Mice and Rats

The smaller mouse and the medium-sized rat are adaptable members of the numerous, successful order of rodents. Diabetics owe breakthrough knowledge in the disease's control and prevention to laboratory experiments with the Zucker rat. Contributions typically raise questions about the mouse's and the rat's alternating roles as pests and pets, disease carrying capabilities, geographic ranges, representations in popular culture, survival threats, and troubled interactions with people.

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Care of Mice and Rats
Mice and Rats

Will boric acid kill mice?

In large enough quantity, yes. However, boric acid is considered to be about as poisonous as table salt. Certainly it would kill mice if you immersed them in it, or fed it to them in large enough quantities. Mice traps or rat poison will work better though.

Mice and Rats
Environmental Issues

What is man's adaptation to environment?

Well, when humans change to make themselves comfortable in unpleasant conditions it is known as adptation or evolution.


Evolution only occurs when the last species dies and a new one, with a more equipped body, takes over.

I refer you, instead of mass spamming the edit box with information, to this very interesting article/essay on the biological adaptation with humans in reference to nutritional, physiological and psychological terms.

the geographical variability of some morphological, physiological and serological traits of man is discussed with respect to the question, how far this variability can be considered as the result of selective adaptation processes. Though there is already some evidence supporting such an assumption, much more detailed and exactly planned research is necessary to clear the indubitable relations between the distribution patterns of anthropological traits and the various environmental conditions of human biotops. Particularly much more work is required to understand the causative mechanisms on which these relations are based.

Source :-

Pool Care and Cleaning
Mice and Rats

How do you keep mouse out of swimming pools?

If you are talking about wild mice then the chances are that they are ending up in the pool because they are trying to get a drink. So perhaps if you made water more easily accessible away from the edge of the pool they would get their water from there and not fall in the pool. I understand wild mice are an unpopular pest but if its wild mice then it would be the only way to stop them short of building a barrier around the pool. Mice do not like to cross open ground, so if you can place low water bowls in amongst foliage or in dark corners, they will far prefer those water access points. It's also a kind act, for the animals who share our world.

Care of Mice and Rats
Mice and Rats

Does rat hate noises?

Sonic or ultrasonic sound repellents are marketed as a way to drive or frighten a variety of rodents away from your home and garden. But Sound effectiveness is not proven.

The best way to repel rodents from your home and garden is:

#cutting back overgrown vegetation

#picking up fallen fruit and other plant debris frequently

#clean up all other food waste



When in doubt, contact your local rodent control experts at ECORATTIC™. We can handle anything!

Address: 21301 Saticoy St #107, Canoga Park, CA 91304, USA

Phone: (1818) 4921-090

Warriors Book Series
Mice and Rats

What is mouse bile?

Bile from the liver of the common mouse that kills ticks on cats pelts.

Cats (Felines)
Cat Behavior
Mice and Rats

Why do cats play with mice before they kill them?

Sometimes it may appear as if cats are playing with their prey, or in this case mice. And sometimes they are. However, most often they are actually making sure their prey can't hurt them, so they are stunning their prey before giving it the killing bite. The killing bite requires a swift bite to the throat, but this exposes the cat's neck and belly to the prey. To avoid possible injury, they "play" with their prey.

Care of Mice and Rats
Mice and Rats

What do you feed a baby mouse whose eyes aren't open yet?

Well if you find a baby mouse with no fur what you should feed it is luke warm puppy or kitten milk (not cow milk, that can cause diarrhea) using a syringe. If you don't have a syring, you can use a piece of string until you can get one, just soak it in the milk until a drop forms at the end. If the baby mouse does not drink it take it to the closest RSPCA.
Here's a good guide to raising orphaned mice:
Mice and Rats
Goats and Sheep

What is the name of the young one of Sheep?

A Lamb

Care of Mice and Rats
Mice and Rats

How do you remove dead mice smell when you cannot find where it is?

Usually people buy cheap scented perfumes or a strong smell to cover it up, but if you want to get rid of it, unbelievably, you can use milk!

Plain milk, bought from your local grocery shop, can fight away the strong smell of rotting mice. The area of the smell can be cured by lightly pouring pure milk onto the carpet or floor near the smell.

The milk will not stain but will be absorbed through the air and the rotting mice corps will attract the milk and evaporate. At the same time as stopping the smell, it will also increase the rotting process and the corpse will disappear quicker.

This will not harm humans or animals and no cleaning up necessary, after just 15 minutes of pouring the milk on the floor, it will disappear and be gone, no stains or smell remaining!

Care of Mice and Rats
Mice and Rats

Do mice like noise?

Mice are prey species and are therefore easily stressed. Studies suggest that loud high frequency noises can increase production of stress hormones in mice resulting in impaired health and decreased litter sizes.

Source: I saw a mouse scurrying around my floor and decided to find out. I waited for it to crawl into an empty paper bag and then let out a loud scream, I've never seen anything disappear that fast.

Mice and Rats

What is the significance of a mouse?

there is great significance is any species of mouse and by extension rat. this is because they are a vital part of the food chain, they keep the populations of insects etc regulated and they themselves feed predators higher up in the food chain such as foxes and birds of prey. They are also great carriers of disease. the bubonic plague, which wiped out a major chunk of englands population around 1340-50 ad, the plague was carried by rats and mice which got into every home and food store spread the plague like wildfire.

