Zoology or Animal Biology

Zoology is the branch of biology that is concerned with the study of animals. The life, growth and classification of fauna in all living forms.

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Zoology or Animal Biology

What are characteristic of coelenterate?

Coelenterata is old term , now this phyllum is divided in two different phylla i.e. Cnidaria and Acnidaria .

distinguishing characters of colenterata were

1 : presence of coelenteron

2 : presence of stinging cells

3 ; presence of tentacles .

Zoology or Animal Biology

Are frogs carnivores herbivores or omnivores?

Most frogs are carnivores as adults, feeding on insects such as grasshoppers, mosquitoes, moths, beetles and crickets, as well as worms, spiders and snails. Contrary to popular opinion, they are not all insectivorous as some species may eat vertebrates such as lizards, small fish, other frogs, reptiles such as baby freshwater turtles, small birds and even mammals such as rodents and small bats. Frogs have teeth, and while these are not used to chew their food, they are used for gripping large prey.

However, it is important to note that tadpoles, the juvenile form of frogs, can range from herbivore, eating algae and decayed plant matter, to omnivores, as some tadpoles such as bullfrog tadpoles, known for their size in contrast to other North American Species, will eat animal proteins.

Carnivore. Frogs eat..

  • Beatles
  • Worms
  • Flies
  • Grasshoppers
  • Crickets
  • etc.
Dolphins and Porpoises
Zoology or Animal Biology

What do Humans and dolphins have in common?

Both are mammals, so both have mammary glands, and hair on their skin, and they have 7 cervical vertebrae as humans do.

They are touted to be one of the only 3 animals that mate for pleasure (humans, dolphins, bonobos), and socially with many partners as many humans do. They also mate face to face unlike other animals. Dolphins do give birth to live young, and as mammals, they nurse their young with breast milk.

They have very high communication skills amongst themselves. They are very social and prefer to live in pods rather than alone. Females will create a communal/ family creche for the young, so that others may go to hunt and feed. They show emotions of happines and sadness. They mourn the death of a member of the pod, especially an offspring. They also display working in teams to achieve a common goal. When hunting, they create tight balls of sardines by circling and herding them, and then diving straight through them to feed. Pods are very protective of each other and sometimes show compassion, and may adopt a young out of another pod if it has been left behind or lost its mother.

Additionally, they have mirror neurons, being able to pass the mirror test and detect themselves in a mirror. Mirror neurons may also indicate empathy.

In short, they display more "human" emotions and behaviors than any other non-primate mammal.

Zoology or Animal Biology
Integumentary System (skin)

Is dandruff living or non-living?

Dandruff is just dead skin cells from your scalp. Making it non-living.

Zoology or Animal Biology
Garden Insects

Are ants attracted to sugar or cheese better?

It depends about the type of ant, and the season. I would say both are equally attractive, but the one with more moisture may be more palatable. so cheese.

Think of ants more simply. ants are only after 3 types of food sources. Carbohydrates (normaly sugas), Protene (Normally other insects, meats) and water ( foods may contain water such as Soda, but ants may be found around a kitchen sink mainly for the water.)

They lack the complex livers of mammals and cannot convert protene to energy. it is only used to create more ants. So they need a lot of it.

Zoology or Animal Biology
Garden Insects

Does ANY grasshopper have stingers?

no not relley no

Zoology or Animal Biology

What are the mating habits of the platypus?

Platypus courtship rituals involve the male chasing the female around in a circle. They have a complex system of side-passing, under-passing and over-passing each other, until the male finally grasps the female's tail in his bill, and they continue circling tightly until mating occurs.

Animal Life
Zoology or Animal Biology

Are Meerkats ectothermic or endothermic?


All mammals are endothermic (except for some heterothermic bats, which greatly lower their metabolism and body temperature during sleep, so that they are technically only endothermic when awake).

Zoology or Animal Biology
Immune System

What is meant by the term pathogen?

A pathogen is an organism which when act or enter in your body can cause certain kind of disease and make you ill. They are generally microorganisms like bacteria, fungi, viruses, protozoan etc.

