Death Rate

Mortality rate is the number of deaths in a country per 1,000 people, per year.

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Cold and Flu
Death Rate

How many people die annually from flu?

It is estimated that 36,000 people die each year, in the US alone, from seasonal flu.

Death Rate

How many people die in the US every year?

More than 2.5 million deaths occur in the US every year.

Center for Disease Control and Prevention numbers:

2011: 2,513,171

2010: 2,468,435

These numbers do not include unborn babies who miscarry or are aborted.

Of the 2,400,000-plus Americans who die each year, over 45,000 are killed in transport accidents. The number of homicides, poisonings, and drunk driving fatalities are roughly the same, at around 17,000 each. Perhaps more surprisingly, a stunning 178,000 Americans die from medical or hospital error every year.

Birth Rate
Death Rate

How many people are born and how many people die every minute?

According to the Population Reference Bureau's "2010 World Population Data Sheet" (28-Jul-2010), 4.45 people are born every second worldwide, on the average, and 1.8 people die every second.

Another way to look at it is:

  • Per minute: 267 born, 108 die, (net population increase: 159)
  • Per day: 384 thousand born, 156 thousand die, (net increase 229 thousand)
  • Per year: 140.4 million born, 56.7 million die, (net increase 83.6 million)
Germany in WW2
Death Rate

How many people were killed by guns in America last year?

The Centers for Disease Control says 11,493 people died from gun homicides.

Death Rate

What does a low death rate mean?

Low average death per year

Death Rate

What percent of Americans live to be 90 years old?

The total population of the U.S. in 2010 was approximately 308,000,000 and the approximate population 90 years or older was 1.9 million. Anyone who understands how to calculate percentage will find that the percentage of the population over 90 was approximately 0.62%, less than 1% of the population.

More information can be found in the Nov 2011 report at where a graph on page 3 unfortunately led someone else to report that the percentage of the population 90 and above was 2%. However, this figure is only associated with one aspect of the graph, which is a line representing the percentage of those 90 and above out of the population that is 65 and above with a corresponding percentage scale on the right side of the graph. The report actually never gives a percentage number that would answer this question.

The 1.9 million Americans of age 90 or above in 2010 were born at a time when the total population of the US was 106,000,000 or less (per the 1920 census). Ignoring any possible effects caused by immigration and emigration, we can say that approximately 1.8% of these people were still alive in 2010. No doubt this would have been slightly higher were it not for the approximately 450,000 US casualties in World War II and the Korean War, many of whom fell into this age cohort.

The percentage of Americans alive today who will live to see 90 is almost certainly much higher than the 1.8% of people born in the early 20th century who lived to that age (i.e. the current population of 90+ citizens), due to vastly improved healthcare, higher average living standards, and perhaps healthier behaviour as well (e.g. the decline of smoking). The answer to the question is a moving target, and we can't say for sure how many people born in any given era will live to 90 until it actually happens.

Cows and Cattle
Death Rate

How many cows die each day in the world?

At least 30 cows die every two hours.

US Census
Death Rate

Life expectancy of a male born in 1943?


New York City
Death Rate

How many people die each day in New York City?

The death rate in New York City is currently at an all-time low (or at least, it was in 2007). In 2007 the reported death rate in New York City was 148 persons per day, or 54,072 per year. The death rate first reached a historic low in 2006, with 55,391 people per year, which is approximately 152 people each day.

Death Rate

How many people a year are killed by toasters?

last year about 709 people were killed by faulty toasters

Jobs & Education
Death Rate

What does death rate mean?

The crude death rate (CBR) is the number of people who die in a year as a proportion of the total population, usually expressed as deaths per thousand people (though it can also be given as a percentage). So 2.5 million US deaths out of a population of 310 million or so gives a crude death rate of 8 per thousand or 0.8%. There are other forms of death rate, such as age-specific rates, but the CBR is the one most commonly used. Over the last couple of centuries the major factor in falling death rates has been declining infant mortality rate (deaths in the first year of life per thousand live births): globally this has fallen from perhaps a quarter to below 5%. Note that a lower death rate doesn't necessarily mean a healthier society: it can nowadays also mean more children, so crude death rates in richer countries will paradoxically rise in coming decades even though we're living longer, because people generally are having fewer children than a few decades ago.

