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Online music could be loosely described as an internet radio. It commonly refers to songs and sound tracks available through the net via a subscription-based access or an advertisement backed free radio.

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Where can you find and download music for free?

yt dowlode
WWE World Wrestling Entertainment
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Where can you legally download free WWE theme music?

A booger

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Where can you download Reshiram's battle music?


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What is the best site for instrumental music?


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What is an EP single?

Extended-play discs (EPs) are CDs with a total playing time greater than that of a single but less than that of a full CD.

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Free music download forum?

If you're looking for them to put music on your iPod; there is apps for that. There is many apps for free music, they work too. But for PC there is and there . Hope I helped! ;D

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Is Kazaa legal?


Kazaa is actually a legal program but because of the way it's used, its developing company and several users have already been sued for copyright violation.

Uploading or downloading works protected by copyright without the authority of the copyright owner is an infringement of the copyright owner's exclusive rights of reproduction and/or distribution. Anyone found to have infringed a copyrighted work may be liable for statutory damages up to $30,000 for each work infringed and, if willful infringement is proven by the copyright owner, that amount may be increased up to $150,000 for each work infringed.

$100M worth of damages previously settled by Kazaa in favor of recording companies, private individuals who obtain through Kazaa mp3s and other copyrighted files have also been sued by parties in interest, monetary payments averaging $3,000 were paid by several people. In particular, a single mother had to pay $9,250 for each of the 24 songs they had accused her of stealing.


Yes. Kazaa is a legal program. However, the uses it is primarily put to are not. Downloading copyrighted music, videos, and software without the permission of the author / artist is illegal. Due to it being used primarily for this purpose, the creators of Kazaa have been sued for being a sort of "enabler" for piracy. Really, though, this charge could just as easily be levied against Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox, since they also allow you to download files regardless of their legality.


Since 2008 there has been a new owner of Kazaa who made unlimited,unrestricted, and safe downloads at a monthly phone bill fee. It is now completely legal (for now).

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Is music wizard legal?

Yes it is legal

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Is music oasis legal?

I have no idea. The website says that it is 100% safe, but so did LimeWire

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How do you edit song's length in iTunes?

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Is video2mp3 legal?

No one knows for sure, also some people got viruses from that website... Just to be on the safe side. You're better off just buying the song. You should try Video Download Studio. I think it's around 30$? Good luck!
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On iTunes what does consolidate your library mean?

it means that it will save that music to a folder on your itunes library.

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Why isn't Pandora internet radio working right now?

Of December 29, 2009 Pandora is working. It Maybe your computer. Or even your sound system connected to your computer or mobile phone.

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Buy Apple Lossless Music Downloads?

Currently you can only purchase iTunes Plus format AAC files from the iTunes store. There only two possible options. Purchase the actual CD and use iTunes to rip it to Apple Lossless. Go to the website listed below and request them to start offering music in Apple Lossless. I would also recommend requesting them to offer support for .flac files as that is the most commonly used lossless music format at the moment.

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Can you still download free music off of Limewire if you download a newer version of it?

Yes you can if u get a newer version then that's even beter because u can download music,videos more faster

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Where can you download When Witches were Waltzing song for free?

On ------NOPE! doesnt work idiot!

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Where can you download fox life ladies club song?

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How many illegal downloads are done a day?

millions a day

Too many, that's for sure.

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Is downloading songs from Ares illegal or legal?


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What is a free safe down loadable music website?

Downloading songs for free is illegal.

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Does the ready set guy lip sync?

No, he sings.

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What is the size of the podcast audience on iTunes?

iTunes provides a directory of podcasts but does not host or supply podcasts. Podcast providers host their podcasts on their own sites and would use their site's logs to determine the number of subscribers to their podcasts. The potential audience will be the 160 million users of iTunes.

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Does YouTube cost money?

No, it's absolutely free to use, but some videos come with commercials that you have to watch. Also, it costs money to make some of the videos and it costs money to promote them.

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Do dj's have to buy their music by law?

If you are trying to DJ at a club or any place where you make a profit, then yes. If you are doing it at home by yourself then you can illegally download music to use. Nobody would bother you if it was done in your house.

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What is the best legal music download site?



Yahoo Music Unlimited



Do a search for "Music downloads review" to compare

See Links for sites with reviews and comparisons

Further Information:

  • If you want music but don't want the whole album go to iTunes and buy just one or two songs from the album for a buck apiece.
  • Please understand that when you download music for free you are stealing. If you think it only hurts the big record companies, you're wrong. Many people lose money every time a song is stolen through illegal downloads: the artist, the writer, the retailer, the record company. Not everyone in the chain of people who create music are making the big bucks and can afford to lose their royalties. Nothing is ever truly free. Everyone eventually pays for theft of any kind. For the music business retail prices increase, concert tickets increase, concert merchandise is more expensive and on and on.
  • You can browse for un-signed bands who will let you have their music for free in the hope you'll love it and pass it on and help their profile, which is a great way of hearing what's new.
  • For legal downloads your best bets are, which charges a fee to download a set number of songs per month;, which offers completely free downloads, although the selection is limited; or a service such as rapsody or itunes, which allow you to pay per song or album.
  • The great thing about the internet is that often you can find free music offered by the artist themselves, and, very importantly, by unsigned artists. Buying a CD is a little outdated now, it is a waste of plastic and not that high quality compared to modern file types (i am not talking about compressed mp3s here). Most people don't really want to give money to record companies if they don't have to, it does make things expensive and often results in the severe limitation of the availability of music to those who don't happen to have a high paid job in the western world.
  • It is amazing how much you can actually find on Google just by looking. My suggestion is to use last.FM to discover new music and then simply search for it online. Make sure that if you download it free you have the artist's approval, they can often make more money by you paying $5 directly to them for an album than $15 in store.. for which they get maybe 3%.
  • To summarize: and similar sites are great for monthly subscriptions for people who like lots of music, last.FM is amazing for discovering new music, search for what you like online, using Google, myspace, and It won't be free but you will get more than you ever could by CD alone and you will be ultimately supporting the original artists much more than by buying a CD, and certainly a lot more than by just downloading torrents.

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