A calculator is a hand-held inexpensive electronic device used to perform the operations of arithmetic. The simplest calculators can only do addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, while scientific calculators can handle exponential operations, and trigonometric and logarithmic functions.

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What does STO mean on the calculator?

Sto on the calulator means it will save the number in the memmory then pres m to get it back

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I know how to calculate Celsius to Fahrenheit and vice versa with a calculator but Is there an easier formula to do in one's head?

Here is a way from C to F that is easy to do in your head;

Say you see 28 C

Double that.. that makes it 56

Subtract 5 (actually 5.6, you are moving one decimal to the left..but leave the .6 off)

That gives you 51

Add 32

So 28 C = 83 F

(I have not found a similar way for F to C)

F= C/5X9+32= Celsius

C= F-32/9X5= Fahrenheit


The Stepped Reckoner was unreliable because?

The device tended to jam and malfunction because the parts of the machine were unreliable.

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How do you operate mu button in calculator?

It means mark up. But, I can't remember how to use it. I know you can find out how much a 15% markup on something would be, etc., but I've got to figure out how to use it again. It's been awhile.

Hope this helps explain the maths...

£100 x 15 MU gives £ same as x 1.15

No idea what the plus minus divide buttons do, probably spurious answers

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How much does a calculator weigh in grams?

100 grams

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Inverse logs on TI-83 plus?

To get the inverse log function, press 2ND and then choose 10x. (Above LOG.)

To get the inverse of a natural log function, press 2ND and then choose ex. (Above LN.)


What does 1.5E8 mean on the calculator?


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How do you reset your graphing calculator?

-- There may be a small hole in the back of the calculator labeled "reset". If so,

the calculator may be reset by carefully inserting the end of a straightened

paper-clip a slight distance into the hole, and pressing the tiny switch located

just inside the hole.

-- If such a reset switch is not provided, then the calculator is reset by momentarily

disconnecting the battery.

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How to calculate erf?

use a program or the normal error function table :p

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How to calculate press machine tonnage?

Well, First get the Dia of material in inches = A

Get the thickness of material in inches = B

Now, Multiplier for M.s is 80 & for soft material like copper, brass, alluminium is 6 0.



1 inch dia

5mm thickness

Material is M.S.

SO TONNAGE is : 1 x 0.1968 x 80 = 15.75 is tonnage required...


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Why didnt Dexter want a pocket calculator?

If this is middle school math homework, the answer is:

He already knew how many pockets he had.

TI-83 & TI-84 Graphing Calculators

How do you Unfreeze a TI-83 Not Plus Calculator?

Try removing the batteries, if that doesn't work did the calculator come with a cable connecting it to the computer? (If it does plug this into the computer and it should hopefully un-freeze)


What does sin mean on a calculator?

It is an abbreviation for sine, and that word together with cosine and tangent are used in simple trigonometrical calculations about right-angled triangles. If we take the shortest side of the triangle, together with the hypotenuse (the longest side) these two sides enclose an angle. The sine of that angle tells us how long the third side is compared with the hypotenuse. Draw a triangle ABC with the right angle at A, the shortest side called AB, the hypotenuse called BC, and the remaining side CA, then if we wanted the sine of angle B we would divide the length of CA by the length of CB. If you want to find the Sine of 50 degrees on a calculator you would press buttons in this order: 50, then the sin button, and the answer would be given almost instantly in the calculator's window. That's much quicker than having to calculate for yourself.

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Who invented the calculator?

Blaise Pascal worked on the calculator for three years between 1642 and 1645. This calculator, called the Pascaline, was like a mechanical calculator of the 1940s. He created it to help his father with tax collecting.

However, the first calculators were abaci, and were often constructed as a wooden frame with beads sliding on wires. Abacuses were used centuries before the adoption of the written Arabic numerals system and are still used by some merchants, fishermen and clerks in China and elsewhere.
The first mechanical calculator was made by Blaise Pascal of France, called the Pascaline, in 1642.
The first calculators were abacus frames. These go back to earlier than 2000 bc. Names and details are unavailable; they have been long lost. The slide rule was invented by W. Oughtred in 1632. The first mechanical adder dates to about 1650 by Blaise Pascal in France. The first practical adder/lister was patented in 1885 by William Burroughs of Rochester, New York. The first hand held calculator was invented by Jack Kilby, Jerry Merryman, and James Van Tassel in 1966 at Texas Instruments.


What exactly is the annuity calculator Canada?

An annuity calculator Canada would be some kind of retirement income calculator for Canadian. It uses your account balance, years of retirment, inflation and several other aspects to calculate a proper figure for the retirements, and in this case for a Canadian.

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What is a Personal Injury Calculator?

A personal injury calculator could be as simple as a net proceeds calculator. You enter the amount of the gross settlement, the percentage being charged by the attorney in fees, and the amounts of the costs and unpaid medical bills or other lienholders, and the sheet would do the rest.

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How do you find the LCM on a ti-83 calculator?

For example, if you want to find the least common multiple of 17 and 256:

Press Math and select NUM at the top with the arrow keys. Scroll down and choose the option that says lcm(. Then type the first number, followed by a comma, followed by the second number. Put in an ending parenthesis (If you don't, it will still work, but this is good practice for when you get to more complex problems.) You should see:


Press ENTER. In this case, the answer will be 4352.

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What year did the Cadbury bunny commercial first air?


United Arab Emirates

Where can you buy a calculator Casio Fx-115ES in Dubai?

Not 100% sure, but check Jumbo elecronics. ^^

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Where can you find a pemdas calculator?

youcan get a specific type like the TI-34 (MOST BEST) but you can get a random one mostley i get all of my school suplies @ staples ( WHARE I GOT THE TI-34)

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Is their Mercury in math calculators?

Mercury is a heavy metal that is very toxic and is a liquid at room temperature. For this reason I do not believe that there would be any mercury in calculators. I do not know why mercury would be used in manufacturing. I don't believe is is commonly used in computer chips. Whether or not mercury is actually used in calculators or in manufacturing of calculators depends varies by manufacturer.

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How do you use the anti log on a TI-89 calculator'?

To find anti log of a number enter the number as the exponent of 10.

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How can you clear all data from a TI-84 plus silver edition?

Press second (2ND) and then memory (MEM, above +). Then select the seventh option, Reset.... In order to delete everything, use the arrow keys to select ALL on the top and then press enter to select All Memory....

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TI-83 & TI-84 Graphing Calculators

How do you make 'cot' and 'csc' on a TI-84 graphing calculator?

From math class, some trigonometric identities:

cot x = 1/tan x

csc x = 1/sin x

sec x = 1/cos x

There are no built-in cot or csc formulas, so use the above.

Remember that these give errors when tan x, sin x, or cos x are equal to 0.

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What slide transition rules?

A good rule of thumb is to only use slide transitions that you have heard of from the movie industry such as cut or fade. Then only change them when you have a major change in theme. Such as Part 1 and Part 2 would feature only two transition types -one for each part.


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