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Online and correspondence schools are an alternative form of higher education. Commonly called “distance learning,” the materials for each subject are posted online, and students interact via telephone or email, or through an online message board.

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Is Cornerstone Christian Correspondence School in Townsend Georgia accredited and how to contact them?

Hello trying to get a copy of my credits And my deploma

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What is the national ranking of the University of Phoenix?

In 2009, the University of Phoenix was ranked #28 out of 44 ranked Colleges and Universities that offer online degree programs by OEDb.

Also, the University of Phoenix is ranked #63 in the World ''[*based on popularity of its name in search engines only] ...''surpassing many state universities in the US, Canada, etc.. please be advised that according to this list (2010), Harvard University is ranked # you be the judge on how far this fine and respected university came along since its inception in late 70s....Kudos UoP

[''Note that this website and its rankings only looks at how often a university's name appears through search engine metrics - not at all about its academic qualities]''

FYI, the above poster's link to "rankings" is a site that only ranks ''popularity'' of various universities' names through search engine statistics! The site specifically says:

"The aim of this website is to provide an approximate popularity ranking of world Universities and Colleges based upon the popularity of their websites. ...

We do not claim - by any means - to rank organisations or their programs, by the quality of education or level of services provided."

Basically these rankings mean nothing other than how often searched for them on Google. I've got nothing against Univ. of Phoenix, but just want to make sure no one is misconceived by the above (unclear) post.

Here is an international ranking:

The 2008 top ten online universities in the world according to the '''''BEST & WORST ONLINE DEGREE PROGRAMS''''' are, in order:

'''1.''' '''University of London'''

'''2.''''''University of Phoenix'''

'''3.''''''University of South Africa'''

'''4.''''''University of Southern Queensland'''

'''5.''''''Golden Gate University'''

'''6.''''''Jones International University'''

'''7.''''''Indiana University'''

'''8.''''''University of South Florida'''

'''9.''''''University of Massachusetts'''

'''10.''' '''Regent University'''

The list is updated annually.
Source: See the Related Link below

And, from 2007:

The top ten online universities in the world according to the '''''BEST & WORST ONLINE DEGREE PROGRAMS''''' are, in order:

'''(1)''' '''The University of London'''

'''(2)''' '''The University of South Africa''' '''

(3)''' '''The University of Phoenix''' '''

(4)''' '''The University of Texas'''

'''(5)''' '''The University of South Australia''' '''

(6)''' '''The University of Southern Queensland''''''

(7)''' '''The University of Maryland University College''''''

(8)''' '''Golden Gate University''' '''

(9)''' '''Ellis College of NYIT'''

'''(10)''' '''Stanford University'''

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Advantages and disadvantages of living in a large city?

The Advantages: easy access to shopping, different kinds of restaurants, and cultural events. Plenty of people to choose from in finding friends. Usually good hospitals/medical care. Travel is easier - airports, trains, etc. Laws usually control things like loose dogs and prohibit inappropriate land use, such as a factory in a residential area. More kinds of jobs available. Better access to universities. You may not need a car. There is usually more tolerance of individual excentricities.

The Disadvantages: crowding - people wherever you go, so it's hard to be by yourself. Your neighbors may be able to hear everything you say or do. Noise levels can be very unpleasant. More air pollution than outside city. Often higher crime rates and poor schools, although many rural and suburban schools aren't that hot, either. Costs more for less land, and the taxes are higher. Many limitations on what you can do with your property due to strict zoning. Usually no place to grow your own vegetables or many flowers. Many cities have infestations of rats or cockroaches, but not as many mice as in the country. If you have a cat, you probably have to keep it indoors.

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Is it worthwhile to get a degree through an online school that only has a license through the State of Wyoming?


States will often issue a license for businesses that are educational in scope. So some schools can say with all honesty that they are licensed by the state. That does not mean they are accredited. It means the state recognizes that they are an educational enterprise. If you transfer to another school, your hours are not likely to be accepted unless they come from an accredited institution. States do not accredit. There is a national organization that designates who can accredit. Go to the Related Link below for the Council for Higher Education Accreditation, for more information.

State licensing is meaningless, regional accreditation is the only type of school worth while.

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Is Aspen High School accredited?

The online Aspen High School is accredited, but by 2 suspicious accreditation agencies. The Capital Network for Distance Learning Programs (CNDLP) is a self-proclaimed "self-accrediting agency" by its own definition (see the Related Link below), which means no neutral agency has evaluated its course materials nor agenda. The other "agency", "American Accreditation Council for Higher Education (AACHC)" has an impressive sounding name, but no information can be found concerning its program.

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Is online Aspen High School legitimate?

Whether online Aspen High School is legitimate or not would require knowing if it is complying with the law. The Better Business Bureau search shows no reference, the school shows no physical address to verify its existence. The only thing I turned up was what is in the Related Question below. This would all cast doubts on the legitimacy, but does not prove so or otherwise.

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Is MUST online high school real?

If by real you mean that they are recognized online education provider then yes, they are an accredited online school. I helped my younger brother to finish his high school and he joined Must because they have a fast track program. After high school, he joined marines and now he is serving in Afghanistan.

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In your opinion is Excel High School Online a scam?

Excel High School is Regionally Accredited by AdvancED, North Central Association CASI and Southern Association of Schools and Colleges CASI.

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What is fragment-free switching?

