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In a personal computer, a hard disk drive controls the positioning, reading, and writing of the hard disk, where data is stored.

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How do you format a hard drive?

Go to www.download.com and type in Glary Utilities. Do the 1-Click Maintenance with this software. This is a spam free program and also free to use. It will clean up your computer first and then backup your files for safekeeping.

Then if you wish to reformat, do so after you use Windows Restore in Control panel.

Backup to tape in case you break something important.

Okay, not get a command prompt and type format c: /y

Press [Enter]

When this is done, type sys d: c:

Press [Enter]

You are done.

If you have Windows: yes

1.Backup your data. yes

2.Get a windows CD (not a restore disk).

3.Make a boot disk. yes to all

4.Boot with the boot disk.

5.Type fdisk, see here:


6.Type "format c:" or "format c: /s" Here are more answers and opinions from other Wiki s Contributors:

  • Another way to format your hard drive is to do the following: I am supposing you are going to install the operating system after you have formatted the drive, you must have the Operating system CD (that is Windows 98, Windows 2000 or Windows XP.Go into the BIOS settings of your PC, usually by pressing the delete key in a clone computer, the F1 key in an IBM and the F10 in a Compaq when you first start the computer. You have to set the start up options to CD first, floppy or removable drive second, and the hard drive third. Save the settings and come out of the BIOS settings. Place the CD in the CD drive and restart. The computer will recognize the CD drive and begin copying files. You will be prompted to install Windows in another location if the system recognized another operating system. It will also ask if you wish to format the drive and will give the option of FAT32 or NTFS. NTFS affords more security options and works better, although it is not compatible with older systems that use FAT32. Format the drive and continue with the installation of the operating system.
  • 1. Backup your files.

2. Backup your VGA/sound drivers. (if stored in the hard drive)

3. Place the bootable windows CD on the CD-ROM

4. Boot on CD-ROM

5. on the command line, type CD win98 then press enter.

6. type format c:/s/u/v then enter

7. Wait for a couple of minutes.

8. Done.

  • XP will format the disk for you. Just boot from the CD and tell it to format the disk.

I'm going to try to answer all of the questions here. First, if your OS CD is not bootable then the best way to format your computer is boot to a DOS bootable floppy and type format C: .

Second, reformatting will get rid of all viruses except for a boot sector virus, which if you had, wouldn't let you boot the computer to begin with.

Third, if you "reformatted" from the bios, then you didn't reformat, you most likely just recreated the partitions, but did not format them. They would be visible as C: and D:, etc. but you wouldn't be able to write to the drives at all. As in the first answer above, boot to a DOS disk and format that way. You should be fine from there.

With great reluctance, and a great deal of bad language. The best thing I can suggest is that while you're thinking of it, and don't really have to do it right this moment, is to look in the help files, print out what you think you won't remember, and make a boot disk on floppy and keep it where you'll remember it. It's really not a terribly complicated process, but it usually needs to be done as the result of some catastrophe, like a virus infection or other serious issue that can't be fixed except by starting over fresh. You will be relieved, when this happens, to have prepared ahead of time. In and of itself, it's not terribly complicated, but it is almost always made necessary by a disaster, and your focus won't be helped any by being upset at just having lost Aunt Nellie's recipe's, or your Master's thesis. Be prepared for the time when..not if...it will be necessary. And, finally, don't forget the old saying that warns you to "save early and save often" when it comes to your work, and to remember always to have a schedule in place to back up your important files. Before I knew better, I lost two years of research once when Windows 95 decided to give itself a few days off. Don't let that happen to you, and don't go into a reformat unprepared. It's just not fun at all. Good luck.

Restart computer into dos mode Win98 Or use Floppy boot disk in Win ME

At the A:/ Type - Format C:

Then computer asks - Are you sure all data on C: will be Lost?

Type "y" then enter and drive will be formatted

Start or restart your computer in DOS mode and type in C:\ then when you are in C: you type in C:\ formatC: Make sure when it says C:\ you put a space then formatC:\ then just answer the questions. Hope this will help you Ray

Please anyone who needs to "re"format their computer--- DON'T! If you don't know how to format a hard drive you probably don't know how to boot an OS into your system. Just because you have a Win98 CD don't mean you have to do it every time you have a problem!

