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Information about all types of vehicles; including cars and trucks manufactured around the world, motorcycles, airplanes,and other modes of transportation, is found here. If you need to know the best truck for off-road use, how to make a vehicle sound like it has more power than it really does, if filling up a gas tank when it s half full is really beneficial, or anything concerning vehicles, this is the place to ask!

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What qualifications and licensing are required to become a vehicle repossession agent?

This depends on where you live. In Florida and California, you have to be certified by the state. State permit etc. Other states, mostly wide open. It's NOT a very regulated industry yet. In California you must be employed by an agency that is already licensed by the state. You must then be registered as a repossessor employee for at least two years before you can qualify to take the state test to become a qualified manager. All agencies must have a qualified...
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How do you get rid of cigarette smoke from air conditioning?

I use a car air duct cleaning product called Clean Air. I gets rid of musty smells and supposedly kills molds and mildews. It does freshen up the air. ...
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How should you 'break-in' a new car?

Breaking-In a New Car Most manufacturers have recommendations in the handbooks. You should start off treating the engine very gently i.e. gentle revs and never more than 1/4 throttle. Over time you gradually use more revs and more throttle until you eventually end up using the full range of the engine. It is important to eventually end up using all the power and rev range to wear harden various parts. It is also important that you do not keep to a...
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What are jobs paying over 100000 dollars a year?

In regards to nursing there are a number of specialties that enable one to make 100,000. There are nurse anesthetists which are among the top paid nursing specialty, along with psychiatric APRNS, and sometimes dermatology APRNS. This is dependent though on your area, how much the cost of living is, and the demand of those in the specialty your going for. Some advanced practice nurses not named can easily earn 100,000 but working overnights, weekends and picking up extra shifts as well. ...
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How can you find a car by the VIN if you do not know what state it is titled in?

A vin number on a car can tell you a number of things about a car , whether it is a 4, 6 or 8 cylinder, it can tell you about the interior of the car, or the if it is a classic or tire size but im pretty sure that a vin number doesnt have the state of where it is from, my advice to you would be to do a little research about the last owner and start...
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Can you get auto insurance with just a learner's permit?

Auto Insurance Required for Learners Permit? Yes, you can. A Drivers or Learners "Permit" is permission to drive and therefore a temporary license with certain restrictions. You can obtain your own auto insurance or you can be covered under someone else's policy such as your parents or the vehicle owners policy, but you must have coverage. If you are a minor and want your own policy, due to the limitations of contract law your parent or legal guardian will need to countersign your...
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What would a candybar in your gas tank do?

It may eventually clog the fuel filter - about the same effect as if you'd put sand in the tank. It's a myth that sugar will dissolve in gasoline or that it will somehow get past the several filters between the gas tank and the engine and then ruin the entire engine. No, it won't do the damage that you think it may. Sugar will not dissolve in gasoline.40 years ago before the sophisticated fuel systems came along, it was thought that...
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What is something that starts with k in MN?

Minnesota knowledge.
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How often should a new automobile be serviced?

The maintenance schedule in the owner's manual tells you exactly when and what service needs to be done. ...
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What is maximum age to drive in EU?

There is no maximum age imposed by the European Union. Each EU member countries sets its own limits. Some EU member countries require a doctor's examination after a certain age, for example 65 or 70. ...
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What is the legal minimum tire tread thickness in California?

1/32 inch (according to From the California Vehicle Code online: (1) One thirty-second (1/32) of an inch tread depth in any two adjacent grooves at any location of the tire, except as provided in paragraphs (2) and (3). (2) Four thirty-second (4/32) of an inch tread depth at all points in all major grooves on a tire on the steering axle of any motor vehicle specified in Section 34500, and two thirty-second (2/32) of an inch tread depth at all points in...
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Can you insure someone else's car?

One may generally insure the property of another if you have an insurable interest in it. This means that you have a financial interest in the property that may be harmed if the property is damaged or destroyed. . ...
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How do you startup and drive a car that has two brake pedals and a stick shift readout of 1 2 3 4 5 then R as opposed to P R N D 2 then L?

Assorted s from the community: The LEFT pedal is the CLUTCH. It must be depressed to crank the car, then released SLOWLY with the stick in 1 to go. It may take you some practice to get it down, but don't quit. Be careful because as you learn a manual transmission you'll see there are considerable differences in how it runs. When accelerating your release of the clutch should be exactly in sync with applying the gas. Also, be sure not to slow...
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What car does birdman drive?

