6 is a co-ax cable commonly used for RF frequency signal transmission in applications such as satellite dish and aerial down leads. There are losses with any signal transmission in wires so signal strength will be reduced for any length of cable. The loss of the signal depends largely on the frequency of the signal and to a lesser extent, the resistance of the cable. The losses that are seen are normally of no significance as long as the receiver is presented with a signal of sufficient magnitude and quality to be able to interpret it correctly.

RG-6 is now not a supported specification. RG-6 cables can vary in performance between one manufacturer and another.

Additionally, the receiver circuitry can play a significant part in the total line length that can be used.

It is impossible to offer a definitive answer to the question because there are so many variables. If there are concerns about the length of the cable run it may be worthwhile to consider larger diameter cables that exhibit lower losses than RG-6. A local satellite or aerial installer will probably be able to ask the right questions and offer a practical solution.

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How much does a cable TV pilot cost to produce?

This depends on the type of show and your creativity to avert expenses....

If you want action/adventure/sci fi, then you are talking about sets, locations, effects, big props and most likely millions of dollars

If you want drama and the show is centered around people/emotions/behaviors I would venture to guess it might cost somewhere around $50,000

If you want a show like jackass, with home movie cameras and crazy stunts, it might cost under $1,000.

Depends on your creativity is the real answer.

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What is the best software for SAA7130 TV card?

With the original software that it came with. The package should of came with a CD containing the original driver. But if you bought used then i suggest you should go to the manufactures website for back up download if not then contact the company that makes these expansions cards.

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Michael Jackson

Who is the girl in Pharrell' s 'Frontin' video and NERD's 'Maybe' video?

Lanisha Cole

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What channel is ion on basic cable?

It's on channel 3.

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Is there a Starcraft channel in American cable tv?


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How do set your default language Hindi in Dish TV?

Use Remote Control For This Process , Just go to MENU >> SETUP >> GUIDE SETTINGS >> PREFERRED AUDIO LANGUAGE >> then use left-right Key and select HINDI, then SAVE and OK key.

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Does wind affect reception on cable tv?

Very rare. Cable tv runs through a cable that usually travels next to the power lines, or underground depending where you are. The only reason that wind would affect your cable tv is if a power line fell, or a tree fell and broke the cable tv/internet line.

However, because cable service providers obtain most of their programming from satellite and microwave links, service can sometimes be affected by severe weather, especially heavy rain.

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What is a VGA to RCA converter box?

A VGA box is a video converter that allows the display of common analog video standards on a VGA computer monitor.

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What is the code for a Hyperion TV?

There is no code for that TV. Here is the tek support number

800 216 5156 good luck

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Are books are better than tv facts?

Yes because there are history channels

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Ntl codes dublin?

the codes for eurovox max ntl dublin are the same as the starview here look for star view codes for dublin here...18 may 2009

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What is the TV Tech remote code for Apex TV?


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Can you use a headphone jack as an auxillary audio out jack?

Yes, but need amplification.


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