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TNA Total Nonstop Action

Where to download TNA fortune theme song?

You can download it off of youtube by using the youtube to mp3 converter.

TNA Total Nonstop Action

What lesbian storylines will tna wrestling do?

There are no current Lesbian storylines within TNA Wrestling. However, there has been moments with females kissing within their entrances.

TNA Total Nonstop Action

How do they bleed on tna wrestling if it is real?

Professional wrestling is not real. It is scripted and choreographed and that includes the two mainstream promotions, WWE and TNA.

In both companies there is a little trick that wrestlers use to bleed. Before the match, they prepare a small blade, which they hide somewhere in their gear. When, for instance, the guy receives a chair shot, there is usually a moment when nobody can see the wounded clearly. For instance, he may have gone to the floor outside the ring. That is when he takes out the blade and makes a small cut on his forehead. It does not hurt a lot and the wound heals within a day or two, but the visual effect is good, since the forehead is rich in blood and everything gets covered in red even though it is only a small cut.

TNA Total Nonstop Action

How old is sting the wrestler?


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TNA Total Nonstop Action

What is Kevin Nash's religion?


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TNA Total Nonstop Action

Who made the song played during the Mick Foley tribute on Raw December 15 2003?

The song that was played on the December 15th, 2003 episode of RAW was called " So Far Away " performed by Staind.

TNA Total Nonstop Action

What happened to pure tna?

the people who made tna just deiced they needed something new instead of tna what happened to discovery kids.....

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TNA Total Nonstop Action
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Is Bobby Roode the son of Rick Rude?

They are not related, even though the real names are similar. Rick Rude's real name is Richard E. Rood and Bobby Roode's real name is Robert Roode. Bobby Roode wrestles under his real name and basically Rick did also, but he changed the spelling.

TNA Total Nonstop Action

What is aj styles favorite color?


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TNA Total Nonstop Action

Does Jeff Hardy have piercings?

yes. yes he does...

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TNA Total Nonstop Action

Is TNA wrestling still on British Eurosport?


Tes, TNA wrestling is still in progress go to payperview for your viewing pleasures.

but it is months behind , if you want to keep up to date watch it on bravo (saturdays 9-11 pm)

TNA Total Nonstop Action

What color are velvet sky's eyes?

Velbet skys eyes r blue

TNA Total Nonstop Action
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What channel is WWE wrestling on?

Monday's: its raw on USA channel 27

Tuesday: NXT on www. wwe/

Thursday: Superstars on WGN America channel 19

Friday's: Smack Down on Si-Fi channel 40


Sunday WGN Superstars channel 19

After the first Superstars on Thursday it shows again on that night at 12:00

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TNA Total Nonstop Action

How do you get a body like Rick rude?

Drugs. And lots of them.

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TNA Total Nonstop Action

What is your dream wrestling roster?

my dream roster


-kurt angle

-mike awesome

-claudio castagnoli

-chris hero

-steve williams

-chris benoit

-charlie haas

-shelton benjamin

-terry gordy

-bam bam bigelow

-steiner brothers(young)

-tetsuya naito

-hirooki goto

-ricky steamboat(was he a heavyweight?)

-brock lesnar(his moveset would be a hybrid between mma style groundwork and power style)

-chris jericho(jerkass days)

-christian(heel 2003)

-kevin steen

-owen hart

-william regal

-Jamie noble(roh days)

-colt cabbana

-ultimo guerrero


-samoa joe


-aj styles

-christopher daniels

-jerry lynn


-brian pillman

-paul london

-bryan danielson

-sean waltman(young)

-evan bourne

-austin aries

-el generico

-jay lethal


-jerry lynn


-juventud guerrera

-little guido(nunzio for wwe fans)

-brian kendrick


-kazushi miyamoto(aka the great kazushi)

-tyson kidd

-david hart smith

-eddie edwards

-davey richards

-roderick strong

-lance storm

-shane the hurricane helms

-cm punk

-young shawn michaels

-dean malenko

-eddie guerrero

-chavo guerrero jr

-motor city machine guns

-team dragon gate(yoshino,doi and yamato)


-sara del rey

-daizee haze

-manami toyota

-awesome kong

-ayako hamada


-mercedez martinez


-cindy rogers

-cheerleader melissa


-malia hosaka



-madison eagles

-allison danger

-ayumi kurihara


-portia perez


Joey styles

booker t (just for his black snowism)

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TNA Total Nonstop Action

Where can you download TNA entrance music songs?