If you find you must reformat and reinstall the OS, ALWAYS REMEMBER TO BACK UP YOUR DATA first !!

Always back up data before problems arise. But after reformat and new install of OS You might need drivers that came with computer or was factory install. I have 2 cds that I made that has all the drivers my system needs. Don't count on your OS to have the drivers. Some of your answers are great for a system that is running, but what if He/She is replacing HARD DRIVE. That floppy reboot disk looks mighty good right about now. Plus not all of us ran out and bought full XP version. You need to install 95 or 98 first if got the service pack. Don't forget the pesky extras, like printers, Laser mouse, Ethernet cards, if your using cable then theres more software. Helps to burn all these to a CD, plus might not hurt to open notepad or word pad and jot down those pesky passes needed for like my cable provider that's needed. I only use these when doing install. But might not use that for long periods and get forgetful.



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Is it possible to 'repair' Windows XP operating system without reformatting the hard disk?

Yes it is possible to repair windows XP: follow this step:

  • Set your first boot device in the Bios to CD-Rom. Insert your Windows XP CD, save the bios settings and exit. Soon "Press any key to boot of CD" will appear on the screen, hit the space bar to continue.
  • Now setup will inspect your hardware and software, it then will load various files required for the repair. Just wait and be patient, this may take a few moments.
  • Soon a menu will appear (as pictured below), press enter to continue.
  • Now the "End User Agreement" Press "F8" if you agree, "ESC" if you don't.
  • You will now have to select the installation you wish to repair. Usually there is only one, but sometimes, there may be 2 or more (i.e. you have done a parallel install to resolve a problem), use the up/down arrow key to select the install, and then press "R" to continue.
  • Setup will now examine the disk be patient, it can take a few minutes.
  • Setup will go through a percentage - 1 to 100%
  • A screen will soon appear. Press "F3" to continue
  • Now setup will reboot system, wait 15 seconds or just press enter.
  • Now it is time to see if this has solved your problems.

: Yes, You can repaire windows without data loss.

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What does SMART failure mean?

There are several things SMART can detect, but from my understanding it's pretty reliable. I'd back up your critical data and wait it out, unless your data is so critical that you can't afford to lose any of it, or afford the downtime. Here is my experience. I have the same problem with you: Warning message, press F1 and everything seems to be fine. What I did to solve it is to add a fan ($9 at Compusa) to the hard drive. After about 3 days of installing the fan, the warning message just gone forever. Also, the hard disk temp is way cooler than it used to be. Your hard drive is about to die. Buy a new one and ghost the data from the old drive to the new one. It means your harddrive is failing. Exactly how can vary but basically it's telling you time to buy a new one and transfer the data. Although in some cases the error can be fixed by adding cooling or defragging and/or formatting. It just depends but be safe, get a new one. S.M.A.R.T is an acronoym for Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology systems (SMART) and it's usually built in to most modern ATA and SCSI hard disks. I recently opened my case to find out my hard drive was very hot to touch and immediatly was concerned about the operating temprature. So I went and downloaded Speedfan.

== Since 1997, hard drive manufacturers use SMART technology, which stands for Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology. It's supposed to warn you of impending failure so you can back up your data. Unfortunately they should name it STUPID (Supposed To Utilize Program Integrity, Doesn't), because it rarely ever warns anyone before it dies. I have personally witnessed over 50 hard drives die quick deaths without any SMART notification to the user. My best advice is to run disk tools like Scandisk to detect drive problems and listen for any new unusual sounds emanating from inside the case (especially a thumping or clunking sound). If you hear this, then immediately make full backups before the drive dies, because it is certainly on its last legs. Google conducted a research study of 100,000 hard drives in their organization and published failure results in a paper published April 2007. Among their conclusions: ..."we conclude that models based on SMART parameters alone are unlikely to be useful for predicting individual drive failures."

If you are fortunate anough to own one of the 30% or less of dying SMART drives that actually warns you of impending doom, then immediately copy personal data to a second drive (solid state flash driver preferably). Make a disk image of the entire drive if time permits so you can be back and running quickly with a new drive. I prefer Acronis True Image for home consumers as a fast and effective drive imaging solution.

as we know SMART services is best for hard drive failure indication. We can activate it by use of BIOS setting. If any case it doesn't work use stellar smart software drive monitoring system that gives the current values of various hard disk parameters such as Temperature, Head Flying Height, Spin-Up Time etc. If you have this software then it's a lot easier to back-up than to get your data recovered. Once you detect any of the signs of failure you need to ensure that you have a back-up and if not, make one. If in worst case you lost your data or hard drive crashes then use data recovery service for recover your data.

