United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates is a federation of seven previously autonomous sheikhdoms. Formed in 1971 and rich in oil and natural gas, the United Arab Emirates lies on the Southern shores of the Arabian Gulf between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Sultanate of Oman.

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Student Loans and Financial Aid
Income Garnishment
United Arab Emirates

How many months jail for loan defaulters in uae?

24 I'm sure :-) :-) :-)

Job Interviews
United Arab Emirates
Aviation Careers

How should you answer the question 'Why do you want to work for the Emirates Group'?

Some ideas:

Idea 1

The Emirates the fastest growing Airline and renowned airline in the world. The quality,innovation and to customer expectation is excellent and high class. Working with people from different nationalities is an opportunity. Emirates and certainly far more growing reputed company than other airlines. High performing Cabin Crew services. It is also a highly successful airline.

Idea 2

emirates is the fastest growing airline in the wold,they are elite,exceptional and provide the best customer service

Idea 3

falls within the area of interest

Idea 4

Because your company have excellent organization that allow me to increase knowledge and my skills

Idea 5

Because your company have excellent organization that allow me to increase knowledge and my skills and emirates is the fasterst growing airline in the wold,they are elit,exceptional and provide the best

Idea 6

One of the reasons that people usually want to join the Emirates Group is because it pays good salary. The other reason is for people to grow in their careers.

Idea 7

cause they give you free lollypops

Note from a Previous Employee

Even the Indian Managers that go abroad carry the same egotistical mentality with them. Don't ever go to Emirates Airlines IT department (EG-IT) in Dubai to work. It's full of Indian managers who just like to scream at their Indian subordinates in full view of the entire office. Unfortunately, those poor souls are stuck there as they often come from Indian consultancies e.g. CSC, and they are penalised if they break their contracts. One guy told me he would have to pay lakhs to get out of working for Emirates as an end client so he has to do his two years jail sentence. I feel so sorry for these lower grade Consultants as they are often the brightest, most considerate workers but they are made to bleed while their idiot Indian bosses take all the credit.

As an ex-pat working there, I also suffered at the hands of two different Indian managers but at least I could escape when I had enough! I'm now working for professional people (i.e. non-Indians) in a professional company (i.e. a non-Indian company).

United Arab Emirates
Gold and Precious Metals

What is the gold price per 10 grams in Indian rupees in Dubai?

10 gm gold price in Dubai

Gold Price Close Today : 1097.30 in American dollars per ounce by Change: 7.30 or 0.7%

for 24K gold the price today is $38.66 per gram

or = 762.32 Euro per ounce = 680.1 in GBP Pounds

and = 24.55 Euro per gram = 21.9 in GBP Pounds

North Carolina
United Arab Emirates
Flight Times
Los Angeles

How many hours from Los Angeles to Dubai?

15 hr 45 min

United Arab Emirates

What is known as the bride of the desert in UAE?

Date Palms

ZIP Code
United Arab Emirates
Abu Dhabi
Postal Codes

What is the zip code of Abu Dhabi?

The United Arab Emirates does not use ZIP or postal codes.

United Arab Emirates

What is Emirates Airways UK contact telephone number?

Contact No for Emirates : 0207-993-4878

Distances and Travel Times
United Arab Emirates
Flight Times

How many hours does it take to fly from Sydney to Dubai?

Sydney (SYD) to Dubai (DXB) Shortest Flight Duration 14 hours 35 mins

Home Equity and Refinancing
United Arab Emirates
Oceans and Seas
Abu Dhabi

What is the name of the sea in abu dhabi?

Abu Dhabi has a coastline on the Persian Gulf which is part of the Indian Ocean.

United Arab Emirates

Where is sharjah heritage museum location?


United Arab Emirates
Middle East

Contact details for HH Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan?

United Arab Emirates
UK Colleges and Universities

In UAE List the Accredited Private Universities?

You can ask the Ministry of Higher Education for the list of accredited universities.

United Arab Emirates
Abu Dhabi

Is there a camera shop in abu dhabi airport?

Yes, there is a camera shop at Abu Dhabi airport.

United Arab Emirates
Postal Codes

What is the postcode for the United Arab Emirates?

Cities and towns in the UAE do not use ZIP (or Postal) codes.

There are NO postcodes ANYWHERE in the UAE and no street deliveries of mail.

Most people get their mail at their employers address, through their own registered post box, or through door-to-door courier deliveries.

A typical postal address is:

Joe Smith

XYZ Corporation LLC

PO Box 12345

Al Ain


The national postal service, Emirates Post (see link below) also has a system of "Public Post Boxes", here people can have mail sent to a common post office box and then have to collect if directly from the post office.

It is VERY difficult to convince some post office clerks in places like the UK that this is how it is. The same applies to filling in on-line forms where a postal code (or ZIP code) is a mandatory field. Normally, entering 0000 (4 zero's) is sufficient to bypass this.

The international telephone dialing code is (00) 971 and then the city code followed by the number

United Arab Emirates

What happened in to Pashtun singer from Pakistan Nazia Iqbal in the sex scandal April 18 2010 in Dubai?

The Nazia Iqbal sex scandal from April 18, 2010 in Dubai was a leaked video tape allegedly showing her having sex. The tape was proven to be false and was simply an attempt to defame her.

United Arab Emirates

Which line of latitude and longitude pass close to these cites tehran jeddh Dubai islamabad dehli dhaka Beijing Bangkok Tokyo?

consult atlas map :D

United Arab Emirates
Burj Khalifa

How much does the Burj Dubai sway?

Due to it's flexibility, it can sway up to about 5.5 feet.

Job Search
United Arab Emirates

Film editing jobs in Dubai?

United Arab Emirates
Abu Dhabi

Pia price of ticket abu Dubai?

i m bay pia earlance taket how mas

United Arab Emirates

Why one would want to work for emirates?

The Emirates Group is a highly profitable business with a turnover of approximately US$ 12 billion and over 40,000 employees. The Group comprises of Dnata, the successful Airport Ground Services and Travel Industry division, and Emirates, the Group's rapidly expanding and award winning international airline. Emirates global network now sees it flying to over 100 destinations across 6 continents, operating a modern fleet of over 130 wide-bodied aircraft. Today the Airline has orders worth over US$ 58 billion for 170 more of the latest aircraft, with plans to operate to many more destinations in the months and years ahead. Essential to our continued business success as we expand will be the ongoing employment of high quality people to join our multi-cultural team of over 150 nationalities. Dubai, a tourism centre and modern cosmopolitan city with high standards of healthcare, education and leisure pursuits for residents offers those we hire one of the most desirable lifestyle locations in the world. In addition to lifestyle and tax free salary benefits, the Emirates Group also offers professional development opportunities to help employees develop new skills and grow their careers successfully.

English Football
United Arab Emirates

Where can you watch the fa cup in Dubai?

Cars & Vehicles
United Arab Emirates

Can you use uae driving license in Malaysia?

you can use an licence from anywhere at any place.

United Arab Emirates
Tamil Nadu
Abu Dhabi
Gold and Precious Metals

22 carat gold price per gram in abu dhabi today?

today abu dhabi gold price

United Arab Emirates

How would you contact the king of UAE?

The UAE does not have a king, it has a president.

Air Miles
United Arab Emirates

How many air miles from Dubai to Nigeria?

The flight distance from Dubai, United Arab Emirates to Lagos, Nigeria is:

3,660 miles / 5,890 km

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