Also known as rhino and a member of the family Rhinocerotidae, rhinoceroses are massive, powerful odd-toed ungulates. They have a very thick protective skin, relatively little brains for mammals of their size and two horns on the snout.

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Who is faster a rhino or hippopotamus?

In terms of how fast they can run, the rhino is faster. Rhinos can generally run 40 to 45 mph for short distances versus the hippo's 19 mph over short distances.

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What does a rhino eat?

Rhinos are herbivorous, thus they eat vegetation like grass, leaves, and twigs.
Rhinos eat vegetation, grass, leaves, and twigs.

rhinos are herbivores meaning they eat only plants, but the white rhinos graze on grass babys drink their moms milk

The rhino are herbivores and there for eat plants trees bushes grass and flowers.
rhino eat elephant grass, twigs, bamboo shoots,
Rhinos eat vegetation, grass, leaves, and twigs.
***Rhinos eat plants, mostly grasses.

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captain's cutlass stops Professor Pestor from coming to your garden, the mumbo statue does the same thing for the Ruffians.

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What are symptoms for rhino virus?

Rhinovirus is a fancy phrase/word for the common cold, therefore you most likely already know the symptoms.

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What is the fiercest animal on earth?

killer whale, leopard seal, but I would say the honey badger is the top fiercest animal around.

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Can you sell legally taken rhino horn?

It is illigal to sell hunted rhino horn. There are pretty stiff penalties for trying to do this.


How big is a rhinos penis?

3/4ths of an inch


Are rhinos carnivores herbivores or omnivores?

A rhinoceros is a herbivore. It eats only plants (no meat).
They are herbivores.
It is a herbivore as it eats mostly small plants found in it's territory. Even though sometimes he has to protect or kill his predators from his youngsters, it doesn't mean it is a carnivore.


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What is a rhino horn made of?

It's made of keratin-that's the stuff your hair and nails are made of.

It is not attached to the skull and is not bone.

Although the horn is made from the same substance as hair, the horn itselff is not composed of hair as previously thought.

The horn of the rhinoceros is a dermal one, meaning made from something much like skin. Skin is composed of collagen and elastic fibres. The fibre making up the rhino's horn is a keratin very similar to that making up human hair and chicken's claws.

A rhino's horn is made of keratin. Keratin also makes fingernails, hair, and claws!

Matted/compressed hair Additional Information: The Rhino horns are made up of a fibrous protein material called "keratin". It is a non-mineralized material found on many living mammals, reptiles, birds, and amphibians. The "keratin" that makes up the Rhino horn, is the same material that makes up claws, hooves, nails, and hair. The harder form is usually found in the reptiles, claws, shells, scales, and the birds, beaks, claws, and even feathers. For more details, and examples please see sites listed below.
The horn is made of compressed keratin fibers, the same material that is found in fingernails and hair. ( The Wild Ones animal Index) For the source and more detailed information concerning your request, click on the related links section ( indicated at the bottom of this answer box.

hardened keratin.your hair and nails are made up of this protein called keratin

Rhino's horn are made of hair

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What class does rhinoceros belongs to?

All rhinoceros belong to the class Mammalia.


Why are rhinos killed?

Rhinocereroses are usually killed for their horns, which are used in Oriental medicines.
Rhinos are killed mainly for the horn,which is thought by many cultures to have various medicinal properties.This of course,is false,yet now many rhino species are in dire trouble because of this notion.Poachers are often very poor people,and it is thought that one rhino horn could feed a poor family for a year!Therein lies the problem.Governments now protecting rhinos need to figure out how to feed the burgeoning human population,so they won't have to resort to poaching their precious wildlife!
Rhinos are killed mainly for the horn,which is thought by many cultures to have various medicinal properties.This of course,is false,yet now many rhino species are in dire trouble because of this notion.Poachers are often very poor people,and it is thought that one rhino horn could feed a poor family for a year!Therein lies the problem.Governments now protecting rhinos need to figure out how to feed the burgeoning human population,so they won't have to resort to poaching their precious wildlife!
Rhino horn is a component in Chinese herbal medicine and fetches a price per gram equivilent to gold. So Rhino poaching is a very lucrative activity. And then of course there the joy of getting to kill a large beast. It seems to be something human like to do.
It is because of the horn, which can be sold for huge amounts of money in certain parts of the world. The rhinos are killed or brought down any old how and the horn is hacked off.

