Sound Cards

Sound cards are devices used to output sound from a computer, and to capture it from a microphone or other device.

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What are some examples of input and output devices of a computer?

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Input Keyboard Mouse Touch Screen Scanner Camera Microphone Light pen optical mark reader Bar code reader Output Printer Monitor Speakers Projector Input As Well As Output Disks CD DVD
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How do you remove write protection from a mini SD card?

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Removing the Write Protection Depends on the Source of the Problem. Broadly speaking, it can be any of the following scenarios There is a write-protection tab on the mini sd card HOLDER. Every time you insert this into your PC or card holder, this tab slides to the write protect position. Either keep resetting, inserting & reinserting until it doesn't slide or tape it down. There is nothing wrong with the mini sd card. Simply locate the write protection key and push it. The mini sd card has some error: Go for a low level formatting. The card has virus: Remove the virus. The link for the steps is present in the related link at the bottom of the article. There is an easy way to solve this problem: Simply put the yellow lock in the middle of its slider. No sticky tape required, as shown below. But if your still having the same problem i suggest you try the sticky tape. Problem is only that small moveable yellow lock switch is not making, just put sellotape over it maybe two layers needed to make switch. Even though what is written below may work, the problem is probably that on the card reader (if you have one) there is a small switch that has lock written on the side. If this is pushed down, the drive is write protected, push it in the opposite direction and it may fix your problem I had the same problem with several cards but eventually found a way around it. DON'T buy a new one! Make sure the SD card lock is 'off' and then use thin, opaque sticky tape (ie non see-through; eg insulation tape) to cover the whole gap but keep clear of the metal contacts at the back. Your card should work fine now. Additional Information: Reason #1: The mechanical lock switch accidentally moves to the "locked" position during insertion due to the poor quality of the switch. Hence, by taping it, you are actually preventing the lock switch to travel towards the lock position. i.e. downwards. Reason #2: If the above fails, it is likely your SD card reader/writer's fault. But don't discard it or buy a new one yet. Allow me to explain the mechanical design of the SD card lock mechanism. So that you may choose to repair it if you want to. You will need a small paper clip and screw-driver to open your card reader. (Don't proceed if your card reader is still under warranty, please return/exchange with manufacturer) There is a mechanical switch very much like a micro push button (I wish I could show you the picture/drawing). Anyway, depending on the position of the lock switch. You either push or release this micro push button inside the SD card reader. Due to mechanical wear and tear, or some forceful insertion of the SD card, the micro push button is in its "open" circuit position, i.e. write-protected. In order to make the SD card reader writable, we will need to "close" the circuit. (Note: this is an irreversible process as I will be telling you how to remove the write-protection feature of your SD card reader. Once you do this, you would be unable to use the SD card lock switch to lock your data. So, just be careful not to accidentally delete your data) To proceed, you need to remove the main circuit board from the SD card reader/writer enclosure. The location of the micro push button switch is the same location as the unlock position of the SD card when inserted in the SD card reader/writer. From the BACK of the exposed SD card reader, insert the unfolded paper clip (same way when you try to poke something like a device reset button) except, that it has to be long enough to allow the micro switch to touch together for contact. Then insert the SD card. Once the contact is "closed", your SD card reader/writer can write again. I understand that without a drawing, this may not be very helpful. Please provide suggestions or better explanation if you can. Thanks. Or, just tape the lock switch to unlocked. This also works for SD cards in normal size. back up all the files u have on ur card then follow these steps 1. Go to Control Panel 2. Go to Administrative tools 3. Go to Computer management 4. From the tree menu on the left select Disk Management 5. Now on the right side you will have a list of all storage devices connected to your computer. Select the one that is your mini SD card. BE CAREFUL WHEN CHOOSING THIS BECAUSE YOU COULD FORMAT YOUR HARDDRIVE. Double check the name in My Computer 6. Right click on the SD card and select format. A new window will pop up showing format options. Select FAT32 from the file system drop down and check the quick format option and then click on OK 7. Enjoy your mini SD card without that annoying write protection
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What are 10 input and output devices?

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Input Devices: Keyboard, Mouse, Scanner, Microphone, Joystick, Web Cam, Optical Mark Reader, Optical Character Reader, Optical Bar code Reader, Touch Pen, Graphic digitizer, light pen, Touch pad\screen, Track ball Output Devices: Monitor, Printer, Plotter, Speaker Both: CD, Pen-drive, MODEM, hard drive, tape drive, disk drive
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How do you set up a computer speaker system and sound card?

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First to answer your question about the soundcard. Any souncard that supports Dolby Digital 5.1 will work with these speakers so long as the soundcard has a digital output to connect it into the speakers. Most cards that support 5.1 do have this output. But double check to be sure. As for the issue of the home theatre system: If these speakers have multiple inputs and they can decode the Dolby Digital signal then, yes you can connect multiple devices to these speakers. If not, you can purchase an AMP. This is how the setup will work: Computer----- DVD Player---AMP---Speakers TV----------- The AMP allows you to switch between multiple sources such as your theater system and PC and control the volume etc too. If the speakers don't already decode the Dolby Digital signal then you can buy an AMP that will do this. Check that the speakers decode the Dolby Digital signal and check that the soundcard decodes the Dolby Digital signal and has a digital output. I have a feeling that the soundcard you are talking about, decodes the Dolby Signal and in that case you can connect your speakers directly to the soundcard, but you won't be able to connect anything else such as your home theatre system to these speakers. .
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How do you connect a 5.1 sound system to the 3 audio connections on the back of a computer so without using a sound card?

