A video game designed by the creators of The Sims and distributed by EA. Much of the game content is supplied by the players who control the evolution of a species from its beginnings as a unicellular organism into much more advanced creatures.

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Does anyone have a spore activation code that we the people can use for free?

I have installed Spore three times from the disc with the same activation code so I would suggest just finding someone who had bought Spore and no longer uses it, and use theirs! (With their consent obviously).

The reason I say find it from someone who no longer uses it is because I don't know if it 'deactivates' the version installed prior to your installation.

Anyway good luck : )

Starters and Ignition Systems
Chevy Suburban

How do you install a starter?

This would depend on what your wanting to install a starter on like year, make and model. In any case if your mechanically inclined buy a Chiltons or Haynes repair manual at most any auto parts store for your particular vehicle these books normally explain how to remove and reinstall such parts. , EzForJesus

how to install a starter on a 1992 Chevy blazer? after removing mounting bolts, I slid the starter out, but there wasn't enough clearance to remove it from the engine. if anyone has an idea please let us know.

i had to remove the passenger side motor mount from the engine in order to slide the starter out through the top side. once i had it removed i jacked the moter up slightly to help with the clearence issue

This usually happens when you're running late. You try to start your car and the engine is slow to turn or worse yet, it won't turn at all.


Spore asymmetry hack wont work how to activate?

if you patched it to the second patch just press A and the part your puting on will be asymmetical so the asymmmetry is useless now


How do you get wings in spore creature stage?

Wings are found much like any other part in Spore. There is a chance of unlocking a set after defeating/charming an alpha creature, finding them on a set of bones, etc.

They are used by hitting the space bar to jump, and then hitting it again to make the wings begin to flap. (Higher levels of wings allow more flaps, and thus more airtime)


Are there games similar to spore?

There is one called Cyto-Life, which is basically the first stage of the original Spore, only that it is made in Flash and does not have all the features from Spore. Another one that might be similar, is called Darwinia, which I have not tried myself. There was a game called Spore Islands, which was playable on facebook, but they have taken it down. You might also like Osmos, which is similar to Cyto-Life and the first stage of Spore.

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What game should people buy if they like The Sims or SPORE?

Wow, Spore and sims 2 are the only things I've been playing for the past week.

Super Mario galaxy (on wii)

OR basically any other Mario game :).

I also like those online chat sites like

.whyville . imvu etc etc


How do you unlock civilization stage on spore?

Complete the tribal stage by allying or killing everyone.

+you can also use cheat code.


Can you abduct epics in spore?

No, or at least not unless you have to do it for a mission. My brother has done it for a mission but i tried it with no mission and it didn't work. However, you can make normal creatures into epics with a certain tool!


How are spores scattered?

by the wind l l



How do you fatten character on spore?

you go into creatcher creator on menu or in game press bakespace to do maateing dance with your mate an then in there the body of you creatur you know the spin pess it and then use up or down aroww keys to make eny shape you whant


In spore how do you get others of your creature group to follow you?

Well, you impress them. That's all you do. Works for any ally in creature stage

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Cheats for dangerous Dave and brutal bob?

No, none.


If you uninstall Spore on your Mac will your save file be deleted?


Edit: the save file will be deleted, but you can keep your creatures. In that case when you re-install it, you will still have your creatures.

Microsoft Windows

Will your creations be deleted if you uninstall Spore for PC?

well you wont be able to use them if you reinstall spore BUT there will be a folder in your documents labled My Spore Creations.

hope this helps =]


On spore how do you get to live in the sea in Creature stage?

You dont get to live in the sea in Creature Stage. If you venture too far out into the water a giant creature comes up and eats you. There are some parts of the water that you can ventuerto though. be sure you aren't in the water for a long period of time.

Be careful.

-- if you mean aquatic stage i will say this: its an adventure. you need spore Galactic Adventures for this, and you can get the adventure on spore.com,overlook,sporepedia,text search.

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Is Alpine Valley Music Theater being sold?

I heard it too. But it seems like I've been hearing that for the past 5-10 years.

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Where are the spore hero bone piles?

Go get a new game


Is spore a mmorpg?

Spore is not a massively multi-player online role playing game. Instead, it is referred to as a massively single-player online [real time strategy/god/life simulation] game, or merely just a massively single-player online game.


Do you Need spore galactic adventure to go into space?



When will Dark Spore be released in England?

Febuary 2011 :) sorry i dont know the exact date though


What does the female spore develop into?

i think its the root


Why do you need internet access to play spore?

you don't, It's just reccomended. it is to upload creations and see other peoples.

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How to install starter in 2001 F-3500 diesel?

1) Remove the neg.(-) cable from the battery. 2) you may need to jack up the vehicle to working height. Be sure to install jack stands under the veh. make sure that the veh. is secure and safe to be under. 3) locate starter. remove the positive battery cable from starter. then remove the starter retaining bolts. may be a 2 or 3 bolt starter. 4) before taking the starter to the parts house for replacement. check the starter to be sure that you are replacing the bad part. do this with a simple set of jumper cables and a good battery. connect the positive leads of ther cables to positive (+) on the battery and the starter lug (+). the neg (-) leads to the neg (-) battery. now take the only neg (-) cable end left and touch the body of the starter ( where the mount holes are) you 'll get a spark, but the starter should spin and the bendix will come out.if no spinning or slow spinning and a real heavy sparking then the starter needs replacing. these instructions can be utilized for almost any vehicle application.


How do you get a crew on spore?

on creature stage as you get a larger brain you have more room and can have up to 3 members in your pack but in space as you get promoted you have slots which can be taken up by you allies

hope this helps :)


Help on bubleebu food storage in spore creatures for ds?

you have a glitch on your hands


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