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Developed by Apple Inc, the Mac OS refers to a series of operating systems for Macintosh computers. It is usually pre-installed on every Mac computer which can be bought online and in retail stores.

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How do you put iTunes gift card money on your iPod touch?

To put iTunes gift card money on your iPod touch you go to the iTunes app. It is purple and has a music note on it. Then you press the Music icon on the bottom left hand corner. Scroll down until you see the redeem button. Then click on it. Enter the code on your gift card and hit redeem which is in the upper right hand corner. ...
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What is Steve Rogers's birthday?

Steve Rogers was born on November 29, 1954.
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List of major accomplishments from Steve jobs?

created ipod created ipads created iphones
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How can you convert audio cassette tapes to digital files?

THINGS YOU WILL NEED: * A Computer with sound * A 1/8" (3.5mm) stereo audio cable * Audacity Audio program (FREE) * Lame MP3 encoder (FREE) * Cassette player * Cassette Tape I found a very useful step-by-step guide on how and where to install audacity and lame. how to connect the cassette player to the computer and tips on how to record the audio. there are even pictures to explain everything better. ...
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How do you open a do file on a Mac?

A .do file is a Java servlet and should play in the Safari web browser on a Mac. Make sure you have Java enabled in the Security settings of Safari's preferences. ...
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How do you speak to a computer and have it type it out for you?

To have a computer type what you say requires the use of speech recognition software (See links below) . ...
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Is Adobe Fireworks CS4 compatible with Mac 10.5?

Fireworks CS4 is compatible with Mac OS X 10.4 and 10.5 on Macs with either a PPC (G4 or G5) and Intel processor. ...
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Dose MSN Hotmail messenger work on apple mac computers?

Microsofts MSN Messenger and HotMail will work on Apple Mac computers. (See links below) ...
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Does niagara region have an apple store?

In Canada, Toronto is the closest. In USA Walden Galleria has an Apple Store, but for iphones you need a AT&T contract to buy. ...
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Is umesh yadav play any international cricket?

Yes. Umesh Yadav played International Cricket. He made his ODI debut against Zimbabwe in TRI-SERIES onJune 2010( on that time unlucky he didn't take any wickets) ...
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Can a program be installed twice on a mac accidentally?

Yes, most applications on a Mac are containerized to avoid one application from affecting (crashing) another. This also makes it easy to uninstall by simply dragging the application to the trashcan rather that having to run uninstall programs to delete residual scripts in other areas. ...
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How do you make photo album on mac?

you open iPhoto. It's located in the "dock" and in the programs folder. With this program you could import and organise your photos and make albums. ...
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Does Switched on Schoolhouse work on the Mac Book?

From what I understand they do not have a version of SOS for the mac, but some people have been successful running it on a mac by running a windows virtual machine on a mac. I wouldn't try it as my husband ran windows on his mac for a while and said it was choppy and crashed a lot (typical for windows :). Alpha Omega also has Monarch which is web based and will run on a mac using safari...
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Is Mac Wiseman alive?

Yes. Mac Wiseman is alive
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How can mac and vista be installed on one computer?

Boot Camp - Parallels - VM Ware - Cross Over Addition And make sure to partition your boot drive. To run Vista you must first have a mac with an Intel proccessor then use parallels Addition VirtualBox is a free emulator you can use to install different operating systems (Windows, Linux, Unix) on your Mac without having to worry about partitioning your drive or rebooting your computer:
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Are Macs manufactured in china?

yes The soon to be released 2013 Mac Pro will be manufactured in the U.S.
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Sony version of the IEEE 1394 interface?

The Sony version of the IEEE 1394 interface is called iLink.
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Why do PC's seem more vulnerable to viruses than MAC's?

Almost all viruses are written for the PC. They do not execute on the MAC. Also what makes a virus a virus, is that it can spread to other computers. If 100 unprotected windows computer are on a network, and one gets infected, it will infect all others. If malicious software got on a mac, that was written for a mac, they would have to first type in their admin password to make it install, but it could not spread to...
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Why a recruit would be discharged from Boot Camp?

Health reasons , a family emergency or an unsuitability for military life . ...
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Who sings the new Korean Air jingle?

Sounds like Air or Zero 7
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How do you see used storage on the mac?

First, navigate to your Applications folder. Once inside, open the Utilities folder. Inside you will find a program called "Activity Monitor." Launch this program. Towards the bottom of the program window, you will see options such as, CPU, System Memory, Disk Activity, Disk Usage, and Network. Click the "Disk Usage" option. From there you should be able to view how much space you have used, and how much space you have free. You can also select different disks from this interface. ...
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What are three faces of Mac OS X are?

-Darwin = Microsoft DOS -Classic = Microsoft Win 3.1 family -Aqua = Microsoft Win GUI ...
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Hypercard for Macintosh?

Hypercard is no longer available. Hypercard's programming language is incorporated into RunRev's software. The starter Media version is free. (See links below) ...