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The 3 audio connectors on the back of the computer are usually - Headphones/Line Out, Microphone, and Line In. To get audio sound FROM the PC only the Line Out is used. This socket provides STEREO SOUND ONLY but can be connect to a 5.1 system using a 3.5mm stereo connector to stereo RCA cable (the RCA cable with red and white ends). These are then plugged into the red and white RCA sockets on the 5.1 system but will only give stereo sound not true 5.1. 5.1 is not available unless you have either an optical connector or a coaxial digital connector on the computer. BTW the 3 audio connectors on the back of the computer IS a sound card, it is built in to the motherboard. buy this kind of wire look for a wire with the output end that is the usual one you use for plugging in the normal PC speakers, and the output end like the red and white ends that you connect to the sterio. buy it, and plug it in the right places, and that's it. you got ur PC connected to the sterio system. i have that too, and it works, but it wont give u true 5.1 sound although the quality of the sound is a great deal better! Check your BIOS Some of the built-in soundcards on modern motherboards do support 6-channel sound (5.1). By default those 3 ports may be Headphones, line out and mic, but if you go into the integrated peripherals section in your BIOS menu there may be an option to enable 6-channel sound. Doing so will reconfigure those ports to 3 line outs, front, rear, and sub. This is not the case with all motherboards and it is very likely that your best option may be to install a PCI sound card, they are very inexpensive.
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How can you make the sound work in safe mode?

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It is possible to make sound work on Safe Mode. Press Windows + R, type devmgmt.msc, press Enter and look for your sound device. (e.g. Reatlek High Definition Audio) Double-click it. Go to the tab 'Details' and click the drop-down list. Select 'Driver key' and copy the text from 'Value' Copy the text into a word processor (e.g. Notepad) Replace all lower-case letters with capital letters and remove the \0000. Open Registry Editor (Windows + R > regedit) and locate HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\SafeBoot\Network. Create a new key (Rightclick > New > Key) Copy the text from your word processor and paste it into the key name. Edit the '(Default)' key and type 'Sound, video and game controllers'. Create a new key called 'AudioEndpointBuilder', 'MMCSS' and 'Audiosrv' Edit all their '(Default)' keys and type 'Service'. Restart your computer Go to Services (Windows + R > services.msc) and start Multimedia Class Scheduler and Windows Audio Endpoint Builder. Then start Windows Audio Service This has been tested and functioning properly on an Acer Aspire desktop. This workaround may not work with Windows XP.
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What color typically indicates the speaker port and the microphone port on a sound cord?

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The speaker port is usually green and the microphone port is pink.
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What are three components that must have the same or compatible form factor in a computer?

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Case, Power Supply and Motherboard The case must support the form factor of the motherboard, and the motherboard must support the CPU socket type for any given CPU.
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How do you set up a set of 5300 5.1 Creative Inspire speakers directly to the back of a computer with sound on board Asus A7N8X-X?

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The surround speakers should plug into your subwoofer, then there should be either 1 or 2 wires that run from your subwoofer to your sound card (onboard sound inputs).
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Download driver sound creative EMU10K1-JFF?

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The model number you have stated is the main chip on the card, not the model of the sound card. This card is a Creative card. Go to Creative's website to get the drivers.
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Why doesn't my sound card work?

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Make sure that: 1. You have installed the driver for your sound card. 2. Your speakers are plugged into the correct jack, have power, and are turned up. 3. The sound mixer in Windows is turned up.
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What is an auxiliary audio input jack?

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It's a line level input that accepts audio source signals such as those from an mp3 player, iPod iPhone, or any portable audio source etc so that you can hear them. hardware to hardware in. plug one end into the aux jack on the Oem stereo, and the other into the portable audio device and you'll get way better sound quality than if using an FM transmitter, auxiliary interfaces are not tape adapters FM transmitters or FM modulator, there is nothing wireless about them, that means the signal isn't getting degraded by the process of sending it to your car radio
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How do you connect a PC sound card to a Wii?

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You need a cabel and then you plug it in in the R-425 input
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Mv43 v3.1 motherboard drivers?

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i need drivers to motherboard shutle mv43 v3.1 please
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Is the On-board ADI AD1988B 8-Channel sound card good?

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Only if you use bit accurate digital out to a receiver. If you use analog, get a dedicated card!
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What is the purpose of the spdif port?

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A S/PDIF (Sony-Phillips Digital Interface) sound port connects to an external home theater audio system, providing digital output and the best signal quality.
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What is computer hardware and define with examples?

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Computer hardware basically refers to the physical aspects of the computer; the computer parts that are tangible and can be touched. For instance monitor, mouse, key board, processor, printer, audio speakers etc. it also involves the cables, connectors and power supply units. Computer hardware directly involves all the equipment that is needed in processing of data .
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What are the three example of hardware in computer?

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Hardware refers to the physical components of a computer, for example, Mouse- User interface Hardware Processor- The 'brain' of the computer Hard Drive- Stores data (your files and stuff)
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Why might a Gateway Pentium 4 with 1Gb of RAM play a CD but have no other sounds?

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You should check your volume controls, someone might of turn it off. Go to the control panel click on Sounds and Audio device. If the settings are fine, then check your sound driver or reinstall the sound driver.
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Though you have a delta 1010 sound card you can't get that real punch or fat bass guitar sound you need help?

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May be your microphone, different microphones pic up different frequencies, they make mics for bass type lows