Keyboarding techniques describe the best ways to type properly and efficiently. Questions about how to increase typing speed, decrease discomfort, and other questions related to typing on a keyboard belong here.

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What are the example of alphanumeric characters?

Ciphers or code-numbers which mix letters (alpha) and numbers (Numeric) examples, mostly military, wouold include M-l6 (an assault rifle), B-29 (a Bomber) G-2 (genrric term for intelligence) and so on... note mixing of letters and numbers. Many Library call numbers (In NYC) are of this type.

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On which part of a keyboard are treble notes found?

Any note that is above middle C.

Computer Keyboards

Where is the full stop symbol on a keyboard?

It is under the letter "L" and next to the the comma button (,).

In the US, it is simply called a period.


What is a beginner typing speed?

Well, if we're speaking GWAM (which is words per minute), I'd say about 15-20. If you're practicing typing each day, the second day it should go up to 25-30 if you practice 10-20 minutes a day. An expert would be about 85-110!

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Uses of computer in different sector?

computer are used in different sectors.. such as in hospitals , home, banks, education, travel, data company, @ other financial institutions,research fields and many more..

If need assistant regarding you computer, laptop, printer etc. Call techvedic, toll-free number has given on the website.

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How many spaces add up to a tab?

It depends. The space is a intercharacter gap which does not have the same amount of space as the equivalent characters, particularly in a proportionally sized font. The tab, on the other hand, is a variable sized gap that aligns with the "next tab stop", said stops being chosen by the typist as a function of what is being written. Typically, tabs are 0.5 inches apart, but they can be set and cleared at will.

A common error, particularly in older word processing software such as WordPerfect, which displayed spaces in a mono-spaced font, but printed them proportionally, is to use spaces when tabs should be used.

This situation is made even worse in modern text editors and IDEs used for programming. Both tend to display code in a fixed-space font, but as there is no definitive translation between spaces and tabs, hitting "Tab" will usually insert a number of spaces equal to whatever style template the text editor/IDE is set up to use. 2, 4, and 8 spaces are all commonly substituted (or displayed as equivalent) to a tab. This gets even worse, as many text editors/IDEs actually store the tab character in the file (rather than the indicated number of spaces), so, if viewed in another text editor/IDE with a different style, they are substituted for a different number of spaces, which causes all sorts of misalignments.

Computer Keyboards

How do you make eyelashes with a keyboard?

hold the shift key and tap the apostrophe key a few times


What are the advantages of touch typing?

Touch typing has advantages: you can type quicker and this is good when you are typing long essays on the computer.


What is a qwerty board?

A qwerty board is a keyboard that has the letters q, w, e, r, t, and y in the upper left hand corner. It is used on most electronic devices that require a keyboard.

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What is the serial number of internet download manager registration?

what is the idm serial number


Why are there keys on a Kindle?

Because it has a web browser, and because you can make annotations on any passages in the books you read. So you need to be able to type. there is a keypad that pops up when you touch a place that you need it, very easy to use.

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To feed data or instructions into computer you use?

In order to feed any instruction or data int a computer, one has to use input devices. The most common input devices are the keyboard, mouse and microphone.


What is dicta typing?

Dicta-typing is the ability to type out what is being said accordingly. You should be able to type in a 100% accuracy and have an ear for detail in order to catch everything being said.

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A symbol or name of a number is called?


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What does the shift key on a keyboard do?

The shift key can be used to make a letter a capital. To do this, you press and hold the shift key, then press the letter you want as a capital.

MoreIn the old days of mechanical typewriters, the shift key was a literal lever that raised the roller slightly so that the "upper" part of the key could strike the paper.

This was the way that the mechanical typewriter worked; there were die cast "keys" attached to metal arms that would raise and strike a space against carbon ribbon onto the paper, thus making an imprint of the letter on paper.

In order to type, the roller moved the paper a space across whenever the paper was struck with the key, so that more space was available. The process of typing was a mechanical one! When the roller (attached to a "carriage") was advanced a certain degree, one had to physically move the "carriage return", a lever attached to the carriage assembly. This physically moved the paper up by a certain space, and there was a fresh line to work with.

Typing was physically demanding because the "keys" were mechanical devices labeled with the letters and numbers that one literally hit with the tips of the fingers, making the the mechanical arms raise up and hit the paper. It took strength of the fingers and hands to type because there were no electrical helps, it was all mechanical. The degree of force was dependent on how well maintained the machine was.

Because of the construction of the machine and the force that had to be used, the average speed of the good typist was 60 wpm. An excellent typist (much sought after in the typing world) could type as much as 75 wpm. More than that was thought to be practically impossible for the average person.

There was no erasing the wrong spelling or bad construction; the paper had to be thrown away, so accuracy was highly valued also. A proper finished document had no spelling errors, good spacing, and consistent margins on all sides. This was difficult to do, so good typists were highly sought after in the business world.


What is the alt code for Ñ?

Lower case: Alt + 164

Upper case: Alt + 165


How do you make a devil smiley face?


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What is the symbol that means without end?

The symbol that means "without end" is the infinity symbol. It looks like a number 8 lying on its side. The infinity symbol is used in mathematics, but it also has a philosophical meaning, suggesting the eternal or infinite nature of Ultimate Reality or God. It lends a mystical quality to jewelry, tattoos, and other designs.


What do Chinese computer keyboards look like?

The keyboards are exactly the same in China as they are in Ameria. They use Pin Yin, the "spelling" of their symbols, to type into computers. Chi Fan, which means eat, would appear as 吃饭.

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What are advantage and disadvantage of wired keyboard?

Advantages: no mess on the table, you can type in a distance (limited as far as the signal can handle), You can keep it in your locked cabinet from unwanted users. (Be sure you don't have any other computer with keyboard at home)

Disadvantages: You can loose the signal in a certain distance, The battery can be discharged in the middle of you rush work, project, assignment, YM, FB etc. and you forgot to buy a spare battery. (Solution: get a spare wired keyboard)

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Can you get arthritis from typing too much?

Typing can cause repetitive stress syndrome leading to carpal tunnel problems or tennis elbow. Usually this happens if you sit at the wrong height, or type with fingers in isolation. That is the reason people should learn touch typing if they use the computer for any great length of time. Basically if you are feeling pain after typing, you should examine what you are doing wrong. If you ignore the pain for too long, you may end up needing carpal tunnel surgery.


How do you insert an upside down question mark in open office?

Click on Insert, then Special Character. The symbol you want is second from the right, on the last row. Highlight it and click OK.

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How to type a squirrel using keyboard characters?

^^ (""")

( '_' ) ( )

( u_u ) )

(_) (_)

u u

Hehehe Squirrell!!

You will have to center all of the peices and give tail some width because when I save it it squishes everything together. I'm not sure why..

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How do you write a working key listener in java that responds to an 'enter'?

Almost all controls' ActionListener triggers the actionPerformed upon the enter key press == == Using an anonymous class implementation:

Component c; // this is the component you want to add a listener to

c.addKeyListener(new KeyListener() {

public void keyPressed(KeyEvent e) {

if(e.getKeyChar() == e.VK_ENTER) {

// put the code you want to execute when Enter is pressed here

System.out.println("ENTER PRESSED");



// unused abstract methods

public void keyTyped(KeyEvent e) {}

public void keyReleased(KeyEvent e) {}


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How do you make a half heart using your keyboard?



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