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Ford F-150 is the most popular variant of the Ford’s full-size pickup trucks F-Series and the best selling vehicle in the US for 24 years. Ford has been selling pickup trucks for 34 years and Ford F-Series has been sold for more than six decades.

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How do you test an ignition coil?

How to test an ignition coil This testing procedure is valid for just about any automotive coil. Using an ohmmeter, check the resistance between the side terminals of the coil. Do this with all of the wires to the coil disconnected. You should see 0.75 to 0.81 ohm of resistance. Then check the resistance between either side terminal and the center high tension terminal. The reading should be 10,000 to 11,000 ohms. Any significant deviation from these numbers would indicate that the coil could...
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What is the firing order for a Dodge 318 or 5.2L?

The firing order for a Dodge 318cid/5.2L is 1-8-4-3-6-5-7-2 clockwise rotation. Cylinders are numbered like this. Pass side 2-4-6-8 front to rear. Driver side 1-3-5-7 front to rear. The firing order is probably forged into the intake manifold. Number one tower on the distributor cap is the one facing the number one plug or the driver-side headlight. Distributor rotor at Number 1 plug terminal points to front intake bolt on left side of engine. Answer it should be cast into your intake manifold. Answer fireing order is 1,8,4,3,6,5,7,2...
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What does the light of an engine - Check Engine Light - on a Ford Windstar mean?

A good auto parts store will scan codes for free. However, do you research on other forums to learn what each code could 'really' mean. Most the time it's a vacuum leak. Don't let them sell you expensive sensors before researching the codes. Answer Problem with emission control system - have vehicle scanned to determine the problem Answer The check engine light (CEL for short) is triggered when one or more of the many sensors on the vehicle detects a not-normal reading, There are 2 basic...
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What is the capacity of the fuel tank in a 1998 Corvette?

The 1998 Corvette is a C5 generation Corvette (1997-2004) and uses a rear-mounted transaxle configuration with a torque tube connecting the engine to the transaxle. This design necessitated a two-tank fuel tank arrangement. Each of the two 9.2 gallon tanks hang like a saddle just behind the rear passenger-compartment bulkhead. The total fuel capacity is 19 gallons, the extra capacity being contained in the filler neck and equalizer tube. ...
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Where are Ford F-150 pickup trucks assembled?

river rouge assembly plant Dearborn, Michigan
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How to change the headlight - headlamp - turnsignal bulb on a 1999-2003 Ford Windstar?

For model years 1999-2003, and most likely the entire Freestar / Monterey line too: The entire headlamp actually sits inside of a mounting bracket - this means it is very easy to fully release, and remove the headlamp to make bulb replacement much less *painful*! There are 2 headlight retainer clips to find - they are: 1) black, upside-down L-shaped metal clips about 1/2 inch wide 2) located just behind the top edge of the headlamp glass, inside the engine compartment. Release...
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How do you install a sideview mirror on a Ford Windstar?

Fuse info... For 1999-2003, fuse #3 protects the outside mirrors. I have a 2000 Windstar SE, and just had to remove the door panel to replace the lock actuator. Here are the steps I took: Windstar: Removing Inner Door Panel - Remove two screws from bottom of door. - Carefully pop triangular black fascia from upper front corner (pry from top with flat head screwdriver), then remove screw behind it. - Pop trim piece from inner door handle (pry from front) - Pop...
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What is the easiest way to replace a heater core on a 1986 Ford F-150 pick up?

The heater core is located inside the passenger compartment behind the glove box. Remove the glove box liner by removing about 6 screws. Unscrew the heater core cover and you can then see the heater core. Inside the engine compartment you will be able to see where the two hoses connect to the heater core. Disconnect these and with a little wiggling, the heater core will come out. ------------------------------------------------------------- *** Caution *** Never open, service or drain the radiator or cooling system when hot;...
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What type and how many quarts of oil does a Windstar take?

According to the Owners Manuals: 1996 Windstar 3.0 & 3.8: 4.5 quarts - 5w30* 1997 Windstar 3.0 & 3.8: 4.5 quarts - 5w30* 1998 Windstar 3.0 & 3.8: 4.5 quarts - 5w30* 1999 Windstar 3.0 engine: 4.5 quarts 3.8 engine: 5.0 quarts 2000 Windstar 3.8: 5.0 quarts - 5w30* 2001 Windstar 3.8: 5.75 quarts - 5w20 2002 Windstar 3.8: 5.0 quarts - 5w20 2003 Windstar 3.8: 5.0 quarts - 5w20 (synthetic blend) *Note: Ford issued a TSB (technical service bulletin TSB 02-1-9) regarding the 5w20 superseding...
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What is a tank piercing?

