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Advantages of communication media?

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dont no


Well, clearly it is deprecating our intelligence to the point of not even completing simple words like "don't" or "know", however I digress. It helps us to communicate with people the globe over, almost instantly, simply and efficiently, but this cretin who made the first answer is a wonderful example of why such abilities should be limited, restricted to only those who are worthy, however there is no definitive way to determine this, so my argument is entirely pointless.


What does the word infiltration mean in computer?

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Infiltration in computer terms means that a virus may be trying to infiltrate your computer by duplicating itself throughout it. If you have a message saying you have an infiltration, you should run a virus scan.

What is a hardware components of DBMS?

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Database Engine:

The Database Engine is the core service for storing, processing, and securing data. The Database Engine provides controlled access and rapid transaction processing to meet the requirements of the most demanding data consuming applications within your enterprise.Use the Database Engine to create relational databases for online transaction processing or online analytical processing data. This includes creating tables for storing data, and database objects such as indexes, views, and stored procedures for viewing, managing, and securing data. You can use SQL Server Management Studio to manage the database objects, and SQL Server Profiler for capturing server events.

Data dictionary:

A data dictionary is a reserved space within a database which is used to store information about the database itself. A data dictionary is a set of table and views which can only be read and never altered.Most data dictionaries contain different information about the data used in the enterprise. In terms of the database representation of the data, the data table defines all schema objects including views, tables, clusters, indexes, sequences, synonyms, procedures, packages, functions, triggers and many more. This will ensure that all these things follow one standard defined in the dictionary. The data dictionary also defines how much space has been allocated for and / or currently in used by all the schema objects.A data dictionary is used when finding information about users, objects, schema and storage structures. Every time a data definition language (DDL) statement is issued, the data dictionary becomes modified.

A data dictionary may contain information such as:

  • Database design information
  • Stored SQL procedures
  • User permissions
  • User statistics
  • Database process information
  • Database growth statistics
  • Database performance statistics

Query Processor :

A relational database consists of many parts, but at its heart are two major components: the storage engine and the query processor. The storage engine writes data to and reads data from the disk. It manages records, controls concurrency, and maintains log files.The query processor accepts SQL syntax, selects a plan for executing the syntax, and then executes the chosen plan. The user or program interacts with the query processor, and the query processor in turn interacts with the storage engine. The query processor isolates the user from the details of execution: The user specifies the result, and the query processor determines how this result is obtained.
The query processor components include

  • DDL interpreter
  • DML compiler
  • Query evaluation engine

Report writer:

Also called a report generator, a program, usually part of a database management system, that extracts information from one or more files and presents the information in a specified format. Most report writers allow you to select records that meet certain conditions and to display selected fields in rows and columns. You can also format data into pie charts, bar charts, and other diagrams. Once you have created a format for a report, you can save the format specifications in a file and continue reusing it for new data.

What is Avi's hobby?

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He loves to draw and tell stories to his children.

Is computer better than books in learning?

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I assume you mean why should you read a book in paper form rather than on a computer screen. That depends on your point of view. Some people like the feel of books, while some people like the technology aspect and the convenience of having many books dowloaded onto their ebooks. I see no reason why people should prefer one to the other. It's their choice.

How do you cite a movie in MLA style?

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The same as you would any advertisement or promotional material:


Company name. Advertisement. Periodical title Date: pg.

Maybelline. Advertisement. Glamour 15 May 2002: 63.

How do you make an e-book and publish an e-book?

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Ever tried to create an eBook, free report, whitepaper and thought, β€œthere MUST be an easier way to do all this?” Me too, and I spent YEARS searching for it, without any joy. Today, that all changes. Here’s a brand-new tool that allows you to crank out eBooks (or any type of PDF) for business or pleasure, in just seconds from now. Yep, we’re talking everything:

β€” Instant content

β€” Instant design

β€” Instant formatting

β€” Tons of flexibility and customization

β€” Automatic table of contents

β€” Automatic headers and footers

β€” Automatic pagination

β€” Drag and drop design

β€” Add or delete pages

β€” Add your own media

β€” 300+ Google Fonts

β€” Import content from a URL

β€” Manually add content

β€” 50 eBook templates (covering 15 different niches)

β€” 10 different eBook themes (1 click changes color scheme of book)

Comment "more info" if you are serious about learning how to create and publish your own eBook.