SMART is to measure your HDD health. If it goes down, it's a good idea to backup important stuff and prepare to replace the HDD.

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How do you change a hard disk drive?

  • Power down PC, unplug power. Open the PC, determine type of hard drive connection, most likely IDE. Buy similar drive.
  • If your old hard drive is bad, remove old HD (need screwdriver). There should be a diagram on both hard drives showing where to place the jumper. Look at this and then place the jumpers on the hard drive, matching the new one to the old one (usually located in the back by the ide/sata and power plugs) to match the diagram. Cable select is usually the right choice especially if there is only one drive on a cable with only one connector at each end.
  • Recomended drive: 7200 RPM or greater, 2MB Cache or better
  • Make sure you get the same type hard drive - PATA (IDE) or SATA - as you old one, unless your motherboard does both.
  • While your case is open, blow out the dust. It improves circulation and can add to the life of your computer. Also make sure all the fans are working. Leave the case side open and turn it on without touching the inside. All the fans should come on, assuming you have a name brand computer (read: bottom-line for company) without thermostat controlled fans.
  • The first part is a matter of cloning the hard drive (assuming you are not just moving the disk from one computer to another). Otherwise the process is known as a repair installation where you will need the bootable CD with the OS to fix the old hard drive so it works in it's new home hardware.
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Why would your computer freeze up after defragmenting the hard drive?

Moved FilesOne reason may be because files were moved and your computer needs to be restarted cause the computer was reading the files and they all of a sudden moved. Physical FaultsOne possible reason for this is that your hard disk is developing physical faults. Sometimes these faults may not be picked up by tools like ChkDsk however chkdsk is a good place to start I would advise using the /r option. There are other free tools around that can help you identify Hard disk Faults like "Drive Fitness Test". If any of these tests show that the hard disk does have faults it should be replaced as soon as possible. Software is available that will enable you to clone the faulty drive onto a new one.

put your computer in SAFE MODE.THEN DEFRAG.

Check your hardware in device manager and see if there are any conflicts,(yellow ? marks), beside your display adapter, your monitor, and your sound drivers), sometimes a driver can become corrupt and you may need to update it. Also The defrag could have defraged a file in your registry that is no longer used, I recommend buying Registry Mechanic, this will fix any errors in your registry that can also cause freezing. One last thing, go into safe mode, and do a scan on your hard drive for errors, make sure before you do the scan make sure the box is checked for,"automaticaly fix errors". Then when that's all done, do a defrag in safe mode.

Like you I have had problems defragging, but I think that in my case it was something wrong with the defragger, as when i did it 2 weeks ago, then my computer crashed doing this, i restarted, 'Cannot Find Hard Drive', so then it went to a comp shop they fixed it, did disk defrag again, then computer restarted with the same problem, then it started to go through, 'Used Clusters' 'Unused Clusters' 'Bad Clusters' then here it takes forever to do then the computer frooze, so i turned it off, went and bought a new computer


Your problem is either a driver, harware or heat issue. Try updating chipset drivers with the original that came with your motherboard if it doesint work update with windows update to get the a signed driver, check to see if your hdd is running hot if you cant touch it get rid of it, update your bios if this occurs when you have just changed your hdd, disable the s.m.a.r.t function in bios if your hdd is older than 9 years old and lastly has i have seen enough before your video card is failing, change it.

Please perform the steps given below to increase you system performance.

1. Uninstall all the unwanted software.

To uninstall a software :

a. Click on Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Add/Remove Programs

b. Select the software from the list and click on Add/Remove button and follow the online screen instrctions.