Basically, a pathogen is a disease causing agent also called virulent ..

Zoology or Animal Biology

What animal eats seaweed?

Sea weed are algae which are the only producers in sea , all sea animals depend upon sea weed directly or indirectly . Nearly 90% animals in sea are herbivores and eat sea weed including zooplankton , most arthropods and most fishes .

Zoology or Animal Biology

What is the scientific classification for a squid?

Anything in the Order Teuthida is considered a "squid". I would need to know the common name of the type of squid in question to answer further.

Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: Mollusca

Class: Cephalopodo

Superclass: Decapodiformes

Order: Teuthida

Zoology or Animal Biology
Botany or Plant Biology

What is the largest living organism by mass?

The largest living organism, by mass and also by length, is found among the Giant Sequoia Red Wood trees of California's Sierra Nevada Mountains, U.S.A. Several "groves" of these trees can be found along the western slope of the Sierra's within California. The largest diameter tree ever found was 35 ft. in diameter (not circumference, 'diameter,' measuring across the width of the trunk). These trees exceed 350 ft tall. Some have been found to exceed 3000 years old. The Coast Redwoods of California's coastal mountain range would be the source for the second largest living organism type.

Some say that the largest organism is a specific fungus growing in Oregon, but it cannot be proven that this is, or is not a "colony" of may fungi, rather than a single organism. Some say the Great Barrier Reef is the largest organism but, once again, this is a very large cluster of many organisms, not a single organism.

The Male African elephants are the largest living animals on land, while blue whales are the largest animals in the sea.

Zoology or Animal Biology

What is the binomial name for a goldfish?

Carassius auratus

Zoology or Animal Biology

Are silkworms the only insect that produces silk?

No. Even though spiders aren't insects they are arachnids and they produce silk.

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Zoology or Animal Biology

What is the second part of an organism's scientific name?

the species, and it is usually used as an adjective in taxonomy

Zoology or Animal Biology

What is the function of the peristomium?

The first section behind the prostomium, called the peristomium (Greek περι- meaning "around" and στομα meaning "mouth"), is regarded by some zoologists as not a true segment, but in some polychaetes the peristomium has chetae and appendages like those of other segments.[3]

The segments develop one at a time from a growth zone just ahead of the pygidium, so that an annelid's youngest segment is just in front of the growth zone while the peristomium is the oldest. This pattern is called teloblastic growth.[3] Some groups of annelids, including all leeches,[10] have fixed maximum numbers of segments, while others add segments throughout their lives.[7]

hOpE tHiS hElP ! ! ! :))

Zoology or Animal Biology

Do sea slugs reproduce sexually or asexually?

They use sexual reproduction.

Zoology or Animal Biology

What is a mouth in zoology called?

Buccal Cavity.

Zoology or Animal Biology

Who has genets for sale?

Janda Exotics in Texas has genets for sale.

Animal Life
Zoology or Animal Biology

What creature has 3 hearts?

not just octopus worms but a lot of marine life has three hearts too like the cuttlefish.

Zoology or Animal Biology

What do herbivores look like?

Any horse, cow, or rabbit are herbivores. Their back teeth are large for grinding and their front teeth are sharp for biting off plants and grasses.

Brown Bears
Zoology or Animal Biology

What is a water turtle bear?

They are actually known as Turtle Water Bears or Tardigrada. They are microscopic water-dwelling animals. They can survive extreme conditions such as temperatures as low as -459 degree Fahrenheit and temperatures as high as 304 degrees Fahrenheit. They also can survive in outerspace and can live for almost a decade without water. They are commonly found in mosses and springs.

Animal Life
Zoology or Animal Biology

What are the different types of animal coverings?

they are fur,feather,hair and scale.

Zoology or Animal Biology
Marine Biology

How do sea urchin reproduce asexually?

The sea archin releses sperm and eggs in to the water the eggs then get firtilised

Animal Life
Zoology or Animal Biology

What animal has yellow blood serum?

Mango bug


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