What is the most popular type of mass media?

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Television, hands down! A recent study shows that videos included on web pages get the most reponse. That same study showed smalled videos, embedded into the web, were more effective--for advertisers--than stand along (large) videos... The great communications analyst Marshall McLuhan rated television so effective because it is a cold medium requiring little interaction. A viewer just sits there with an open mind being spoon-fed. John Foxen Phd (a professor of mine) postulated that "you cannot NOT communicate." His example: when you walk past someone on the street and you don't look at them--and they don't look at you--you have communicated, the both of you, that you aren't interested in talking. I mention this, because television doesn't necessarily have to be part of a communications process ....although, if you are watching anything, there is a great chance your viewing habits are being monitored in some way, which tells the program producer and its advertisers you are watching. That feedback may be considered the feedback in the communications process! In Advertising budgets, a small investment in television commercials will always--that's ALWAYS--"out audience" any other form of media with the same investment. But placement and frequency of commercials run will affect the effectiveness of any message and be dependent on the target audience.

What is the scariest ghost story you have ever heard?

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Clive Barker's "The Hellbound Heart"

How do you compute the right and left margins in typewriter?

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First you need to know the print size. Typewriters came in pica and elite. Pica is 10 characters to the inch, elite is 12 characters per inch. Then you need to know the width of your paper. Letter and legal size paper are 8.5" across. So to get the total number of characters, you would multiply by the characters per inch. So pica typewriters have a maximum of 85 characters per line on letter-sized paper, while elite has a maximum of 102.

If you want to know how many characters is the margin, then decide on the margin size and multiply by the characters per inch. So a 1" pica margin would be 10 characters, while a 1" elite margin would be 12. Likewise, at 1.5" the margin would 15 (pica) or 18 (elite) characters.

To get the number of usable characters, you would add the characters of the two margins and subtract from the maximum characters. For instance, for pica, lets assume a left margin of 1.5" (15 characters) and a right margin of 1" (10 characters). That would be 25 characters. Subtracting from a total of 85 leaves 60 characters (or 6 inches) for typing. Or for elite, the 1.5" is 18 and 1" is 12, for a total of 30 characters, leaving 72 characters (still 6") for typing from 102 in all. Or to make it easier, just subtract the margin sizes in inches from the paper width to get the number of usable inches. Then multiply by the characters per inch.

Now if you are doing center-justified, then you should manually compute the margins per line. You would subtract the number of characters you plan on using from the total possible characters (85 for pica, 102 for elite, assuming 8.5" paper). Then you would divide by two. Lets say you want to center a line with 25 characters on a pica typewriter, that leaves 60 characters of white space, and if you split that to center the text, then you would start typing at 30 characters (or 3" in).

What power management settings are available?

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There is

Power saver - Favors battery life, decreases performance - Best used when taking the laptop of it's power source.

Balanced - It balances performance and power saving.

High performance - Favors performance, decreases battery life - Best used when maximizing performance for more insensitive tasks.

There are many other ways to get that little much extra performance or power, but these will make the vastest differences.

What happen when the computer boots and the optical drive does not contain bootable media?

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Why would you change the first boot device to the optical drive

Why would you change the first boot device to optical drive?

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if your first boot device is an optical drive, this allows you to boot from a recovery disk or live CD in case of hard drive failure or corruption. This can be useful for troubleshooting computer problems.

Who is owner of YouTube?

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Google is the parent company of YouTube.

They took over on the company on th 13th of November 2006 at a cost of US$1.65 billion in Google shares.

