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Who is the longest reigning WWE Champion of all time?

That honor goes to Bruno Sammartino, who held the then WWWF Championship for seven years, eight months, and one day. He won the title from Buddy Rogers on May 17, 1963, and dropped it to Ivan Koloff on Jan. 18, 1971. Koloff held it for 20 days.

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Is it true that WWE wrestlers take drugs?

WWE has a strict policy on their superstars taking drugs.

WWE World Wrestling Entertainment

Did Dave Batista really quit the WWE?

Dave Batista quit the WWE in 2010, in an interview he had stated he "did not like the direction the company was going in and would not be returning any time soon". In January of 2014 Batista returned. He 'quit' again to promote his upcoming movie, Guardians of the Galaxy.

WWE World Wrestling Entertainment

Does a video of Owen Hart's death exist?

No, there are hoax videos floating around online. They are of separate events claiming to be Owen Hart's fall. They are not the real thing. If the video was available, it is doubtful they would be allowed to be linked to on WikiAnswers, due to it just not being appropriate. These types of things are often disrespectful to the friends and families of the victims.

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How do you make batman on WWE raw 2?

i don't think you can

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When is Brock Lesnar coming back to the WWE?

Most likely, never. It seems he has moved on to MMA. Brock still seems like he likes wrestling because he talks about it still, but since he is the UFC Heavyweight Champion right now - it would be hard to believe he would go back to WWE again. But nobody can speak for Brock expect Brock, so it is always possible.

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How many players are on a wrestling team?

There is no players. It' wrestlers. WWE wrestlers don't play. They're fighters dude.

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What is Wwe mad man masons real name?

I have no clue... sorry

His name is Mason Bryce Pike

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Is there a WWE channel?

No there is no WWE channel but if you want to watch WWE Programming, as of 5/29/2011... Raw and Tough Enough can be watched on USA. Smackdown can be watched on SyFy. NXT is only available through

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Which WrestleMania had the highest attendance?

That depends who you ask. Ask WWE, and they’ll say 2016’s WrestleMania 32, with 101,763 people in AT&T Stadium that day. In second place is WrestleMania III, an almost mythic event in 1987 boasting 93,173 strong in the Pontiac Silverdome. Ask the sleuths of the internet, and the true winner is less clear.

About a year after WrestleMania 32, contacted the police department in Arlington, Texas, where the supposed record-breaking event took place, and they said that 80,709 fans went through the turnstiles that day. WWE, by their own admission, drummed up the attendance figure by including event staff (and there’s even question as to whether that would have gotten it to 101,763). WWE has a habit of exaggerating numbers—WrestleMania III’s figure is similarly questionable, with the most widespread rumor putting attendance at a mere 78,000, but more optimistic (and thoroughly reasoned) estimates putting it in the high 80,000s.

So, if we’re going by WWE’s numbers, WrestleMania 32 had the highest attendance. Going by subsequent reporting, it’s less clear. And that, my friend, is professional wrestling.

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Where can you legally download free WWE theme music?

== == You cannot get these songs for free, try using iTunes. First you download iTunes and get an account. Each song is 99cents.

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Was brock lesnar in heart break ridge movie?

No.. It's Peter Koch... he just look's alot like brock...

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Will smackdown vs raw 2012 be on playstation 2?


no wwe 12 will not be on the play station 2. it will only be on the play station 3, the xbox 360, and the wii.

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Randy orton steroids?

no randy Orton does not take steroids because you should be looking at the big show how much damage he does

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Who sings theme music for silent witness?

Its called Silencium by John Harle

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How heavy are WWE belts?

I'm not sure about WWE ones, but the ones at the company I work for are quite heavy.

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Is Randy Orton dating Stacy Keibler?

No, Randy Orton is not dating Stacy Keibler.

Randy Orton is currently married to Samantha Speno.

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What are the rules for a No Holds Barred Match?

No DQ's,No count outs,anything goes. Win by a pi or submission in the ring. Basicly a hardcore match

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Who was first.wcw or wwf?


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Who trish stratus married to?

Her high school sweetheart Ron

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When is auction hunters coming back on?

Friday da 13th! Jk just saying how should we know?

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What time you can watch WWE raw live on GMT?

wwe raw starts at 2am (gmt) normally on sky sports 3 on monday night going into Tuesday morning

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What is the history of DX vs McMahons?

One night in raw,when vince McMahon when he reviewed Bret hart's DVD,Shawn michaels came and he began talking about hart.Vince said,"I screwed Bret Shawn. don't make me hurt you."At the 2006 Royal Rumble, when Michaels was among the final six remaining participants after eliminating Shelton Benjamin, McMahon's entrance theme music distracted Michaels, allowing Shane McMahon to eliminate him.[46] On the February 27, 2006 edition of Raw, Michaels was knocked unconscious by Shane. When Michaels' former Rockers tag team partner Marty Jannetty came to the rescue of Michaels, he was forced to join McMahon's "Kiss My backside Club".[47] On the March 18 edition of Saturday Night's Main Event, Michaels faced Shane in a Street Fight. McMahon screwed Michaels while Shane had Michaels in the Sharpshooter. Michaels had not submitted, but McMahon ordered the referee to ring the bell, giving Shane the victory (another Montreal reference).[10][48] At WrestleMania 22, Vince McMahon faced Michaels in a No Holds Barred match. Despite interference from the Spirit Squad and Shane, McMahon was unable to beat Michaels.[49] At Backlash, Vince McMahon and his son Shane defeated Michaels and "God" (characterized by a spotlight) in a No Holds Barred match.[50]

On the May 15, 2006 edition of Raw, Triple H hit Shane with a sledgehammer meant for Michaels.[51] The next week on Raw, Triple H had another chance to hit Michaels with the object but he instead whacked the Spirit Squad.[52] For a few weeks, McMahon ignored Michaels and began a rivalry with Triple H by forcing him to join "Kiss My backside Club" (Triple H hit McMahon with a Pedigree instead of joining the club) and pitting him in a gauntlet handicap match against the Spirit Squad.[53][54] Michaels, however, saved Triple H and the two reformed D-Generation X (DX). This led to a feud between the McMahons and DX, throughout the following summer.[55] At SummerSlam in 2006, the McMahons lost to DX in a tag team match despite interference by Umaga, Big Show, Finlay, Mr. Kennedy, and William Regal.[56] The McMahons also allied themselves with the ECW World Champion Big Show.[55] At Unforgiven, the McMahons teamed up with The Big Show in a Hell in a Cell match to take on DX. Despite their 3-on-2 advantage, the McMahons lost again to DX thus ending the rivalry.[57]

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Who sings theme song for LoneStar?

If you mean the TV show, I 'm guessing Colbie Caillat.

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What is the vipers song in hardy bucks?

the launch - dj jean


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