Well batman drives the bat mobile so I would assume that birdman would drive a bird mobile. Now from the picture it would apear that the birdmobile is a jeep. I don't think bird man would be driving an all electric car. Out in birdland you don't find that many charging stations. Heck you are lucky if they even have electricity out there. ...
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What car has the most comfortable passenger seat?

There are many opinions about which cars have the most comfortable seats. Here are some opinions from the community: I would recommend tha Cadillac Seville. Volvo has the most comfortable seats I've sat in. Our Volvos are nine and ten years old each and the seats are still extremely comfortable. Lincolns and Cadillacs float down the road and have seats that were as comfortable as any Fine Couch or Leather Chair in your living room. A more economical choice for car comfort: the Buick...
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What is colour lights are on disabled vehicles?

No special lights. They have special plates with wheelchair symbol or placard that hangs from mirror. (same symbol) Good question though. ...
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What is the length of time creditors have to file for a claim against you after repossession in Pennsylvania?

It varies from state to state, but in your case about 10 to 14 days. Its time of process is counted on importance. ...
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Where is the fuse box for 1985 Corvette?

It is on the passenger side of the dashboard.When you open the door you will be able to see it. ...
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How can you find out the salvage value of a totaled car?

You can call some salvage or wrecking yards in your area and ask what they are willing to pay you for the totaled car. It is best to call several wrecking yards and then average the price they offer you. A reasonable estimate is 15-20% of the retail value of the vehicle at the time of loss. Keep in mind that a vehicle totaled due to front end damage will have a lower salvage value than the same vehicle totaled due...
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What are causes for no-heat problems in a Ford Taurus - blowing cold or lukewarm air only?

These are common causes of 'no-heat' when the coolant is flowing: Blocked / plugged heater core To check - confirm that both heater hoses going into the firewall are warm. If only one is warm, likely there is a blockage and the core will have to be flushed and/or replaced. Temperature blend door is stuck in the cold air position The door itself is binding and not able to pivot. The blend door actuator has failed - see "Related Links" below for the
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What are some cars that begin with the letter M?

Makers Car brands starting with M: Mclaren, Mazda, Mercedes, BMC's Mini, Maserati, Mitsubushi, Mercury, Messerschmitt, MG, Morris, Merkur, Marcos, Morgan, and Mathys. (*also the German brand Maybach, from the company Maybach-Motorenbau, and Mahindra & Mahindra of India) Models starting with M include: Magnum (Dodge) Malibu (Chevrolet) Mangusta (DeTomaso) Mantula (Marcos) Marauder (African company) Mark IV (Lincoln) Mark V (Lincoln) Marquis (Mercury, also Grand Marquis) Matador (AMC) Matrix (Toyota) Maxima (Nissan) Maverick (Ford) Medallion (Renault Eagle) Mehran (Suzuki) Metro (Geo) Miata (Toyota) Midget (MG) Milan (Mercury) Milano (Alfa Romeo) Millenia (Mazda) Mirada (Dodge) Mirage (Mitsubishi) Modena (Ferrari) Monaco (Mercury) Mondeo (Ford) Mondial (Ferrari) Montana (Pontiac minivan) Monte Carlo (Chevrolet) Montero (Mercury) Monterey (Mercury) Monza...
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Is there a way to trade in your car if you are upside-down on the car loan?

Yes, but the money you still owe (negative equity) must still be paid. Example: you owe $10k on a car and the dealer will only offer you $8k in trade - the $2k difference must be paid. In some cases, your lender or dealer financing will allow you to roll the negative equity into the new payment as long as the loan to value (LTV) does not exceed a certain percentage. Therefore, it is difficult to get into a less expensive...
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What are the gold coins on the Mathletics?

The Gold Coins each give you 10 credits on Mathletics.
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In California how can you find out what happened to an impounded car?

Call DCA's Consumer Information Center toll-free at 1-800-952-5210. In the Sacramento area call (916) 445-1254. they can tell you what the requirements are for towing impounds. If you want to know what happened to the car, just call the police department that had it picked up and I'm pretty sure they'll let you know, but only if you're the legal owner. ...
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Is it hotter in the trunk or backseat of a car?

The trunk I would imagine, because no air can get in to cool it down.