Beer and Brewing

The art of fermenting malted grains, flavored with hops and other natural ingredients and the alcoholic beverage derived thereof.

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Beer and Brewing

What mountain is on the Coors label?

Wilson Peak (14,017) located near Telluride, Colorado.

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Beer and Brewing

What is bigger than a keg?

A barrel is two 15.5 gal. kegs, a drum contains 55 gallons.

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How do you become a beer promotion girl?

To become a beer girl, you must be attractive and over the age of 21. There are certain promotional and marketing agencies that hire girls for Major Beer Companies. If you are interested in finding out companies that do promotions for beer and/or liquor companies, start by doing a quick Google search for "promotional companies" or "alcohol promotions". Note that the company that does XYZ beer in one state may not be the same one that does it in another state. In some states, you can go to the beer distributor (where you would purchase kegs, etc) and they can direct you on whom to speak with and may even do the hiring themselves!

Beer and Brewing
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How much alcohol in becks non alcoholic?

I believe that all nonalcoholic beers are .5% alcohol....

Beer and Brewing

What does Kingfisher beer contains?

Yes, It's Indian beer

Beer and Brewing

What year was Star beer first produced in Nigeria?

2nd June 1949, the first bottle rolled off the production line

Beer and Brewing

Can you get drunk on ginger beer?


Ginger Beer is made from ginger, water, sugar, lemon juice and a rather special bacterial-fungal symbiote known, unsurprisingly, as the Ginger Beer Plant. It ferments up to 11% alcohol.

However, most things called ginger beer today are soft drinks, and i don't think there's a single alcoholic Ginger Ale on the market. The difference between ginger ale and ginger beer is huge.

Beer and Brewing
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How many O'douls non alcoholic beer can you drink and still be okay to pass an ignition interlock test?

Depends solely on a number of factors. O'Douls beer has 0.5% ABV, and II tests require you to have a BAC < 0.02. Since BAC varies per person because of weight and body build, I cannot give you a definitive answer. Drinking and driving, regardless of whether you are over the limit or not, is considered illegal, and yes, you can still get arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol, even if you have only had 1 beer.

Beer and Brewing

What is the most famous beer?

Budweiser, of course


Pilsner Urquell brewed by Plzensky Prazdroj in the city of Plzen, Czech Republic

Beer and Brewing
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How much alcohol is in bud lite?

There is 4.2% alcohol content in Bud Light

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Is it harmful for dogs to drink beer?

It won't really harm the pet to give him/her a small amount, but just like anyone, a dog can also get alcohol poisoning from over consumption. The other problem, and this is really serious, is that dogs can turn into alcoholics faster than humans. Then too, his weight is a major factor in how much alcohol he can consume, and just like humans, alcohol can cause dehydration and it can do it a lot faster to an animal with it's faster metabolism.

Beer and Brewing

What is the average time it takes to drink a beer?

From observation and personal experience the average time it takes to drink a beer is commonly around 10 to 25 minutes and ofcourse can vary considerably depending on many internal body-mind factors such as thirst, temperature, stress and various mood factors and external environment factors such as weather, daily temperature, social settings, special events and occasions and companionship. Sometimes a person could chug a beer in under 5 minutes and other times slowly nurse it along up to 45 minutes or longer.

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An alcoholic drink with z in spelling?


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How much alcohol does Bacardi have?

Bacardi 151 rum with 75.5% alcohol content - World's most popular rum whixh is extremely flammable and comes with a stainless steel flame arrester built at bottle neck

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What do Japanese teenagers like?

Anime! Try Full metal Alchemist or Naruto or Bleach. Maybe even Higurashi no naku koro ni!!

Since this is under food, I'm assuming you mean food-wise. Like in most places, children eat what they were raised on, and like most of the things their parents make, which would be a rice-staple diet with fish as the most common thing to go with it. Treats are mainly sweet or salty. Buns with sweet filling, mochi, and imported goods like chocolate seem to be common. Then there are fried sesame goods and packets of salty crunchy food. I'm not really sure about what's popular among teenagers in particular, though. Sorry.

They can't drink until they're twenty, though. I'm pretty sure that Sapporo beer and other strong drinks are popular.

Beer and Brewing

Why is heineken green?

There is no known reason for the choice of colour.

The beer is amber, not green. It is in a green bottle in an effort to keep light from turning the taste skunky. Brown bottles are best at this however. Green beer is a result of food coloring being added. That's all!

Beer and Brewing

Who is the narrator for the Coors beer commercials?

Fred Thompson

Beer and Brewing

Where is the head office of Budweiser in the US?

The Headoffice of Bud is in St. Luois, Missouri.



Beer and Brewing

How many beer is in a flat?

Twenty-four beers in a flat of beer! Drink up!

Beer and Brewing

Does corona come in a dark beer?

no. if you find it let me know

Beer and Brewing

What Is Ice Brewed Beer?

It's marketing speak for lager. Making a lager involves aging the beer at cold temperatures, often very near the freezing temperature of water. It gives the beer a crisp taste. It also helps cover up the off flavors from cheap ingredients, which is one reason why inexpensive beers tend to be lagers.

Beer and Brewing

How big is a lager head meant to be?

There is no set size it is more of a tradition or cultural matter.

However in the UK there exists legislation as to how much liquid should be in a pint or half pint of lager or beer. The head is not classed as part of this liquid limit and should be in addition to the liquid. Generally about a centimetre is acceptable.

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Where can you buy Ringnes beer in US?

the norway pavilion at epcot offered at least one ringnes beer several years ago.

Beer and Brewing
Units of Measure

What does 16 ounces of beer weigh?

1 Pound = 16 ounces

ounces used to measure beer is a measure of volume, not weight. A gallon of beer weighs about 8 pounds. Therefore 16 fluid ounces (one pint or 1/8 gallon) weighs about 1.0625 lbs.


The weight of a fluid ounce of beer will vary with the recipe and completeness of fermentation. Home brewers call this 'gravity' and measure it with a hygrometer. The same is true for wine.

1 pound always equals 16 ounces in weight, but a fluid ounce is 4% more in the US than in the UK. For details, look for 'pint' in Wikipedia.

For more weirdness, check out section 3.1 of that article.

Beer and Brewing

Does lager beer contain hops?

While beer doesn't have to contain hops, almost all do. Hops are simply the balancing element that keeps beer from being to sweet to drink. Today, hops are very popilar as the primary flavor element, as in IPA-style beers, but the sweetness of the malted grains used to make beer requires something to even it out. Hops are not the only thing you can do this with. Ancient Scottish ales used everything from seaweed to gooseberries to pine needles. Old English ales used Deadly Nightshade (!) But hops are the worldwide standard, now, and they grow in a wide variety of species, all of which have their own, distinct flavor characteristics.

I'm guessing the reason for this question is prompted by trying to pick out the hops in a pint of one of our generic BudMillerCoorsPabst domestic mass-produced lagers, all of which use only scant hopping to target that mild, inoffensive, rather wimpy range of flavors that make them ideal for drinking mindlessly. In these pilsners, the hops really ARE for nothing but balance and, as in the case of most of them - especially Pabst - the sweetness of the malts is far less tamped down by the hops. Pabst is, to me, almost sickly sweet. If you examine most of these beers, you'll find that the hops are only really detectable - despite their commercials with gloved hands lovingly caressing fresh hops - with effort. And the hops they use are NEVER fresh. They're ground and formed into pellets, packed in 50 lb. bags, and sold like cattle feed. Their flavor is very muted compared to fresh, which is a LOT more expensive.


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