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Many organisms, such as humans, ingest food to get the nutrients needed to maintain life. Cooking and preparation are often a necessity, but also a joy for many people. The Food and Cooking category includes questions and answers on the ingredients in food, recipes, nutritional information, cooking utensils, where to find certain foods, and much more. Bon Appetit!

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What are some foods that begin with the letter U?

This is a list of some foods beginning with the letter U: Ube: purple yams udder udder tripe Udi's bread Udo Udon Noodles udu ugali - Thick smooth porridge Ugli fruit uglies biscuts Ugly Tomatoes Ukha ukoy - shrimp and bean sprouts Ukrainian Rolls Ulluco - South American tuber vegetable that resembles a small potato Ultimate apple Crisp Umble pie Umbles - the offal of deer umeboshi plums umbricelli pasta Umbrella fruit Unagi - freshwater eel unbleached flour uncooked pasta Undercooked meat Undio uniq fruit - hybrid citrus fruit of grapefruit, tangerine and orange that grows in tropical regions unleavened bread unpasturized milk unsalted beer nuts unsalted brazils Unsalted...
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What are some foods that begin with the letter P?

Here are some foods that begin with the letter P: Pablum Pacific cod Pacific herring Pacific salmon Pacific saury Pacific trout Pad thai noodles Paella Pancakes Pancetta Paneer cheese Panfish Pan fry Panini Pani puri Panko Panna cotta Pannetone Pansy Papaya Pappadams Pappardelle Paradise nut Parfait Parma ham Parmesan cheese Parmesano-reggiano cheese Parsley Parsnip Partridge Passionfruit Pasta Pastafazool Pasta salad Pastrami Pastry Pasty Patagonian toothfish Pattypan squash Pavlova Paw-paws Pay day candy bar Peach Peach cobbler Peach palm Peacock tongues -- a gourmet delicacy relished in days of old in Greece, Rome, and Arabian palaces. Peanut brittle Peanut butter Peanut butter cookies Peanuts Pear Pearl barley Pearl millet Pearl onions Peas Pea soup Pecans Pecorino-romano cheese Peking duck Pelagic cod Pemmican Penne Penuche Pepper Peppercorns Pepperidge farm cookies Pepper jack cheese Peppermint Peppermint candy Peppermint patties Pepperoncini Pepperoni Perch Pernil -- puerto rican style pork shoulder Persian lime Persimmon Pesto Petit four Pheasant Philly beef and...
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What could be good to eat after nuclear fallout?

According to "A Fighting Chance" you could survive off plants such as grains, beans, and legumes after nuclear fallout. Also canned foods would be alright as they are protected from radiation for the most part. As for animals that you might consider eating, they will be affected by a combination of gamma radiation inside and out, as well as the intake of irradiated food or lack of food to eat altogether. Their organs would be so saturated in radiation that you would develop...
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What are some foods that begin with the letter Z?

Here are some foods that begin with Z: Zabaglione (a type of whipped custard) Zander Zapples Zatar (a member of the mint family) Zeaga Zebra cake Zebra fish Zehac Zeppelis Zero bars Zest (of a lemon) Zesty salad Zidiak Zin Zingers! Ziti Zoodles Zucchini Zuccotto Zumba Zuppe Zuti Zwiebrek (a type of bread) Zyphome (type of root) ...
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What are some foods that begin with the letter Q?

Some foods that begin with letter Q are: quahog (type of clam) Quack, a German Cheesecake quail quail eggs Quaker's Oatmeal Quaker 100% Natural Granola cereal Quaker Life cereal Quaker Oatmeal Quaker oats quaking pudding Quality Street Chocolate quamash quandong quark cheese Quarter Pounder qat Quavers queen cake queenfish queen olive queen scallop Queensland nut (aka: macadamia) quenelle quesadilla queso queso blanco queso fresco quiche quiche ham and cheese Quiche Lorraine quiddany quick bread quince quinine quinine water quinnat salmon quinoa, protein rich seed Quorn I can think of: Quesadilla Quiche Quail Quahog Quince and Quinine (as a flavoring and medicine) ...
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What is bigger than a keg?

A barrel is two 15.5 gal. kegs, a drum contains 55 gallons.
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How do you make a torta chilena?

Torta chilena is a Costa Rican dessert; the link below has an excellent recipe. ...
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What are some foods that begin with the letter N?