Vatican City
Death Rate

What is the death rate for Vatican City?

How am I supposed to know?...

History of England
Countries, States, and Cities
Death Rate

Why is Bangladesh so poor?

It's a small country with one of the highest population density in the world. Which depicts two realities of Bangladesh, firstly its cheap labour force, secondly the limited resources. The whole development prospectus of Bangladesh lies on the fact that how the nation explores its potentiality between these two realities.

Education: Although its workforce is cheap, Bangladesh doesn't offer quality outsource, due to lack of skill labor and low education rate. Which should be its prime area of concern. Without a justifiable human resource development long term economic progress is never possible. Therefore education, especially in the rural Bengal is highly essential.


Transportation: Bangladesh needs to develop a proper business environment. It has came a long way of infrastructural development since the independence at 1971. A river bridge on Jamuna, and recently undertaken Padma bridge surely is bringing a new era of communication as well as economic growth at North-West, and southern parts of the country. Although capital Dhaka severely fails to provide an effective traffic system which is caused by both lack of modernization and proper monitoring.

Power: Real deficit in the development of Bangladesh lies in its energy sector. Without ensuring smooth electricity at the industrial sector Bangladesh doesn't stand a chance in the competitive market economy. Its exports, domestic economic activities and foreign investment all can be affected by this. Currently a lot of private investments on gas based electricity were encouraged by the government of Bangladesh. It has also turn into nuclear source for its energy need by initiating a 2400MW power plant with assistance of Russia, which will be followed by a second project at the southern part of the country.

Development of Bamgladesh is not a stagnant process, it's running with the full capacity with an annual growth over 6%. By prioritizing education and infrastructure it can smoothen the journey ensuring real benefit of the people.

Food & Cooking
Death Rate

How many people die a year and from what?

About 57 million deaths occur each year, in the world. Cardiovascular disease account for about one third of all deaths, followed by cancers.

Death Rate

How many people die a minute?

  • Per minute: 108 die
  • Per day: 156 thousand die
  • Per year: 56.7 million die
China and Chinese Territories
Birth Rate
Death Rate

Why does china have a low death rate?

Because china is becoming more modernized and industrialized. Also, scientists and doctors have discovered higher quality medicines and cures for keeping the human population alive longer.

US Census
Death Rate

What is the world death rate per minute?

8.37 deaths/1,000 population (2007 est.)

Death Rate

What is the importance of birth rate?

because it is one of the important element to tell the population growth

Evaporation and Condensation
Death Rate

What are the factors that affect the rate of evaporation?

Evaporation is the (slow) process of liquid molecules turning into gas and escaping from the fluid. Because the molecules need a place to escape evaporation can only occur at the surfaces of the fluid that are not in contact with a container, e.g., to top of a glass of water which is exposed to the air. Therefore,

  • The exposed surface area is important at determining the rate. Volume or the amount of fluid does not change the rate of evaporation. Granted it will take longer for a larger volume of fluid to evaporate, but the rate (mass per time) at which it evaporates will be irrespective of volume assuming other influencing variables are held constant. Again, this is because the liquid molecules are not escaping from the volume everywhere at once, they are escaping only at the surface exposed to air.
  • Heat will effect the rate of evaporation. The molecules of a hot fluid are vibrating more rapidly and with more energy than in a cool fluid. The added energy of heat therefore makes it easier for a given molecule to escape the fluid.
  • What the fluid is comprised of will influence the rate of evaporation as well. If the fluid is made up of large charged molecules, the molecules will escape at a slower rate because more energy is required to lift their mass and overcome their electromagnetic interactions with each other to allow the molecules to escape. Also, a mixed fluid can evaporate faster or slower depending on how the different molecules interact with each other.
  • The vapor pressure (amount of the molecules already in the gas phase surrounding the liquid) will also influences the rate of evaporation. For example, at the surface of water there are molecules going from liquid to gas but ALSO from gas back to liquid. The rate of evaporation is determined by the difference between these two processes. If there are a lot of water molecules in gas phase surrounding the area of fluid that is exposed, a greater number by chance will replace the molecules that are escaping the fluid. So the if you measuring the rate at which the mass of water in a container changes over time [which is the same as measuring the rate of evaporation], it will slow down when the fluid is surrounded by more water molecules in the gas state (the vapor pressure is greater).

