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Ask questions about cars manufactured in North America including the Big Three: General Motors, Ford and Chrysler.

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How often should a new automobile be serviced?

The maintenance schedule in the owner's manual tells you exactly when and what service needs to be done. ...
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What is granny gear?

Granny gear is a term used for truck manual transmissions extremely low first gear.This type of transmission would be one that when driving normally around town you would start out in second gear.the very low gear reduction of the first gear would be used for low speed pulling or crawling where the extra torque is needed. ANS 2 - Granny gear is also used in bicycles. On any bike with three chainrings, the smallest, innermost ring is often referred to as the"granny", or...
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What is a outside vendor?

A person or company that sells a product or service to your company that does not work for your company ...
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What was gas prices in the 1960's?

1965---Regular .289 Hi-test .309 1960 was 17.9 that when I graduated high school. ...
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What does 2 liter engine means?

This is the cubic capacity of the engine, often refered to as cc. A 2 liter engine would be 2000cc. Let's say that the piston in your car is 4 inches (10.16 centimeters) in diameter (also known as the bore), and it moves 4 inches from top to bottom (also known as the stroke). That means that one piston in your engine will displace- radius ^ 2 * pi * height = volume of a cylinder 5.08 cm (bore/2) ^ 2 * 3.14...
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How dangerous is a broken tire belt?

It is very dangerous to drive a vehicle with a broken tire belt. A tire belt is used to reinforce the area under the tread. They provide puncture resistance and help the tire stay flat so that it can make the best contact with the road. When a belt breaks the tire becomes out of round which causes steering wheel shimmy, vibration, and in the worst case scenario, tread separation from the tire. All 3 examples can cause you to lose...
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How much does diesel fuel weigh per gallon?

The specific gravity of diesel is .83 to .876 at 60 degrees Fahrenheit. That would make it 6.64 to 7.008 pounds per gallon. ...
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How do you put hydraulic oil in a bottle jack?

There should be a screw on the side of the jack--remove and fill until oil runs out of this screw. Make sure that the "ram" is fully retracted into the body of the jack ...
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What does it mean when your front left tire shakes when begin to brake?

Could be rotor "out of round" and needs to be re-surfaced or replaced. Possibly caused by over-tightening and not torquing upon installation. Could be a "frozen" brake caliper. That needs to be replaced ...
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What does the word stripped mean?

In automobile terminology it means removing all non essential parts. A stripped down vehicle will have no power windows, lock, steering, brakes, seats. It will have no radio, no A/C, no A/T, nothing bur a basic car. It can also mean stripping all the chrome off the car. It can also mean the car was stripped of the engine and all parts that can be sold. ...
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What age do most people buy their 1st car?

mostly people buy their first car at the age of 20-22 or teenagers can also be included. it all depends on economics. at 20 I had two jobs and a mother with excellent credit willing to cosign a loan for my brand new 1986 Hyundai Excel GL. By 1988 I was able to secure a loan myself for a 1988 Hyundai Excel GS. no, I didn't learn my lesson from buying the first piece of crap Hyundai offered here in the...
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What cause's the car to fish tail?

Loss of traction. The loss of traction can come from braking too quickly. Or accelerating to quickly ...
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What is the fastest car made in the United states?

the fastest car made in america is the SSC Ultimate Aero supercar
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What is the life expectancy in miles of a 2001 infiniti i30?

Impossible to answer as it depends on how you maintain the vehicle, how you drive, where you drive, and many other factors. You should expect, with good maintenance, to be able to drive this car for well over 150,000 miles with no major repairs. With repairs it can last as long as you want to keep driving and maintaining it. ...
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How do you get a 6000 dollar loan with no co-signer?

I am trying to figure out the same thing. It's def tough. Well if you have a decent down payment,,say $1500 or $2000 , the finance company may take the value of the car as collateral against the loan. They will place a lien on it anyway until it is paid off. And if something happens to it before the loan is paid, the insurance company will pay off the loan,,,not send you the money. ...
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Does Washington have a buyers remorse law?

Not for the purchase of an automobile. Vehicle purchases are not protected by the Buyers Remorse Law. Only unsolicited sales fall under that law. Once you buy a vehicle you own it and cannot change your mind. ...
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Can a 10 inch tire fit on a 7 inch rim?

You must know the answer is NO. Not necessarily true, we're talking about width I assume, the section width of the tire 10" in this case is measured at the widest part of the tire. The bead, the part of the tire that sits on the wheel, is significantly narrower. Just as an example P245/55R20, which is a 10" wide tire lists the apporved rim width as 7.0"-9.0", so depending on the exact size it is very possible that your 10" wide...
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Why is your coolant orange?

Your coolant is orange because the manufacture added orange dye to the coolant so it is easily recognized. Orange coolant is Organic Acid Technology (OAT) coolant and should not be mixed with Green coolant which is Inorganic Additive Technology (IAT) coolant. Yellow coolant is Hybrid Organic Acid Technology (HOAT) coolant. IAT must be changed about every 2 years, but OAT and HOAT will last 10 years or 100,000 miles. Never mix these coolants together. ...
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Who makes carquest oil filters?

I have been searching on the net and found out that WIX makes the carquest oil filters. If you look at the carquest oil filter box it will say Wix Filtration. ...
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How do you repair an engine with a blown head gasket?

The head or heads will have to be remove and inspected for cracks or warpage. You then replace the gasket and reinstall the head. Drain the oil and change the filter. Replace the thermostat and pour in fresh coolant. Unless you ran it hot or drove it for a long period of time in this condition you may be ok. If you just kept driving it then you will have damage to the rings and bearings an the engine may need...
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Why hummer so special?

They really aren't, they got a government contract to make the hum v for the military at around $200,000 a pop, they mechanically wise are no different than an f350 or Chevys 3500 series with light armor to help protect troops, now the gunners we see on the street aren't special at all, proof being that they are now out of business. Second Opinion: The military Hummer, HMMWV or Hum Vee is nothing like a F350 or Chevy 3500. They also did not...
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Who manufactured cars with rumble seats?

I remember: Ford, GM, and Chrysler models
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How much coolant does an auto heater core hold?

look in the booklet your dealership gave you.. every car varies Actually that particular specification isn't given anywhere because it is not a significant number. The heater core is actually part of the entire cooling system, But for arguments sake , probably about 1 or 2 quarts of coolant. Depends on the vehicle and heater. Although it may look like the heater core holds quite a bit of fluid, it only actually holds about a pint to a quart of coolant. ...
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Average cost to repair an exhaust system.?

depends on whats wrong. welding a hole, you can do it super cheap, replacing stuff is super expensive. ...