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PSP is a handheld gaming system that was released in 2004 was the first such device to use optical discs. The Slim and Lite version of it was released in 2007.

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Sony PSP
Just Cause (Video Game Series)

Is just cause 2 on PSP?

no the game is too big for the memory but it is on ps3 xbox and pc it is also on ps2

Sony PSP

How do you put the Extras tab on the PSP?

It comes automatically

Game Consoles and Gaming Hardware
Sony PSP

Why is my PSP's noise so weird when i am playing a game?

The UMD drive spins the disc like a regular CD or DVD drive, that's what makes the noise. Some people find it a bit distracting even under normal operation - but if you think yours is unduly loud or erratic, then there might be a fault with the drive.

Domestic Dogs
Sony PSP

Is the dog happy life for PSP in English?

No, No yet, it's only in japan..

The English version is comming on 2009..

and they didn´t say anything yet about the spanish one (the one I'm wating 4 because I'm from Argentina)

hope to be useful ^^


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Sony PSP

Do you need a CFW for PSP to run Remote Joy Lite?

Yes you do. I highly recommend installing CFW because there are a lot of advantages to it. Just be careful if you do decide to.

WWE World Wrestling Entertainment
Sports Video Games
Sony PSP

How do you create WWE Superstars to look like Superheroes?

Just put on a mask and the wrestling tights and put patterns or logos you know make what superhero you want it to be. Or just enter a cheat code.

Sony PSP

Can you get MW3 for a PSP?


Game Consoles and Gaming Hardware
Sony PSP

Can you hack a PSP Slim 2001 with version 6.31?

Nope, can't be hacked.

Sony PSP

How can you get flower minigame in patapon 2?

you must deafeat centura boss in lvl3

Sony PSP
Sony Playstation 2
Virtualization and Emulation

Is there a ps2 emulator for psp and where you can download it?

There is no PS2 emulator for PSP. It's just not possible to do that.

Sony PSP
Bleach (Anime and Manga)

Will bleach heat the soul be available in the UK?

I think it will never come out, as it should have come out already. But you can can get it from japan video games or eBay but it will only be in Japanese.

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Sony PSP

Is PSP 1000 still good?

If you want to play on TV then NOT!

If you want IR (Control TV with PSP etc.) then YES!

Software and Applications (non-game)
Sony PSP

Is the internet radio player on the PSP free?

Sony PSP
Sony PSP Go

Is transformers the game free roaming?


Sony PSP
Ratchet and Clank

How do you do level quadrona in ratchet and clank size matters on a PSP?

By defeating rachet clones and otto destruct .

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Sony PSP

Will Mafia 2 come out for PSP?

The PSP edition is not in the releasing schedule. Let me show you the details:

For USA: 24 Aug 2010(PC, PS3, XBOX)

For Europe: 27 Aug 2010(PC, PS3, XBOX)

For Australia: 26 Aug 2010(PC, PS3, XBOX)

Sony PSP

Can you use Deck Recipe in yugioh Gx Tag Force 2?

yes you can,you must patner with one duelist,then finish the story mode

Cable Television
MP3 Players Audio and Sound Systems
Sony PSP

What does a lo-z cable look like?

A twisted pair inside a braided shield that runs the entire length of the cable.

Sony PSP
PlayStation Vita (PSVita)

Can PS vita play PSP games?

It does not have a UMD drive, but a selection of compatible PSP games can be bought for it from the PSN. The full PSP library is not currently available, though more games will be made compatible in the future.

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Sony PSP

How do you fix your psp if it will turn on but not the scerr?

Your console has been bricked

You need to downgrade it first to make it work again

So you must have an Pandora battery and a magic gate memory

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Video Games
Sony PSP
Monster Hunter Freedom Unite

What are white monoblos weaknesses on monster hunter freedom unite?

if you wanna know what element a monster is weak, kill one with raw damage (no element weapon), after you finish the mission, go to the weapon/armor dealer and look for the armor it produces, check the elements it has, the one that is negative or has the least amount of resistance is also the monster's weakness.

for the subspecies of monoblos and diablos, ice is their weakness.

If you want to know the spot where you can deal the most damage it is the tail.

Sony PSP

How much does a PSP cost plus tax?

130 dollars

Sony PSP

How much does Madden 11 cost?

about $65

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Sony PSP

How do you fix a short PSP battery?

Get a new battery.

Video Games
Sony PSP
Resident Evil Video Games

How do you move the statue on Resident Evil 3 nemesis?

In order to move the statue, you need the Future Compass. First, grab the Book of Wisdom. Go towards the restaurant and go up the path. You will see a spot missing that is shaped like a book. Put the Book of Wisdom in there and take the Future Compass. Take the Compass to the statue and place in its hand. The statue will turn around and reveal a Battery. Take the battery to where you got the Downtown map. Go towards the dead mercenary and go up. Go up the stairs and place the battery. You will be getting the Fuse and either the Grenade Launcher or the Magnum (it depends on which item you got from the safe in the S.T.A.R.S. room in the R.P.D. station). The rest is up to you to figure out.


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