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Editor of the times of India chennai edition?

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the editor of times of Indiais Jaideep Bose.

Who are eligible to do SAP HR?

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Eligibility to pursue SAP HR (SAP Human Resources) certification or training typically depends on the specific training provider or institution offering the program. However, in general, there are no strict prerequisites for learning SAP HR. Here are some common eligibility criteria and considerations:

Educational Background: While there are no specific educational prerequisites for SAP HR, having a background in human resources, business administration, or a related field can be beneficial. Many individuals who pursue SAP HR training already work in HR roles.

Experience: SAP HR is often chosen by professionals who are already working in HR or related roles. Having some experience in HR processes and practices can help you understand and apply SAP HR concepts effectively.

Basic Computer Skills: Proficiency in basic computer skills is essential, as SAP HR is a software-based system. You should be comfortable using computers and software applications.

Technical Background (Optional): Some SAP modules, including HR, may require a certain level of technical knowledge. If you plan to work on the technical aspects of SAP HR, such as system configuration and customization, having a technical background or experience with SAP Basis can be helpful.

Certification Exams: If you intend to become a certified SAP HR consultant, you will need to meet the specific certification requirements set by SAP. These requirements can vary depending on the certification level (e.g., Associate, Professional) and the specific exam you're preparing for. SAP often requires a combination of training courses, hands-on experience, and successful completion of certification exams.

Training Courses: Many individuals choose to enroll in SAP HR training courses offered by authorized SAP training providers. These courses can provide structured learning and hands-on experience with SAP HR software.

SAP Training Centers: SAP has authorized training centers worldwide that offer a range of SAP courses, including SAP HR. You can check with these centers for specific eligibility requirements and course details.

SAP Learning Hub: SAP offers an online platform called the SAP Learning Hub, which provides access to a wide range of SAP training materials, courses, and certification exams. Access to the SAP Learning Hub is typically available to individuals and organizations through subscription.

It's important to note that SAP HR has evolved into SAP SuccessFactors, which is a cloud-based human capital management (HCM) solution. SAP SuccessFactors includes various modules related to HR processes, talent management, payroll, and more. If you're specifically interested in SAP SuccessFactors, you may want to explore training and certification options related to this platform.

Overall, while there are no strict eligibility criteria for learning SAP HR, having relevant educational and work experience can be beneficial. Additionally, if you plan to pursue SAP HR certification, you should review the specific certification requirements set by SAP for the certification level and exam you're interested in. And looking for The SuccessFactors Training then, I suggest contacting Croma Campus.

For More Information Contact :- +91-9711526942

What is liver called in Tamil?

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What is the meaning of could have in Tamil?

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irunthirukkum,irunthirukkalaam இருந்திருக்கும்,இருந்திருக்கலாம்

Sap or peoplesoft is best to learn to get job in Hr module?

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Both SAP and PeopleSoft are widely used Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems that offer HR (Human Resources) modules. The choice between SAP and PeopleSoft for learning and getting a job in the HR module depends on several factors, including your career goals, the specific job market in your region, and the preferences of potential employers. Here's a comparison to help you decide:


Global Presence: SAP is a global leader in ERP software, and its HR module, known as SAP HCM (Human Capital Management) or SAP SuccessFactors (cloud-based), is widely used by large organizations worldwide.

Versatility: SAP HR/HCM offers a range of HR functionalities, including personnel administration, payroll, time management, and talent management. It is highly customizable and can accommodate complex organizational structures.

Integration: SAP HR/HCM seamlessly integrates with other SAP modules, allowing for comprehensive data sharing and reporting across various business functions.

Job Opportunities: Learning SAP HR/HCM can open doors to job opportunities in large enterprises and multinational corporations that use SAP as their ERP system.

PeopleSoft HR:

Legacy System: PeopleSoft, now owned by Oracle, is a legacy ERP system known for its HRMS (Human Resource Management System) module. It is still used by many organizations, particularly in government, higher education, and healthcare sectors.

Industry Focus: PeopleSoft HRMS has a strong presence in industries such as higher education, public sector, and healthcare. If you aim to work in these sectors, PeopleSoft may be a valuable skill.