2 Erase unnecessary files in the windows temporary folder.

1. Double Click My Computer.

2. Double Click the drive where windows is installed. This is typically drive C.

3. Double Click the windows folder. This is typically C:\Windows.

4. Double Click the temp folder.This is typically C:\Windows\temp.

5. Press control-A to select all files and folders.

6. Press the delete key.

7. If confirmation is asked to delete these files choose yes to all.

3. Defragment hard disk.

1. Close all applications.

2. Disable your screen saver.

3. Disable all the programs on the taskbar if possible.

4. Click Start.

5. Click Program.

6. Click Accessories.

7. Click System Tools.

8. Click Defrag.

9. Select the drive to defrag. You should defrag every hard disk on your system. This process can take a long time.

10. Click Ok.

11. Enable your screen saver.

4. Remove Startup programs

Click Start

Select Run

Type msconfig in the text box

The "System Configuration Utility" window will open

A list of programs will be shown each having a checkbox to the left of the name.

Click on the checkbox to enable the program (so it runs when windows boots) and click a second time to Uncheck the box to disable the program (so it does not run when windows boots).

5. Set the size of the virtual memory (swap file) to an constant optimal size.


1. Right click My Computer

2. Click Properties

3. The System Properties window lists the amount of RAM in your PC (record this for step#8)

4. Click Performance

5. Click Virtual Memory

6. Click Let me specify my own virtual memory settings

7. Click the arrow next to the hard disk.

8. Here are some guidelines to choose the best location for your virtual memory file

a) Select the quickest hard disk.

b) If you have, two hard disks that are similar in performance select the hard disk that does not contain Windows system files.

c) Make sure the drive has free space equal to at least twice the size of the recommended swap file size.

d) If the partition is on the same physical drive, select the partition in alphabetical order. For example, if you have one 2GB hard disk and you partition it into two 1GB partitions drive C & D) You should pick Drive C over Drive D if meets all the guidelines of a, b & c.

9. Set the Minimum/Maximum to: With large hard disks settings a 128mb or 256mb swap file should be sufficient in almost every situation.

Note: The amount of RAM plus the size of the virtual memory file is the maximum amount of RAM you can use at once. Win386.swp is the filename used for the swap file. The file is quite large don�t delete it.

10. Click OK.

11. After setting the size of the virtual memory file windows will display the following message. You have chosen not to let windows manage virtual memory automatically. Click Yes.

11. You must restart your computer before the new settings will take effect. Do you want to restart your computer now? Click Yes

12. Sometimes Windows 95 takes a long time to shut down. During this time, it is doing necessary system maintenance. You must wait while the computer shuts down.

Also try using a registry cleaner, some file paths may be redundant, a registry cleaner will fix these errors. Visit http://registryfixer.weebly.com for top rated cleaners

13. Actually this problem bothered me quite a long time too, but recently I find functional software which can fix all these problems just with one click: tuneup360, maybe you guys could have a try.

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Where can you find step-by-step instructions on how to reformat a hard drive and reinstall Windows 98SE?

  • To reformat your hand drive using Win98 you need a Win98 boot floppy with reformat and fdisk options on it. To get started, insert the floppy and reboot the system. After the boot you will get a screen that asks you if you want to start windows with CD-Rom support, press the shift and F5 keys and you will get the prompt (a:\) type format c:/s This will reformat your hard drive with the system tools installed. If you need to create a new portion follow the steps above and when you get the a:\ prompt type fdisk and follow the instructions.
  • I have reinstalled Windows 98SE after reformatting my hard drive several time. I was never able to directly install SE. First I had to install Windows 98, then insert the 98SE CD and go through the whole installation process again. I could never figure out why I had to first install 98 and then SE, but at least it works for me doing it that way.
  • If you had Win98, and then bought the upgrade, you would need both disks to reinstall. Start with the new disk, the upgrade. At some point it will ask you to insert the old disk into the CD drive, so it can verify that you actually had a copy, and weren't just trying to get the upgrade because it costs less, without buying the original or older version. Sounds like that might be what happened.
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What are the advantages of using database system instead of file system?

1. Redundency of data means some information may be duplicated in several places in file processing s/y .this can also be refined through DBMS.

2. Accessing of data is difficult in file processing s/y .to access the different data

we requried different program many times in other word for different type application requried different application program .

3. Multiple user can access the same data in DBMS.

4.Security also provided by DBA(Database adminstraror).

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What is zero filling?

