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Motorcycling is inherently dangerous. To deal with motorcycle safety issues, most countries require motorcyclists to use proper gear and apparels. These include certain types of helmets, jackets, gloves, pants and boots.

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How much does a good bike helmet cost?

A bicycle helmet can be anything from USD 30 to USD 200. Get the one that fits your head, and looks nice enough so that you use it.


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World's top 10 Most expensive bikes?

I'm completely oblivious regarding the bottom 7 following this top 3 list. So, here it goes.

Top 1: Dodge Tomahawk. The most expensive motorcycle in the world is the Dodge Tomahawk. Production was limited to just ten models and they retailed at $550,000 each! The Dodge Tomahawk has the honor of being the fastest motorcycle ever (675 km/h, 419 mph), but it isn't street legal.

Top 2: MTT Turbine Superbike. Second is the MTT Turbine Superbike. $185,000 will give you one of these. It comes with a Rolls-Royce turbine engine that was designed to lift a helicopter. The engine gives you 300+ hp to play with and a topspeed of 365 km/h (227 mph).

Top 3: MV Agusta F4 1100 CC. The cheapest one in the top 3 is the MV Agusta F4 1100 CC. Lots of power, 315 km/h (195 mph) topspeed and a great design for just $135,00.

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Should you wear a helmet while riding a scooter?

Yes you should wear a helmet while riding a scooter. Scooters may appear very safe, but they're not, and anything with wheels that goes fast, and you don't have 100% control over it, should be used only with a helmet on.

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What brand of motorcycle suit has the best recommendation?

AnswerIn the opinion of Timberwoof of Timberwoof's Motorcycle FAQ, Aerostich.

He notes, "Leather looks sexy and works; Cordura is functional and works; Shorts and a T-shirt are an invitation to skin grafts. Jackets can be had relatively inexpensively at pawn shops or through Internet retailers. Make sure that the leather is good and thick, not the thin garment leather that most stylish leather jackets are made of. A riding suit makes it convenient to follow the rule of 'All the Gear, All the Time.'"

Aerostich is by far the most popular sport touring motorcycle riding suit in the US. They come in one and two piece versions, about $850 for a suit. The Aerostich Roadcrafter (one of the versions along with the Darien and Darien light models) is relatively watertight for up to 1.5 hours of a steady downpour which will fill up your lap with water. Eventually the water slips around the velcro closures and through one of the zippers in the crotch and you will start getting slightly wet. Nothing too bad. The Aerostich offers great armor inside the Cordura and Ballistics Nylon suit. Tons of pockets and optional hip and back armor. Several people I know in have crashed wearing a 'Stich" and walk away from accidents that would have put them in the hospital. Well worth the money you pay for it, plus they last for many years and miles due to the quality of the garmet.

There are several other motorcycle suits out there, such as the Fieldsheer Highland one piece, which works well but doesn't last as long as an Aerostich product. The removable liner comes with both an upper and lower set, so you can ride this suit when it's cold out.

Full and two piece leather suits are okay, as long as you get race thickness and padding. Do not go out and buy a leather suit that is made of thin leather just because it looks fashionable. First Gear makes a great jacket and pants combo that can zip together. Not perfect for the track but great for sport touring.


In the opinion of Todd Robinson, School Director for TrackXperience (a racetrack riding school):

In leather suits, protection can be evaluated objectively, while fit is very subjective. For protection, a one piece suit is a step up from a two piece suit, only because a full circumference zipper is a potential failure point, and it means bypassing the typical stretch panel on the lower back of most one piece suits. CE-approved armor should be located in the shoulders, elbows, knees, and sometimes the hips. Removable armor or a full removable washable liner with armor pouches is a real plus, especially for those in the warmer climates.

Perforated suits are wonderful in , but can be very uncomfortable in colder riding, even a cold breeze. So those are generally suggested only for riding conditions above 60 degrees (F).

