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A motorcycle is a two-wheeled motor vehicle. They are very popular modes of transportation around the world and can vary from a small moped to a large Harley Davidson. Ask questions about motorcycles here.

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When is Daytona Bike Week in 2013?

March 2013 The Daytona Chamber of Commerce has it listed as March 8 - 17, 2013. ...
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What 1995-2005 motorcycles have the best gas mileage?

Generally speaking, the smaller the engine, the better the mileage. Most common fault for poor fuel consumption is dirty air filters, an aggressive hand & and bad riding practices. Fuel consumption is like asking how long a piece of string is. It all boils down to how hard you accelerate, how much stop & staring you do, how much highway work you do. Bike have advanced so much these last few years there's nor much in them at all. There all getting lighter,...
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How much oil does a 110cc four wheeler use?

Depending on the manufacturer, the average 110cc engine requires approximately 1 US quart of oil. ...
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How many cc 16 horsepower have?

Truth be told you cannot estimate the CC of an engine based on the output horsepower. There are many types or engines! To list some Rotary engines - Generally speaking for their CC they are high powered but less fuel efficient 2 stroke engines - Simple in design and leak oil in the fuel system 4 stroke engines - the norm in car engines but there are further classifications - Undersquared (short stroke - high RPM = High HP output on high revs) Boxer or square...
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What is the average motorcycle tire size?

The average tire size is a 24 inch tire,and 8inchs wide. Generally classified as about 17 inches by 3 wide, the curvature (profile) may result in it being wider with a shallower curvature for mor power and sporting grip on higher performance machines. ...
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Can you get your dirt bike engine wet?

Yes, you can't completely submerge it in water, while your riding it, but you can get it wet, when it rains, or when your washing it, or on a trail when riding.. But don't stick it completely into water while your riding.. ...
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Who invented the motorbike?

German, Gottlieb Daimler invented the first gas-engined motorcycle in 1885. These "motorcycles" were ordinary pedal bikes with small steam engines on the FRONT tire...thankfully the internal combustion engine was developed in Germany in 1876 then spawned the Motorcycle in 1885 mr.Michael trapp. ...
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What is is the paint code for Kawasaki lime green?

Aparently the code is 7F Yes it is, but they changed the shade in 1996 and kept the same code! ...
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How do you chabge the oil on a Kawasaki vulcan 1500?

First remove the drain plug (17mm wrench required) on the bottom of the motor, allow all oil to escape. Once the oil has been removed inspect the crush washer on the drain plug, if it appears damaged replace it, otherwise re-insert the plug and tighten snugly but do not over tighten. Next, locate the oil filter on the rear of the motor and remove it, allow any/all oil to drain if necessary. Install new filter. Fill with approx. 3.5 qt of...
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What is the age of Yamaha YZ125 Have serial number?

Generally speaking here, but the 10th number of the VIN should be the year code Here's a breakdown of number/letter and what it corresponds to: number / letter position Region: 1 J Asia Country: 1-2 JH Japan Manufacturer: 2-3 H2 Honda Model Specific: 4-8 Check Digit: 9 Year: 10 Assembly Plant: 11 Serial Number: 12-17 Now if you want to check an actual VIN for Your Bike or Vehicle you can do so here: ...
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Who makes polaris spyder motorcycle?

Could it possibly be polaris lol
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How do you move a motorcycle without keys My friends mom wants his bike out of the garage while he's off at college and he can't remember where the keys are we are only moving it a couple of blocks?

You should have a motorcyclist do it. Motorcycles are heavy! Keeping it upright is a challenge for the uninitiated - if even a mid-size motorcycle tips halfway then it's tipping all the way and it can hurt you if you try to stop it from falling. A big bike, forget it. Rather than risk dropping the bike, just have an experienced cyclist do it. A six-pack of beer should solve this problem easily. If you decide to do it without a...
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What polymers are used in bike tires?

Kevlar (Aromatic Polyamides) is used in tire reinforcement. Polybutadiene (Butadiene Rubber, BR) is used for the carcass and side wall. Natural rubber is a polymer, and they put polyurethane in tire rubber too. While aramids like kevlar are often used in car and motorcycle tires, nylon (less expensive and works fine) is used in bicycle tires. ...
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What year is this DT 400 Yamaha VIN number 2Y9-000143?

2Y9 Prefix on the Yamaha DT 400 frame and Engine No: is the 1979 Model that shipped to Canada and South Africa. Also known as the DT400F. It's most common colour was Competition Yellow for 1979 ...
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How do you fix motorbike head gasket?

Remove motor from bike. Take head off the motor replace gasket .If it has an over head cam make sure you put motor to top dead center. Then take out cam and tie chain up so it will no fall down. If it is liquid cooled make sure you drain it before you take the motor out. ...
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WHY 110 cc ATV made in china Daymak model starter not engaging. solenoid is clicking. fully charged battery. no responce from starter?

Check to see if power is getting to the starter. If it is not check the solenoid contacts in it may be burned and not letting the power threw . If power is making it to the starter it maybe your brushes are in need of replacement or (dirt in starter ,broken magnets ,bearings or burnt wires). ...
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How do you adjust the clutch on a 1999 Fatboy Harley Davidson?

First loosen the cable adjuster to give as much slack as possible (basically you're shortening the cable sheath). Then remove the derby cover (large round dome-shaped cover on the chaincase). In the center of the clutch you'll see the adjuster screw with a locknut. Loosen the locknut with an 11/16 wrench and back the adjuster screw out a couple of turns using a 7/32" Allen wrench. Now turn the adjuster screw inward (clockwise) until it bottoms out, but not real hard. Then back...
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How do you contact the suzuki motorcycle manufacturer?

You can search on google and from there you can get contact no. etc and then you contact them. Or the other way is that you can contact your nearly Suzuki dealer and get the contact no. from them. ...
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Can you put nitrous in a dirt bike?

can you: yes should you: no.
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Why did Vinnie leave American Chopper?

Vinnie and Cody started their own business: V Force Customs. The shop is less than 10 miles from Orange County Choppers and it appears that the Discovery Channel will be giving Vinnie and Cody their own show. Quote from Vinnie related to his departure: The split was on good terms and might actually air on an upcoming episode of the show. Quote from Cody related to his departure: There is no bad blood between us and our friends at OCC." Not enough money,not enough...
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Why cant bikes use CNG in place of petrol?

They could but it would require a lot of modification. One might also ask, what would be the benefit from using CNG on motorbikes. The real reason for using CNG on engines is for saving fuel. As most motorbikes use far less fuel than cars, and are already more economical than cars, changing them to use CNG seems kind of purposeless. Another problem is, the CNG tanks have to fulfill far higher specifications than normal motorcycle gas tanks. This would increase the...