Karaoke is a form of entertainment in which people can sing along to recorded music, typically without the vocals of the lead singer.

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What is the best site for instrumental music?



How do you make karaoke songs with Audacity?

Ah. There is no hard and fast rule for this; in fact, most of the time it can't be done, and it is simpler to make a backing track from scratch. However, you might be able to come close-enough to what you want, depending on your audio file.

If the instrumental music differs in each ear, but the vocals are evenly panned ("center-panned"), you can split your stereo track to mono by using "Split Track," then "Invert"ing one of the tracks, and finally sticking them back together with the good old "Make Stereo Track."

There is a plugin (at least for Linux Audacity) called something along the lines of, "Remove Center-Panned Vocals."

Both of these methods will leave you with a soft, tinny remainder of the singing (usually), like the shadow left when you erase the number fifty-eight off of your math homework. If none of the instruments are center-panned, and the vocal tracks all are, this should work great, perfectly, even. Otherwise, you'll get the leftover vocals, plus any center-panned instruments will be similarly crappily removed.

If you make use of the "Equalizer," you may be able to eliminate most of the vocal out of your track.

Using "Amplify" to decrease the maximum amplitude may allow you to make whatever is left of the vocals quiet enough that nobody will notice.

You might try the "Bass Boost," depending on what kind of music it is. If you can remove the vocals most of the way, and the song has a heavy beat, chances are that if you just up the bass, it will cover up the remainder.

If you for some reason have an acapella track of the song, and it is identical to the vocals in the song you want the instrumental of, you can:

Line up the two tracks Exactly (if they aren't matched exactly, it won't work), then "Invert" one of them. They should also be the same volume (the vocals in the song and the acapella track), because if one is louder than the other, you will hear the vocals as loud as the difference of the volumes of the two tracks.

If you have a poor quality version of your song (as in, played, re-recorded via analog device, then converted to digital), you won't be able to remove center-panned vocals (Using the "Equalizer" will still work).

Sorry, man, a dilemma we all have, and right now, there is no easy answer.

edit by sean:

You can make an vocal-less song with audacity, but you cannot make a karaoke track (MP3+G etc) with it. You need additional software.

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What is the origin of the word 'stepchild'?


Old English. steop-, with connotations of "loss," in combinations like steopcild "orphan," related to astiepan, bestiepan "to bereave, to deprive of parents or children," from P.Gmc. *steupa- "bereft" (cf. O.Fris. stiap-, O.N. stjup-, Swed. styv-, M.L.G. stef-, Du. stief-, O.H.G. stiof-, Ger. stief-), lit. "pushed out," from PIE *steup-, from base *(s)teu- (see steep (adj.)). Etymologically, a stepfather or stepmother is one who becomes father or mother to an orphan, but the notion of orphanage faded in 20c. For sense evolution, cf. L. privignus "stepson," related to privus "deprived."


What is the average price for a karaoke machine for your home?

There is a very wide variety of karaoke machines and of course a wide range of prices. Basic cheapest one can start arount 35$ but I wouldn't recommend them. Some can go up to 740$ and even more. But if you want a good karaoke machine, I would say you can get on average a good deal at around 200$.


What is an easy karaoke song for female altos?

puff the magic dragon


What are good songs to sing for girls?

It all depends on the person. It depends on their pitch, volume, and range.

If you have a low voice but can hit the high notes, your like adele, so her songs would be best.

If your a rapper, nicki minaj is a great rapper, but not age appropriate for small kids.

if you have a high pitched girly voice like Carly Rae Jepsen, sing her songs.

If you have a high pitched voice that can hit the high notes, your like Jessie J and Katy Perry, so try some of their songs.

If your an all-a-rounder here's a list of some of my personal favorites...

1. Want You Back-Cher Lloyd

2. Part of me - Katy Perry

3. Beautiful - Christina Aguilera

4. demi Lovato - Give Your Heart A Break

5. Raise Your Glass - Pink

6. Set Fire To The Rain - Adele

7. Rumor has It - Adele

8. Someone like you - Adele

9. Bad Romance - Lady gaga

10. Songbird - Glee's Santana

11. I wanna Dance With Somebody - Glee's Brittany and Santana

12. Hit The Lights - Selena Gomez

13. Single Ladies - Beyonce

14. We Found Love - Rihanna

15. Need You Now - Lady Antebellum

(Not In Any order or favoritism)

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Where can you download glee karaoke song?


Where can you download free cdg karaoke songs?

alan jackson

Lyrics and Sheet Music

Problemang Puso lyrics by Jude Michael?

problemang puso

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What is the origin of the word nightmare?