It is common for leather suits to be cowhide, although goatskin is also used, as is kangaroo. Cowhide tends to be fairly thick and to get a suit from cowhide that is extremely comfortable comes at a premium. Goatskin is regarded as a budget or entry level material. Kangaroo has a higher tensile strength than cowhide at the same thickness. So kangaroo suits (not legal in all states or areas) can be lighter with the same level of protection, but generally very pricey.

Little things to look for to help with rider comfort (beyond the aforementioned liner) are things like zippered vents, kevlar stretch panels (high tensile strength but still very pliable), double layer overstiched panels in impact areas, YKK zippers for longevity, a space for a back protector (either included or aftermarket), and a newer hot item, the built in hump, which purportedly helps with full tuck aerodynamics but has an added benefit of quasi neck-roll and upper back padding and in the newer Spidi suit JP3 has a 'camelbak" fluid container.

Some suits with the Italian fit: Dainese, Alpinestars, Spidi, AGV. - Tend to have narrower shoulders, biceps, thighs. Decent height, reasonable abdomen girth.
American/Anglo-Saxon fit: Vanson, Bates, Joe Rocket, Firstgear, Hein Gericke, Teknic, Fieldsheer - Tend to fit a more squared average build. Larger suits can feel baggy on riders who are tall but thin.
Japanese fit: RS-Taichi, Kushitani - Tend to fit very stocky build. Shorter neck-to-crotch measurement, but roomy in thighs, seat, waist, biceps in larger sizes. Smaller sizes are very slight build.
Custom suits are very popular but come at a higher price as a result: NJK, Z Custom, Helimot, Zooni, and others provide a very high level of quality and comfort.
* There are other quality suit brands not mentioned above, but they were not deleted to denote a lack of quality, just for brevity. The suits listed above are the most common suits we see brought out to racetrack riding events however.

Just remember, you get what you pay for in a riding suit, and an inexpensive suit that is chocked-full of "bells and whistles" very likely is trading build quality and materials quality for features. Expect to pay $500-700 for a good entry-level suit, $1000-1500 for a very good track/race suit, and $1800-2500 for a fully custom suit.


You might consider looking at Teiz Motorsports (, a company that is shaking things up in the motorcycle industry by introducing products that are high on value, quality and features yet reasonable in price. Teiz is very focused on customer service with unparalleled customer interaction and ongoing upgrades to their products in both quality and features.

For example, The Teiz Motorsports Lombard is the most affordable 1 piece riding suit currently available, for around $300. The Ventura and Camino 2pc suits offers features usually found on $500+ jackets for less than half the price.

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What brand of motorcycle helmet is recommended as best?

* In the opinion of Timberwoof of Timberwoof's Motorcycle FAQ: HJC, Arai, Shoei, or Nolan. He notes, "The best helmet for you is one that you can afford, that fits, and that you'll wear every time you get on the motorcycle. A $100 Snell and DOT rated helmet is just as safe as a $500 one ... but not as comfortable on long trips. Get a good helmet and wear it always." * Although pricey, many consider Bell to be top of the line. * Many higher end helmets (Arai, Shoei, Suomy) include a removable/washable liner and/or removable cheekpads which aid comfort and a safe and snug fit. You are safer in a helmet that fits properly, and many people wear helmets sized too large thinking it's more comfortable, but safety is compromised. Look for a helmet with a good face shield latching system (typical of the higher end, but not exclusive to just the pricey helmet brands). And while helmets with chin bars (called "full face" helmets) are slightly more restrictive than "open face" helmets, they offer much more facial/skeletal protection and should bear much consideration when you're helmet shopping. * Don't forget that different helmets are made out of different materials. For example, some helmets are a polycarbonate/kevlar combination. This can help increase safety and rigidity. As mentioned above, get the helmet that fits you the best and that is of the highest quality (in many ways the most expensive that you can afford).

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Why do bikers use the iron cross symbol?

