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Marketing Advertising and Sales

Marketing, advertising and sales are the fundamental necessities and key elements to the success of a business. Marketing is about a successful business prospects that involves promoting sales processes through advertising to reach and persuade the customers. Different strategies like public relations, interpersonal interaction and networking – all go into this category.

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What are the duties and responsibilities of a salesman?

It is the duty of a salesman to be hardworking and honest. Its the passion one is expected to put into his task that would determine the success of sales. The better you make efforts, the better the outcomes would accrue from that. If you do something amazing and you believe in it, everything you do is marketing. If you build crap and you know it's crap, then marketing is sleight of hand that you hope to pull on the unsuspecting....
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What are the disadvantages of direct marketing?

1. Junk Mail - By using direct mail, a company risks alienating the customers it seeks to gain. The use of direct mail is often associated with a company of lower status and quality. 2. Environmental Impact - Direct marketing typically involves the heavy use of physical components in order to give consumers an object they can hold in their hands. This physical side of direct marketing means that a greater amount of natural resources are consumed in their production as well...
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What is auto-traffic?

Traffic exchanges are an easy and affordable way to put eyeballs on your websites. You already know you can get great results from manual traffic exchanges like Soaring4Traffic and ProClickExchange. People sometimes ask me about "autosurfs" or auto traffic exchanges. I own manual exchanges, so I'm biased, I'll say that straight out, but here is my take on auto traffic exchanges. Most people want to use autosurfs because less work is required to use them. Sites are rotated automatically on a fixed...
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What agency by estopple and agency by holding out?

Where a person by his conduct or by statement has led another person to believe that a certain state of affairs exists that a certain person is his agent, he is estopped from denying the fact of that statement subsequently. Example: A tells T within the hearing of P that he is P's agent. P does not object to this statement. Later on T supplies certain goods to A who pretends to br acting as an agent of P. P is liable...
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What is the meaning of educational media?

Educational media is a tool/instrument (object, people or event) that can be used for teaching and learning. ...
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What does Nike mean?

It means ''Victory'' in Greek. The name is used by a modern company producing running shoes and other athletic wear. The Goddess Nike Nike is the Greek goddess of victory. According to legend, in the Battle of Marathon, news of the the successful battle by the Greeks was sent by messenger back to their home city, 26 miles away (the origin of the marathon). The messenger was so exhausted when he got there that he said one word: "Nike!"(Victory) and then died from...
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What does selling for retail mean?

Selling items in a regular store, such as in a mall or freestanding; as opposed to selling for wholesale, which is selling a large quantity at a discount, such as to stores for resale. ...
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What are the characteristics of mass marketing?

An attempt to appeal to an entire market with one basic marketing strategy utilizing mass distribution and mass media. Also called undifferentiated marketing. Some characteristics of mass marketing are: advertising of products purchased by a high percentage of the population such as food, clothing, cars, etc. advertising through media with the widest audiences such as TV, radio, internet, etc. repetition of the advertising to create brand recognition. ...
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What are marketing geographics?

When deciding your target market, you must consider demographics, psychographics, and geographics. Geographics include where your target market lives such as urban vs suburbs, mountains vs beach, different states maybe or countries, and also the climate. So basically, what geography features affect the consumers decision of purchasing the product. ...
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Public and ethical issues in direct marketing?

· Irritation- many people do not like the large number of hard sell, direct marketing solicitations. Especially bothersome are dinnertime or late-night phone calls, poorly trained callers, and computerized calls by auto-dial recorded-message players. · Unfairness- some direct marketers take advantage of impulsive or less sophisticated buyers or prey on the vulnerable, especially the elderly. · Deception and fraud- some direct marketers design mailers and write copy intended to mislead. They may exaggerate product size, performance claims, or the retail price. · Invasion of privacy-...
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What does ROS mean in advertising?

ROS is an acronym for Run Of Schedule. All broadcast media have "holes" in the advertising time they sell, and one way to fill those holes is to sell time at a heavily discounted rate and the station decides when the ad will run - a win-win for both sides if it's a good match. ...
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What is penetration-pricing strategy?

Penetration-pricing strategy is used to build market share by obtaining profits from repeat sales. Occasionally, high sales volume allows sellers to further reduce prices. ...
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What does conclusive marketing research entail?

This involves clearly defined research objectives and information needs. Some approaches to this research include surveys, experiments, observations, and simulation. ...
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What do you call fake brand product?

The product with a fake brand is called as a Counterfeit product. The counterfeit product are such products that have fake replicas of the real products and they are often produced with the intent to take advantage of the superior value of the imitated product. ...
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Why the market is unstable at consumer equilibrium?

There are many reasons why a consumer market equilibrium may be unstable, and it depends on which school of economic thought you follow. Generally, if there actually is a consumer equilibrium (which some believe does not truly occur) then what will cause it to become unstable is the effect of random shocks: I.e.) let future consumption for any period be ct+j = ct + Et. E is a random shock variable which is normally distributed around the mean (which we'll assume to be...
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SWOT Analysis pepsodent?

SWOT or the acronym for Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threats is done for the analysis of the external environment of a business. The business strength has to tackle with the available opportunities and to overcome the persisting threats in the market. For brands like Pepsodent, the analysis would include pre-view of the competitors like Colgate and many more and looking into what strategy do the competitors follow in making there brand stand out. In relation to this the strategy defining is done...
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What is the definition of soft marketing?

selling feathers The marketing which has done through online is called "Soft Marketing". ...
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What is FMCG companies?

FMCG companies are those companies that produce Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG). Fast Moving Consumer Goods are the sorts of products generally sold in a supermarket, but can also include things like cheap electronics and over-the-counter medicines. They are 'fast moving' because they are purchased frequently and consumed quickly, as distinct from more durable goods such as appliances, which are generally replaced only every few years. ...
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What is reassuring advertising?

reassuring advertising is aimed at existing customers.
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What is the address of Reebok's return center?

Reebok returns footwear distribution center (dc2) 495 cedar crest rd Spartanburg Sc 29301 ...
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Is less sale and high profit margin is good?

if we are using skimming pricing strategy than this is good because in skimming we get substantial competitive advantage by launching a new product with different quality so it will be more beneficial for us to charge a high price. ...
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What is meant by creative advertising?

Creative advertising encompasses finding creative solutions to advertise brands, products etc. to a targeted audience The aim is to creative memorable advertising campaigns that boost brand/product recognition and awareness. This can be undertaken in a variety of media, including print (magazine/POS/outdoor), broadcast media (tv, radio, cinema et al), web/online rich media to POS (point of sale), and email and mobile advertising. ...