Customization: PeopleSoft is known for its flexibility and the ability to accommodate unique HR processes and workflows.

Job Opportunities: Learning PeopleSoft HRMS may be beneficial if you are targeting job opportunities in organizations that specifically use this system.

In conclusion, the choice between SAP HR/HCM and PeopleSoft HRMS depends on your career goals and the job market in your region. If you aspire to work in large, multinational corporations, SAP HR/HCM may be a stronger choice due to its global presence. On the other hand, if you are interested in sectors where PeopleSoft is prevalent, such as education or government, learning PeopleSoft HRMS could be advantageous. And looking for SAP FI Course then contact Croma Campus. They are one of the best SAP Training Institute.

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Does apple cider vinegar cures?

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yes, deeply. just add a couple of tablespoons of it to a glass of water and you will be fine within 15 minutes. :)

21-mar-08 gold rate per gram in chennai India?

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Rate per grame in 21 March 08 is Rs.1080/- per grame

Syllabus for geography hons 2nd year of mds university?

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The syllabus for geography hons 2nd year of mds university of 2016. But I think the book was wrong

Who is the best neurologist in chennai?

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Lifeline hospitals have the best Neurologists to diagnose and treat various disorders, providing emergency care to patients.

Contact for more details as mentioned below:

Address: 47/3, New Avadi Road, Alagappa Nagar, Kilpauk, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600010.

Moh exam model question paper?

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can i get moh kuwait ministry entance exam question paper for lab technician

Model question paper for technical English 1?

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You should contact your tutor, the institutes' administrator or any website the institute has.

What is the distance between madurai and kodaikanal?

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The distance between chennai to ooty is 564KM. The route for chennai to ooty is Chennai - Dindivanam - ulundurpet - Aatur - Salem - Perundurai - Avinashi - Mettupalayam - Kotagiri - Ooty. The travelling charges is not so costly like delhi or bangalore. The highway from Chennai till Dindivanam is amazing. Flat out all the way. All the way till Aatur is quite good. But beware after Aaatur till Salem. There are potholes that could swallow a Bullet whole. All the way till Mettupalayam is good. The BEST part is from Mettupalayam to Ooty (about 36kms of Ghats) The road is superbly laid all the way up. Speeds can average upto 65 uphill with footpeg scraping. But this speed is only for those experienced in the hills. Watch out for bus traffic near Salem and Avinashi. They don't respect bikers. Hit the hills in the evening. The view is amazing. Be sure to visit a place called Avalanche in Ooty and Kodanad in Kotagiri

Meaning of epsom salt in Tamil?

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thuvaram paruppu

Moong daal is actually Paasi paruppu. Thuvaram paruppu is Tur daal

What was the reason behind the name chennai?

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I have heard people saying that this entire madras presidency belonged to a land loprd called chennaiyappan before the british period. and he was supposed to have granted most of his property to the Govt. for the sake of public and hence the city has been named after him...

Yet I'm not sure whether its true ....

What is gold rate vijayawada?

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today gold rate

Ba part ii result Karachi university?

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B.a part 2 private (2009) k result kb aye ga.plz give me answer

What are the institutes for SAP in Chennai city?

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High Value Chain Corporate Careers! For quality SAP training and placements visit

TossERP Institute (since 1999)

A5/2, 'Amba-Vatika',

NIBM Road,


Pune-401 048

Maharashtra INDIA

We have been running an SAP implementing (On-site/Off-shore), in-house training company for last 9 years in Rajasthan and implemented Atlas Cycles, Good Year Tyres & Dainik Bhaskar.

Recently, we have started a full-fledged Skill Development Program for external requirements of the companies.

We also have a separate Placement Cell which looks after placements for our students and eligible SAP consultants in the environment. Our recent placements are on website homepage. Please send ur resume showing ur actual training/experience in SAP to enable us to evaluate for conducting interviews with the SAP implemented companies.


Ankur Mehta


9983302012(Navneet Bhandari) Email:

What does it cost to send a letter to Europe?

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It depends on the route you want the letter to take... and how much it weighs. The minimum standard charge is £1.05 for a 10g letter - the maximum is £6.60 for a letter weighing 750g. The economy prices are £0.90 (10g) to £6.55 (750g).