What is Jeff hardy girlfriend last name?

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her last name is non of your business

Explain the differene between Save and Save As?

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what is the difference between save and save as in Microsoft word

What is the best website for winning free prizes?

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There many great bingo sites out there which offer huge and exciting prizes and safe to play since their main priorities are security, privacy and fair play for all of their customers. - Bingo Time

What is the diet of the reef triggerfish?

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Their diet is usally the same as other fishes like worm, smaller fish, and underwater vegation. I don't know if they are prey but I think they have sharks in Hawaii.

How do boxers keep healthy while they are in training?

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To get in shape run and do plenty of cardio, your lungs are what is going to help you win a fight. Try and increase your distance a mile every couple of weeks. Also eat healthy and avoid sodas and stuff, they weaken your bones and dehydrate you.

Keep up with the heavy bag to work on form and cardio. Practice combinations and if you can strap weights to your wrist and keep your hands up, this way they will be use to staying up even when tired.

Sparing is by far the most important thing I can lastly tell you, without real fighting experience all your work will just keep you alive longer, but to be ready and hold your own work with a partner and keep fighting with those who will. Good luck mate! Also stay away from anything like fast food or energy drinks.

Can you play for free at NFL rush zone?

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The NFLRush Zone is a free (registration required) online role playing game where users can create an avatar, join a team and explore 32 Team lands. Free users have access to all games and have a limited access to gear for their avatar. Premium ($4.95 per month) users have access to all gear and all content.

Can you give me an example of a sentence using the word smash?

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he smashed the ball with great speed and power

What are some words that describe an iPad?

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An ipad is a mini computer that you can carry around where ever you go.

You can touch the screen to navigate through the different places that you downloaded onto it.

What services are provided through a computer consulting business?

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Introduction to Computer Consulting

Computer consulting firms are dedicated to helping businesses make the most of their technology resources. They serve as trusted advisors, offering a plethora of services that cater to the ever-evolving tech landscape. Let's dive into the specifics:

Strategic IT Planning and Consultation

In the rapidly changing tech world, having a well-defined IT strategy is crucial. Computer consulting businesses specialize in creating strategic IT plans tailored to a company's unique needs. They assess the current technology infrastructure, identify weaknesses, and provide a roadmap for future enhancements.

Managed IT Services

Computer consulting firms often offer managed IT services, which include proactive monitoring, maintenance, and troubleshooting. This ensures that a business's IT systems run smoothly, minimizing downtime and disruptions.

Network Infrastructure Design and Optimization

Efficient network infrastructure is the backbone of any modern business. These firms design, implement, and optimize network systems to ensure seamless connectivity and data flow.

Cybersecurity Solutions

With the rising threat of cyberattacks, computer consulting firms offer robust cybersecurity solutions. They safeguard sensitive data, implement firewalls, and provide training to employees to prevent security breaches.

Data Management and Backup

Data is a valuable asset, and computer consulting firms assist in its efficient management and backup. They ensure data is stored securely and can be retrieved in case of emergencies.

Cloud Computing Services

Many businesses are transitioning to cloud-based solutions. Computer consulting firms help clients migrate to the cloud, offering scalability, cost-efficiency, and accessibility.

Software Development and Integration

Tailored software solutions are essential for businesses. These firms develop custom software and integrate third-party applications to streamline processes.

IT Training and Support

Ensuring that employees are tech-savvy is vital. Computer consulting firms provide training programs and ongoing support to enhance digital literacy.

Hardware Procurement and Maintenance

From computers to servers, these firms assist in procuring the right hardware and provide maintenance services to ensure longevity.

Disaster Recovery Planning

In the event of a catastrophe, businesses need a plan for quick recovery. Computer consulting firms devise disaster recovery strategies to minimize downtime and data loss.

Virtual CIO Services

For small and medium-sized businesses, hiring a Chief Information Officer may not be feasible. Computer consulting firms offer virtual CIO services, providing strategic IT guidance without the need for a full-time executive.

