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Importing and Exporting

Importing refers to the act of bringing services and goods from a foreign market into the country. Exporting, on the other hand, refers to the act of selling goods and services from the home country to other countries.

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What are Mexico's exports?

Mexico is the tenth largest economy in the world, with a Gross Domestic Product of US$1.85 trillion (2013). It is also the eleventh in terms of population with more than 120 million people for 2013, thus allowing Mexican exports to be not only raw materials such as oil or silver, but also manufactured goods and even high-technology products, including assembled aircraft, pharmaceuticals, communications equipment, and computer and office machinery. Mexico is also one of the countries with most trade agreements in the world, having...
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Murhaba lc and cash lc difference?

I guess the question itself is written in a wrong way, i guess that the question means Murabaha not murahba since there is nothing called "murahba LC", but there is "Murabaha LC" or to be adequate "LC Murabaha" This is a sharia compliant product used in importing goods through islamic banks or financing companies. It is differ from Cash LC that the later requires the LC amount to be ready with the importer while the other option Murabaha will be financed by the...
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What does LC stand for in LC connector?

LC stands for Lucent Connectors
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How are the goods of gold transported by export?

open the third & fourth link of this website: hope you get answer; good luck ! ...
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What kind of fruits does Canada import?

Avocados, melons, mangoes, grapefruit, ugli, kiwi, grapes, pineapples, pomegranates, passion fruit, papaya and bananas ...
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Where to find world average TEU rates?

According to, the average is around 10,610 for the larger vessels ...
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What does Greece import from Ireland?

They import Guiness and Silver
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What is manufacturer exporter?

Exporter is a manufacturer, who sells manufacturers goods abroad.
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What eyewear company is the largest in the world?

Italy's Luxottica Group was the world's largest eyewear company in 2003.
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What are registers in excise duty?

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Can you use your car plate to bring another car home?

ya, as long as you don't get your plates ran by a pig. The info about your cars appearance is gave to cops when they run your plates. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- No, it's not a good idea. A tag is registered to one vehicle and could get you a ticket if you get pulled over. You can drive a newly purchased car home with insurance from your other car though. ...
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Expert opinions on rainforest?

a rain forest is somewhere i think is beautiful and harmful at the same time. all the flowers and cool looking plants are all wonderful, but there are a lot of harmful poisonous animals there, if you do go to the rain forest ....... if you see a harmful animal stay very still so if its not interested it will go away ...
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What does Russia export to the Netherlands?

Russia and the Netherlands have a strong import/export relationship, with the Netherlands helping to develope Russia's oil refineries and petro-chemical industry. As it seems to have come up as an issue, one should note that sex workers in the Netherlands are paid, not slaves. Slavery was outlawed there long before the United States outlawed it, and any cases of it happening are criminal cases - not the norm. The importation of sex workers - while having nothing to do with the question -...
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How do you import used cars from US into Nigeria?

You export them. Look for Export brokers on the Net.
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Why does India need to import rice?

Indian agriculture was not very developed so India had been importing to foodgrains and rice but now India is self sufficient and surplus with rice and foodgrains. Now India is a country exporting rice and foodgrains to some countries, even USA. ...
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What are the main exports of Germany?

Germany's most important exports are in the field of engineering, especially high quality cars and railway vehicles. They also export machinery, chemicals, pharmaceutical products, metals, foodstuff, electronics, textiles, wine. ...
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How do you bring a car from another country?

Depents form what country to what county you wanne go. unless you can say that these are most common steps: -Ship it to what ever is the closest harbor near your house -Get the car inspected and pay the charges at the harbor customs -put the car in a truck/on a train and get him to your house. -ajust the car so he's street legal in your county (every country has other rules about what there needs to be on a car) -get the...
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Who should be the Shipper on a Bill of Lading?

The company that is PHYSICALLY shipping the freight (the company whose dock the freight is leaving). ...