Virtualization and Emulation

Virtualization and emulation are methods of running software from one system or platform on top of another.

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Sony Playstation 2
Virtualization and Emulation

Where can you download a PlayStation 2 emulator?

PS2 emulators are now very good. You can see the whole list at, this site also offers direct download links of all these emulators. The best one is definitely PCSX2. There are 2 main PS2 Emulators:

The emulator PCSx2 may with skill time time and patience allow you to finish some of the PS2 games it would never rate a very good when compared to playing a game on the PS2. It is a task and a chore to develop the ability to play a game on a emulator and it's main value is in saying that you did it and not the gaming experience of playing a game. The PCSX2 is still in beta stage which means that it is unfinished and still requires work. The site for the PCSX2 calls a game playable when with time and effort you are able to complete the game from start to finish. Sony PlayStation 2 calls a game playable only if there are no problems when your playing the game.

The problem is not getting an emulator like the PCSx2, but understanding that it will more about your computer skill in than playing a PS2 game.They do not work trouble free like a PS2.. It takes time and patience to actually finish a game using an emulator and if you need help finding an emulator you are nowhere near capable of actually setting up a emulator to play PS2 games. see related links for the PCSX2 download and for the Wikipedia link on PS2 emulator below the answer information

Official English PCSX2 configuration guide v0.9.7 is a step by step process to download install and play PS2 games with the PCSX2 and has been added as a related link

The Guide and procedures to download the PCSX2 are found on the related link

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Where can you download free Bleem for PS2IN the software FAQ?

Bleem is apparently out of business. Sony sued them and won. However, there are still a few gaming sites where you can download Bleem demos (with no time limit on them!) but you can't get support for these d/l demos. It's a small file too.!.shtml And, of course, you can always check or another online auction site. I've seen auctions on eBay for the Bleem software. You might check eBay periodically and search for 'Bleem.' The ones I've seen were not downloads but the actual disk in a jewel case. Very inexpensive - last one I saw went for less than $2.00. Just watch out for high S&H costs if you decide to bid. They can get rather exorbitant, considering the low cost of the software.

Virtualization and Emulation

Can you play hey you Pikachu on an emulator?


Video Games
Virtualization and Emulation

How can a person play console games on a PC?

You would need to find a emulator for the specific console you wish to play, and a digitized copy (typically called a ROM) of the game that you legally own. Please do not ask anyone for a copy or use download sites for that.

Sony PSP
Sony Playstation 2
Virtualization and Emulation

Is there a ps2 emulator for psp and where you can download it?

There is no PS2 emulator for PSP. It's just not possible to do that.

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Sony Playstation 3
Virtualization and Emulation

How can you run PS2 games on a Pentium 4 with a Mercury motherboard and a Sony DVD ROM?

PS2 gamesyes you can play ps2 on ur PC. well first off u gotta have a good computer. I have a Asus P4 2.8 GHz 512 PC3200 RAM, 80gig hard drive, and a radeon Sapphire atlantis 9600 with 256mb. With this, i can barely run a gamcube game (I can but the graphics too slow). I'm sure that in a while ps2 emulators will be inmproved and graphics support better, but right now... well... its possible, but u need a good comp.

For emulation. you needPCXS2 (Google search it)A PS2 BIOS (a file called scph10000.bin)and of course the games which youll have to find urself

More input from FAQ Farmers:

  • I have used a lot of PS 2 emulators but result was nothing so i think it is nealy imposible to run PS 2 games on PC.So I bought the PS 2.
  • I have downloaded PS2 EMULATOR now, but now how do I run the ps2 game?
  • That's possible! Only what you have to do is to install a superior NVIDIA 3d accelarator card with at least 128 VRAM and buy a DVD ROM. Rest can be downloaded through the internet. ENJOY!!!
  • If you think you can play PS2 games on your PC. That is merely an illusionary talk.
Virtualization and Emulation

What are some fun virtual websites for tweens and teens?

myspace, twitter, facebook, youtube, etc.

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Windows XP
Virtualization and Emulation

In pcsx2 your game does not run due to patch and anything related to patch you do the window gets closed Why?

Microsoft Windows
Virtualization and Emulation

What is ''Virtualbox'' and what does it do?

Virtualbox is a program that you can install and will enable you to install another operating system on your computer. It will share the ram and CPU power of your other OS. For example if you are running Linux and install virtualbox you can then install windows (any version) and run it as if it were a windows computer, You could install and run any windows software. This is one example of using a virtual machine. At this link you can download the program and find the documentation and some screenshots, etc.

Sony Playstation 2
Virtualization and Emulation

How do you set bios for ps2 emulator on my PC?

The related link has a section on setting the bios

A related link to just the section has also been added

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Sony Playstation 2
Windows 7
Virtualization and Emulation

How do you solve pcsx2 ps2 emulator error opening gs plugin?

ME to how will u solve error opening GS plugin*pcsx2?