Zero Filling
  • Zero filling is a way to overwrite all data on a hard drive. An analogy would be putting new asphalt over an old highway. This snip is from the Seagate Website: "(Quick) will write over the beginning of the drive which includes the critical partition information, eliminating all partitions and information on the drive including the Master boot record. This is useful if you have a drive that has a corrupted partition or that you wish to erase to reinstalll a fresh operating system and new data. (Full) will write over the entire data area of the drive. This is useful if a drive has bad sectors that cannot be fixed by the operating system. This will also erase all the data on the drive, but it will take several hours."
  • The simplest way to think of zero filling is setting every single byte of a storage device (RAM, HDD, whatever it may be), to null (character code 0). This effectively cleans the device of any data. This full text is online at: http://www.seagate.com/support/kb/disc/faq/ata_llfmt_what.html
  • Zero filling removes the data on a HD 100%. This is especially useful in preventing data being stolen from your HD. After doing a zero filling, (apparently) no tool can retrive data from your HD and everything is permanently deleted.
  • Zero filling is a low level hard disk management technique. As it suggests, it "fills the hard disk with zeros". By that, I mean that it magnetically prepares the disk to be a fresh disk, consisting of only zeros, no ones.
  • There is another common definition for 'Zero filling'. Typically, in software development you will have numeric entry fields where significant digits are important. If those digits are not entered you will 'zero fill' them to ensure the entire value is filled. For example, if you have a field which is six long and enter '123' then you will zero fill to get a value of '000123'.
  • The U.S. Marines released a data spec a while back that required for the drive to be zeroed completely 7 times. it seems there are some ways to get data back even if it's been zeroed. It just costs ungodly amounts of money.
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What is the difference between a CD-R and CD-RW?

RW stands for ReWritable. With a CD-R you can't put anything on it more than once. You add songs to it once and that's it. It is how it is, you can't do anything else with it. You can reuse a CD-RW. Say I had a song on there, but it messed up. I can either find it in my computer and delete the song and then put the right one on it. Or i can add the right one along with the wrong one.

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How do you dual boot and modify Boot.INI if you add a second hard drive to a system with WINNt WORKSTATION 4.0 installed on a hard disk with two partitions?

There are several ways to set-up a system for dual boot. The best or preferred method is dependent on the operating systems involved, the particular BIOS code on the system, and on whether the file systems will need to be available to more than one operating system. Boot.INI is a text file, and so can be editted to suit, with notepad. Unfortunately, the way this question is worded, there is no way to make a direct answer on how to do it properly on that system.

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Is it possible to reformat the C boot drive in Windows XP?

If you get a program like Partition Magic (I don't remember where you get it at the moment), you can repartition your hard drive. I've never used it first-hand, so I'm not absolutely sure if it reformats, but it will let you repartition it. Can't you just put in the Windows XP install (Update/Clean Install) CD and reinstall it that way?

use a windows 98 or ME boot disk Bootdisk.com

Yup it is totally possible and quite simple. All you have to do is pop your WinXP installation CD in your CD-ROM and then restart your computer. After that, the CD will give you choices if you want to format your drive or some other stuff.

It's a tiny bit confusing because at the beginning, it doesn't ask you straight out if you wanna format your comp. I think it asks if you want to create a new partition or something. Later on it will give you the choice to format.

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Does a CD-ROM hold more data than a hard drive?


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Is iomega 1tb hard drive compatible with ps3?

Yes, but you will have to reformat it to FAT32 with the "Iomega FAT32 formatter"

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What is another name of the motherboard?

The other names of "motherboard" are main board, system board, planar board & logic board. Because, a mother board contains significant sub- system such as the process and other

components. It is the main printed circuit board. It holds many of the crucial electronics components of the system such as CPU, memory and provides connectors for other peripherals.


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Is a laptop hard drive better than desktop?

people are buying laptops because laptops hard drives have maximum capacity they can easily upgraded . and specially they are more portable

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Does a hard drive store everything you brouse?

When you browse the internet the web browser stores or remembers where you have been in the history part of the web browser. That history is stored in Random Access Memory until you quit the browser. You can edit or even clear the history of where you have been on your computer. The company that enables the web browser to do its work may be required by Law to record that history

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What copies all the files in a computer?

A "Full Backup".

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Can you transfer a direct download of a PC game to another computer by simply copying and pasting the file to an external drive?

No, a legal copy of the game cannot be copied to a external HDD and be played.

Many of the games files are spread across the computer. The game needs to be installed directly to the drive when the game is being installed.

