Limewire is a peer to peer (p2p) file sharing program. All types of files including music, video and software can be shared between users.

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Is downloading songs from Limewire legal or illegal?

LimeWire is completely legal. However, the purpose many people use it for is not. Downloading copyrighted music, videos, or programs without the permission of the author is illegal. This is called "copyright infringement" or "piracy."

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Is music oasis legal?

I have no idea. The website says that it is 100% safe, but so did LimeWire


Will you get sued if you use LimeWire?

When a piece of work by an artist (in this case, a song) becomes available to the general public it is considered part of the 'Public Domain'. It can become part of the public domain for three reasons: (1) the term of the copyright has expired, (2) the original author failed to gain a satisficatory copyright, or (3) it a work belonging to the United States government.

There are numerous sites available with information for songs that are currently in the public domain. A Google search with the following key words 'public domain' and 'music' will yield thousands of hits with information. One of the many useful sites is which gives a list of genres, artists, and songs that are currently available for public use.

You are subject to lawsuits if you violate these copyrights. Here is advice and input on the question of whether you will get sued for using LimeWire:

  • Seems like "sharing" and "downloading" are different. if you look into all these lawsuits, at LEAST the VAST majority are people that are allowing their computers to be used as "supernodes", and I would bet money that ALL of the lawsuits are against people that have a shared folder on their computer with copywrited files on it, and they are allowing people to download from THEM. If you don't SHARE the music that you DOWNLOAD, then these lawyers probably won't even give you a second look. They have MUCH bigger fish to fry, with all the fools out there sharing a million files a day off their "downloaded music" folder. (Of course, these are the same fools that keep programs like LimeWire and KaZaa from becoming a digital DESERT with no files on them, so I don't mean to sound UNGRATEFUL; I'm just saying those are the ones getting sued.)
  • If you download a dummy file
  • There is always the chance that you will be one of the unfortunate ones who are caught and made an example of. You have to decide if using Limewire or similar software in an illegal manner - and sharing music, software, or any other copyright protected material IS illegal - is worth the risk. Personally, it's not a risk I would be willing to take. Remember, just because "everyone else is doing it" doesn't change the fact that it is legally, morally and ethically wrong. People DO get caught and they DO get prosecuted. You obviously know it's wrong or you wouldn't be concerned, correct? Do the right thing and you won't ever have to worry about getting sued.
  • It seems to me that the record companies and their people are trying to intimidate everyone into believing that file sharing is illegal. If I own the CD, cassette, or vinyl LP, and if it is legal to download those songs - so I don't have to make MP3's myself, then everyone needs to know they can do that without threats from anyone. If that is not legal, then it should be a simple answer from the experts. What about X-mas music. Can the same song be copyrighted by many different people? What about classical music that was written 200 years ago. Copyrighted? Graphics, stories, spreadsheets and many many other documents are perfectly legal to share without interference from any law enforcement.
  • You might get sued if you use LimeWire. The program is legal. However, if you use it to download music and other programs, it is illegal. If you were downloading uncopyrighted music, then the program would be legal. However, since almost all music is copyrighted, the program is very illegal. LimeWire and Kazaa are file sharing programs. This means that the files that you can download on these programs are files that are being shared with billions of other people across the globe. If you have downloaded these programs into your hard drive, they are still shared programs. Because these programs are in your hard drive, they are still being shared, so essentially, your hard drive is being shared as well. If you have done any school assignments on your computer, these have your first and last name on them. This opens up your identity to the public. Also, because these files are still being shared from your hard drive, law enforcement can target your internet connection by using your IP (Internet Protocol) address, and using these numbers (of your IP address), they can target you. To see what I'm talking about, and to see just how scary this is, click on the link. If law enforcement finds you, you will probably have to pay a fine to all of the recording companies or distributors of the songs/programs that you have downloaded, and you may be sued.
  • jumba6- I do not think that it is illegal at all. If you never used it then you may not know but you have to pay for limewire just like people pay for rhapsody. they are the same exact thing except for limewire is a hell of a lot cheaper.
  • Rule of Thumb- You get sued if you download and distribute, sell, share the music. You get fined if you download the music for personal use.
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Why is Internet file sharing of music illegal?

Well, as you may know music industries get money from the cds they top bands sell, and if you "share" your music with strangers you make them lose lots of cash.

If you really like a band or singer go to a store and get the legal record, your gonna help them make even more cds.

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Can you download games onto the mp3 player q2?

depends on what type but as far as i know you cant but if you count an ipod then yes

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Can you still download free music off of Limewire if you download a newer version of it?

Yes you can if u get a newer version then that's even beter because u can download music,videos more faster


How do you transfer songs from Limewire to an iPod?