There is no such thing lol
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What causes a shaky steering wheel?

Here are opinions and answers from contributors: Tires out of balance or the "bushings" (not sure the technical term) are worn in the steering system. It could be faulty steering dampers. This is a shock that crosses from left to right connecting to tie rod ends. The shock is very firm and you will not be able to actuate it by hand if working properly. usually causes left to right steering oscillation at low to mid speeds. Warped brake rotors for cars with...
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2005 Ford F150 It stalls when changing gear from reverse to drive I went to check transmission and they said transmission tested fine Any idea why this is happening?

Check your idle control valve on top of intake it has a small elect motor with a wire connected all fords build up carbon even have throttle sticking or hard to push slightly tap with screwdriver end while eng running then shift gears if this helps its temporary needs a 2 step fuel injection service where intake is flush out carbon and also cleans your 100k spark plugs i recomd this every 15k miles however im not a certified mechanic all...
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1990 ford f150 clutch switch?

Look at the upper end of the clutch pedal under the dash area Look at the upper end of the clutch pedal under the dash area Look at the upper end of the clutch pedal under the dash area ...
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How do you replace the headlight bulb located on a 2000 VW Beetle?

Here are 10 easy steps! 1. Ok, pop the hood. 2. Now look down into the front corner of the engine compartment to where the headlight is. You will see a black assembly tucked up in the fender. Yes you can access the inner fender from the engine compartment. The whole headlight assembly is close to 8" long. Since the driver side light is more interesting we will do that one. Yes you can get the drivers die headlamp out without touching...
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How many gallons does a 1995 Ford F150 XL 4 wheel drive front gas tank hold?

I believe that is 17 U.S. gallons for the steel tank
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How do you replace the headlight bulb located on a 2000 Pontiac Grand Am?

if you break the plastic rivets, use a soda tab for a washer to keep them in place SOME HAVE A PLASTIC RING IN THE CENTER OF BACK OF THE LIGHT THAT UNSCREWS ABOUT A 1/4 TURN & PULL OUT THE CENTER & SHOULD B A SMALL LIGHT BULB(HALOGEN) & DON'T TOUCH THE NEW BULB GLASS OR IT WILL BURN OUT FAST-IF U DO TOUCH IT-CLEAN IT WITH RUBBING ALCHOL. The best and easiest way is to visit and download...
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How much oil does a 2010 ford escape with a V6 take?

6 quarts ( 5.7 liters ) with engine oil filter change , according to the Owner Guide ...
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Where is the Fuse for turn signal Ford 2001 F150?

Check owner's manual. If you don't have one copy and paste link below; ...
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What is the volume of a ford F-150 pickup bed?

Roughly 2 cubic yards for a regular cab Although correct, here is a little more detail: The 2013 F150 has three different bed sizes and specs: 5.5 ft. Cargo Box is a total of 55.4 cubic ft. or 2.05 cubic yards. 6.5 ft. Cargo Box is 66.5 cubic ft. or 2.46 cubic yards. 8 ft. Cargo Box, the largest of the three, is 81.3 cubic ft. or 3.01 cubic yards. If you want to know what that means in the real world or...
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How do you change heater core in 98 suburban?

how to change heater core in 98 suburban
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Where do you get Ford F-150 factory speakers?

from a licensed ford dealership
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How much do brake lines cost on an f150?

Your local auto parts store can sell you brake lines of various length and diameter at a small cost, it is the labor to replace them that will add up. ...
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How do you Change headlight in 1998 f150?

in the engine compartment in the front above the lights you will see two black tabs. you have to pull them up and then the light pods can be pulled out from the front. then just twist out the light socket and pull out the bulb. you should replace both at the same time ...
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What would cause a car to remain stuck in park?

Car Stuck in Park Check Stop lights--if they are not working vehicle will not shift out of "park" check fuse Here are opinions and answers from FAQ Farmers: Check under the shifting mechanism for loose change or other small items that might have gotten stuck between the gears and baseplate. Fixing this only costs time. You may have a safety switch where you have to press the brake it may have gone bad or your ignition switch also has a safety interlock that could have...