Miscellaneous Vehicles

Miscellaneous vehicles may include a motorcycle or any similar vehicle, a motor home, a golf cart, or an all-terrain vehicle. Some of these are designed for personal use and should not be used on public roads.

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Miscellaneous Vehicles

Why hovercraft are not more common?

Hovercraft are becoming more common, and as technology improves, they have become quieter and more affordable. Hovercraft are very useful for rescuing people from floods, mud, ice and sand - as global warming increases the risk of flooding, as witnessed in Pakistan and China, hovercraft can play a very important role. Leisure hovercraft are now available, see the related link below, and small patrol hovercraft can play an important role in homeland security, particularly for patrolling coastal areas. Small race hovercraft have very thin lightweight hulls, but with the introduction of other materials such as HDPE, hovercraft can be lightweight and durable. I THINK THEY ARE NOT MORE COMMON BECAUSE THERES NOT THAT DEFINITE CONTROL OF THEM THEY DONT STOP FAST LIKE A CAR

They have their place in difficult terrain, but they are really not fuel efficient. So, they are not typically used outside of those special circumstances

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Can you drive a tractor at age 14 on a field?

In most US states, you can drive on private property (with permission of course) without a license at any age. In many states, they have a "farm license" that will allow someone as young as 14 to drive a farm vehicle (can include a pickup truck) on the road legally, but with restrictions.

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How many cc 16 horsepower have?

Truth be told you cannot estimate the CC of an engine based on the output horsepower. There are many types or engines!

To list some

Rotary engines - Generally speaking for their CC they are high powered but less fuel efficient

2 stroke engines - Simple in design and leak oil in the fuel system

4 stroke engines - the norm in car engines but there are further classifications

- Undersquared (short stroke - high RPM = High HP output on high revs)

Boxer or square ( Sporty)

Long stroked (better Torque in low revs - low rev limit)

Petrol, Diesel, Electric or Gas?

Fuel distribution technology used (carburator, direct injection, multipoint injection)

Turbo or atmospheric?

The engine's compression ratio?

As you can see the variables are too many for anyone to safely determine the CC from peak horspower alone.

Assuming however it is an electric generator running on petrol it must be less than 500cc but it can vary wildly between 100cc to 500cc

Miscellaneous Vehicles

What is the horsepower of a 1994 arctic cat wildcat 700 efi snowmobile?

140-150 depends on aftermarket parts, miles, use, so on.

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What is an average school bus length in feet?

35-40 ft

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What is the life expectancy in miles of a 2001 infiniti i30?

Impossible to answer as it depends on how you maintain the vehicle, how you drive, where you drive, and many other factors. You should expect, with good maintenance, to be able to drive this car for well over 150,000 miles with no major repairs. With repairs it can last as long as you want to keep driving and maintaining it.

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Heavy commercial vehicle engine?

One of the most popular is the Cummins ISX--15 liters displacement, anything from 435 to 600 horsepower.

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Studies have shown that a tractor-trailer truck traveling at 55 mph will typically need the stopping distance of an automobile traveling at the same speed?

Yes it will need the stopping distance of a automobile traveling at the same speed and then it will need a few hundred more feet as well.

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How do you find year on Polaris sportsman 400?

look at the 10th didit in the serial number and if it is a 2000 it will be a y if it is a 2001 or newer it will have the number designation ie a 2002 will be the number 2 in the 10th spot hope this helps Scott

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What wood is used to make bullock cart?

Babul specie of Indian timber tree. It is whitish red in colour, it is strong, hard and tough. It has a natural polish and is used for the wheels and bodies of bullock carts and other agriculture tools.

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How do you charge a 110cc 4 stroke pocket bike?

hi, pretty much all 110cc pocket bikes are self charging if battery is dead you may want to get a new battery or there may be something wrong with your charging system.

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How would you know if your car has ground problems?

- Intermittent, inconsistent starting (sometimes you will need to make more than one attempt)

- It'll make a click sound a few times, then it might start. It'll start perfectly if it works.

- Failure to properly charge battery

- Excessive charging or discharging of battery

- Forgetting radio settings/clock time

- Radio volume/fan speed increases when engine rpm increases.

Check cable; tighten it if it's loose. It should also be clean (free of dirt or rust). Be careful not to overtighten, especially if there's a lot of rust there. It just needs to be snug.

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What car did timberland buy his son?

he bought him a lamborgini gallardo with a custom "tatto" paint job!

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What is the fastest stock snowmobile?

sadly it is a ditch pickel z1 turbo which ran mid 130s

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Your car start only when you press gas?