=== === Downloading music on Limewire, if free music, is completely illegal and against the law. If you are participating in this illegal act, stop immediately, as police could easily track you down and arrest you. Hundreds of adults and teenagers are being arrested because of downloading free music illegally.

Music and other files sourced from filesharing networks like Limewire is the most common cause for software corruption on iPods. If you notice your iPod is no longer working correctly (battery not charging, iPod not recognized by computer, songs skipping, etc.), then you may have corrupt software on your iPod. Often, if you're using Windows, the iPod is no longer recognized, so you can't restore it or erase it to fix the problem. If that is the case, find a friend with a Mac or take it to an Apple store and have them restore it for you. Please also note that downloading songs from file sharing services that you don't own the license to (translation: have bought the album or song for already) is copyright infringement, and is not only illegal, it's wrong. Artists deserve to be paid for their work. Paying for software like Limewire doesn't actually mean you have legal rights to the files...only to the software you're using

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If LimeWire has stopped working what should you try first?

Just use Frostwire

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Does Limewire give you viruses?

No. Limewire does not give you a virus. Like many tools that connect to the internet, Limewire can be used to download a virus. This is no difference than downloading an infected file through your web browser or email client. Avoiding infected files on Limewire is very easy. Limewire includes the ability to look up files through an external service known as Bitzi, where people can report if files are legitimate, virus-free, and of good quality. If the file has only bad reviews, or has none at all, just don't download it.


Avoid downloading dangerous file types...

The below list may not contain all the dangerous file types.

*.exe (Executable Files / Programs)

*.bat (Batch Files)




*.scr (Screen Savers)



*.js (Java Script)

*.*.* (Files that have more that one file extention, example: screensaver.txt.exe)

*.zip (Compressed files that contain one or more of the above file types.)

Most infected files on Limewire contain the words "cracked", "keygen", "full version", or "with serial".

If you decide to download an infectable file type, make sure that you have a good anti-malware scanner like MalwareBytes, at

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How do you transfer music files from Limewire to iTunes?

LimeWire was shut down by US Courts for violating copyright law.


How can you erase your search history for LimeWire?

I've not found a reliable way of erasing the history, however you can disable the autocompletion of past searches by going to "Tools / View / Autocomplete" and disabling the switch.

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What was introduced to make ipv4 internet routing more efficient?

Internet Protocol version 4 (IPv4) routing has not changed in nature, its facilities for routing traffic are as simple as a table of subnets with their respective gateways and a relative weight or priority for each, also a default gateway. Routers are connected to multiple networks, and they choose the best route for each IP packet based on the packet's destination IP address.

If any efficiencies in IPv4 routing have been developed, they have probably either been in proprietary router logic, or the development of additional communication protocols established to allow routers to communicate with each other, allowing each participating router to expand the horizon of its own network map. Once able to see 2 or 3 hops away, rather than just 1 hop as is the capacity of a local IPv4 routing table, and additionally, track the relative latency for each of those interconnects, a router might actually be able to make a more intelligent decision about which remote gateway is best to use for each particular packet.

For example, Border Gateway Protocol (BGP), Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (EIGRP), Routing In Place (RIP), etc. Some of these protocols may be implemented on top of the IP layer, but probably not always the case.

Efficiencies in routing can be gained whenever a router has more than one path to the same destination. Delivering a packet of IP data is just like taking a road trip, or an airplane flight, or routing a phone call. Similar to routing a FedEx deliver truck through 50 stops in a day. There is a real cost to the bandwidth required to transfer the data, or more the truck, so the most efficient would ideally be the least expensive, but not always so. The primary factors that one may want to make more efficient are probably: speed, latency, $cost. What is efficient is a relative term.

Internet routing and the efficiencies to be gained fall under classification of NP-Complete and are in fact one of the few types of questions that our computers just cant answer in any significant degree of timelines. Common example is the Traveling Salesman problem.

This topic could probably also be included in net neutrality issues. Most commonly the net neutrality debate is focused around type of content, but it could just as well be centered around the interconnectivity of different provider networks, and difference is transfer rates between those networks. Sounds a lot like the phone system in that each country has its own phone network and each interconnect has a different rate. Of course, with with internet telephony most of those phone calls are probably routed over IPv4 networks anyway.

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How do you use legally bind?

I'm bound to observe the obligations provided by the lease contract.

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How can you find out if the MP3 player you want will be compatible with LimeWire MP3 downloads?

You want to watch out with Limewire. If there is a major investigation and then things go back to normal, the chances are, someone's watching how much you download.

