Oil and Petroleum

Extracted from the depths of the earth, oil and petroleum make our cars drive and airplanes fly. Derivatives of this nonrenewable resource are used in thousands of consumer products. Because of our worldwide dependence on oil, it is often called "black gold."

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Oil and Petroleum

Constituents of petroleum and its uses?

Petroleum consists of various gasses (oxygen, carbon gasses), metals (Nickel, Iron, Vanadium, Copper), and complex hydrocarbons (Alkanes, Cyclo-Alkanes, and Arenes). Petroleum is used for several things; fuel, plastics, waxes, Asphalt, lubricant and pesticides to name a few.

Oil and Petroleum

Who is petroleum minister of Pakistan?

Syed Naveed Qamar

Oil and Petroleum
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When you burn petrol what gases are formed?

Petrol is a hydrocarbon ( made of hydrogen and carbon). When it burns in plentiful of oxygen it form carbon di oxide gas and water vapours. If oxygen is in limited supply carbon monoxide is formed instead of carbon dioxide.

Petrol sometimes contains impurities of Nitrogen and Sulphur. When petrol burns these elements combine with oxygen to make oxides of nitrogen and sulphur dioxide ( All of which are gases).

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Oil and Petroleum

What is an example of crude oil?

The black stuff that comes "up from the ground comes a bubblin' crude, oil that is, black gold, Texas tea..." ;)

Oil and Petroleum

What is the chemical formula of petroleum oil?

Petroleum oil is a very complex mixture. Thousands of organic compounds have been isolated from it. A formula can thus not be given.

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Oil and Petroleum

Is it okay to put petroleum jelly around a new lip piercing?

No it isnt. Petroleum jelly is too thick and doesn't let your piercing breathe properly.

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Oil and Petroleum

How do you use the word crude oil in a sentence?

The amount of crude oil being used right now currently exceeds that supply readily available.

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Oil and Petroleum

When did british petroleum become beyond petroleum?

After several mergers and acquisitions with companies such as Castrol, ARCO and latterly Amaco, British Petroleum changed it's name to BP Amaco, by this time the majority of its shares were in European and US ownership, in 2000 it re branded to the current name BP with the new slogan "Beyond Petroleum"

Oil and Petroleum

Uses of caustic soda in petroleum refinery?

caustic soda is used to eliminate Mercaptans from hydrocarbons (GPL, Kerosene, ...).
it is used also as an injection the desalter (crude distillation unit) to raise PH (reduce corrosion).

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Natural Gas

What are the advantages and disadvantages of natural gas for our planet?

  • Natural gas (largely methane) burns more cleanly than the other fossil fuels (45% less carbon dioxide emitted than coal and 30% less than oil)
  • It is easily transported via pipelines and fairly easily using tankers (land and sea)
  • It can be piped into homes to provide heating and cooking and to run a variety of appliances.
  • Where homes are not piped, it can be supplied in small tanks.
  • It can be used as a fuel for vehicles (cars, trucks and jet engines) where it is cleaner than gasoline or diesel.
  • It is used to produce ammonia for fertilizers, and hydrogen, as well as in the production of some plastics and paints.
  • It's relatively abundant, clean burning and seems easy to distribute.
  • It's also lighter than air, so if there is a leak it will tend to dissipate, unlike propane, which is heavier than air and pools into explosive pockets.
  • It can be used for heating, cooking, hot water, clothes dryer, backup generator power, and so forth.
  • Some places will supply it to your house by way of underground pipes.
  • Natural gas is more economical than electricity,
  • it is faster when used in cooking and water heating and most gas appliances are cheaper than electrical ones.
  • Gas appliances also do not create unhealthy electrical fields in your house.
  • Even though it is cleaner than coal and oil, it still contributes a large amount of carbon dioxide to greenhouse gases.
  • By itself natural gas is mostly methane, which is 21 times more dangerous for greenhouse warming than carbon dioxide so any leakage of the gas (from animals, landfills, melting tundra, etc) contributes strongly to greenhouse emissions.
  • If your house is not properly insulated it can be very expensive.
  • It can leak, potentially causing an explosion.
A:1. Natural gas use requires a separate and special plumbing system inside structures.

2. Natural gas is colorless, tasteless, AND IS ODORLESS IF IT IS NATURAL, requiring the addition of an odorant [one or more of several "Mercaptans"] to allow olfactory detection [smell] of leaks.

3. When gas from an underground leak travels great distances [underground], the odorant can be "scrubbed out" of the gas, thereby rendering it again ODORLESS, and therefore a severe explosion and fire hazard.

4. Being a fossil fuel, it is carbon based, and its byproducts of combustion include carbon compounds [such as carbon dioxide and/or monoxide] which contribute to the environmentally damaging "greenhouse effect."


One disadvantage is that burning it creates CO2 emissions (although not as much as oil or coal), and CO2 is a greenhouse gas. Natural gas itself is actually a very strong greenhouse gas also (much more than CO2 in fact). Another disadvantage is that it can leak and cause fires and/or explosions.

A:As noted above, Natural Gas is a fossil fuel. I am skeptical of calculations that it produces less carbon dioxide than other fossil fuels, although it does burn cleanly and efficiently.

In some places, Natural Gas is considered a waste gas, and excess methane is just burnt in the atmosphere without using any of the energy it carries. For efficiency, we should be utilizing all of our fossil fuel hydrocarbons.

Some communities are now investing in recovering natural gas from garbage dumps and farming for energy production. There is more of this that we could be doing.

