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Q: How do you calculate tripple occupancy?
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How do you calculate a occupancy rate of recreational facilities?

There are actually a few ways that you can calculate occupancy rate. You can have general unit occupancy, occupancy by square footage or economic occupancy. There is an article in the Storage Facilitator that breaks down each of these and tells you what percentage you should aim for. Check it out in the related links section.

How do you calculate monthly hotel occupancy percentages?


How do you calculate occupancy rate of a vehicle?

usually by the number of seats

How can you calculate occupancy rate of an assisted living facility?

Divide current occupancy by the total possible occupancy and multiply by 100. For example: If a facility has a total possible occupancy of 100 and the current occupancy is 75 then the occupancy rate is 75%. 75 / 100 * 100 = 75 % If you do not multiply by 100 then you have the answer as a decimal fraction.

How do you calculate the rev par?

occupancy multiply by daily room rate

How do you calculate the area of occupancy assuming that the total area is known?

Knowing the total area is not enough. You need to know the occupancy proportion as well.

What is the maximum occupancy weight in a 16 foot fiberglass boat?

to calculate the recommended occupancy for any boat under 20ft: length times width divided by 15 L x W / 15 = Maximum occupancy

How do you calculate economic occupancy for a apartment complex?

Total net income divided by gross potential rent

How do you calculate total rooms sold in hotel?

Take the number of rooms in a hotel & multiply it by the occupancy. Example, if a hotel has 130 rooms & their occupancy is at 87%, take 130x.87=113. 113 rooms sold.

How can you calculate occupancy rate of hotel with complimentary and house use rooms?

Do you mean how do you calculate occupancy or how do you calculate the Average Daily rate? To calculate the Average Rate = Rooms Revenue divided by Rooms Sold To Calculate Occupancy = Total Rooms Sold divided by Total number of rooms available in the hotel x 100

How do you convert kn to occupancy load?

To convert kilonewtons (kn) to occupancy load, you need to know the weight-bearing capacity of the floor. Occupancy load is typically measured in pounds per square foot or kilograms per square meter depending on the building code. Once you have the weight-bearing capacity of the floor, you can calculate the occupancy load by dividing the capacity by the force exerted by the kn.

How do you calculate Desk Occupancy for a Real Estate Office?

Contact Cad-Capture Data Services on 01254 504400 or