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The use of letters to substitute unknown numbers to form an equation. Solve the equation to get the unknown number using different methods such as simultaneous equations and more.

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Solution for Square root of 2.5?

Hi y’all. I am notoriously bad at math, somehow got scooted into intermediate algebra. I am stuck on one problem, and was wondering if anyone could show me why / how I am getting stuck. X2 -5x-6=0 I know that I need to find two numbers that will multiply to -6, and add up to -5. I found 2 & 3. But when I multiply negative 2&3, they become positive six. I can’t add one of them positive, one...
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There is a bus with 7 children inside. Each child has 7 bags. Inside each bag there are 7 big cats. Each big cat has 7 small cats. All cats have 4 legs each. How many legs are on the bus?

As a riddle, the answer is zero legs on the bus since the bus has wheels instead of legs. But as a maths problem; It's not a tricked question -- just a straightforward maths problem Confirmed answer is 10990 legs. § Let's say the whole situation simply : - There are 7 girls. - Each girl has 7 backpack - Each backpack has 7 big cats - Each big cat has 7 little small cats. § Question: How many legs are there in the bus? § Let's...
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Does google plex equal infinity?

No. It is a very large number, but not infinite.
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How many faces vertices and edges does a cube have?

A cube has 6 faces, 8 vertices, 12 edges.
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How much tonnage air conditioner is required for 2779 sq ft?

It depends a great deal on where you live and how well your home is insulated. Square feet is not a great help when planning the size of an air conditioner. It is very useful to also have the cubic feet in the home, along with the sizes and types of windows. Where I live in the northwest US, a 3-ton unit would do the trick easily, but then, we do not get the intensely hot, long summers as you might in...
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Find the sum of the opposite of -18 and its additive inverse?

the opposite of negative 18 is positive 18. It's just like absolute value. |-18| is 18 because 18 is 18 steps away from 0 so is -18 like how it is 18 away from 0 and not -18 away from 0. -18 away from 0 is not a thing. So therefore, the opposite of negative 18 is positive 18 because the opposite of negative is postitve....
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What are the shared prime factors of 36 and 144?

2 and 3. In fact, 2 and 3 are the ONLY prime factors of both. 36 = 22 x 32. 144 = 24 x 32. ...
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What is the word form for 0.000001?

The term is written as "One millionth." As a prefix in SI measurements it is "micro". For example, 0.000001 grams is the same as 1 microgram. 0.000001 metres is called a micrometer but also has the special name "micron". Sometimes expressed as "zero point zero zero zero zero zero one" ...
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How do you find the radius if you have the circumference?

Circumference divided by pi to find the diameter then divide that by 2 to give you answer!! Formula: R=c/pi/2 eg. circumference =60 so, 60 divided by pi = 19.098, then divide 19.098 by 2 to give you 9.549!! ...
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What is the meaning of negative traits?

In the personal sense, it means something negative in your personality like being negative (pessimistic) or not concentrating in school. In algebra it means a minus number below zero eg. -2 is 2 less than zero. An extra note - if the equation is 5--5 (five minus minus five) then just add five because two minuses or negatives equal a plus or positive. Sorry if I got the wrong meaning of what you asked! ...
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What is 40 cubed?

To cube a number means simply to multiply that number by itself 3 times. To work out 40 cubed you would simply go: 403 = 40 x 40 x 40 40 x 40 = 1,600 1,600 x 40 = 64,000 403=64,000 Therefore, 40 cubed equals 64,000. The phrase "multiply that number by itself 3 times." can cause confusion. Sometimes, instead of multiplying it thrice (the number itself) others, due to confusion, just multiply the number by 3... take note it's cube... What do you get if you...
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Is nett price inclusive of vat?

No, Net Amount is the amount before VAT is added. Once VAT is added it then becomes the Gross Amount. Net price is exclusive of VAT ...
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How do you solve 4x3 equals 12x2-x-3 equals 0?

4x3= 12x2-x-3 The answers are x= -.4324426. or x= .6157299 or x= 2.816713 These are approximations. ...
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What is the fraction 8 over 25 as a percent?

To convert a fraction (or decimal) to percentage, multiply by 100, thus: 8/25 = 8/25 x 100% = 32% ...
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What is negative 6 to the negative second power?

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Vjersha per 7 - 8 marsin?

7 Marsi Festën e mësuesit Ne do ta festojmë Lulet më të bukura Ne do ti dhurojmë. Vijmë tek ti mësues Buzëqeshjen ta dhurojmë Kënga krahët reh si flutur Midis jush jam e lumtur. ...
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How are labels in each period alike?

It depends on what kind of label it is and what kind of period it is.
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What instrument measures angles?

A protractor, compass, speed square, goniometer, theodolites, sextant, or angle finder can be used to measure angles. A protractor is a circular or semi circular instrument for measuring angles and some have existed from ancient times. A half circular protractor is marked for 180 degrees and a full circle for 360 degrees. Protractors usually have two sets of numbers going in opposite directions, so be careful which side you use. When in doubt you should ask yourself is the angle greater or...
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What is one-sixth the sum of r and 7?

(r+7)/6, assuming r is a variable.
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18 feet equals how many meters?

1 foot equals 0.3048 meters 18 feet X 0.3048 = 5.4864 meters
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How do you simplify mixed fractions?

Sometimes you can't simplify a mixed fraction, but simplifying a mixed fraction is just like simplifying an original fraction. For example: You can not simplify 1 and 3/4, because 3/4 can not be simplified. But 1 and 10/16 can be simplified. To do this: You take the actual fraction part 10/16 Find a LCD (Least Common Denominator) for this it is 2 Divide both the reciprocal and denominator by this number 10 divided by 2=5, 16 divided by 2=8 Put the new divided numbers where...
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What is a decimal of 140 percent?

The percent sign % can be defined as "divide by 100". So the decimal of 140% would be 140/100 or 1.4 So if you wanted to know what 140% of any number was you could multiply by 1.4 i.e. 140% of 50 is 50 x 1.4 = 70, or since multiplication is distributive you could also do this (140 x 50)/100 which will also give you 70 1.4 ...
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Why hovercraft are not more common?

Hovercraft are becoming more common, and as technology improves, they have become quieter and more affordable. Hovercraft are very useful for rescuing people from floods, mud, ice and sand - as global warming increases the risk of flooding, as witnessed in Pakistan and China, hovercraft can play a very important role. Leisure hovercraft are now available, see the related link below, and small patrol hovercraft can play an important role in homeland security, particularly for patrolling coastal areas. Small race hovercraft have very...
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When does 9 plus 4 equal 1?

9 a.m + 4 hours = 1 p.m. More generally, when you are doing modulus arithmetic, specifically mod 12. ie. (9+4) mod 12 = 1 not as tough as 9 pm + 4 hours = 1 am ...