As far as fueling automobiles with either Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) or Liquid Natural Gas (LNG), the refueling process is slow (slower than using propane), and high pressures are required. And there are dangers of carrying around CNG or LNG tanks in vehicles.

A:If we are to believe scientists concerning global warming, we need to look at the two products here. Natural gas is mostly methane (as previously pointed out). Natural gas also escapes into our air naturally. Methane is many times more of a forcing agent in terms of green house effect. Converting methane into Carbon dioxide (a less substantial green house gas) would reduce our overall forcing in terms of real forcing.

There are several advantages to using compressed natural gas (CNG) to power vehicles. First, it is the cleanest burning fuel available. This reduces harmful emissions, which helps air quality. Secondly, there is an abundance of natural gas right below our feet. Increasing the production of natural gas would make the US less reliant on foreign sources for its energy, which would also help its national security. Third, as a result of the abundance of natural gas, it is much cheaper than diesel or gasoline. There are many areas throughout the US where natural gas is close to or less than $2 per gallon.
A: The gas orduces lots of energy and is easy to transport using pipelines.

D: It produces more pollution than oil and if it leaks natural gas can cause a big explosion and/or fire


Advantages of natural gas:

- It is a very clean burning fuel

- There is an abundance of it throughout the world - the U.S. has the 6th largest reserve of natural gas in the world

- It is about half the price of gasoline

- It can be used in vehicles and is very efficient

- It is used to heat most homes

- It is easy to recover it from shale

Disadvantages of natural gas:

- There are only about 1,000 fueling stations across the U.S. open to the public

- There aren't very many cars that use it yet
One advantage of natural gas is its abundance in the U.S. Our country has the 6th largest natural gas reserve in the world. Natural gas also has the advantage of being the cleanest burning fuel available.
its renewable!!

it can help keep other gases from the destroying the atmosphere(good for the enviornment)

and it also made vampires decay in the caves back then so there arent any more alive...(or are there?)
Also natural gas is used for fuel... and other things that have to use power
Natural gas is a carbon fuel so burning it generates the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide. However this produces less carbon dioxide than the same amount of energy from burning oil or coal, so natural gas is slightly cleaner than other fossil fuels.

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Oil and Petroleum

Why road become slippery in rainy season?

The rain loosens the built up oil making a very slippery salad-dressing like mixture of oil and water.

Oil and Petroleum

Can cigarette butt ignite petrol mixed with water?

I should try with you.

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How is petroleum stored in ground formations?

Petroleum occurs in porous and permeable rock which is surrounded by less porous and impermeable rock which prevents or slows its eventual escape to a body of water or the surface.

Oil and Petroleum

What is the chemical structure of crude oil?

Way too complicated to attempt to list here. Crude oil is a mixture of a wide variety of compounds.

Oil and Petroleum

What is a economy sector that uses most petroleum?

a productivity factory



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Oil and Petroleum

Find msds for gulf oil spill crude oil?

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Oil and Petroleum

What is the difference between crude oil and motor oil?

Crude oil is the oil from the well. Motor oil has been processed.

The motor oil must have certain properties, such as viscosity and density, and it can not contain any contaminants, such as sulfur.

Crude oil is unrefined oil, and it has a wide range of viscosities and densities, and may contain contaminants.

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Oil and Petroleum

How do you refine oil?

You heat it until it vaporizes. The lighter part will rise higher and collect at different levels. Roofing tar and asphalt at the bottom and gasoline towards the top of the cooling tower.


The refining of oil from the point it is taken from the ground until it gets to the sales tank as gasoline or other petroleum product is fairly complex requiring several steps. This is made even more complex when the refinery needs to drive the process towards valuable products (aromatics and light distillates( and away from heavy tarry residues.

Staring with crude oil:

  • The crude is treated to remove any entrained water or solids
  • The clean crude is distilled into several fractions in a distillation columns.
  • Valuable fractions are sent on for further processing like desulfurization (SUlfur is collected as a sside stream)
  • Heavy ends are cracked either by heating or the addition of high pressure hydrogen to make more lighter materials which are recovered and treated further
  • Light ends are reformed to make longer chains of carbon. These are distilled.
  • Straight chained alkanes are converted to more valuable branched molecules or aromatics and recovered
  • The final products are either sold as single products or blended to achieve performance criteria
  • Additive and dye packages may be added.
Oil and Petroleum
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What is the Wohlwill method of gold refining?

The Wohlwill process uses direct and alternating currents to electrolyze dore gold in a chloride solution. Gold on the dore anode dissolves and accrues to the cathode

Oil and Petroleum

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Would adding graphite to your car's gasoline hurt your car's engine?

No it does not affect

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Who is the owner of Hindustan petroleum company?

Please visit: http:/www.hindustanpetroleum.com/En/UI/IRShareholderProfile.aspx

The President of India owns more than 51% of the HPCL Shares. Balance shares are distributed as in the above link.

Oil and Petroleum

How do you create petroleum based products?

The entire science of chemistry (which requires years of study to learn) is brought to bear upon the problem of creating petroleum based products, so there is no simple technique that can be described for you. There are thousands of petroleum based products and thousands of different techniques used to create them.

Oil and Petroleum

What form is petroleum found in naturally?

jelly thingmabob :)

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Oil and Petroleum

How is crude oil formed and extracted from the ground?

Crude oil is made from prehistoric decomposed plants formed millions of years ago, it is extracted using an oil rig. :)


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