I haven't noticed that many bikers using it but if they do you can bet it got its basis from the Wehrmacht bikers during WW2. The iron cross is a German symbol. The Germans were some of the first to employ motorcycles heavily in combat. The iron cross and other symbols like it had their base in the medieval era including the teutonic knights who the Germans used as propoganda.

You know how some bikers wear those kaizer helmets with the metal spike on top, or we think of bikers like that, its the same concept.

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What brand of motorcycle boots are recommended as best?

first of all if u have a road bike u use leather boots and if u ride motocross i reckon no fear boots or alpine star.

In the opinion of Timberwoof of Timberwoof's Motorcycle FAQ, Redwing is the best brand of boots.

He notes, "Protect your feet and ankles. If they lace up, tuck the laces in so they stay out of the chain and don't hook onto the foot-peg when you try to put your foot down."

Depends on the type of motorcycle you ride. If it's a cruiser or something similar take a look above. If it's a sport or dirt bike you want to get the shoes that are made specifically for those types of bikes. Alpinestar, Thor, and Fox are considered to be the best, but they are also expensive.

I'd Also add in Sidi and Gaerne.

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What brands of motorcycle gear are recommended?

Here's the non-exhaustive list of opinions from Timberwoof in his Motorcycle FAQ: * Helmet: HJC, Arai, Shoei, Nolan (fit is the most important thing) * Gloves: Held * Pants: Aerostich, Joe Rocket, Draggin Jeans, Tourmaster, FirstGear * Jackets: Aerostich, Joe Rocket, Tourmaster, FirstGear * Boots: Redwing * Suit: Aerostich

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What brand of motorcycle pants are recommended as the best?

In the opinion of Timberwoof of Timberwoof's Motorcycle FAQ: Aerostich, Joe Rocket, Draggin Jeans, Tourmaster, or FirstGear.

AnswerIf you want a light alternative to heavy leather. You have to use Kevlar lined Jeans. Draggin Jeans are fine, but they only cover part of your body. The best alternative is to use K-Liners. They are full length 100% Kevlar underclothes. I just slip my jeans over them and away I go. They even made them to size at the same price as a draggin pair! (and there even lighter).
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How do you attach toss-over saddle bags?

You "toss" them over the seat or rear fender.

This last guy is obviously not a biker or losing saddle bags at regular intervals. Toss overs still need to be secured.

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Melted rain suit on exhaust pipes?

There is an easy remedy for ALL of your problems. Catch it before it starts or even cover up a hole with a patch. It is easily applied, and I received my package within a week. Simply adhere the patch to any rain suit or even a pair of pants, let dry then ride your worries away.

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What brand of motorcycle gloves is recommended as best?

In the opinion of Timberwoof of Timberwoof's Motorcycle FAQ: Held makes the best gloves. He notes, "Protect your hands. Motorcycle-specific gloves are recommended. Good ones have padding on the back and padded rivets on the palm." I've found that gloves with gel padding in the palms, actually, more like right where your finger connects with your palm, are the most comfortable, since it absorbs the vibrations of the bike.

In the opinion of Todd Robinson of Cal-Sportbike and TrackXperience riding schools;

The sport riders we deal with tend to favor the "racing" gloves by manufacturers like Held, Alpinestars, Spidi, Kushitani, and RS-Taichi. Also in the acceptable range is AGV, Joe Rocket, and Teknic. We suggest full leather gauntlet gloves that overlap the sleeve, with double cuff closure, kevlar reinforced seams, etc. And yes, Held still seems to hold the top spot for gloves from racers to everyday riders, although the gloves listed in that first list are all very comparable.

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At 16 are you allowed to ride a 50cc geared bike?


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How do you keep head cool in motorcycle helmet?

open the vents, keep the visor open all the way or at least cracked open

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Do you need to wear a motorcycle helmet?

  • Whether or not you are legally required to wear a helmet is a matter of state law. Each state has different requirements, with some states requiring you wear a helmet if you are over 18, over 21, or if you do not have medical insurance.

