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Officially called as the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Nigeria is a federal constitutional republic divided into 36 states. It is the most populous African country and the eighth most populous country in the world, with a total population of 152,217,341 as of 2010.

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Who are the ten richest in Fuji music in Nigeria?

Wasiu Ayinde, obesere, saheed osupa, wasiu alabi pasuma, sule malaika, sule adio, sefiu alao, muri alabi, taye currency adebisi, safejo amama ...
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Who is the richest pastor in the world?

The richest Pastor in the world is the President and Founder of the world's largest Church Building according to the 2008 Guiness Book of Records - Bishop David O.Oyedepo of the Living Faith Church, A.K.A. Winners Chapel, Canaanland, Ota, Nigeria. ...
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List of 10 best universities in nigeria?

Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) University of Ibadan (UI) University of Lagos (UNILAG) University of Benin (UNIBEN) University of Ilorin (UI) University of Nsukka Ahmadu Bello University Lagos State University University of Jos University of Ado-Ekiti ...
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What are the top 10 best private universities in Nigeria?

Madonna university Babcock university Convenant Redeemers Ajayi Crowther Igbenion university Crawford university Novena America university of Nigeria Benson Idahosa ...
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5o best secondary school in nigeria?

1.)Providence Heights (Lagos) 2.)Loyola Jesuit College (Abuja) 3.)Atlantic Hall School (Poka-Epe Lagos) 4.)Vivian Fowler Memorial College for Girls (Lagos) 5.)Homaj Schools (Ondo) 6.)St Gregory College (Lagos) 7.)Lagoon Secondary School for girls(Lagos) 8.)Holy Child College (Lagos) 9.)Corona Secondary school(Ogun) 10.)Capital Science Academy(Abuja) 11.)International School Lagos(ISL) 12.)Grange School(Lagos) 13.)Olashore International School(Osun) 14.)British International School(Lagos) 15.)Dowen College(Lagos) 16.)Adesoye College(Kwara) 17.)Chrisland College(Lagos) 18.)Caleb College(Lagos) 19.)Day Waterman College(Ogun) 20.)Greensprings school(lagos) 21.)Nigerian Turkish International College(Abuja) 22.)Whitesands School for Boys(Lagos) 23.)Hillcrest International school Lagos(lagos and Abuja) 24.)Infant Jesus academy(Abuja) 25.)D-Ivy College 26.)Kings College(Lagos) 27.)Queens College(Lagos) 28.)Children International school(Lagos) 29.)Trinity College(Lagos) 30.)American International School (lagos) 31.)Meadow Hall College(Lagos) 32.)Citadel International College,Ikare Akoko (Ondo) 33.)Hallmark secondary...
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What are some examples of local government checks and balances?

As one area of their Local Information System, Worcestershire County Council Research & Intelligence Unit are using InstantAtlas Server to deliver a rich set of Ward Profile reports aimed at elected members. They include sections on the relevant local councillor, population, crime, economy, health, children, and place survey results. ...
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What is the zip code for Osogbo Osun state Nigeria?

The answer is 234035 The Zip Code is an American system for use in the United States. Some other countries have developed similar systems to help with mail sorting and call it other things. ...
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What year was Star beer first produced in Nigeria?

2nd June 1949, the first bottle rolled off the production line
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How can the genesis of accounting be traced in Nigeria?

what are the history develpment of accounting in nigeria
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Is Nigerian passport visa free to Kosovo?

A visa is not required for kosovo. In general, passengers will be granted 90 days authorization stamp on arrival. ...
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Can you buy white gold engagement rings in nigeria?

Well, pure solid white gold alloys formula used engagement rings maybe!But you can buy engagement rings alloys yellow gold with Rhodium Plate, call artificial white gold; yes; because Africa product Rhodium plate for yellow gold; but not for pure solid white gold formula; you can buy engagement ring in America and Canada in pure solid white gold formula... for the best interest to the Consumers, see web. page Living Life Enterprises Presents. ...
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Who was the minister of finance in Nigeria in 2009?

Una papa get boil for nyash
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What is the staple food of nigeria?

jollifries(fried rice with chicken)
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How long is the flight from Lagos Nigeria to new york city?

1) Lagos (LOS) to New York (JFK) Flight Duration: 13 hrs 55 mins by Royal Air Maroc Lagos (LOS) to Atlanta, GA (ATL) Flight Duration * 15 hours 10 mins * Via Dakar, Dakar (DKR) ...
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What animal causes power failures in Nigeria?

Animals that cause power failures in Nigeria are those such as eagles, hawks, falcons, and lots of large prey birds who build their nests on power lines. ...
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How do you import used cars from US into Nigeria?

You export them. Look for Export brokers on the Net.