Some foods that begin with the letter N include: Nachos Naan bread Naked Juices Nalley's chips nan nandos Napa grapes naranja (Spanish for orange) narcissus narwhal meat Nasi-Goreng [fried rice] Nashville barbecue nasturtiums Natural yoghurt Navel Oranges Navy Beans Neopolitan ice cream neapolitan pizza Necco wafers Nectar nectarine Nectarine crepes neem oil neeps (a scottish word for potatoes) Nehi Nerds (candy) Nestle's Crunch candy bar Nestle Quick Neufchatel cheese Newburg Newcastle New England clam chowder new English muffin new potato Newtons (the cookie) New York cheesecake New York strip steak New York French fries New york lettuce New York corn Nibbles Night Train nikoi salad Nilla wafers Nirnroot nitric juce Nog nonfat milk nonpareils norriandos Noodle-Oodle Noodles de ramon Noodle soup Noodle chicken soup noodles Noodles with chicken Now and Laters Nougat nouveau cuisine Nuclear...
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What is baking paper made of?

== High density paper treated with acid == Baking paper (Vegetable parchment) is made using high density paper (made from regular wood sources) that goes through an acid treatment. The result is strong, non-stick and heat-resistant. Silicone and other oil-based coatings are sometimes added to make it non-stick. It is also good for easy clean up, it is not just for baking you can use it to line a basket to put food in at parties ...
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What Traditional cooking methods and utensils are used in Switzerland?

There have been many utensils used....these statistics could not match the following results, to interpret the given data that use this required attoinment, the following characteristics.... ...
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Can honey be microwaved?

Yes it can, but in a microwave safe container and I would personally cover the container since if the honey gets on the inside of the microwave it will not be easy to clean up. Be aware that heating honey destroys the healthful enzymes contained in it. It can be more healthful to eat raw honey. Microwaving honey can also alter its taste. To make hardened honey return to a liquid state, put the container in a bowl of hot water for...
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What does Edam cheese taste like?

Mild and creamy with a strong scent of feet
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How much lunch meat is needed to feed 50 people?

assuming each eats around 1/4lb then about 12.5lbs lunch meat
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How long Keep cooked Egg Foo Young?

Three days is the longest you should keep Egg Foo Young leftovers, as the eggs and other ingredients are the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, which can cause foodborne illness. As with other leftovers, when you DO reheat them, make sure it's reheated to 165 Degrees F, to kill any bacteria that may have started to form. ...
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What is formal food service?

a sweet tender starter which may include pieces of a choice of fish, chicken, lamb, etc. If vegetarian you can serve dishes of vegetable potatoes or other fresh ranges. I think the question may refer to 'Silver Service': the diners are seated and waiters or servers move round the table offering each dish. Food is offered to the right of the diner and is placed on the diner's plate by the waiter using a fork and spoon, rather like chopsticks, to lift and...
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Does the nslc site include tax in their prices?

The National Sign Language Commission does not charge tax for educational organizations. ...
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Do crackers spoil?

Yes if left in open they absorb moisture,lose flavour and crispness
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How can you make a butterscotch sauce without cream?

1 egg 1/4 c. water 1/3 c. white corn syrup 1/4 c. butter 2/3 c. brown sugar Mix well and boil in double boiler until thick. Store in refrigerator. If you can't use butter due to allergies use a soy butter it tastes just as good, along with if you cannot use the egg, boil one cup of flax with two cups of water and then let stand over night after it is strained, use 2 tbs as a egg substitute. If you use a real...
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Can you substitute tangerine zest for orange zest?

They are slightly different things, but both are edible, and probably have a similar (but different) flavour. ...
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How much protein is there in 1 whole chicken?

Because chickens come in different sizes, it is only possible to give a very rough approximation. Begin by assuming that even an average chicken could provide at least 4 servings, and a serving is about 1 cup of skinless, boneless meat. One serving provides about 40 to 45 grams of protein, and 4 servings - assumed to be one small chicken - would total 160 to 180 grams of protein. ...
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What is the shelf life for wheatgerm?

If it's not frozen or refrigerated, probably a few months as the oils in Wheat Germ can go rancid. You will know if you smell it. It will get a rancid smell that is distinctive. If it still smells fresh and wheaty, it's likely fine. ...
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What are The Market forms of Chicken?

Chicken is sold in a number of forms. Hens and roosters are sold live. They are also sold dead, with feathers on and guts still inside, in many parts of the world. Whole chickens, chicken pieces and chicken meat are sold fresh and frozen. Chicken is also sold as cooked, processed chicken, like chicken meat in tins, cooked and frozen chicken and sliced chicken deli meat. ...
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How did pasteurization impact the world?

The impact of pasteurisation was most on industries and exports. With the introduction of this technique, milk products could be stored for a longer period of time before becoming sour.This ensured a healthy and safe delivery of various products to distant areas for sale and hence increasing exports. ...