Interestingly, the mare in nightmare has nothing to do with a female horse. Instead, it comes from Old English maere 'goblin, incubus.' The word was nigt-mare in 1300, and it referred to an evil female spirit afflicting sleepers with a feeling of suffocation. By 1350, it was nytmare and in 1440 it was nyghte mare. Mare 'goblin' is a cognate with Middle Dutch mare, maer 'incubus,' Old High German mara, Middle High German mar, mare(dialectical modern German Mahr 'nightmlare'), and Old Icelandic mara 'incubus.' Mare comes from the Proto-Germanic word *maron. Nightmare was used to describe 'a bad dream caused by an incubus' in the 16th century, and by 1829 it was used to describe 'a bad dream' in general. From: TakeOurWord.Com

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Where can you download Free Tamil Devotional songs?

its easy ...down load from cool toad there are many songs in Hindi Tamil and many more ..he hay try it out .


How much should a decent karaoke machine cost?

Good karaoke machines cost 2 - 3,000. The ones you can buy for 200 or so are a joke, suitable only for in home use and with no real power


What are some easy modern songs to sing for girls?

I'd say anything by Ingrid Michaelson for altos, Regina Spektor for sopranos and The Beatles for tenors.

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What is the Origin of the word pee?

It seems to be simply the first letter of the word "piss", which was once the common word for urination (see the Canterbury Tales).

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What is the origin of the word blackmail?

Its origin had nothing to do with the post office. Mail in this sense was an old Anglo-Norse term for rent or tribute. During the time of border warfare between England and Scotland, freebooters extorted payment from farmers of the area in exchange for protection and immunity from plunder. As the inhabitants were generally very poor, the tribute was paid in "black mail," that is, grain, meat, or the lowest coinage (copper), as opposed to "white mail," which was silver. In time the word took on the meaning of any payment extorted by threat of exposure of an incriminating secret.

Glee (TV Series)

What is the code to unlock the song firework on glee karaoke revolution volume 3?



Is it possible to free download karaoke of Malayalam film song?

Yes, you can download karaoke of malayalam film songs. There are so many sites. You can check the links or try google.

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What is the origin of the word 'cock'?

The word appears to be of Germanic origin. The original meaning was "a male bird".

The term was later applied to aggressive people because of the similarity of behavior to the fighting birds. This is where the word "cocky" comes from.

Another characteristic of the birds was upright posture. Because of this, the word came to mean "something that sticks up". This is where we get the expression "cocked ear".

The term also was applied to a spout, since a spout is something that sticks up. In modern usage, a radiator or a water heater is said to have a drain cock.

The slang use of the word for penis probably originates somewhere between the aggressive bird meaning and the spout meaning. A penis is called a cock because it is said to resemble a bird, and because the rooster is a symbol of masculinity in some cultures. Similarly, in Spanish a penis is commonly called a pajaro (bird), a pavo (turkey), or a polla (chicken). Perhaps the most bird-like penises are those that tend to tilt or curve slightly southward when erect (similar to the natural curvature of a rooster neck and head), the pubic hair at the base of the penis could also be said to resemble the ring or collar of feathers displayed by some roosters. The large wattles (i.e. the fleshy sack) that form on both turkeys and some roosters can also be said to resemble a man's scrotum.

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What recent comedy movie features the song sweet Caroline I think they sing it at karaoke or something i have been racking my brain trying to think of it and its so annoying?

Are you thinking of 'Beautiful Girls' with Timothy Hutton? I think that's it.


How do you get free tokens on star maker?

You have to buy it....it sucks!


Billa karaoke downloads?



Who invented the karaoke machine?

Daisuke Inoue

He never patented it, but he does receive worldwide acknowledgement / blame (depending on your views about karaoke).

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What is the origin of the word 'honky'?

According to the American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, the word "honky" is "Used as a disparaging term for a white person."

There seems to be much speculation on the origin of the word, depending on who you ask.

Various speculative theories on the origin "honky":

* It is derived from "bohunk" (bohemian + Hungarian) and "hunky." * It stems from the practice of white males looking for African-American prostitutes in the 1920's, and going to the part of town where they lived and honking their car horns to attract the attention of the whores. Another theory states that, since few African-Americans could afford a car in that era, the honking signaled a well-paying white client.

* The term comes from the word "honky-tonk", which dates back to 1875 in reference to the wild saloons of the Old West. The patrons of these saloons were referred to as "honkies," and although this was not intended as a racial slur, it was nevertheless a disparaging term.

To read more about this word and its origin, see Answers.com as well as the Urban Dictionary (see Related Links).

The Sims 2

In The Sims 2 how do you move with the Karaoke Machine michrophone?

Well open up the cheat box if you dunno how (press ctrl and c button at the same time) then type in (moveobjects on) no bracets.

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What is the origin of the word Manchester?


Mameceastre (1086), from Mamucio (4c.), the original Celtic name, perhaps from *mamm "breast, breast-like hill" + O.E. ceaster "Roman town."

Source: http://www.etymonline.com/index.php?term=Manchester


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