Sony Playstation 2
Virtualization and Emulation

Can you download ps2 bios free?

The only LEGAL way of obtaining a bios is dumping it from your OWN Playstation 2 console That's because the ps2 BIOS is a copyrighted material of Sony and that makes its' distribution illegal.

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Sony Playstation 2
Virtualization and Emulation

How do you play PlayStation or PS2 games on a PC?

First of all, yes you CAN play PlayStation games on your PC. There are many emulators (programs that mimic the function of other systems) on the Internets. The most popular one and the one I personally use is epsxe170.

Now, before you get all excited. These are some warnings about emulations. You are only legally allowed to use emulation if you:

1. Own the system that you are emulating (i.e. a ps1, game-boy advance, N64, etc.)

2. Own the game that you are playing on your playing on your PC ( i.e FF tactics, banjo kazooie etc.)

People do play these games anyway but this is just for anyone who cares about such a thing. Click on the related link below for a detailed walk through (with pictures) of how to get and install the PA emulator. Please also keep in mind that you may subject to legal issues if you are caught downloading illegal material off the Internet or found under possession of them, be it hardware or software.

As for PS2 emulation, it is possible. The graphics card is extremely important for getting the best performance. If you can sustain good FPS on games like Crysis, Call of Duty and Oblivion at decent settings, chances are that you'll have more than enough power to play most PS2 games at full speed. The latest mid-range GPUs are always a good choice and will last you a few years down the road.


YES.... You can run PS2/3 games and PSP games on your PC or Mac......

Just download the correct VGS version....... This is free you can get it from google....


You can download from torrent sites also....

Download | Install | And Feel realy 3D Depth of the Sony PS or PSP Games....

But remember configure your graphic card firstly.......

Virtualization and Emulation
Sony Playstation 2

How do you download emulator ps2 plus bios in my computer?

The Bios you have to get from your PS2. However the PCSX2 Emulator guide will assist in downloading and setting up the system

Virtualization and Emulation

How do you enter cheats on visualboy advance?

The Problem is the Master codes of the gameshark code ok EF but the game still not change anything when the code is on to play. it can say totally no effect at all in my PC when I'm play.

Virtualization and Emulation

What does 'The 1m sub-circuit is not installed' mean on VisualBoy Advance?

This error message comes up in games that use 128k Flash chips. The default setting in VisualBoy Advance is to emulate a 64k Flash chip. To fix this, go to Options > Emulator > Save Type, and select "Flash 128k." Be sure to delete any .SAV files for the game before doing this. Otherwise it will continue trying to use the corrupted save file.

This error would never occur on a real Game Boy unless the cartridge is a counterfeit copy.
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Windows 7
Virtualization and Emulation

What is a good SNES emulator for windows 7?

Snes 9x. It works perfectly well and has no problems.

Here's a link to it: (moved to related links)

Download snes9x 1.5.2 and i assure you it will work.

Sony Playstation 2
Virtualization and Emulation

What is the requirements for PS2 emulator?

The hardware requirements are very high, we are talking about an Intel E6600 or an equivalent AMD, 1 GB of ram and a video card with full support of Pixel Shader 2.0.

Virtualization and Emulation
Nintendo GameCube

Where can you download a GameCube emulator?

The best currently available GameCube emulator, Dolphin, can be downloaded at the link below.

Mac OS
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Mac OS X

Can you run Mac OS X 10.6 on VMWare?

A vanilla copy of Mac OS X will not run in VMWare. Although there are patched copies available, they are illegal, so we cannot provide links to them.

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What is DRS in vmware?

DRS stands for Distributed Resource Scheduler.

Sony Playstation
Virtualization and Emulation

Why when playing a PlayStation emulator would the game speed be much faster than normal?

Because it isn't perfect. Emulators require a 3x faster CPU then the actual CPU int he playstation. Its all about the code and not everything is emulated perfect. Buy the game nad play it on a playstation.

answerIt's because your PC or your configYou can change config to make a better game
Sony Playstation 2
Virtualization and Emulation

What are system requirements for playing ps2 games on PC?

The recommended system requirements for PCSX2 are:

Windows Xp/Windows 7 or Linux 32bit/64bit

CPU: Core 2 Duo 3.2 GHz or Core-i series

GPU: GeForce 8600 GT or better

2GB RAM (3GB or more if using Windows Vista or Windows 7)

see related link for PCSX2 From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Virtualization and Emulation

How do you use the PSPE playstation portable emulator?

Download a GAme Of PSp Then Copy ITs iso File And PAste IT In the mso directory of PSp

Sony Playstation
Sony Playstation 2
Virtualization and Emulation

Can you use a PS2 controller on PS2 emulator?

You have the wrong ideal of how good a PS2 emulator works. It is not like playing a PS2 it is like taking on a difficult task to prove you can do it and failing on more than half the titles you try to play. The ones you do succeed at it is with great time and difficulty as you work out the procedure to learn how set up everything to play a single game title


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