Where To Find TNA Entrance musicTNA's website or if you type in what you're looking for on Youtube, you can easily find videos of the songs you want with safe download links. A suggestion to type in would be: TNATrax. You'll find this one guy who only does TNA themes.

If you visit the TNA website, it shows a picture of Christy Hemme and Kurt Angle and say 'TNA is now on iTunes. So click on that, and it'll take you to iTunes, and you will be able to buy TNA entrance themes from your favorite TNA Superstars & Knockouts.

On iTunes you'll be able to download the latest official TNA CD's and tracks for 79p in the United Kingdom if you've got an iPod

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How much money does a WWE wrestler earn?


Depends on the level they're at. The lower carders can receive as little as 100,000 dollars a year, mid-carders can get between 250,000 and 500,000 and top-carders like Triple H, Undertaker, The Rock and so on, can get several millions of dollars a year!

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TNA Total Nonstop Action

Who is the youngest and oldest wrestler still wrestling?

Gypsy Joe (Gilberto Melendez) was named the world's oldest wrestler in 2007 and is currently 76 years old. Jeff Hardy was the youngest professional wrestler recognized, starting in the WWE when he was only 21.

Actually, Jeff Hardy joined the WWE when he was only 16 as a jobber - a wrestler who consistently loses to make his opponents look stronger.

His first WWF match was against Razor Ramon on May 24, 1994.

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Where can you find pictures of Velvet Sky?

See the related link(s) below.

TNA Total Nonstop Action

What TNA vs WWE?

There is no TNA vs. WWE, if there was it would probably be a war between the two company's.

TNA Total Nonstop Action

How many balts has Jeff hardy won in tna?

Jeff hardy hasn't won any belts in tna

TNA Total Nonstop Action

Where can you download showdown legends of wrestling?

wwe raw2010

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TNA Total Nonstop Action
Andy Warhol

Who is the highest paid wrestler ever?

It is probably The Undertaker

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TNA Total Nonstop Action

Is the blood in pro wrestling real?

== == In some cases they use small razors that are handed off to them by a referee or anyone else they get close to that works with the act (such as announcers). In other cases, they can also be handed off blood capsules. Small capsules that break into red gushy blood. Simply smashing it across your forehead works.

It is real when wrestlers bleed. They rarely use fake blood (there are obvious exceptions, such as Gangrel's "blood baths," in which his opponents have gallons of blood-like substance dumped on them) in matches. The most common way for wrestlers to make themselves bleed is to keep a razor blade taped up on their wrists, hands, or fingertips, which is then exposed when it's time for them to cut themselves. When a wrestler cuts himself it is called "blading," and when he then bleeds it is called "juicing." These occur when a wrestler's opponent has landed a supposedly devastating move on him. He will quickly cut himself across the forehead, which will produce enough blood to give him a convincingly battered appearance. They almost never cut themselves anywhere else, as doing so would be extremely dangerous. Wrestlers also, occasionally, bleed from actual contact. They try to pull their punches, but they really do hit each other, and accidents happen. This way of bleeding is known as "hardway," and we're pretty sure it's less than popular among the wrestlers. They cut themsrlfs with a razor blade. But when they bleed from the mouth, they use blood capsules. indeed they do since most wrestlers don't have AIDs. Wrestling is about 60% fake - but i still love it. They don't use blood packs - they cut themselves with a razor when they're lying down on the canvas. The blood is not fake they cut them selfs.they have rasor blades and cut them wrestling books and it says it!! Wrestling is fake but they do really get hurt sometimes they really get hurt the razores are on the sports tape the tape there hands up with The blood in wrestling is not real it is artificial blood that you can spray from a bottle or make using paint or kool-aid.

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What time is TNA on Spike TV?


9 pm to 11 pm


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