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Find out what cooking terms mean before you flambe your bananas, caramelize your onions, or julienne your carrots.

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Cooking Terminology

What is the meaning of hors d'oeuvres?

Hors d'oevres is a French term, pronounced OR-DERVZ. It's literal meaning is "apart from the main work" (apart from the whole). Hors d'oevres are appetizers, somewhat like snacks, a little larger than bite-size. They're usually served on platters at parties, and at a meal they are served before the main course.

Cooking Terminology

What is the meaning of Basil in Telugu?

Basil: Tulasi తులసి

Cooking Terminology

What is the meaning of prepared food?

Prepared food is ready to eat.

Cooking Terminology

What is the meaning of bar type cookie?

A cookie that's in a bar. so its thick. and usually square. like a brownie.

Cooking Terminology

What is the meaning of nouilles et fromage en casserole?

French Translation= Casserole of noodles and cheese

A.K.A. Macaroni and Cheese, Mac and Cheese..

Cooking Terminology

What is the meaning of natural au jus in cooking?

It means cooked in its own natural juice, i.e. with no added ingredients such as soy sauce or sugar.

Cooking Terminology

What is edible gel?

Edible gel is a term used for any gel that can safely be eaten. Such gels are used in many recipes such as fruit jellies, fruit salads, and cake frostings.

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French cooking term served with almonds?


Cooking Terminology

What is the correct cooking term for preparation?

"Mise en place" is the term used for cooking preparation. It is a French term and translates as "to put into place".

Cooking Terminology

What is the meaning of gs mean in cooking?

Gs means grams in cooking.

Cooking Terminology

What is the meaning of marjoram IN TAMIL?


Cooking Terminology

What does par mean in cooking?

It means partial. Some recipes call for parboiling something before actually cooking it. Take for example grilling spare ribs. Parboiling will remove excess fat in the pork and lessen the time it takes to grill the ribs because parboiling will partially cook the ribs. No one wants ribs that are boiled until fully cooked, so parboiling is to partially cook them.

Cooking Terminology

What is the meaning of raft in cooking?

To clarify broth, usually for making consumme, cooks whisk egg whites, sometimes with their crumpled shells, into a broth. The egg proteins stick to particles and impurities in the broth, eventually gathering into a scummy disk know as "the raft". The raft floats to the top and is discarded.

Cooking Terminology

What does it mean to macerate raspberries?

To macerate fresh raspberries means to mash and pulverize with a wooden spoon them until they are a soft pulp, usually with the addition of sugar. This is the general meaning of the word "macerate" when used in conjunction with food preparation; it has quite different meanings in other situations. Many recipes would desribe this action as mashing the reaspberries. For frozen raspberries, simply add sugar to them and leave for an hour or two. This not only sweetens them but draws out the liquid.

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What is the meaning of savece in cooking?

Seviche, savece, cebiche or most often ceviche refers to acid-cooked seafood.

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What does scoring a ham means in culinary terms?

It means making shallow cuts with a knife into the ham.

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Cooking Terminology

What is the difference between minced and diced?

Minced means to chop food such as meat, vegetables or fruit into very small pieces, it is either done with a very sharp knife or more often using a machine with a mincing attachment, diced means to cut meat, vegetables or fruit into small cubes, these cubes can range in size from fine dice (but bigger than minced) to larger dice but no bigger than a mouthful.

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What is the meaning of Tube center Pan?

A round pan with a hollow projection in the middle, used for baking or molding foods in the shape of a ring.

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What does incorporate mean in cooking terms?

Generally speaking, if your cooking instructions say to incorporate an ingredient, it means to lightly mix it in to the batter, for example. You don't want to overmix or overwork the batter, just lightly stir it in with a spatula or spoon. Don't get out the beaters or the tabletop mixer, do it gently by hand, wihtout overdoing it.

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What is a crusty entree?

An example of a crusty entree would be pot pie.

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Cooking Terminology

What is sweetbread?

The thymus gland (known as throat sweetbread) and the pancreas (stomach sweetbread), especially of the calf and lamb (although beef sweetbreads are sometimes eaten), are considered delicacies and are rich in mineral elements and vitamins. The pancreas is generally preferred to the thymus. Sweetbreads are highly perishable and, immediately after removal from refrigeration, should be soaked and parboiled, then creamed, curried, braised, or otherwise prepared for serving.

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What is the definition of Rubenkraut nutrional spread from the Rhineland?

The German "Rübenkraut" or "Zuckerrübensirup"
- in English perhaps "sugar beet molasses" -
is a dark brown, sweet molasses.

Used as spread on bread, as enhancement for sauces and cakes, for baking bread, etc. It is created by cooking (dehydrating) sugar beets. Some more info (in German):
(product "Grafschafter Goldsaft")

Cooking Terminology

What is the meaning of baker's equipment?

Items used in baking, ovens, proofers, pans, mixers and cooling racks just to name a few.

Cooking Terminology

What is the meaning of reversible and irreversible in cooking?

Reversible changes mean that i.e. if you make a chocolate sweet/lolly pop etc.. you can melt it back and make another one.

Irreversible changes mean that i.e. if you crack an egg and it burns, you can not turn back into a raw egg in an unbroken shell again.

Cooking Terminology

What is the meaning of culinary globalization?

Globalization is when something takes place, or is recognised, worldwide. For example, McDonald's fast food is a recognised global brand.

In terms of culinary globalization this could be things like curry or pasta which orignate from specific parts of the world (India / Asia and Italy) but are widely cooked and consumed across the globe.


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