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Meat is animal flesh from pigs, cattle and lamb that is used for human consumption. Meat is a valuable source of protein in the human diet.

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Is seafood considered to be meat?

No. Shellfish, commonly referred to as seafood, is not considered a meat by the EU, US FDA, the USDA, the Catholic Church and most Talmudic, Buddhist, Hindu or Koranic authorities as a meat. ...
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How much lunch meat is needed to feed 50 people?

assuming each eats around 1/4lb then about 12.5lbs lunch meat
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Where can you buy sausage casings?

You can buy Sausage Casings at your local food market.
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What is another name for veal cutlets?

They don't have another name, per se...however, breaded veal cutlets are often referred to as Cotoletta (an Italian name, meaning "little rib"). The most common dish that is prepared, using breaded veal cutlets is Veal Parmesan, in which the fried cutlets are topped with a marinara sauce and Parmesan cheese. ...
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Can you eat the skin on smoked ham steak?

Apparently, yes. But it might not taste that good since it tends to be salty. ...
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Can you boil a pot roast?

Yes you can; or at least, you can simmer a pot roast. If you actually boiled it, you'd end up with something inedible. Don't cover the roast in water, only about half way. Simmer for about 45 minutes, add onions, potatoes, carrots, celery and simmer for about another hour. Great one pot meal! ...
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How many type of force meats are there?

soya meat, that's it.
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Is tripe in human?

If you use the term Tripe to describe any stomach lining, then, yes, humans have tripe. Tripe is generally considered the edible stomach lining from any number of farm animals. ...
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What do you like best about KFC?

The Krushems... but only the malteser and chocolate ones.
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What is pad meat?

I know the Nuea pad prik, it's a Thai pepper steak and fried hot and spicy meat) is a Thai dish of chilli beef with herbs. This is a stir-fried dish that includes shallots, garlic, hot chili peppers, bamboo shoots,green onions, mint and basil leaves, soy, fish, and oyster sauces and palm sugar. ...
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Why does red meat upset your stomach?

It is because red meat takes longer in its journey through your body to digest, and then "goes off" while on its travels, which then release toxins that cause an upset stomach Red meat never upsets my stomach nor does it "go off" in my stomache. I chew my meat before I swallow and since your system was designed to use meats and veggies and grains and nuts of all types you shouldn't be having any troubles if you chew your...
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What is transgenic meat?

Genetically engineered meat.
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What is Tendorlion meat?

The tenderloin is actually a muscle found just behind the lower portion of the rib cage, near the kidneys. This muscle is used much less than other muscles, and is therefor much more tender. It's actually the most tender cut on the animal (much less stringy than others). All animals have this tenderloin/muscle (as do humans). In beef, the tenderloin can be cut into steaks, like the filet mignon or is often used for steak tartare (which requires a high quality meat)....
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What kind of bacteria feeds off of meat?

Bacteria that most commonly feed off of raw meat include these genera: Acinetobacter Aeromonas Moraxella Pseudomonas These are the genera of common spoilage bacteria found on raw meat products. ...
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Do coyotes eat meat?

Yes they do. They're actually 90% carnivorous.
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Can you cook a pot roast on high in a slow cooker?

You can absolutely cook a pot roast on high in a slow cooker; however, to maintain a tender cut, the low heat setting is recommended. ...
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What is the name of artificial meat?

The name of the artificial meat is PROCESSED meat..!!! Like chicken nuggets from wendy's or mcdonalds is not meat it's actually PINK thicke GOO!!!! That they color white and give the texture of 100% all white chicken.. ...
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Where to buy mini meatballs?

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Why is a diet high in red meat bad for you?

Red meats, like beef and pork, tend to be high in fat. Other than this, though, a diet high in meat in general is bad for you, because it lacks vital nutrients. A significant consequence of a high-protein, low-carb diet is lack of fiber, resulting in constipation. You should try to follow the food pyramid, eating mostly grains. Some healthier protein choices are legumes/beans, nuts, skinned chicken, and even yogurt. ...
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How do you use accord powder in meat?

Accord powder is used to bind meat and retain its color, moistness and flavor. Use 0.3% of the meat weight and spread it evenly over the meat. Knead the meat and mix it thoroughly. ...