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A mouse is a hand-operated input device used in a computer. It is used to tell a computer what to do, including moving the pointer, and selecting items on the screen.

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Mouse on my laptop stopped working?

If you mouse has stopped working on your laptop you might of disabled it by accident. If you have function keys on your laptop(Usually a blue key that says Fn) Look on the F keys(very top row of keys) for a little picture that looks like a touch pad and hold down your function key and press that. That should re enable it if you accidently disabled it. If it really did stop working you might be able to get it replaced by contacting your laptop manufacturer and see if they cover it. If not the Geek Squad could probably fix it. I don't really like them but use them as a last resort.

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How do you zoom in and out on RUSE on a PC without a mouse?

Just figured it out a few secs ago. Hold the ctrl key and use the up and down arrows :D <unders>

Computer Mouse
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Where does the mouse sleep?

In his best nest, usually lined with torn shreds of paper or bark or preferrably, cat fur.

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Can wireless mouse carry a virus?

A big NO. Wireless mouse is nothing but a junk of hardware.It cannot be hacked or anything.If you suspect that pointer on the screen is not working properly or moving on its own its probably due to virus on your harddisk whose source is not WIRELESS MOUSE.

This answer is false. Better go read up on USB device security as there is an exploit to use the USB firmware of the device (that little wireless dongle you plug into your machine to use the mouse) so that it can breach your network.

You can find out more about this exploit at infoworld dot com by doing a search for yes-even-mouse-can-infect-your-network-967

Computer Mouse

The mouse pointer moves only horizontally?

Clean the rollers and the ball. Turn the rollers with your fingers and watch the pointer to make sure it moves in both directions. Look carefully, because crud tends to build up on the rollers - you can actually feel it as a roughness when you move the mouse. You may have a bad mouse.

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How do you fix a mouse that double clicks?

I had encountered the same problem a few days ago and after a lot of research, I found a solution. it worked for me, i have a Vista... it will very likely work on other systems too but i cannot guarantee it... here we go:

1. start -> Run

2. Type in ' regedit.exe ' and press OK... the registry editor will open.

3. now on the left side menu expand the HKEY_CURRENT_USER folder.

4. now expand the subfolder "control panel"

5. now double-click on the mouse folder... now on the right side of the window list should appear.

6. in that list, double-click on the menu that says "DoubleClickHeight"... it will ask you for a value. change it to 300.

7. press okay.

8. you can close the Registry Editor now.

This should pretty much solve the problem. if it doesn't, I am sorry.... but it won't harm your computer.

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What is a blue track mouse?

Instead of a optical mouse that takes thousands of pictures a second and to see where to put your mouse next, a BlueTrack mouse works almost similar. It takes a bunch of pictures too bet instead of focusing on images it focuses on the blue light that is emitted and actually analyzes the dust on the object it is being moved on. This is the first optical mouse that can be used on glass surfaces without any problems. BlueTrack technology is owned by Microsoft.

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Computer Mouse

Mouse pointer rests on the item of choice?


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The keyboard and the mouse are examples of?

input devices

as these are used to enter data to computer

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What are the factors that should be kept in mind while designing GUI?

2 schools of thought apply here. #1 primarily what is you target audience are they technical or typical users. #2 What application: Website for entertainment(fun) or education(lots of links, intuitive and functional) or marketing(flashy attractive) is it a GUI for a machine like a CCN or Printing Press or a system like a /A

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Why wouldn't the left mouse button work?

I would guess that your mouse is likely broken. Buy a new one; your average trackball mouse can be had for under $10. The most common reason for button failure on a mouse is normal wear of the contact to the actual internal button. A sure sign of this wear is a little notch the shape of the internal button at the point where the button comes in contact. In an emergency situation, a sticker or very little piece of tape over the notch may be a TEMPORARY fix. Hope you have learned your lesson and buy extras when on sale for these types of situation!