Fragment free is a variation on cut-through switching that partially addresses this problem by assuring that collision fragments are not forwarded. This will hold the frame until the first 64 bytes are read from the source to detect a collision before forwarding.

This is only useful if there is a chance of a collision on the source port. Fragment-free switching is also known as runtless switching and is a hybrid of cut-through and store-and-forward switching. Fragment-free switching was developed to solve the late-collision problem.

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Is Florida Virtual School hard to get into?

It's not hard to join. There's a waiting time of about two weeks for the classes. If you're talking about getting used to it, it can be challenging to get used to it and not procrastinate.

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Is eiilm university fake or not?

It is good university and not a fake university. It is state private university.EIILM university is ugc and mhrd approved university.

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Bcom first year question bank madras university?

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Is the masters high school diploma a real diploma?


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B com final year result?

Contact the institute involved.

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Is Excel High School an accredited school?

Excel High School is Regionally Accredited by AdvancED, North Central Association CASI and Southern Association of Schools and Colleges CASI.

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Is CHC private school high school diploma accredited?

Yes it could get u in the military and a 2 year college

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Sample outline about education speech?

Education is your future

Education makes a man right thinker and correct decision-maker. It will help you in your future and education is the one of the most important things in one life.

Education can help you in your life, you can get a great job than other don't have education in their life, you can see the bright future ahead of you if you just don't waste the knowledge you got in your mind and no one can steal it from you, it helps you a lot, but some people in the past didn't take their education but even though they don't have education they still know because

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Does Florence -Darlington tech accept Cornerstone Christian Correspondence School as a accredited diploma?

no, they do not.

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Is the online Woodfield high school diploma accredited?

The Related Link below places a lot of doubt on that.

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What are some opinions on Woodfield University?

The following from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) -

Based on BBB files, this business has a BBB Rating of F on a scale from A+ to F. Reasons for this F rating include:

* 173 complaints filed against business

* Failure to respond to 172 complaints filed against business

Woodfield University is a scam and a fake. No doubt about it. They are part of the Belford/Rochville/Corllins/Lorenz system of scams. This is a bogus company operated from Pakistan and run by illiterates

The BBB reports unresolved complaints. 172 unresolved complaints is despicable!

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How was the cumberland gap formed?

it is a natural rock formation from earth

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Is lydon online university accredited?

Lydon University is a fully accredited University recognized by Global Accrediting Online Education Bureau (GAOEB).

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Is Stanley High School an accredited online high school?

High School Diploma Program offered by Stanley High School is accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Online Schools and Colleges.


While Stanly High School claims accreditation by the ACOSC (above) the question becomes not the high school's validation but that of the accrediting agency ACOSC, in it's own website (see the below Related Link), it does not claim recognition by the three universally known organizations that established standards for such agencies. They are the Council on Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA), the U.S. Department of Education (USDE) , and the Distance Education and Training Council (DETC) Without those endorsements, the accreditation is suspect.

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Is the Penn Ford High School Diploma accredited?

Answer 1: It is globally accredited by a self-governing Accreditation body which is a mark of excellence and high standards. Currently checking their website, btw the name is National Accreditation Bureau

Answer 2: I'm sorry, the first answer is just a lie... a diploma millist's lie!

Penn Ford High School is a despicable diploma mill. STAY AWAY FROM IT!

It's alleged "NABAE accreditation" isn't worth the paper on which it's written. And there is no such thing as "globally accredited." Gimmee a break!

Moreover, the practice of giving a school a name that's intentionally confusingly similar to the name of a well-known and legitimate school is one of the diploma millists' oldest tricks in the book! The name "Penn Ford" is obviously supposed to sound confusingly similar to "Penn Foster." The latter is a legitimate and accredited high school; the former is a despicable diploma mill.


Never believe any school's claims, on its website, regarding its accreditation. Always, always, always independently verify a school's accreditation by looking-up said school on its accreditor's website; and make sure, first, that said accreditor is even a real accreditor. The good-for-nothing Penn Ford is claiming something it calls "NABAE" accreditation. Sadly, NABAE is not really an accreditor.

In order to be an accreditor -- at least in the US -- said accreditor must be approved by the US Department of Education (USDE). Period. If an accreditor is not USDE approved, then it's not an accreditor. Simple as that.

NABAE is not USDE-approved. And so it's not an accreditor.

Moreover, there's no such thing as an international body which overrides or supersedes that! Accreditation is a country-by-country (or in the case of the EU, can be (but only in a limited way) a multi-national) sort of thing. There is no such thing, though, as "global" accreditation. Technically, there isn't really any such thing as legitimate and universally-recognized international accreditation.

In the United States, only a diploma from a high school that's accredited by one of the six big "USDE-approved regional" accreditors is universally acceptable to all employers, colleges/universities, the military, etc. Yes, there are USDE-approved "national" accreditors; and their accreditation is very, very good. However, there is a pro-"regional" and anti-"national" bias among employers, colleges/universities and the military when it comes to high school diplomas. Only a "regionally" accredited high school's diploma will work. "National" accreditation is only useful with college/university credentials. At the high school level stick with only "regionally" accredited schools.

Penn Foster High School (after which "Penn Ford" is obviously confusingly similarly named) is "regionally" accredited.

Penn Ford, on the other hand, is a classic, textbook example of a diploma mill. It's high school diploma isn't worth the paper on which it's written. Avoid it like the plague!

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Does the online school k12 work in Firefox 4?

Unfortunately, no. You have to uninstall Firefox and use this version in the Related Link below.


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