While it would be possible to tranquilise them to take the horn off, the poachers haven't got access to that kind of equipment and will use whatever they have. On one extra sad occasion a rhino was found de horned but alive, with a badly shattered skull. It took days to die.
Rhino horn is used in quack Chinese medicines, as a cure for many ailments.
They want them cause they want the calcium from the horns to make medication.


What is the language in the land of rhino roams?

You give the answer please

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Is a hippo or a rhino bigger?

The rhino when it comes to height & length but when it comes to weight its the hippo.


What happens when an elephant and rhino mate?

Elephants and rhinoceroses do not mate. Even if they did, they would not produce offspring. This is because all animal hybrids come from two animals from the same genus, and rhinos are from a different genus than elephants. There are some pairs of different species of animals that can mate, though:

lion+tiger= liger or tigon (depending on the gender of the tiger and the lion)



All animal hybrids are infertile, meaning they cannot mate--even with members of their own species.

And just to be clear, I am Not making this up. You can search any of these hybrids.


What is the difference between black and white rhino's?

The white rhino is larger, and has a square upper lip, while the black rhino has a more pointed, prehensile lip for browsing on the twigs and leaves it eats. The white rhino is a grazer, feeding mainly on grasses.

This is also why you will see the white rhino walking with its head closer to the ground.

The black rhino usually have a more curved back compared to the white, which have a more straight line.

From the behavior can you tell that a mother white rhino always will run behind the calf, and the black rhino will always run in front of the calf. It might be because the black rhino mother then can run down the bush for the calf since they live in thick bushlands.

The white rhino shows social behaviour, while the black rhino is mostly solitary and more aggressive.

In the Afrikaans language white is translated "wide" so the white rhino has a wide snout and a black rhino has a narrower snout.

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What do rhinoceros eat?

all rhinos are usually vegetarian, White Rhinoceros are found in grassland and Savannah habitat. Herbivore grazers that eats grass, preferring the shortest grains. The White Rhino is one of the largest pure grazers. Regularly it drinks twice a day if water is available, but if conditions get dry it can live four or five days without water

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Why do people hunt black rhinos for their horns?

The rhino's horn is a particularly precious ingredient in Chinese herbal medicine. Its value is comparable to gold.

And just for the perverse pleasure of the hunt I suppose.

All rhino species are in trouble from poaching more than any other factor.The black rhino is in the most trouble,with wild numbers in the low hundreds.Rhino poachers kill them for the horn,which supposedly has medicinal properties.This has proven to be false,and rhinos continue to be poached,despite protective measures.

South Africa

What are the latest statistics on the rhino population in South Africa?

There are an estimated 19,409 white rhinos and 1,752 black rhinos in South Africa. Since 1970 poachers have killed 90% of the rhino population in South Africa.

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Is rhino horn trading legal?

absolutely, I do it all the time! It's my hobby!

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How do you say the words 'clean' and 'sweep' in French?

"Clean", the adjective, is "propre" or "net". The verb "to clean" is "nettoyer".

Sweep: balayer (from the noun, balai: broom).

the infinitive to wash is: laver

If you are asking about a French equivalent of the English term "clean sweep," meaning the ouster of all incumbents in an election, you might want to use nettoyage complet (netwaYAZH comPLAY).

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What are the reasons for poaching Rhinos?

People hunt them for their horn, which is thought in many places to have medicinal properties. although this is not true, they are still killed because a horn can be sold for a lot of money to people...

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Why are rhino such an important animal to save?

Because the are going to become indangered and people only kill the rhino for there horns


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