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Why you give computer first drive name c?

because in the IBM PC drives a and b were dedicated to floppy drives.

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Is there a hard drive shortage?


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How do you remove hard disk write protected?

it is highly unlikely that a hard disk is write protected. secondly it is possible for an administrator to block users to access or write on hard disk areas. if you are the admin, you have to most likely format the system as it seems to be a virus with special privileges.

always backup all critical data as there is an imminent risk of system crash as the virus is likely to destroy the system slowly by corrupting data & also stealing information by restricting access.

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Do you have to reformat your hard drive when installing a new motherboard?

Usually you do not have to wipe the hard drive. Most operating systems will let you boot up from a hard drive regardless of which computer/mother board it's running with.

However, I have heard that Windows XP will not allow the operating system to boot up if you move the hard drive to a new computer. I guess when you register it with the license key, the OS records information about the hardware as well. If that hardware changes, then XP fails to boot. This is only something I've heard about, and I've actually tried to move an XP hard drive to a new PC and it did not boot up - but personally - I'm not aware if this is an XP issue or another hardware problem that I was experiencing at the time.

Also, it is always best to format a drive when installing a new motherboard, especially if the new board has a different chip set than the original; VIA, INTEL, AMD, NFORCE ...

Win XP is especially testy of all the operating systems. If the ide controller is different than the original it will blue screen at first boot and is hard to get past. Only with a repair reinstall can you pass it.

One other problem with swapping motherboards is integrated sound. If you have integrated sound on both the original and the new board I could almost promise you that you will not get it to work with the new board.

Last but not least, I can not explain the difference you will see between a reconfigure and a reinstall, if you do choose to reinstall you will benefit for better stability and a faster computer.

It is not as if with Win XP only that you have to reinstall the OS and all other softwares on the hard drive if you change the motherboard. But the same thing happens with windows 2k too. While changing the MBD of one COmpaw Enl PC I Encountered the same problem. May be that happens with other Os (Read Microsoft) also. A little Bit of experimentation with other Os will let you know if at all that happens.

No, you do not have to reformat. But if the motherboard is of a different type, your drivers will be no good. You will have to change back to the defaut Microsoft drivers and then install your new MB drivers. GO to Google and type "Merge Winxp" and you will find the procedure laid out for you.

They're correct concerning the responses with WinXP. When Windows XP was introduced, so was "Windows Product Activation". When you first register Windows XP your Product ID Key is sent to Microsoft via your internet connection. and Windows XP takes a snapshot of your hardware, including the type motherboard you have. The Product ID Key used in setting up Windows and your hardware information is also saved in a file on your hard drive named "wpa.dbl". Every time you start Windows it checks this file and compares it to your current hardware, and if you alter the hardware, the information contained in your "wpa.dbl" file will not match the configuration of the computer and Windows won't boot.

Windows 98 or earlier ? That's easy !! - boot Windows in Safe Mode The problem will be that the drivers installed in the OS will not match what's on the motherboard. What you need to do is remove all of the drivers in Windows RIGHT BEFORE you replace the MoBo. Make sure you have the disks for you Motherboard, video card and any other peripherals if necessary.

First, back up all of your data. Then do this: 1. Right-click on My Computer. Select Properties. 2. Click on the Device Manager tab. 3. Remove ALL of the devices in the Window.

After you have done this, shut down your machine, install the new Mobo in your computer. Have all of your driver disks ready. When you start up, Windows' Plug and Play feature will look for the drivers for your new (and old) hardware. This is where you'll need the disks to reinstall the drivers.

I am not sure about how it works in WIn98 or WIn 95. MS operating systems that were released after that has a component call Hardware access layer. It stores the information on the kind of hardware being used. When you change the motherboard then the HAL information that is available with OS like, WIn2k, XP or say win2k3 mismatches. Hence the OS doesn't boot. But don't panic, no need to backup data, no need to do lot of running around. After you change the mother board, just boot your system with the Win xp CD. Let the setup run as usual and then instead of new installation select Repair option. It will delete all the OS files (Note:only OS files, No data is lost) and then it reinstall the OS with the new HAL information. Now after the installation finishes your system is ready for use. Here I would like to follow a good documentation on how to run repair on win xp of win2k. If you do it properly, it will reduce your task by half.
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Are floppy disks still being made?