Accordingly, the fastest way to evaporate a fluid would be to have it in a vacuum that immediately removes the gas before it could go back into the liquid state.

Conditions and Diseases
US Navy
Death Rate

How many people die each day in the US from smoking?

If 430,000 - 435,000 thousand people die each year in the United States, then divided by 365 = 1,178 - 1,192 die each day from smoking in the US alone. See sources in the links below.

United States of America
Death Rate
United States

How many people die each day in the US?

Heart disease

Conditions and Diseases
Death Rate

How many people die from gangrene each day?

25,000 people a year

Birth Rate
Death Rate

What does it mean if a country has a crude birth rate and a crude death death rate?

In that country, a lot of children are born and a lot of people die over average.

Mental Health
Death Rate
Suicide Warning Signs, Statistics, and Prevention

Why do some people commit suicide?

Suicide among adults is more rare as opposed to teens. Suicide is often preceded by depression. Depression is often triggered by several negative life experiences, and if one does not receive treatment, they may often have the outlook of life to be dull and pointless. This long-running emotion may culminate with a suicide attempt.

These are some of the few reasons one may commit suicide:

  • The death of a loved one.
  • A divorce, separation, or breakup of a relationship.
  • Losing custody of children, or feeling that a child custody decision is not fair.
  • A serious loss, such as a loss of a job, house, or money.
  • A serious illness.
  • A terminal illness.
  • A serious accident.
  • Chronic physical pain.
  • Intense emotional pain.
  • Intense anger about past events or people.
  • Loss of hope.
  • Being victimized (domestic violence, rape, assault, etc).
  • A loved one being victimized (child murder, child molestation, kidnapping, murder, rape, assault, etc.).
  • Physical abuse.
  • Verbal abuse.
  • Sexual abuse.
  • Unresolved abuse (of any kind) from the past.
  • Feeling "trapped" in a situation perceived as negative.
  • Feeling that things will never "get better."
  • Feeling helpless.
  • Serious legal problems, such as criminal prosecution or incarceration.
  • Feeling "taken advantage of."
  • Inability to deal with a perceived "humiliating" situation.
  • Inability to deal with a perceived "failure."
  • Alcohol abuse.
  • Drug abuse.
  • A feeling of not being accepted by family, friends, or society.
  • A feeling of not being loved by parents, family, friends, or society.
  • A horrible disappointment.
  • Feeling like one has not lived up to his or her high expectations or those of another.
  • Bullying. (Adults, as well as children, can be bullied.)
  • Low self-esteem.
  • Paranoia.
  • Mood disorders.

For more information, see the Web Link " Suicide causes" to the left.

I urge you to call one of the Suicide helplines. This site has numbers in the United States and worldwide:

They often have low self esteem and don't like themselves.

Suicidal ReasonsMany people commit suicide due to a massive lack of self-commitment and self-confidence. Some people are bullied by friends or family, or some people are bullied by themselves (a psychic problem such as hearing voices pushing the person to do things against their will etc.). Most don't realise that their life is important to them and some experience severe depression after the loss of a loved one or financial ruin etc. Another Answer:

In short, there are probably two courses that can lead to suicide, and they may or may not intermingle. One is cessation of pain, either emotional, physical or both. The other is anger. Suicide is a permanent way to inflict hurt on someone who cares for you.

First Aid
Death Rate

How many people choke to death each year?

More than 2,800 people died because of choking in which most of them were kids.


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