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Ford Explorer XLS

The Ford Explorer XLS was a rebadged variant of the Ford Explorer XL introduced in 1999. This model replaced the Explorer XL as the base model. The vehicle received a slight modification in front end design.

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How can you disable the immobilizer system on a Rover 400?

you can't. simple as that. but if i'm taking you up right and you are genuinely having problems with the immobiliser then i'd reccommend you use a second and last higher digit to sort the problem out for good. just say your code is 3545 don't enter it, but instead enter 3646 and you should here a click from the drivers side engine. thats it. it worked for me and i never had a problem since. by the way if you...
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What would cause a car to idle heavily?

The egr has nothing to do with idling high, the egr valve is not used at all at no load. and if there was something wrong with the egr valve it would cause the idle to be very low. check your EGR valve for leaks on your exhaust manifol. If you have a factory service manual, they have trouble shooting on almost everything about your car. Check your Air filter or Fuel filter. I replace my air filter once a year,...
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Should you get financing through the car dealer?

Its had many benefit for getting finance from a car dealer. Dealership loans are pretty common. In the past, a dealership car loan was one of the only ways to finance a new car. Now times have certainly got changed. One thing is absolutely certain, a dealership loan is convenient. While you sit there and fill out the papers for the car of your dreams that you are about to purchase, you may as well just fill out papers for a...
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Why does the alternator make a clicking noise?

What you are hearing is the clutch on the air conditioning pump engaging... the alternator doesn't make any noise unless the bearings are going bad and then a grinding noise will be heard. ...
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Why is your check engine light flashing on your 2000 Ford Explorer?

A flashing check engine light means that an engine cylinder misfire has been detected . You can drive it in for repair , just avoid any rapid acceleration or deceleration because you can damage the catalytic converter ...
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How do you install a third brake light on an older car?

First you buy a good-quality 3rd brake light kit appropriate for the mounting angle on your particular car -- see the links below for examples. If your car's left and right brake lights are separate from the left and right rear turn signals (different bulbs for the brake lights and turn signals), then you just follow the instructions with the kit. If your car has combination brake/turn lights (the same red light burns steadily for brake light or flashes for turn signal)...
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How do you fix a frozen fuel pump?

Frozen as in ICE? Wait.,,, FYI, Gas does not freeze, if frozen, there is water present. Frozen as in stuck? Replace it. ...
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What would cause a car's electrical system to go crazy?

Sounds like the alternater is a reasonable suspect to me. Second guess would be the Ghost of Chrysler Past! Answer First I would start a fresh, new post. Second, what motor and model do yuou have. I would check the ground or negative cable for a loose connection first. Answer I was recently having similar problems. lights diming & brightning wipers slow alternator kept blowing up. finally transplanted the "brain"... got a new ECM did it my self fairly simple but not cheap. i believe...
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Why would a car rattle and shake above 60 mph?

Reasons for the shaking could be: If the temperature has been below freezing, there could be TIRE STOP LEAK , that has gone unnoticed, and now caused a major imbalance of a tire . Bent rim, tie rod loose, sticking brake calipers. My first guess is always tire balance, but if not that -- those would be my next guesses. Get your wheel struts checked and replaced if car did that and both my front struts were warn out The wheel bearings may...
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What causes a car to shake when stopped at lights?

You might have a problem with you idle control motor (or servo kit). This is part of the fuel induction system. Turn on the air conditioner while in park, if your car shakes (more than normal) that might be the problem. You may have to spend $200 on a new idle control motor or might simply have to adjust a few screws that regulate air intake. Check out a repair manual for your specific model of car so you can troubleshoot...
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What would cause your car to have no power what so ever?

Dead battery? Loose or corroded battery cables? Blown fusable link?
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What was Bill Nye arrested for?

Bill Nye has never been arrested, although he did just file for protection from his wife for trying to destroy his garden. ...
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How many gallon of gas does a 2001 ford explorer hold?

I believe that is about ( 21 U.S. gallons ) I was looking at the Owner Guide online and it shows 22.5 just like the 2002 redesign ...
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Why would a 92 Dodge Colt E100 not start after sitting for five months?

Check to see if your getting fuel at the Multi Point Injection Intake disconnect the Fuel line and then turn the ignition on and see if your getting fuel coming out of that line. If not then you have a fuel pump problem. I discovered with my 92 Dodge Colt that after it sat at my mechanics place for seven months and I finally got it back cause he never fixed it, the fuel pump doesnt work now and the tank...
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If your steering wheel is vibrating do you need an alignment?

Your wheels could be out of alignment; however, it is probably your wheels are out of balance. I would have this checked and repaired, if it is not fixed this will cause your tires too wear faster. Worn Parts like a radius arm bushing , wheel bearings , or even upper or lower ball joints can cause a shaking in your front end. ...
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Does a front wheel drive car need back wheel alignment?

If it is out of specification the rear, yes. If it is in specification, no. Makes sense, doesn't it! Some cars have adjustable alignment angles in the rear, and do indeed call for a four-wheel alignment. On many cars, there are no rear adjustments, but the front wheels should be aligned with respect to the rear, what is properly called a thrust-angle alignment. Unfortunately, many shops are not careful with their terminology and use the term "four-wheel alignment" when they really mean "thrust-angle...
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What causes a car to shake at low speeds?

In many cases the issue is with an out of balance tire, you can have them all balanced fairly cheaply and a rotation is probably in order, I believe it's all in the same price, after that the alignment could be the cause, if the wheels are not straight forward they will shake, and newer cars need 4 wheel alignment, after that it could be your engine timing or a bad engine support., It could be your bushings. ...
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How much does your 1998 4 door ford explorer weigh?

the weight of the car is displayed on a sticker on the driver door or in the center pilar at the bottom. its between 5,300 and 5,600 pounds ...
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Where could I get the names of Advance Auto Parts board of directors?

If it is a registered corporation (or other agency) you may find the current corporate filings in your department of state office (or department of business licensing), or in the state where they are incorporated. ...
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How can you fix a driver's side door window yourself?

how do you change out the left back door window in a 1989 Toyota corolla?
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What is a lighting relay?

Answer 1 Simply put, a relay of any kind is a remote switch controlled by another switch. Relays are usually used to control remote electrical devices which use heavy current [measured in Ampheres, or Amps]. A common example would be auxillary light systems added to a vehicle. The power supply wire would need to be very large to carry the needed current, and would have to be routed from the battery, into the passenger compartment to the instrument panel where a very...
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Where is heater blower motor on 2000 Rodeo?

Under glove box, facing up. 4 brass screws hold it in and has a wire connector plugged in the side. ...