Cats (Felines)
Cat Behavior
Mice and Rats

What does it mean when there is a dead cat outside your door?

If the cat's eyes are closed and there is no blood, it likely means that your porch seemed like a quiet place that the cat could go to die in peace. It probably went there to lie down and be left alone.

Another possibility is that someone found or accidentally killed the cat, and thought it was yours and was trying to give you closure. Someone hit my neighbor's dog once, read the address on the collar wrong, and left it at MY door. I knew the dog, had the pleasure of telling the owner her dog had been killed, she thought I did it and now she won't speak to me.

If the cat was obviously murdered, you should call the police, and try to think of anyone that might have done this. Sometimes exes or enemies who have psychological problems will do things like this to terrorize you. Buy a camera, and film your door at night.

Dog Health
Mice and Rats
Poisons and Toxins

Does rat poison kill dogs?

yes it can

Care of Mice and Rats
Mice and Rats

How do you know if your baby mice are urinating?

depends on the mouse care, if its a nested baby mouse with the mother allowing it to nurse,it is not likely you will be able to tell,also interfering with the mother may result in adbandonment of the mouse, if it is a very young baby mouse(pinky), under 14 days of age and you are personally nursing it it is recommended you wet a Q-Tip and rub the belly slowly spinning the Q-Tip as you rub, this stimulates use of the lower extremities, which you often need to do after feeding and will result in a yellowing of the Q-Tip, this stimulation often occurs as the mother mouse licks the baby and is typical after feeding.

Additional information can be found in the related links.

Mice and Rats
Plural Nouns
Possessive Nouns

What is plural possessive of society?

The plural form of the noun society is societies.

The plural possessive is societies'.

Example use: Throughout history, most societies'strength was the family unit; usually the extended family.

Mice and Rats

Where do rats go during the day?

Rats like dark places where they cannot be seen especially during the day. So I would have to say any of these three would probably answer your question.

  1. Sewers - They're dark and slimy what better place for a rat?
  2. Under furniture - If this question has something to do with a pest in your house problem, this answer would fit best. Furniture like sofas, refrigerates, or stoves are very common.
  3. Air Vents - An air vent could also be common because of the lighting failure.
Care of Mice and Rats
Mice and Rats

Why do mice like wheels?

They're very active little guys and they're always looking for someway to run and climb and wheels serve both these purposes, so they're all together great toys for a mouse.

Apartments and Home Rentals
Mice and Rats
Landlord-Tenant Issues

Is the landlord responsible for the mice infestation?

Yes! Your landlord is required to make sure the building is up to code, and a serious rodent problem is a violation. Talk to your landlord before going to the authorities, though. Some landlords might ask you to buy traps or get an exterminator, but they have to pay for it.


Yes your landlord is very much responsible to that you can also sue him if he did nothing to get rid of those mice.

Care of Mice and Rats
Mice and Rats

How soon does mother rat feed pups after birth?

The pups will start to nurse from their mother right away. There are instances when the mother might reject her pups. Although this is unlikely you should always take these precautions when breeding.

1. Put your mom to be in a separate tank or away from other mice

2. Supply her with plenty of bedding to buid a nest and a hide away

3. Always provide water and proper food to her at all times

4. Never introduce a mouse into her territory after she has given birth

5. Don't mess with her litter until three days after the birth

Mice and Rats

What is the function of a urinary aperture?

allows for urination in females

Mice and Rats

What type of pets do Australians have?

Australians do not keep native wildlife as pets. These animals are protected and even the common kangaroo cannot be kept as a pet, but only by wildlife carers who have a special licence. This is not to say that some Australians do not illegally keep such pets.

On the whole, Australians commonly have dogs, cats, fish, birds - especially budgies, galahs and cockatiels, and guinea-pigs, mice and rats. In all states except Queensland and Western Australia, rabbits may be kept. Australians do not have gerbils or hamsters. In Tasmania, people may keep ferrets.

Reptiles may also be kept, but must never be caught from the wild. Some native species are able to be kept in certain states without permits, e.g. the eastern Blue Tongue Lizard may be kept in South Australia without a permit, but not in other states. Turtles, hermit crabs, and an array of snakes and lizards are available from pet shops.

Mice and Rats

Can Dumbo Rats eat fruit?

You could try it. But there favorite food is peantbutter.

Care of Mice and Rats
Mice and Rats

Do mice cry for a dead mate?

not literally

Care of Mice and Rats
Mice and Rats

What is a baby rat called?

a ratling

Care of Mice and Rats
Mice and Rats

How do you keep wild baby mice warm?

Well they should just have there mother for warmth and she should have made a nest for them.

If they don't have a mother and they are in a cage, just put some wood shavings in a pile, place the baby's on them and you can get a reptile light to keep them warm. If you don't know what a reptile light is, just look it up! :D

If they have a mother and you think they look cold, you can just buy some wood shavings from the pet store and place them near the mother and baby's, and she should come and collect them to make a nest.

Put plenty wood shavings there because mice can be picky. :)


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