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What is the date for msbte diploma timetable for winter 2011?

I think the exact date of winter2011 exam time table is on 3 to 14 november of practical and submission and exam starts on 16 november 2011 to 14 december 2011 ...the exact date showing by first week of octomber.

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What are the advantage and disadvantage of western culture in India?

The advantage India got was the spirit of aggression, possession and warfare- which India lacked.

And the disadvantage - the Western Culture has taught the philosophy of materialism to India - a country with a history and past of non-aggression, non-violence, brotherhood and fairness in life

tell me fast,,,,,,, some points fr advantages & disadvantages of western dresses............

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Primary teacher recruitment results in purulia?

The result is on epostindia

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What is full form of CMJ University?

cmj university

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What is the difference between hearing and listening?

Hearing is merely the ability of ear to sense sounds around one, but, listening is more of conscious effort to interpret the sounds, requiring concentration of mind.

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Is there al-khalid or khalid school in najran?

yes. alhamdulillah, there is an international school at last in najran. it is located near al zafar hospital. its name is khalidia international school.

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Bed result 2010 nagpur university?

Type your answer here... yes

b.ed. result 2010 of nagpur university

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Top 10 best engineering collage in Gujarat?










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What is minimum fee for MBBS?

its less than a lakh.. or make be less than 50000, if you are talking about minimum fees.but you need to be in top government colleges

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Ba second year time table?

ba 2nd year ka exam kab se suru hoga?

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Is Lpu university is a good choice?

there are many miss consumptions regarding lpu ......

but in my view lpu is one of the best colleges in india providing best quality education with outstanding facilities .

so, dont listen to any one and take good decision lpu is a good choice.

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India Colleges and Universities

Names of our leaders studied in aligarh university in aligarh?

Find out more about aligarh university ,make a list of our leaders who studied at aligarh?

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Indian Institute of Management IIM

Where is M.B.B.S distance education in India?

Andhra Pradesh, a state in southeastern India, has more than 1,000 technical schools, colleges and universities. Medical college prepares students for careers as doctors, surgeons, nurses and other professions in the medical field. Schools are either government-run or privately funded by individuals and trusts.

Students at Andhra Medical College study within 34 departments, including orthopedics, dermatology, physiology and general medicine. All undergraduate students are required to complete a one-year internship that includes three months working at a teaching hospital and rotations in medicine, surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics and others.

The campus regularly holds blood drives and charity events to get students involved with the local community.

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How many medical colleges in India?

There are 250 medical colleges in India.....may some new are going to added. I have no actual data about this.

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University of Bombay Kalina Campus

Where can you get GATE 2010 exam form at Mumbai?

you can get the GATE 2010 form form the following
FORMS - IIT BOMBAY ZONE Bank Branches --> IIT Bombay Zone

State Bank of India:Ahmednagar (Manamad Road) Akola (Sastri Nagar) Amravati (Near Shyam Talkies)Aurangabad (Kranti Chowk) Gulbarga(Supermarket) Hubli (Keshwapur) JalgaonKolhapur (Dasara Chowk) Loni (Near Swami Samarth Mandir) Mumbai (Andheri W- Shopper's Stop; Dadar-SS Wagh Marg; IIT Powai; Main Br-Samachar Marg)Nagpur (Rly. Stn.) Nanded (Vazirabad)Nashik (Hotel Samrat) Navi Mumbai(Belapur) Pandharpur (Sawarkar Road)Panjim (Hotel Mandavi) Pune (Main; Deccan Gymkhana) Sangli (Ganapati Mandir) Satara(Pratap Ganj) Shegaon Solapur (Budhwar Peth) Thane (Tembi Naka) Wardha (Dr. J.C. Kumarappa Marg)

for more information you can visit the following link
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How many bits are in a byte?

In the most common definition, there are 8 bits in one byte.

One bit is either a flow of electricity or no electricity. This written as 0 or 1. There are four bits in a nibble and two nibbles in a byte.

8 bits = 1 byte.

1024 bytes = 1KB

1024 KB = 1 MB

1024 MB = 1 GB

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Bed result of university of peshawar?

b.ed results 2010 of abbott college of education affiliated with peshawar university

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Love you to bits?

In ASCII encoding, if that's what you mean by "bits": 110110011011111110110110010100100000111100111011111110101 That's "love you", in ASCII.

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How good is symbiosis distance education?

The Symbiosis Center for Distance Learning serves more than 1.65 million students worldwide in 42 different countries. Headquartered in Pune, India, it is considered one of the country's top institutions and has state-of-the-art campuses located across the country. Its distance learning branch is considered a pioneer in the field and its programs-- including MBAs--are recognized by the Institute of Distance Education Council.

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What education and training do you need to become an English teacher?

That depends on each country and state. It also depends of the level you want to teach. Teaching English abroad as a second language requires sometimes less qualifications than teaching English language in an English speaking country.

AnswerIt takes 4 years to get a degree to teach English. You will have a major and a minor, plus about a year of education courses, including student teaching. However, there are other realities to consider. You may want to check area schools to see what the best teaching minor would be. I discovered that most wanted a PE degree. I did have computer science certification, but they did not hire English teachers for that, since it was part of the math department. Office computing was part of the business department and so you needed to have that certification. In addition, there are periods of time where the English departments have the lowest turnover of all types of teachers. If you want to try out teaching, once you have 60 college hours, many school districts will welcome you as a substitute teacher. For teacher certification, you will have to pass a state test in each of your teaching fields as well as a professional test once you have your degree. AnswerWell, in order to be a teacher k-12 you need to get a bachelor's degree which is 4 years, many teachers go for more. But in order to become a teacher you need at least four years of college.

Yes, that is true but you also need education credits as well as English credits. I have a bachelor's in business and decided to teach after 12 years in business. I am going back to school for the additional credits to get the license. (You can teach in private schools without a license but most will not hire you without the credentials and they traditionally pay less.) It will take 15 months, then I get my license and look for a job. After I get hired I go back for 9 more credits and I will have a masters in education.

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How can a diploma holder person get lateral entry admission in IIT?


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Result primary school jalpaiguri?

Puja Prasad

Sakuntala Prasad

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Do there is any course of cosmology in IITs?


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Where is the ssr college of pharmacy in silvassa?

Syli Road,Silvassa.

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Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

Is bba good or bms at lucknow university?

B.B.A & B.M.S. both are very good managment courses.........

but when comparission b/w both of 2 take place then definetly.B.M.S. is good.... because bba concentrate much on the core studies while bms support to the analytical... ,logic oriented studies........

when D.U mumbai univsty.. include this course then it is true it has something good............... for any suggestion & fault u can contact to


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