    Do I need to wear a helmet?
    In states with a helmet law, yes. Depending on the state law, you may be cited and it may or may not be a moving violation.
    In states without a helmet law, the choice is yours to make
    But it will interfere with my hearing!

    If it covers your ears it will reduce your hearing ability.
    But it's too heavy!
    A 5 pound helmet on your head becomes a 300 pound object upon impact. The neck is the weakest link on the human body. Wearing a helmet may save your life in an accident, or it may cause injury. That is why the choice should be up to each rider.
  • In the UK you must wear a motorcycle helmet when using your motor bike on a public road or highway (the rules are different when use is on private land).
    If you have an accident on a motorcycle and you are not wearing a helmet - you are still likely to receive compensation if the RTA was not your fault, but the amount of compensation will be reduced as you will have been seen to have contributed to your own injuries - this is known as contributory negligence. See the related link for an explanation of contributory negligence.
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What is the average of Honda unicorn?

The fuel economy of Honda Unicorn is 71.2 kmpl

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How much do motorcycles cost?

Motorcycles depend on the type of style you get. Their price range is from about 7,000 to 36,000.

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What is the correct fuel mixture for a Suzuki rm80?

got this bike for my kid ands for got to ask that question when i got it from the guy can anyone help me it is an older rm 80 thank you

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How many miles a used motorcycle should have?

Mileage in a motorcycle is the same as an automobile. The higher the mileage the lower the price. And if you find a bike with low mileage make sure it has not turned over. Most modern bikes have electronic digital odometers and should register the actual miles. Remeber you get what you pay for. You'll see BMW motorcycles often with over 50-60,000 miles in good shape. I would be hesitant to buy a Ducati with over 20-25,000 miles. Many Japanese sportbikes will see considerable sport riding and commuting use, so you may see them listed from 5K miles up to 70K miles.

Personally, I would start to be concerned with engine life on a Japanese bike once it got over the 50-60K miles mark without an overhaul.

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When did Harley Davidson adopt black and orange as colors?

The colour orange has been used as far back as 1915 in the Harley-Davidson print ads. Before that they used red. In 1913 when the factory race department was formed the riders had orange stipes and sleeves ,possibly to tell them from the crowd of dirt covered competitors. I'd have to say that its use grew out of racing.

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Where is the drain plug in the 2005 road king motorcycle?

The oil and transmission drain plugs are directly underneath the transmission, between the left and right frame rails. You'll see a grooved "oil pan" with two 5/8 inch bolts that also have Allen socket in the center. The bolt on the right side of the pan facing the ground is the transmission fluid drain plug. The bolt on the left side of the pan, facing the front of the bike is the oil drain. Their is a third Allen bolt next to the oil drain plug. You can ignore this bolt.

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How can you waterproof a motorcycle cover?

just spray it with the same stuff that you would spray a tent with. go to the local sporting good store and get a can of waterproofing for a tent. it's that easy.

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What brand of motorcycle is recommended?

If reliability mean anything to you, Honda and Yamaha are your safest bets followed closely by Suzuki and Kawasaki. The Japanese brands offer the best combination of reliability and cost of ownership. Italian brands are less reliable and more costly to own because they often have more frequent maintenance intervals. British brands are competitive with the Japanese brands as far as price, but they are less reliable. American brands are bullet-proof. They cost more to buy, but are worth it.

Try Masei Helmet !! i bought one online and costed me only US$89 for flip-up features!! it is a great fancy helmet.. the stores are retailing for US$159 now! Check them out in Google or eBay then

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Where do you store your papers insurance registration etc on a motorbike?

I store mine under the seat inside a plastic zip lock bag.

I always wear the same leathers with removable pads. I keep my paperwork inside the back pad zip-up. I'm a little paranoid having my papers on the bike.

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Who makes the most expensive motorcycle boots?

sidi but they are worth it


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