Answerwhen you are downloading an audio file, check to see what format it is (most likely mp3 or wma.) if your portable device is an mp3 player, it can play any mp3 song downloaded from limewire. Your mp3 player may be compatible with other formats such as wma, and if it is, it can play those too. to check to see if the file is mp3, look at the filename, and if will say for example:


Answer 2When you buy your mp3 player chech the package to see which type of formats it offers. The most common are mp3 and wma. If your limewire is downloaded in mp3 then it should work. beware of itunes and ipods.

1. itunes converts music to m4a file format which is not widely supported by mp3 players which brings me to

2. just because the package says mp3 player does not mean the software that comes with it will convert to mp3 by default. iTunes, for instance, is set by default to convert to m4a, even though it can convert to mp3 and iPods will play mp3s

If nothing works buy a music file converter or keep downloading a trial version. suggestion: Google search: switch music converter.

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How do you download songs from LimeWire to your mp3 player?

The other guy that gave that answer is a fud, don't listen ,theres an even easier way to do it!

Open Limewire! then go into library then click on saved files and then drag on to your desktop then put it on your MP3 ! $as easy as that$

Answer if you have musicmatchGo to Itunes and click on file and click on import file or folder (single or album) find the song and then it will sync it on youre ipod.

Hope it helped (by Jamieson)

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How do you download LimeWire?

Go To You just go to again and install go to and search for limewire


Are BitTorrents and LimeWire legal for downloading music or should you stick with iTunes and Napster?

Here is some info that is most likely said in the other three answers below.

Answer from the most popular Limewire question in this categoryLimeWire: Legal or IllegalLimeWire and other file-sharing software are legal. Using it to upload or download copyright protected media -- music, videos, images, software -- without the copyright holder's consent is illegal because it is theft.

Here are more opinions and tips:

LimeWire says it is legal because technically it's just a "file sharing" service and it is not held responsible for the files that are downloaded onto the system. Only the users are responsible. That's why, when you download songs from LimeWire, it's legal for them, but NOT for you.

Don't be fooled by the fee you pay to use the PRO version of LimeWire. The artists of the songs you download don't get a penny of that! ("LimeWire offers two versions of the software: LimeWire Basic which is free of charge; the other is LimeWire PRO which costs a small fee, features faster download speeds and better search results, including up to 6 months of free updates and customer support via email.")

Even if you download a coyrighted song for your own personal use, it's still illegal. Perhaps one could skate around the issue if they already own a legal copy on a CD, but then why download it if that's the case. Any fees paid to LimeWire are for purchasing the software and that's it.

LimeWire is not illegal software. All it is is file sharing. However, many people abuse this by sharing songs without the copyright. For example, if you have produced a song and then share it on LimeWire, anyone else can legally have it for free. But when you haven't made it, but an artist has, who has copyright on that song (which they all do) downloading that song without permission from the producer is totally illegal.

Downloading songs and other copyrighted material is illegal, but if you wanted to share a music file of you singing or playing an instrument, then that is perfectly legal.

LIMEWIRE IS ILLEGAL! Although, with LimeWire, you will probably never get caught, if you as much as bring your computer in for a repair and a worker sees the program or any music you downloaded from LimeWire, he is ordered BY LAW to tell his boss, and you will get a fine (I had to pay approximately $200.) It's not pretty. Although we all want LimeWire to be legal, it isn't.

The LimeWire software itself is not illegal -- that is why the site is still up and why you can still download it. However, if you download a song from the program and you do not pay copyright on it, that is illegal. Songs from the 1950's (or before that date) are legal to download because their copyright has expired. Anything from after that is illegal to download. However... You are all going to do it anyway, so this is just to make you aware of the legal situation!

Is LimeWire illegal? No, it is not. It CAN'T legally be held accountable for what its users do. Let's put it like this: A major virus takes out the whole of the Internet. But when they trace the source, it leads to Runescape servers, for example. Runescape is an online game that gives its users access to its servers, kind of like LimeWire. Now are the people who own Runescape responsible? Nope, but its users ARE. Same thing with LimeWire. My advice to you is this: Do not use it to access "free" music, or "free" programs... images... and so on and so forth. I have had my fair share of songs I got from LimeWire. And if I could, I would return them to the artists and companies that worked hard to make them.

Here is some info regarding P2P software and file-sharing. If only people would just take the time to read the fine print. I've visited the websites of a few popular file-sharing software distributors and looked for disclaimers, TOS, End User Licenses, etc. I have only quoted bits of relevant information to give you an idea of what to expect. For more detailed info, follow the links I've provided or visit the sites yourself for the full text. Continue reading to see what I found.