Need to flush your fuel injector

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Why don't all cars have overdrive?

The cost.

+++ Actually most do now. Most modern cars have a 5th or even 6th gear which is an overdrive, i.e. the output shaft rotates more rapidly than the input shaft. Older vehicles with a 1:1 top gear in the standard gearbox needed a separate overdrive box or the gearbox changing to convert them.

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What vehicle does a fram oilfilter PH8994 fit?

2008 Audi a-4 4 cylinder turbo

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When was the first truck invented?

The first truck was invented in 1896 by Gottlieb Daimler

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Does chesapeake bay bridge allow tractor trailers 13'6' in height and 80' in length?

Yes, but you'd better not be so much as half an inch over the 13'6 height. If you can't clear the bars which hang down over the toll lanes, they won't let you through. If you have an air ride trailer, you can empty the air bags in your trailer and do the same with your tractor air bags, and that should get you through. Otherwise, you'll have to turn around and go the long way.

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What is the highest mpg car built in the last 8 years excluding hybrids?

The highest mpg on a car is believed to be a concept Porsche. It gets about 132mpg!

The production car with the highest advertised official mpg is the SMART Fortwo coupe with 86mpg (imperial) on combined cycle.

There are a number of concept cars with higher mpg such as the VW 1L with 282mpg(imperial).

Miscellaneous Vehicles

Why iron rims of the wheel of bullock cart are heated before putting them in the wheel of bullock cart?

because the rims are metallic, when the rims are heated thy expands and can be easily lie on wheels of bullock cart and after become cool, rim compress which made it completely fixed on the wheels of the cart .

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Hydroplaning can occur in as little as?

1/16Th of an inch water

Chevy Tahoe
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What are symptoms of a bad pickup in the distributor?

it does not run smoothly and not all plugs fire when supposed to

Addition to above:

No spark or intermittent spark, a problem that was fairly common back when distributors had vacuum advances was that one of the wires going to the pickup coil (pole piece) would break from the back and forth movement of the pickup as the vacuum advance would move it to control the timing, symptoms would be no start or that it would start and when you put a load on the engine and the vacuum dropped the vacuum advance would start to move the pickup coil, the broken wire would open the circuit and the spark would die.To check this problem was fairly simple by removing the cap & rotor and tugging lightly on the wires where they go into the pickup coil/pole piece, if one of the wires was broken you could see it and knew you had to replace the pickup coil which GM called a pole piece (magnetic pickup coil and pole piece are the same thing).

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How much does a crab fishing boat cost?

Engines alone are 2 million dollars, so the total of the boat is about 5 million new. But the ones you see on Deadliest Catch are (as you can tell) a lot older, like 15-30 years old, so those must cost about

3 million now.

The pots that they pull the crabs up in cost about a thousand dollars each. The boat isn't the issue; the license is. It alone can draw as much as 7 million.

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What is a pedicar?

The pedicar was invented by :"ROBERT.L BUNDSCHUH " The abstract of the pedal car is as follows : An occupant -propelled vehicle including a frame and running gear so constructed that the total weight of the vehicle can be kept within limits which

make it possible for the occupant to propell the vehicle at reasonable speeds . The frame includes a longintidinal main

beam and front and rear transverse members secured thereto.

with an upright bracket secured to each end of the transvers member for attachment of a body shell and to support outboard antifriction bearings for two independent axles , the inner ends of the axles being journalled in antifriction bearings supported on the main beam . The 1970's pedicar was a very advanced unique 4 wheeled human powered vehicle THE PEDICAR IS A UNIQUE ALL WEATHER COMINATION HYBRID BICYCLE / MINI CAR . IT HAD A ABS LIGHT WEIGHT BODY AND ALUMINUM FRAME WHICH IS WHY IT ONLY WEIGHED 125 POUNDS . THE CAR HAD 20 INCH BICYCLE TIRES . AND WAS FEATURED IN POPULAR SCIENCE AND MECHANICS ILLISTRATED IN THE PAST. The pedicar was pedaled in a straight line motion and had a recoil on the pedals the pedicar had 5 forward speeds and a reverse . it could carry one person and had room in the back for groceries etc. hTe this layout in my opinion is great , comforts and looks of a car with thebicycle. some pictures are available on this website link from Lonnie Hensley (above and below info. supplied by :Lonnie Hensley )http://www.geocities.com/aircooledvair/pedicar.html And here is a link for a video of it . the http://openweb.tvnews.vanderbilt.edu/1972-10/1972-10-17-NBC-33.html 19 I7 INFO.0's "pedicar" a very advanced unique 4 wheeled hpv bicycle.


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