Compliance and Regulations

Staying compliant with industry regulations is essential. Computer consulting firms ensure businesses adhere to relevant regulations, reducing legal risks.

Vendor Management

Managing technology vendors can be challenging. These firms take on vendor management responsibilities, ensuring efficient relationships and cost-effective solutions.

Business Continuity Planning

Planning for the unexpected is crucial. Computer consulting firms develop business continuity plans to keep businesses operational in various scenarios.

VoIP and Communication Solutions

Efficient communication is key. These firms offer Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solutions and communication systems to enhance connectivity.

Project Management

When implementing complex IT projects, firms provide project management services to ensure projects are completed on time and within budget.

Performance Optimization

They continually monitor and optimize IT systems to enhance performance and efficiency.

Mobile Device Management

In the age of mobile devices, managing them securely is essential. Computer consulting firms offer mobile device management solutions.

IT Budgeting and Cost Control

Effective budgeting and cost control are integral. These firms assist in managing IT budgets and reducing unnecessary expenses.

E-commerce Solutions

For businesses entering the online market, computer consulting firms offer e-commerce solutions to establish a strong online presence.

Big Data Analytics

Leveraging data for insights is a competitive advantage. These firms help businesses harness the power of big data through analytics.

Virtualization Services

Virtualization technology allows for efficient resource utilization. Computer consulting firms provide virtualization solutions for server and desktop environments.

IT Documentation

Maintaining comprehensive IT documentation is essential for troubleshooting and planning. These firms ensure thorough documentation of IT systems.

Which programs does Microsoft office live run on Mac computers?

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Microsoft Office Live is a popular suite of programs that includes various tools such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. These programs are widely used by individuals, businesses, and organizations for their daily productivity needs. While Microsoft Office Live is most commonly known for its compatibility with Windows computers, it is also available for use on Mac computers.

Mac users can access Microsoft Office Live through the Microsoft Office suite, which is specifically designed for Mac systems. The suite includes all programs that are available on Windows as well as some additional features for Mac users. The latest version of Microsoft Office for Mac is Office 2019, which is compatible with Mac OS X 10.12 or later.

With the help of Microsoft Office for Mac, users can easily create and edit documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and emails just like they would on a Windows computer. Mac users can also take advantage of the cloud-based features of Office Live, such as saving documents on OneDrive and collaborating with other users in real-time.

Microprokey. com is the best website to purchase Microsoft Office products for Mac at a discounted price. With a wide range of options available, customers can choose the version of Office that best suits their needs and get a 30% off by applying the coupon code MCK30 at checkout. This makes Microprokey a cost-effective and reliable source for purchasing Microsoft Office for Mac.

In conclusion, Microsoft Office Live is compatible with Mac computers through the Microsoft Office suite. Mac users can access all the programs and features of Office Live, along with the added benefits of the Mac-specific features. For the best deals and discounts on Microsoft Office products for Mac, Microprokey is the go-to website, offering a hassle-free purchase experience with the added advantage of a 30% discount by using the coupon code MCK30.

What type of computer license can be used anywhere on a college campus?

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A Campus-Wide License (CWL) is a type of computer license that can be used anywhere on a college campus. It is a type of bulk software license that allows the entire campus community to access specific software programs without having to purchase multiple licenses. A CWL typically covers all members of an institution, including students, faculty, and staff. It is a cost-effective way for universities to provide access to the software programs needed to support their educational and research activities. Here are some of the benefits of a CWL:

  • Access to the latest versions of software.
  • Flexibility to install software on multiple devices.
  • Reduced costs for software licenses.
  • Convenience of a single license for the entire campus.

A CWL is an ideal solution for universities looking to provide their community with access to essential software programs. It allows institutions to stay up-to-date with the latest versions of the software and gives students, faculty, and staff the flexibility to install the software on multiple devices.