LimeWire itself is legal. Downloading any copyrighted song that you do not pay a royalty fee on is illegal and is stealing, unless the artist has given his/her permission to do so. The legality of most P2P sites is questionable, at best. Will you be prosecuted? More than likely not, but the question of legality is another matter. This entire issue has not been resolved as of yet. Could you be prosecuted? Possibly. It is your choice. Agree or disagree, this is how a friend of mine -- a lawyer -- explained it to me.

It's been said again and again. Yes, LimeWire is legal. But not everything you choose to do with it is.

AnswerTorrents and other file sharing software are a big debate which continues to go on... They still operate because they work under specific definitions which mostly don't apply in practice.

They are legal because all they do is give you the opportunity to share files, which could be something beneficial for aspiring artists, writers, etc. People who want to share what they have made.

But downloading copyrighted songs, movies, software, etc. is mostly what they are used for, and THAT IS ILLEGAL, because obviously you're not paying the artist nor the record label for aquiring the music.

The problem is that you cant control which files are transfered and which arent.

To conclude this answer: they are made for legal purposes, but mostly used for illegal ones. Downloading music from them is illegal and there are ways in which you can be traced and the label will sue you and take you to court for thousands of dollars, and while the chance is slim, it can happen.

Suggestion: be a good citizen and don't risk it. Be honest: buy the CDs at stores, or buy them from online services like the ones you mentioned.

AnswerWell, I agree with all of the above information, except one piece. They will not take you to court and sue you for downloading Madonna's new album on Limewire. It is more likely they will sue you if you are downloading Madonna's new album, then burning it onto a CD and selling it for low prices. And even then, the chances are slim. AnswerI totally agree.

It is illegal to reproduce anything you acquire without a license. TECHNICALLY is is illegal to host a file to be uploaded, not necessarily downloading it.

There is a very fine line when it comes to this subject. That's why they haven't shut p2p programs down.

AnswerAgree with the above. Bittorrent can be used to download files like Linux distros faster, you can also download lots more legal stuff on bittorrent, but it's mostly not anything exciting, so it's best to stick with iTunes and the like, as I do, but the software is legal and a great way to download Linux.

How much is a LimeWire charge per song?

Limewire does not charge. It is Peer 2 Peer (P2P) and so most stuff downloaded using it is free... and illegal. You do get the occasional legal software on it but most of it is not. If you want to legally download music then try iTunes.

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How do you transfer videos from LimeWire to an iPod?

You should make sure it is mp4 format.

I think most Limewire videos are not compatible with your iPod. You just need a video converter such like Video Download Studio. Click the related link below the answer to get this software.

first, you need to convert it to ipod mp4.


How do you put music on your sidekick id from LimeWire?

how do you put music on your sidekick id


Are downloaded LimeWire files compatible with PlaysForSure equipment?

LimeWire is a file sharing network, Shhhhhhh! It doesnt have "limewire files" those files were created with other programs on another persons computer. When you download a file make sure you know exactly what you are going to get, or your PC will end up in the hospital. To answer your question... yes, but not all "limewire files" are what they are labeled as.


Do you have to be a member of iTunes in order to get LimeWire songs onto your iPod?

Yes, you have to have a working version of itunes on your computer and the ipod software. Set your computer so that itunes on limewire automaticly go to limewire.

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Is downloading music from illegal?

Downloading or uploading copyrighted material is ILLEGAL. Here is what they say on their own website. "Purchasing a membership in does not give you license to download or upload copyright material." They put the burden on you to not download any copyrighted material. That means almost all current music out there will be illegal to download. So what is the purpose of the software if you are trying to not be a thief. The majority of the music you find will be illegal. There are plenty of legal downloads available. They are mostly unknown artist looking to make it. They allow the download of their music. is one site to get free legal music. Some of it is great and some not so great. If you want to stay legal, either pay for downloads or download non copyrighted music.


If you have LimeWire and it gives you a virus once but never again does it mean something in particular?

I agree with the answer above. It is a peer to peer program, but if you were downloading audio, CHECK IF THERE IS TIME FOR IT. Because if not, it is a program that will download the virus to your computer.

Do you have a security protection? If not I would get one, so the Viruses do not get on your computer.

Another Version:

P2P = Problem 2 PC

Most viruses are spread through the Gnutella network. Bit Torrent is usually safer. If you cant afford to stay away from them, follow this Have a zonealarm firewall, Norton Anti-virus, Trojan hunters, malware detectors, etcccccccccc.


Can you delete your LimeWire library without the same songs deleting off your itunes library?

Yes, you can delete your lime wire library without deleting it off your itunes library. The only way to delete it off your library is to delete from your library.


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