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NDS is a handheld gaming device with a touchscreen. The smaller DS Lite was released in 2006.

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How do you put Homebrew on a DS Flash Cart?

Adding homebrew to your flash cart This example uses the R4DS, but all flash carts are very similar. You will need: A MicroSD Card, with firmware installed (DS MENU.DAT, etc.) A way to plug the MicroSD into your Computer (adapter/usb etc.) The file to be installed, usually with the extension '.nds' a DLDI Patcher and the dldi patch file (For homebrew) Method: Put the MicroSD card into your Computer. (usually requires an adapter) Locate the .nds file on your computer, and 'Right Click - Copy'. Navigate to your MicroSD card and 'Right...
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Can the Nintendo 3DS play Nintendo DS or DSi games?

Yes. The 3DS, 3DS XL and 2DS are backwards compatible and can play DS and DSi games. Unless they require the GBA slot, the 3DS is not compatible with Slot 2 attachments for the DS so games such as Guitar Hero will not work. The DS and DSi game will not be in 3D even if the 3D is turned on. ...
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Can you play Nintendo 3DS games on a Nintendo DS or DSi?

No. 3DS game cards have a small tab on the side, so they don't fit into the Nintendo DS or the Nintendo DSi. Even without the tab, 3DS game cards will have much more data and better graphics on them than DS cards. The technology is too advanced for the Nintendo DS and DSi so the other DS systems would not be able to run them. ...
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What are the 5 oceans of the world?

Arctic Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, Indian Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Southern Ocean
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Can the Nintendo DSi play Nintendo DS games?

Yes, the Nintendo DSi can play Nintendo DS games. The NDS and NDSi are compatible with each other and can link for multiplayer as well. There are really no such thing as 'DSi games' except for DSi-ware and one or two games that require the DSi camera, none of which are compatible with a DS. However, since the DSi has no GBA slot, Game Boy Advance games and DS games that require this slot (e.g. Guitar Hero: On Tour) cannot be played...
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How much would gamestop give for Mario kart ds a ds lite that has all working buttons except r and Lego star wars?

Well, lets just say not a lot for a unefficient R button. I got 90 for a DS Lite, (that has to have workiing charger), with 6 games and the cases for them. I would see if you can get the R button fixed, if not, bring it to gamestop and they might be able to. Hope it helped! ...
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How much does the Nintendo DS lite cost in India?

It can cost anywhere from 5,999 rupees to 16,999 rupees.
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On animal crossing how do you cheer blathers up?

I was in a point in the game where Blathers was down in the dumps. However, he perks up after a few days of talking to him. In my game, he was down in the dumps because he was trying to get rid of his fear of bugs. After coming back for about 5 days consecutively, he'll perk up again. ...
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Can Nintendo 3DS play Nintendo DS and GBA games?

It can run DS games, but it can't run GBA games.
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Is a DSi stylus the same size as the DS lite's?

No. The Ds Lite has a shorter with a plastic point, while the Dsi has a slightly longer stylus with a soft point. Both work and fit in the storage of both systems ...
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Does Action Replay DS EZ work on DSi?

NO, but you can buy the Action replay DSi in stores (Game stop)
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How do you get on Animal Crossing bay?

I Was Having That Problem Too! Then I Discovered That It Has Changed To I Hope That Helped!! ...
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How do you link 2 DSi's to play a game?

just go on ds download play and press multiplayer on the game
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How do you get the god hand in Harvest Moon DS?

Play in the casino and gain alot of casino coins. If you have alot of money you can buy the coins. After you have enough(which might take you a while) go and redeem the coins for the God Hand. ...
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Download cheat harvest moon back to nature?

There are no cheats for Harvest Moon: Back to Nature aside from gameshark codes. if you do find something to download it will likely damage your console or violate the end user agreement. ...
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Cannot find edge.dat file on edge download page?

The real EDGE DS website is at and you should be able to download the right software from there. If you're using an iEDGE, make sure you're not using a fake - a few sites teaching you how to tell the difference in the related links section. ...
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Harvest Moon Sunshine Island Action Replay codes?

dvweshjrhawbeyrghanrtaugdgww 2252451455154652 6212616521626699 5164518148444489 1521658451488945 yo this works it mk u get married with who Eva u want ...
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Where is the 3rd coin on supermario brothers on ds on world 5 - c?

After the half-way point flag apears , u should see those blocks u can bust, destroy the top blocks ( u should be against a wall and already destroyed that punching ghost thing ) go to the small row of blocks and hit the block on the end on ur right, a vine should appear, climb up it and u can take from there. ...
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Can the DS play Mario Kart 7?

Mario Kart 7 is a 3DS game and cannot be played on the DS or DSi.
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How do you get the cannon on world 1 Mario bros?

Go to Bowser junior's tower at the 2nd star coin at the door DO NOT go into the door. Jump over the two moving blocks on the right and smash through the blocks with a shell to the red pipe. Enter the pipe to the red flag. ...
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Is there an emulator to play DS games on Android?

The Nintendo DS has two screens, as is its namesake, and thus is extremely difficult to emulate on devices which have small screens. Additionally, DS games tend to have small UI elements which are difficult to accurately operate on the capacitive digitizers used in modern Android phones. There was a project aimed at emulating the DS on Android but it has failed to gain any traction for the reasons listed above and thus is inactive at the time of writing. ...
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What is a steel type Pokemon's weakness?

All steel-types are weak to electricity. All steel-types except those that are part ground-type. Assuming you mean magnet as in steel type Pokémon, they weak against fire, ground and fighting type attacks and Pokémon. ...
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How do you kill trash robot bowsers inside story?

Just keep doing your best special attack on him. Don't worry about killing the tiny trash cans unless luigi is in there. You can do it! Use the special attacks you are best at. ...
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What is the history mystery challenge message?

Secure the blessings of liberty - vote.