Computer Mouse

What kind of mouse does a laptop use?

don't use a mouse only use a flat thingy on the keyboard

your welcome for answering it

no need to say thank you

i know i am awesome

It has a built-in mouse, but you can hook another one up to it through a flash port if you want.

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How mouse can communicate from computer?

To transmit their input, typical cabled mice use a thin electrical cord terminating in a standard connector, such as RS-232C, PS/2, ADB or USB. Cordless mice instead transmit data via infrared radiation see Ir DA or radio including Blue tooth, although many such cordless interfaces are themselves connected through the aforementioned wired serial buses.

While the electrical interface and the format of the data transmitted by commonly available mice is currently standardized on USB, in the past it varied between different manufacturers. A bus mouse used a dedicated interface card for connection to an IBM PC or compatible computer.

Computer Mouse

What are the uses of a computer mouse?

Its to move the arrow up,down,right and left.

Its also use to drag and more..........

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List five different types of computer keyboards?

I have heard of Five computer keyboard layouts and many types of keyboard buttons.

Azerty is a keyboard used in primarily French countries with the word Azerty on the upper row on the right side. Qwerty is a lot like Azerty only with the letters Q and W and the top row instead of A and Z (which on a Qwerty key board is is right next to the Caps lock and right shift buttons.) Dvorak has been proven to actually be much faster than Qwerty and all of the vowels are placed on the left side while the five most common consonants are placed on the right side. I'm sorry I don't know much about Colemac though, I just saw an article mention it.There is also the Maltron keyboard but I know as much of that as I know of Colemac.

There are many interesting keyboards you would probably like to know. One of them is a spring keyboard which has springs installed to the bottom side of them. Another one is a rubber keyboard where the board and keys are made of rubber. The last I will mention is a Dome switch keyboard where whenever someone presses a key it collapses into a dome.

Computer Mouse

How do you activate mouse if window xp not detecting that?

take it out then wait 3 seconds then plug in if fails check mouse connections

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How to fix mouse scroll wheel problems?

when you scroll your mouse keeps going up or down?

theres an easy fix to that problem.

All you have to do is Blow air in it.. put your mouth on the mouse wheel and blow air. It doesn't have to be on or off.

This worked try it!

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Full form of monitor?

Monitor IS the full form. It isn't an abbreviation nor an acronym.

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What do you do if your computer mouse stops moving?


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How can you disable your touch-pad on your new MSI laptop with Windows 7?

Go to Control Panel - click on the mouse icon - in the small box that opens - click the Device Settings tab. Put a tick in the box next to the 'disable internal pointing device...' - Click Apply and you're done. To re-enable it - remove the tick.

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Difference between optical and mechanical mouse?

A mechanical mouse has a ball & rollers on the bottom which moves the pointer. An optical mouse has a light instead, and you don't even need a mouse pad to use it.

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What can be done to improve computer mouse?

Clean out the underneath of it with air, and it should work better after that.

If it is the older type that works with a ball, it is held in with a ring. Twist the ring and remove the ball. Clean out the area there, and see if there is a build up of stuff on the little metal rollers. Clean off that build up will help a great deal.

And try using different surfaces. Sometimes a computer mouse will work better on a certain type of surface or color.

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How do you turn off mouse lag on a Gateway?

If the pointer is moving a fraction after you move the mouse then the answer may be a trojan/virus in your system.

To test, close all applications to rule out CPU/Memory load as the cause and see if the lag still occurs by moving your mouse left and right in quick, single jerks on the desktop. If it still happens then maybe some malware has inserted a program between your mouse (and video/keyboard) driver and the processor to remotely monitor your actions. This can cause the delay.

I wouldn't trust any currently installed AV software since it may be compromised.

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What are the different between keyboard and mouse?

The difference between the keyboard and mouse is simple. A keyboard is an external input device which is is based on the QWERTY typewriter configuration. The keyboard contains the alphabet, numbers, and other symbols and functions which are each on sepaerate keys. A mouse is a small handheld device with one or more buttons (typically two) which allows the user to poijnt and select on a computer screen.


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