Yes they are.

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How can you save a relationship at its low point?

Forgiveness.Nothing is heathier for ones mental, spiritual, and physical being. All can be forgiven in the name of love. Kids are pure and forgive, they also pick up more than many would believe. Forgiveness is apart of the christian religion, it is the biggest part that many people screw up because of false pride. Self service can blind somebody into a life of empty encounters winding up alone. The one that got away happens alot when we throw love we have before us, replacing it with a quick fix. honesty.tell the person how you really feel. Try to find several different solutions that may help the relationship and ask the other person if they think the solutions would work. Just make sure both people know that the relationship is at a low point because i know from a previous relationship the guy was not honest and lead me on to think everything was great when it wasnt.

Good luck

CommunicationCommunication is the key to saving a relationship. IF you constantly fight and argue all the time you are both not listening to each other at all. You both have to sit down and really talk about the flaws in your relationship. There can't be any communication if you both are just hearing each other's voices all the time. Arguing is like competing for the upper hand. No one has the upper hand in a relationship its a 50/50 compromise. So both of you need to stop and sit down. Get a coffee, or go to a restaurant and talk to the other person. Make them realize why you liked each other in the first place

Here is more input and advice:

  • First ask yourself whether it's worth trying. The concept that a relationship should last a lifetime, or at least as long as possible, is badly outdated. If a split won't cause any particular suffering to anyone (like your kids), and you can find new partners without too much trouble or you'd rather be alone than in a bad relationship, split.

    If you want to safe it just because of the MEMORIES how it once was and there's no reasonable chance to make it so again, you should keep and treasure those but move on making new ones.

  • WHY is it at a low point? Can you remove those reasons, and at what prize? Or are the reasons temporary and will resolve by themselves? Your question indicates hope for a new peak if you can just survive the dump. Is it justified?
  • Maybe you can turn the relationship into friendship? A friendship may actually be more valuable for both of you, especially right now, since you need a good friend at a time like this...You may actually fall in love again!
  • I am wondering this same thing. I think that it is something that one can not control. A person can not predict the future. Communication is always key, I think. Though if only one person wants the communication part, then it's over, and you just have to accept it.
  • Usually you can. It takes a lot of communication, work, and sacrifice though. Always make sure you're completely honest and open. Tell them EVERYTHING.
  • All relationships can be saved as long as change can take place. It is because of self that most relationships deteriorate. Relationship requires two different people with different likes and desires getting along for the common good while going through the time line of life. It is usually when one person in the relationship thinks like a single person that trouble arises. All of us are naturally self oriented. Putting self down and the other person first is the beginning of the cure to the trouble. Love is the motivator and self will the engine that fuel change. After 32 years of marriage I can speak on these things in truth. What may seem like a little thing to you may be a big thing to her. Just because it is not big to you does not immediately reduce it in her eyes. Do not procrastinate in trying to please on the little things, just do them. Now we get to the hard part--you and change. Here is where the third party in a marriage is vital. His name is Jesus and he says to husbands "Love your wives as I have loved the Church." Ephesians 5:24-25

    He can change you from self serving to selflessness. It may take a while but the more you try to become a Godly man the easier it will become. She really wants a Godly,caring man in her life. Their are too many men out there that do not do our gender credit. Their eyes full of porn, bellies full of beer, TV full of meaningless sports and ears full of crude jokes. No wonder women are disgusted with these leaderless blowhards. Men of America! Turn your path around! Go back to church! Start thanking God for your wife and children. Ask God to change you! He will! Wonderful things await you if only you act!

  • The key to this is. When things are at the lowest, over communicating is harsh. I know that sounds funny... but you can actually be trying tooo hard to be loving. And that can actually be hurting the relationship when things are at their lowest. Take it easy. Don't try too hard. When you do sit down to talk, when things start to get aggresive, back off. Don't push too hard. Resentment is one of the number one keys to issues. Let nature take its course. Of course counseling is helpful too.. but dont rush things, sometimes things have a way of working themselves out, if we just LET them.

Try getting closer to the person... going out to dinner inviting him/her over to hang out go to the basics that got you in the relationship

I also think sometimes you need to decide if the problem is worth fixing. Are you just having trouble in the relationship? Or is there genuinely nothing left? Sometimes people just grow apart..

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